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Eva walked into the open crossroad, it was eerily quiet and that chill continued to stay with her. The street also seemed unusually dark. Eva noticed that a couple of the street lights were out and that there were signs of a vehicle accident.

On the ground something caught the light and gave a dull flicker but it was enough for Eva to notice. She crouched down to observe and was immediately puzzled. The item looked like a fingernail but it was certainly not human.

Eva pulled a small pack from a concealed section of her dress. From the pack she took a pair of tweezers and a small sterile evidence bag. She picked up the fingernail to observe it more closely. A sharp clang almost made her drop it. Instead she slipped it into her bag and immediately replaced her pack in its hidden sheath.

Eva turned to see a man heading towards her. There was something unnatural about him and every instinct told Eva to run. Yet her training made her hold her ground. “Was there an accident here?” she asked feigning innocence.

The man continued walking towards her. Eva had a moment to recognise the walk of a military trained man but there was something wrong with this one. He kept his eyes lowered and in shadow as he neared her. Eva was compelled to run but she had a feeling that this was exactly what the man wanted.

He stopped within a pace of her and tilted his head slightly. It was enough for her to see the glint of amber tinted eyes. Something flickered through Eva’s memory but before she could analyse it the man had his hand around her throat.

Eva reached for her gun but then man simply said, “Don’t.”

It wasn’t a warning it was a command and Eva knew it. She waited for him to twist his grip and for her life to end but he gently turned her head towards the light as he examined her. “Eva,” he said with newly discovered recognition.

Eva blinked in confusion, she wanted to speak but his grip on her throat was too much.

“He’s dead you know,” the man said simply.

Opening her mouth Eva tried to ask if he meant Gerric. Suddenly the man let her go, “You need to leave right now. Death is coming.”

Eva stumbled back and moved as advised. There was once place that was close that she considered safe. She made her way at a fast jog but she didn’t go directly to her uncle’s, she didn’t want to lead danger to his haven.

Once Eva was satisfied that she wasn’t being followed she made her way through the kitchen entrance into the Prime Time Cafe. Oddly enough the kitchen staff were peering through the swing door windows.

“What’s up?” Eva asked Nelly, one of the long time waitresses.

“We got some CCP creeps wanting to question your uncle, or at least that’s the gist of what we heard.” Nelly informed her.

Eva nodded and made her way to the bar entrance. The two parties outside were so absorbed in watching each other that they didn’t notice as she moved through the bar gate. She slipped off her shoes and padded silently behind them, with both her pistols she placed the barrels under each mans’ jaw, “Drop your weapons boys and nobody dies.”

“Isn’t it supposed to be nobody gets hurt,” one man said, he had the distinct movements of a cop; out of the two men he dropped his weapon.

“Dead or hurt, you get the idea,” Eva said simply as she waited for the other man to drop his weapon. “You don’t like female authority?” Eva asked as she gently nudged the stubborn one to encourage him to drop the gun.

He glared at the men across the room, “I don’t trust your friends.”

“They play nice when asked,” Eva informed him.

For the first time the man looked at her and he immediately lowered his gun. “I came to see you anyway.”

Eva’s brow furrowed as she eased off with her pistols, “Now that I didn’t expect.”

Uncle Vinnie quickly relieved the men of their guns, “You get these back when you leave,” he informed them.

Eva re-holstered her pistols and as usual it drew a lot of male attention.

“Interesting place you keep your weapons,” said the man who was very cop-like.

Eva smiled, “Easy access is always best.”  She turned to the more serious of the two, “So to what do I owe such a spectacular visitor?”

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

The mercs applied a tourniquet, which stopped the bleeding from his shoulder wound.  He had been in such an adrenaline rush, that he had forgotten all about it.  He sat down, across from the mercs, and they asked what his name was.  Zach barely had time to say, "Name's Zach.  And y--" when the door opened and two figures entered. 

They started talking to the proprietor, and Zach only caught the words, "investigator".  Apparently, so did the three mercs.  The whipped out their guns and leveled them at the strangers, with Zach following suit, aware of how small and weak in comparison his pistol looked.  While the two groups stood off against each other, he heard yet another voice. 

There was now a woman holding two pistols out, aiming at the investigators.  He was too confused to pay too much attention, but was relieved when the proprietor, Vinnie, his name was, relieved the investigators of their weapons.  And even more surprised when the investigators claimed to be looking for the woman.  By this time, Zach had been thoroughly confused, so he did the only thing he could hink of.  He holstered his pitsol, sat down, took off his helmet, and picked up a menu.  All this chaos in one night was making him hungry, and from what he had heard the mercs talking about, this place served some great food.  And the best part was, he could eat, and still try to pay attention to what was being said across the way from him.

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As Eva watched the two men rearrange their table to be back where it belonged, she glanced over at the four would-be rescuers of her uncle. She had initially thought they were his normal patrons: Louie, Ned, Todd and Nugget. But her assumption had been wrong. These guys looked to be CCP mercs, yet they were very twitchy at the mention of the company name.

Perhaps, like her, they’d been royally screwed over by the company. She looked over the faces as subtly as possible but she didn’t recognize any of them. For a moment she thought back to her strange encounter that had led her to Vinnie’s.

