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Topic: Die Hard series

Who has seen the Die Hard series?

They are great, especially the first.

I have only seen 1, 2 and 3. I would rate them:

Die Hard: 10/10
Die Hard 2 Die Harder: 7.5/10
Die Hard: With a Vengeance: 8/10





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Re: Die Hard series

I've seen all of em, really good stuff.

However, my one beef is the gunshot effects in #3, dunno what happened there.


Re: Die Hard series

Awesome movies. Willis is great.

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Re: Die Hard series

What did you think of each individual film and what would you rate them each?

Die Hard was the best. It had most character development, it was more personal than the others and Alan Rickman is such a terific villain. Also Bruse Willis's performance is surprisingly good from an action hero. The script is well done, I like how there are so many supporting characters and the setting was so good. I prefer Die Hard to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Also the idea with the conversation between John McClane and the Police Sergeant Powell with radio's while one of them is in a building fighting was very good. The setting was terific, how they kept it all in one night in one building. The script was so good as well.

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Re: Die Hard series

I love all the movies. I actually saw Live Free Die Hard first. I was going to see Transformers...but it was sold out so I decided to go see that movie instead. And I liked  it smile

Die Hard was the best out of all of them (in my opinion) so i give it a 10/10

Die Hard 2: Die Harder was pretty good, but not as good as the first: 7/10

Die Hard With a Vengence was really good. Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis were awesome together smile: 9/10

Live Free or Die Hard was pretty good too, however, not as good as the first and thrid ones: 8/10

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Re: Die Hard series

As I always tell people, Die Hard I is my all time favorite Christmas movie    big_smile big_smile big_smile

The first is the definition of awesome - 10/10

The second is really overshadowed by the other three, but is a good movie, 7.8/10

The third in my opinion had just as good a story, just as good a performance from Willis, and larger scale, a more epic enemy, and throw on top an excellent performance from Samuel L who meshed perfectly with Bruce.  The ONLY reason I don't think it's better then the first is that I thought the ending seemed completely lacking.  Die Hard I was seamless from begining to end.  Die Hard III was perfect from begining UNTIL the end - 9.7

I have a hard time comparing Die Hard IV with the other three.  It just seems like a completely different type of story to me then the others.  Willis is usually a completely different type of actor now then he was during the 90's *COUGHwhen he had hairCOUGH*, but I think he did a pretty good job of finding his old John McClain character again.  And my above comment isn't a dig on the fact that they decided not to give Willis the 'John McClain hair' implants; just as Willis decided to do with himself, shaved is a perfectly normal character developement.  It always bugs me about many sequels that take place years later that they try to make the character look EXACTLY the same as they did years before - give your character a life for God's sake... 

Anyway, it was a very good movie.  There were parts that I found unbelieveable, but the acting all-round was solid, and the storyline was really good.  And of course extra-credit points for having Boba Fett make an appearance    big_smile   - 8.5/10

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Re: Die Hard series

Die Hard with a Vengeance is definitely my favorite of the 3. You really can't beat the coolness factor of the original though. Props to the production of the latest one for doing the series justice imo.

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Re: Die Hard series

Ralin Drakus wrote:

*COUGHwhen he had hairCOUGH*

HAHA! That struck me funny big_smile

Ralin Drakus wrote:

And of course extra-credit points for having Boba Fett make an appearance    big_smile   - 8.5/10

OO YEA! I forgot about that entire scene! Amen to that RD!

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Re: Die Hard series

i actually was sort of sympathetic to the villain in "live free or die hard".
i liked his character and that cut and paste presidential montage was nice.

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