That man had seemed so familiar, yet she couldn’t put her finger on who he was or how she knew him. She blinked a few times before she realised she was being spoken to.

She returned her attention to the two men who were now seated at their table. She didn’t miss the fact that they sat facing the mercs. Clearly they didn’t trust having a gun to their back, nor did she for that matter. She moved to the chair on the side which gave her access to view the patrons in the café from the decorative mirrors.

“So have you guys got names?” she asked.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

“So have you guys got names?” she asked.

"Richard Cain, Private Investigator." Cain absently rubbed his empty holster. He hadnt been in a hostile environment without his PK-D Blaster (Plager Katsumate Series-D Blaster (PK-D)) in a long time.

"Inspector Leo Hartigan." Neither bothered to flash their identification this time.

"Cain....where have I heard that name before?" Eva said, squinting her eyes in reckognition.

Cain sits back in his seat and looks around for an escape.

"Wait, weren't you the detective wrapped up in that scandal with Mayor Pilson?"

*sigh* Cain keeps looking around and Leo holds in a snicker.

"Yeah thats right. Richard Cain: ex-cop, ex-Blade Runner, ex-killer." Eva comments

"You believe everything you hear in the news?" Cain asks

"Not usually. But when I come in here and catch you 'guns-a-blazin' then you kinda fit the description."

"Yeah? Well youre packing some hardware yourself, Special Agent Adams. What agency is it that you work for exactly?" Cain says leaning forward

"Is that what this is all about?"

"No, it isn't." Leo cuts to the chase "We understand you have a relationship with a character named Gerric?"

"Had." Eva says with a serious face.

"What? You two have a falling out?" Cain asks

"You can say that."

"Do you know where we can reach him?"

"No. I'm looking for him too, whats he got himself into thats got you two poking around the city?"

"Serial Murder." Cain states, not phasing. The comment nearly sends Eva's hand to her mouth, but she catches herself. There is a visible pause in the conversation, and Cain can see that she even held her breath for a moment.


"Gerric has been linked to several brutal murders in the city. Eye witness accounts as well as security camera footage conform this, as well as numerous crime scene investigations. I'll ask you again whether or not you know where we can reach him."

"...I dont. And if i did, i dont think I would tell you anyways."

"Then we cant trust your answer can we?"

"I know Gerric better than you. I know-" Eva was cut off by Leo

"What we know is that several hours ago Gerric put in some punks head with his bare hands and sent blood and brain matter cascading down the side of an apartment building. Thats what we know..."

Eva was silent once more.

"Well anyways if you happen to remember anything, or DO come into contact with him again, give me a call will ya?" Cain handed Eva her card and she took it.

"Unlikely..." Eva said looking at the card.

                                   I                                                                             I
                                   I                        Richard Cain                              I
                                   I                    Private Investigator                          I
                                   I                  (Detective Experience)                      I
                                   I   Call number: DEC-2647  ext.103                      I
                                   I   107th and Flagler, Bradbury Building apt. 103  I

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Eva looked at the card but she wasn't focussed on it. She was more intent on the fact that Gerric has supposedly commited murder. It was unthinkable. Gerric had been a lot of things but never a killer. That particular department had occasionally been in her job description.

The two men were almost out the door when Eva suddenly remembered something. She latched onto Cain's jacket sleeve as he collected his weapon from Vinnie. "Where did the murders take place?"

"All around, why do you ask?" Cain said cryptically.

"The last time I saw Gerric was when we were investigating CCP. We were attacked but I was knocked unconscious before I saw what happened to Gerric. I knew he wasn't dead because when I came to, he wasn't there and there was no evidence of a struggle." Eva said telling more than she meant to. The memories were rolling through her head with a renewed vigour.

"Perhaps he took a job with CCP," Cain said menacingly.

Eva raised a brow at that, "He hated CCP with a passion, the only way they'd recruit him is if they drugged him." As soon as the words were out of her mouth Eva suddenly had a revelation. She needed to find the strange man she'd run into earlier, she had a feeling he was the key to this mystery.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Tom was curious.

"Who was his last victim?"

"We believe he was a rapist."

Tom laughed.  "So you guys are worried about some guy that's mopping up the scum you can't put behind bars while there are other..."

Cain pressed on.  "Other what?"

The mercs looked to each other.  Griggs nodded.  Tom continued.

"What do you think of CCP?"

Cain shrugged.  "They're corrupt."

"Corrupt enough to endanger all of Chicago."

"What do you mean?"

"We were recently escorting a CCP cargo truck."  The thing flipped and out spilled these-"

Cain cut him off.  "Creatures.  We know.  We were there."

"Oh?  So you should know that CCP tried to kill us as we were witnesses.  And my guess is that they'll son be coming for you."

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Cain and Leo look at one another.

"Thats my guess too. The only chance we've got is that the SF troops didnt get a good look at us, so their helmet cams dont have a visual of us.

"Good luck with that..." The one with the shotgun commented.

"Well if thats the case then we should get to know each other, and maybe stick together." Leo said.

Everyone looked at him and all had the same facial expression: No. Leo shrugged and Eva cut in.

"Relax boys. I'm Eva Adams. These two are Inspector Leo Hartigan and ex-Blade Runner Richard Cain." Eva said pointing at the two. The mercs looked at Cain with interest at learning of his ex-Blade Runner status. Eva motioned towards them to introduce themselves. One of them starts.

"This here is Matt Bor, next to him Thomas Holston, call him Tom. I'm Griggs McMillan, squad leader. We're whats left of Tebek Squad CCP Merc Corps before a platoon of SF troops got to us after the crash. That there is Zach, a street cop who saw the crash from his spinner flying overhead.


Not here....disappointing, but not a major issue. Roy stalked through Cain's office. He had broken in quietly, in hopes of surprising the ex-Blade Runner, but he had just left. Roy was growing a little impatient.

Roy DID find a file on Cain's desk that he and the Inspector were probably reviewing before leaving. It was given to him by Detective Giff apparently, from some notes written on the file. Giff was most likey Cain's connection into the detective force, which Roy had learned of after reading Cain's CCP file.

Leaving the office, Roy quietly closed the door and strode through the hallway as if he wasnt carrying several guns underneath his trenchcoat. He would pay Detective Giff a visit...

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Gerric had moved. The city, as usual was dark. But Gerric could still see. He could see well enough to see something dart across the street into an alley. A dog. But dogs couldn't climb on walls. The thing had circled back, and was now darting up the wall of a building. It paused momentarily, gazing up into the sky, then continued its ascent. Gerric burst into motion, running as fast as he could, sprinting up a fire escape and climbing onto the roof from the top. There it was. Four buildings away, it was going at a lively pace, but Gerric could tell that for it the pace was nothing. Gerric continued moving, keeping low to keep the creature unaware of his presence. He ducked behind a large pipe, and remained there for a moment. After he thought it was safe he peeked his head out. The creature was gone

  After a short while of looking Gerric had given up. He decided it was best just to go around on the rooftops, safer for him then on the streets. Then, all of a sudden he saw it again. across the street, crawling out of an open window, and going onto the adjacent rooftops. Gerric wanted to know what it had been doing there. He began to move.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Decker knew it was bound to happen but he still wasn’t pleased at the emergency Board Meeting due to the incident. The Board always had to put their nose in even if they refused to acknowledge the dirty work that had to ensue because of their demands. Each of the members would act like flies were being swatted rather than human lives destroyed.

Not that killing worried Decker, it was the questions of how, when and where to dispose of the bodies. Over the years his numerous projects had often needed volunteers to administer doses to. If the side effects included death, well so be it.

Daria was stalking the room. As usual she was immaculately dressed. She showed no signs of distress other than the fact that she was pacing. Director, Ralph Peppers, wore his usual scowl. Nothing they ever did was right in his eyes. But then Peppers had been out of touch with the real world for decades.

“How did the subjects get loose?” Peppers asked for the umpteenth time.

Daria faced Peppers, “As I said before, it’s still under investigation. I’m assuming we’ve had an insider tamper with the security measures taken to prevent such an occurrence-“

Decker cut in, “Rest assured, Director Peppers, we’re currently cleaning up as we speak. The culprit will be dealt with in the usual manner.”

Peppers raised his hand, “No, not this time. I want to speak to this culprit myself.”

To say Decker was surprised was an understatement. The Director never got his hands dirty, “To what end, sir?” he questioned politely.

Peppers turned on Decker with a dark look in his eyes, “Frankly, Mr Decker, I don’t think you’re cutting the mustard on this one. Too many slip ups have been occurring lately; perhaps you need some time off.”

Decker didn’t have to look up to see the satisfied grin on Daria’s face. “My apologies, but I am only as good as those who work with and around me,” Decker replied pointedly.

Clarence Moore, General Manager, spoke up. “We’re doing our best, Director Peppers. It just seems that there’s more adversary towards us now more than ever.”

“Why is that? We own the media, the police and hold influence over the important parts of the government. Shouldn’t we be guaranteed success?” Peppers questioned them as his eyes slid over each Board member.

Decker pointed out the obvious, “The bigger we get the easier it is for single entities to infiltrate our company. We have great security measures but these days people are desperate and will find loopholes to pass through that we may have over looked due to their obscure nature.”

“Then we should increase our security teams,” Moore interjected.

Peppers seemed to mull this over, he didn’t like parting with money unless he absolutely had to. After a few moments he replied, “Perhaps we’re best hiring an independent company to try and infiltrate our systems. That way we’ll know our weaknesses.”

Decker wasn’t pleased at the idea, but he wasn’t about to dissuade the Director.

Moore immediately congratulated the Director on the idea. Daria rolled her eyes subtly and Decker was inclined to agree with her response. The Board quickly voted on the motion and it was approved.

Decker wondered which security company they’d use. There’d be a number of bogus companies popping up at the chance to infiltrate CCP. Decker decided that perhaps it was time to speed up his plans.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

**This one be for cannon fodder, feel free to kill him off**

Terrance Christensen was still prying at his face long after the leather coated man had left. Terrance didn’t know what that creep had sprayed in his face but he felt like his body was on fire. He could smell the blood on his fingers, his face was weeping from the constant scratching.

Something strange was happening to Terrance. He felt as though his skin was too tight and his muscles were stretching.

Suddenly a gnawing hunger ripped through Terrance. He knew the best dumpster for scraps was at the back of the Prime Time Cafe and it was only a few blocks away. Staggering with difficulty, Terrance made his way there.

Panting and drooling, Terrance found the dumpster some time later. He reached in to find food but his nose was more interested with the aromas coming from inside the cafe. Limping, Terrance made his way to the front door. He heard the screams but had no idea that they were directed at his appearance.

Terrance looked like some sort of mutant, his body was misshapen, blood and drool continued to run down his face and his muscles pulsated unnaturally.

He opened his mouth to ask for help but only a hiss came out. He reached for a nearby waitress who was so stunned by his appearance that she hadn’t moved. As he went to touch her for assistance the sounds of cocking guns was clearly evident.

For some reason the noise enraged Terrance and he lurched to attack.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

"-Yeah, it's got some hefty recoil, but still managable." Zach carefully handed Matt's pistol back to him. "I like it, alot of people say it's overpowered and unnecessary, but it fits my needs." He didn't want to say anything about the cop's sidearm, it looked nice and was known for high accuracy, but the cartridge was a bit small for Matt's taste.

"Yep, get what you like." Zach held up his coffee mug. "Cheers."

Matt raised his mug also. "Cheers."

As if the night couldn't get more interesting, the front door slammed open. Matt instinctively grabbed the M6 off the table, chambered a round and leveled it at the the doorway.

A horribly deformed figure came stumbling in, hissing unnaturally. His eyes were darting back and fourth in a  psychotic motion at the restaurant patrons.

"You alright buddy?" Zach said cautiously.

Without warning, the 'man' leapt at the cop, blood was dripping off his face and hands. Zach quick-drew his P138 sidearm and fired into his legs and lower torso, as did everyone else, hitting the man innumerable times until 'he' dropped to a slashing, convulsive crawl across the black and white checkered tile. Griggs and Tom swiftly went to the man's left and right, shoving their boots hard on his back.

"What the hell...?!"

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Leo stared in awe at the thing that had crawled into the diner, now under the feet of the mercenaries. After waiting for a response, the mercs opened fire, and blew a hole in the floor.

"They don't pay me enough for this job." Leo said as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

"What do you suppose this thing is, guys?" said the man called Zach.

"Dunno, but we totally blew him to Hell." said the merc called Tom.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Cain looked at the corpse on the floor, still pointing his PKD at it. This was beyond weird.

"What the hell was it? It came out of no where..." Matt asked, reloading

"It looks like a man who was infected with something, or affected by some kind of radiation and mutated. Could this have a possible connection to CCP's creatures?" Cain asked the group

"I dont think so. The SF trooper that one of the creatures attacked didn't mutate like this. Some else happened to this guy." Griggs answered

Cain walked out of the front door, blaster first, and looked around. There was nothing of interest in sight. Moving back in Cain addressed the group.

"I'm sure some people heard the sound of our guns, they've probably already called the cops. We should all get out of here. I'm sure Vinnie could explain how the thing came in and attacked, but theres going to be trouble if they find us here."

"We can hide out in Vinnie's basement." Matt said

"Alright, me and Leo are going to talk to Detective Giff, a guy we know in the force with some pull. We're going to tell him what happened and see if we can get to the bottom of it...and get all our names off CCP's hit-list." Cain says, holstering his PKD.

"Ok, if things get hairy then we might leave." Tom tells Cain.

"Which is probably what will happen. Its only a matter of time before CCP tracks us down." Matt says

"Lets exchange numbers to keep in touch." Griggs said, taking a cell phone from a pouch on his vest. The group exchanges some numbers and bid Cain and Leo farewell.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

As Cain and Leo walked out of the diner, Leo looked down at his wristwatch. Yet, moments before he had a cellphone out that had a digital clock display on it.

"Damn, it's ten to one. We should get going."

"You worry too much. Giff's office is down on 4th and Walsh. We'll make it."

As the two got into the spinner, some newspapers blew around, and a trashcan fell over from the wind. Leo broke the ice, a common thing he was known for.

"So... what do you think happened to that guy? You think it could have been one of those creatures?"

"I don't know, it didn't seem natural, that's for sure. Whatever happened to him, I'm sure it's CCP-related."

"What isn't these days?"

Driving down a few streets, the spinner came to a sudden halt when one of the escaped creatures suddenly leaped onto the windshield, leaving a huge crack as it jumped off and continued to the other side of the street, running into the alley.

"Oh, that's nice! At least this isn't my vehicle, Cain. I'd be sorely pissed if it was."

"Shut up for a sec, okay? I'm gonna check the other side of the street, see if it's still there. You check where it came out from, see if there are anymore of them or anything."


The two left the spinner. With dirt splattered all over, a few dents, and now a crack in the windshield, this spinner looked as if it drove through a riot, hit a few delivery trucks, and went exploring in the jungle.

Leo walked toward the alley where the creature had appeared from, pistol out. Pulling out his flashlight, and staring into the alley, Leo walked down it. He came to a halt when he found a sticky, gooey substance on some newspapers and along the brick wall of the building to his left.

"Hey, Cain, I found something! Not sure what it is, but come take a look!"

No response. Or a sudden rush of feet moving to discover.

"Cain? You alright? ****.."

Leo started to walk over to the other side of the street, when Cain started shouting back.

"Leo, go on without me. Take the spinner and some of whatever you've found to Giff's, he has a lab there. You can analyze it."

"You sure? What about you?"

"I'm a little caught up. Just go. I'll be fine."

Leo ran over to the spinner, pulled out a small jar and a pencil from the glove compartment, stuck some of the goo on the pencil, and emptied it into the jar. Putting the cap back on it, he securely put it in his overcoat's front pocket. Then, he got into the spinner, and took off, seeing that Cain was embodied by a massive shadow as he continued down the street.

Re: RPG: Biohazard

Eva decided it was best to stay with her uncle to explain what had happed when the CCP goons rolled up. The Police arrived first and the questions flew left, right and centre. The mutated body seemed to be evidence enough that the café had been under attack, justifying the need for fire power.

Both Eva and Vinnie left things vague about how many gunmen there were. It didn’t take long for CCP to send in their own investigator.

He looked like something out of the movies with his long trench coat and hat. Eva figured the guy was going for that particular look.

“So Ms Adams, Mr Curlenko you say a mutant came here and attacked the patrons of the café.” The investigator said awaiting confirmation.

Eva looked at him meaningfully, “And you are?”

“Hayden McKellar, Investigator for CCP’s Intelligence Department,” he answered.

Eva smiled wryly, it would only be a matter of time before McKellar figured out that she used to work for that particular department. “Yes Mr McKellar, this thing” Eva pointed at the body, “came in and attacked.”

“Did it speak?” McKellar asked.

Vinne shook his head, “Just hissed, then attacked.”

“Do you know where it came from?” McKellar continued.

Eva shrugged, “It just came through the door on its own accord. Why it did so, is anyone’s guess.”

“So who killed it?” McKellar said with a questioning look.

Vinnie spoke before Eva could, “Some random customer. He wasn’t a regular, so I don’t know his name.”

“Do you have any electronic payments we could use as a trace?” McKellar asked as he looked at the register on the bar.

Vinnie shook his head, “He skipped out as soon as he killed the creature. Mongrel owes me for his dinner.”

McKellar looked at Eva, “Could you give me a description?”

“Uh, he had brown hair, average height, average build and was wearing a maroon sweater. That’s all I really remember.” Eva said once again remaining vague.

“Did you notice what sort of weapon he was carrying?” McKellar queried.

Eva rubbed her chin, “No idea, I’m not that familiar with weapons these days. I think it was something newish.”

“All I know is it left a bloody big hole in my floor,” Vinnie said as he shook his head with dismay.

Eva looked out the window to see the Hazardous Substances team roll up. Looked as though CCP were about to clean up their mess. Eva felt a chill run down her spine, when CCP cleaned they tended to remove all evidence.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

John Simmons was wasted. Not that that was an uncommon thing for this particular citizen of Chicago on any particular day of the week, especially as Saturday. Which is probably why he didn't immediately take notice of the broken down door at the end of the hall. Mr. Sander's apartment. He fumbled his keys and dropped them, as he bent down, squinting his eyes against the bright glare in the hallway he looked over and immediately forgot about his keys, the game tomorrow, and the attractive redhead he had attempted to pick up at the bar he frequented. He stumbled and fell down, and tried to drag himself away from the door, eyes wide with fear. He groaned, and felt the burger he had grabbed after getting rejected and deciding to call it a night trying to force its way back into the world. There was blood sprayed across the wall and soaked into the carpet. He saw Mr. Sander, lying on his back with his face smashed in. One of his eyes dangled on the side of what was once his face , resting on part of his ear and seeming to stare at John. "Hey hey John! why don't you come over for poker next Thursday? I'm sure well have a GREAT time!" This last thought seemed to give his burger a little more motivation, and John Simmons vomited all over himself.


All available units in the New Bronzeville area, 187 at 173 Evergreen street, Code 3/ Code 11


Gerric had made his way into the apartment. It was quiet outside, he never looked out the door, which had been smashed open. The victim of the creature was on the ground, his face smashed open and throat slit, in a pool of his own blood. There were no other marks on the body, the thing hadn't chewed on him at least. Gerric looked around for signs about what the hell the thing was. He didn't know that the police were coming. That was, until he noticed how much louder the seemingly constant sirens were, and heard the hum of the  SR-79 Hunter outside the building.


Gerric bust into motion, sprinting up the stairwell, and busting onto the roof. A light snapped on, and he ran. A group of Special Weapons and Tactics officers had already surrounded him. "DOWN ON THE FLOOR NOW!" Gerric raised his hands. Another officer yelled for him to get down, as the group slowly  closed in on him. One of the officers approached Gerric, some generic SMG in hand. He reached for his belt to grab a shock restraint. And then it began


Officer Rojas was behind the suspect, (labeled GERRIC in orange letters on his HUD) when Lt. Jenkins began advancing. One of the SR-79s (this one labeled SR-79 3356a) circled, going behind Lt.Jenkins as he approached. Suddenly the suspect, 'GERRIC', moved, grabbed Jenkins by the arm and threw him, sending him crashing into Rojas.


Gerric threw the SWAT into another, and all hell broke loose. The SWAT backed off, spread out and opened fire, by then another one was down, this one suffering from an elbow bent backwards and a crushed hand.  He rushed another and spun behind him, grabbing his hand and using him as a shield as he opened fire on the others. He fired until the clip was spent, wounding two other officers, leaving three. One came at him with a stun baton. Gerric ducked it and knocked the officer out. The other two opened fire, Gerric rushed them and grabbed ones gun, twisting his wrist, probably breaking just about everything it it and hitting him in the face, cracking his visor and probably giving him a concussion. With the pistol he had taken from the officer he just incapacitated, he rushed the other, placed the gun under his chin and fired.


The officers were down, Gerric had been hit, but it was fixable. He would be fine. He needed to focus on getting away before more SWATs showed up however. He turned and moved to retrieve his hat, which he had lost during the fight when the door to the stair well was kicked open. "FREEZE!"

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Once the shooting had begun, Cain made his way up the fire escape of the next building so he didnt run into any SWAT members.

When he reached the roof, he saw something completely different from what he expected. He had expected to see the SWAT team trying to take down one of the Project Cerebrus creatures. Instead he saw the team engaging Gerric on the opposite roof top. Apparently a murder had been called in and they caught Gerric at the scene. This would solve some problems for Cain...

Gerric quickly made short order of the SWAT team. The last member burst through the fire escape and yelled "FREEZE!". Gerric sprung at him, grabbed him by the throat and threw him AT the Hunter chopper. The body crashed through the windshield and the helicopter was sent wobbling through the buildings until it disappeared. All the SWAT members were now dead or unconscious.

Gerric walked slowly across the rooftop, the pitter-patter of light rain sounding off his trenchcoat. Cain stayed crouched behind a utility vent on the opposite building and watched him. Gerric bent and picked up his hat, shaking some water from the rain off it and placing it on his head.

Gerrice began walking towards the edge of the building, the edge that was 5 feet from Cain's building. Cain crouched a little more so Gerric didnt see him. Gerric jumped the short distance between their buildings and landed just in front of Cain, he continued walking. Cain waited for the right time, then stood up and leveled his PKD blaster at Gerric.

"Gerric..." Cain said calmly. he was debating whether or not to kill him outright. He might be too dangerous.

Gerric was surprised and froze momentarily. His orange goggles flared slightly, and then he turned and made a run for it. Cain didnt hesitate.


Cain nailed him in the leg and it splintered. A blaster shot was much more serious than the common slug shot. Gerric stumbled and crashed onto the roof, his momentum sent him sliding forward until he came to a halt near the edge.

Cain walked up to Gerric, pointing his PKD at his head. Gerric was face down, and slowly flipped himself over. Cain looked at the charred leg he had shot at, and could only see the smoldering pant leg. Cain kept the PKD trained on his face, and was about to squeeze the trigger. Gerric looked at Cain, and Cain looked at Gerric.

"...and so now you kill me." Gerric said, the rain sliding down the orange goggles and seeping into his black skimask.

"Thats right." Cain answered, sure of himself.


"...because you've murdered over 10 people."

"Those that I kill deserve to die."

"You dont know that. Even so, there are laws in this country. Theres a legal system people have the right to go through."

"They do not have the right to commit evil, hence they should lose their rights if they do so."

"And you're the one to take out their sentences? You're the one to decide them worthy of living or not? No human being has that right."

"Including you." Gerric says, referring to the fact that Cain was about to kill him

"And you."

Just then Gerric reaches up slowly, grabs hold of his skimask and slides it off his head. It reveals Gerric's metallic head, orange eyes, slit for a mouth...Gerric was a robot.

(DARK GREY, not green)

"I am no man."

Cain was shocked, needless to say. He reflected on how here he was once more, taking down a renegade robot. It seems he could never escape his Blade Runner status. However, Gerric did not retain the characteristics of the past renegade robots. He was coherent, and apparently had a craving for hard justice. And for one thing...he named himself.

"This is impossible, they fixed the glitches." Cain stated

"I am not a renegade as it is commonly known. My glitch did not cause me to become an insane killing machine. It caused me to...develop consciosness." Gerric answered

"That is impossible Gerric!"

"And yet, here I am..."

Cain thought for a moment. This was something new. He had to hold off on killing him, but he wasnt sure, so he stayed aiming at him.

"I've seen you, I saw you where I dealt with the rapist. You know why I do this." Gerric continued

"I'm not too sure about that. Even so, the way you deal with people isn't exactly virtuous."

"Neither is the way you are about to deal with me. You know I give justice where some escape it."

Cain thought again. He'd have to figure out a little more about Gerric before he decided what to do. Right now, he was too unsure. He lowered his blaster and extended his hand, letting out a low sigh.

Gerric looked at the hand, and looked at Cain. He took the hand and Cain helped him up.

"I'm glad you've seen the light." Gerric said, keeping his weight on his undamaged leg as he slipped on his skimask and put on his hat.

"Dont be so sure. Lets just say, youre up for evaluation, Gerric." Cain said, holstering his blaster.

"Of course, Detective...?"

"Private Investigator. Richard Cain." Cain said handing him his card. Gerric took it and looked at it.

"Interesting..." he said as he slipped it into a pocket.

"Why were the SWAT called here?" Cain asked as he walked towards the stair entrance. Gerric limped behind him. "Sorry about the leg by the way."

"Its fixable. They were called because of the remains of a man found in the building next to us. I saw an extremely odd creature leaving the building, and i sought to investigate. I know it sounds insane, but I saw it leaving the scene. The SWAT arrived, they shot first." Gerric answered. Cain showed no interest in his excuses for attacking the SWAT.

"Odd creature? How would you describe it?" Cain asked as they walked down the stairs.

"Dog like, walking on all fours. Extended cranium, long tail, claws, pinkish skin. Very viscous."

"Mhm...yeah I see you ran into one of the Project Cerebrus creatures that CCP accidently released into the city."


"Yes, six of them escaped during transport. All the witnesses, me, a detective friend of mine, a street cop and three CCP mercs are now being hunted as part of CCP's 'clean up'. No one was supposed to know about the bio-weapon."

"What do they intend to use the creatures for?"

"Its CCP, what do you think? Probably some take over scheme they've cooked up. We should get out of here before they realize whats happened here and show up. You got a place where you charge or something?" Cain asked, taking a shot at Gerric being a robot. Gerric was not amused.

"Its not far from here, the basement of an abandoned building. I'll show you."

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Vinnie hurried them all into the kitchen were he flicked a switch and his grill moved forward to reveal a trap door.  He held it open while TK squad clambered in.  Once down Griggs flicked the light switch and the single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling grimly light up the small space.  The shelves were lined with canned food and in the corner were two hazmat suits.  Tom chuckled.

"Vinnie always was prepared for absolutely anything."  Everyone chuckled but Griggs quickly shushed them as muffled footsteps and voices were heard overhead.  After about 45 minutes finally most of the heavy footsteps faded away.  The mercs tensed as they heard the grill slide off the trapdoor.  They all kept a hand on their guns as the door was opened. 

"The CCP are gone.  For now."  All the mercs released their breath simultaneously as Vinnie and his niece helped the mercs out of the basement.

"Thanks Vinnie.  We owe you bigtime." 

"Don't mention it.  I have no love for CCP as you do and whenever I can do something to undermine them I will."

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Eva shook her head at her uncle, “They may be gone for now, but they’ll be back. They haven’t finished cleaning up the mess yet. It’s odd that they’d leave the cops to do that.”

Vinnie shrugged, “They probably got a more urgent call.”

Eva nodded, they both knew CCP had a number of sinister projects on the go. She headed back out to the dinner area, which was empty, and closed up the café.

“CCP will be back,” Vinnie commented as he looked out the window at the cops making their final notes.

“That’s a certainty,” Eva said as she looked at the men they’d hidden away. “I think it’s best we all leave once the coast is clear.”


Hayden McKellar had returned to his office at CCP after he’d finished his first round of questioning. He immediately logged onto his terminal to get some background information on those he’d questioned.

There was nothing particularly surprising until McKellar tried to bring up a file on Eva. Bold, red words shouted at him ‘ACCESS DENIED’. McKellar frowned and tried another angle to access the file but the same results came up.

He shook his head in wonderment. As an Intelligence agent he should have access to almost all files. For this one to be blocked seemed extremely strange. Eva Adams seemed normal enough. Surely if CCP wanted her she’d already be in their custody.

McKellar tried again only to have his phone buzz. He answered it and noted the extension number. The voice on the end of the phone was cold, “You’re denied access to that file for a reason.”

McKellar swallowed. The caller hadn’t identified himself but McKellar was fairly certain that he was speaking to the Internal Security department. “I questioned the subject at a recent incident. I wanted to get some background.”

“What incident was Eva Adams present at?” The voice demanded coolly.

McKellar ran a finger beneath his collar, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. “A mutated man was found dead at a local café. I don’t have any results as yet but it looks as though the body may have been going through a transition stage before being killed.”

There was silence for a moment. “So what does Adams have to do with this?”

Closing his eyes, McKellar answered, “She witnessed the mutant being killed.”

“Witnessed or enacted?” came the answer.

“She says witnessed, others concur with her answer.” McKellar told.

“Don’t speak with her again,” the voice commanded.

“Why? She’s part of an investigation.” McKellar said trying to justify his requirements.

“The reasons are complicated and beyond your need to know,” came the cutting answer.

“Who is this?” McKellar demanded.

“Look up your directory, McKellar. Goodbye.” The voice said with a finality that chilled McKellar.

He immediately looked up the number and felt the blood drain from his face.


Decker ended the call and watched the security feed with amusement. It was obvious that McKellar had finally worked out that he’d been talking to: the CEO. “So this is what our Intelligence department has come to, no wonder it’s such a mess,” Decker commented to himself.

He looked at Eva’s file. He was the only person to have access. Sure she’d been a bad employee but there were further reasons as to why her file was sealed. Eva and her partner in crime Gerric, had been set on taking down CCP. The truth was they’d come closer to doing it than anyone realised.

Thankfully Decker had sent out one of his own personal squads to bring them in. Both had been unconscious when they’d arrived at CCP. Both of them had been administered with a certain experimental virus at the time. Gerric had been kept for observation while Eva had been replaced where she’d been taken from.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

(Here are some visuals of the Delta Labs, the most important research facility of the CCP, next to Alpha Labs. Delta Labs is located underneath Alpha Labs, which is underneath the CCP HQ building.) … bs2a/3.jpg … 867562.jpg … s/s3_4.jpg … lta2_9.jpg

Daria pushed her Prada glasses up her nose. The incline of her head as she looked through the microscope made them slide down a little. David, one of her senior scientists stood next to her, awaiting her decision. Daria knew he was staring at her cleavage through her lab coat. She was used to it.

“Its ready. Begin Phase II initialization.” She said rising from the microscope.

David nodded and moved to a computer screen in front of a large window. He pressed the screen several times and Daria moved to look through the window and at the three Phase II Cerebrus creatures in stasis tubes. The computer beeped in acceptance and a warning light next to the stasis tubes flashed momentarily.

Three lab techs in hazmat suits entered the stasis tube chamber and began fiddling around with some controls connected to each stasis tube. Daria and David watched in anticipation. Lights lit up slightly in the tubes and they could see the Phase II creatures clearly and see how they differed from the Phase I creatures. They were black, more humanoid, and stood upright. What you could not see was how much smarter they were. … omorph.jpg

Mechanical arms inside the tubes moved about the creatures, injecting various fluids and, basically, resurrecting them since they were dead until initialized. After a certain point, the creatures began moving groggily as they were suddenly brought to life.

“Begin tranquilization.” Daria said, speaking into a mic that relayed into the stasis chamber. The techs in the hazmat suits nodded in recognition and fiddled with the controls some more.

Stasis tube one now tranquilized. said a soft female voice through the speakers as the first creature was injected and suddenly stopped moving. This part was integral.

Stasis tube three now tranquilized. repeated the voice for the third creature.

“And now for stasis tube two…” David said nervously as they waited. Daria held her arms crossed, her fist to her chin.

Stasis tube two tranquilization not complete. Technical error 1135. Seek mechanical technician for assistance. 

The three hazmat techs immediately went into a craze and began running about the chamber, pressing buttons.

“GOD DAMNIT!” David yelled and stomped towards a comm. receiver on a wall. He held a button down on it. Daria stood solid but inside was furious.


Stasis tube two in danger of re-integration, tranquilize immediately.

The hazmat techs began to run for the door in the chamber. Daria slowly lowered her hand to the controls and flicked a switch. She could not allow the creature to escape through the open door.

The techs slammed the door controls and the door itself, their screams muffled. Eventually one left the door and began banging on the window. Daria looked him in the face and waited. The creature was groggily coming to live.

“DO YOU HEAR ME $#@! HEAD!? GET A TECH FROM DIVISION SEVEN HERE NOW!” David yelled into the comm. He left the comm. in frustration and came back to the main controls. He saw the techs yelling in vain, trying to escape and he looked at Daria in horror.

“What the hell DARIA!” He yelled at her. He went for the release controls, but it was too late.




The creature ripped apart the tech banging on the special unbreakable window and blood sprayed everywhere. It covered the window and Daria and David could now only see glimpses of what the creature did to the other two techs. Their screams added to the affect.

Daria took her glasses off and slipped them into her coat. She began walking out of the room, she stopped when the door hissed open and she turned to David.

“Deal with this David. Afterwards, begin initializing all the Phase II creatures.” She told him, referring to the small army of creatures in stasis tubes in a very large chamber within Delta Labs. David remained with his face of horror as Daria turned to leave.

BANG…BANG…BANG The creature began banging on the window.

“Gas it before it gets out.” Daria said, annoyed.

“It won’t break through, no worries. It-



Daria didn’t need to see what just happened, but needless to say, David was now something that resembled ground beef. She ran out the door and it hisses shut, but the sound was drowned out by the creature’s own hiss.

She ran. She ran as fast as she could, knowing she wouldn’t out run it. She ran through the halls, past bewildered scientists who fell victim to the creature as it pursued her, crashing through obstacles and ripping apart locked doors.

She managed to reach the containment area. If she could time her plan right then it would work perfectly. The entrance to the containment area had a contamination chamber to decontaminate entrees. She ran in and initiated the sequence.

Decontamination sequence initiated. Please stand clear of the ventilation ducts.

The air ducts hissed and in a few seconds the next door opened and she exited. She ran to the controls and opened the other door, where the creature was about to rip it open. It flew in but both doors were already closing, locking it in. She had only moments now.

Decontamination sequence initiated. Please stand clear of the ventilation ducts.

Daria quickly typed some commands into the manual over-ride controls as the creature hissed menacingly. She finished and looked through the small window at the terrifying being.

Contaminant exposed within chamber. Beginning eradication sequence.

The sequence began and an acid bath in the form of gas exploded into the chamber. The creature squealed insanely and thrashed about in the chamber as the gas enveloped it and completely filled the chamber. Daria could not see anything.

The gas was then sucked out and the doors opened. Daria stumbled backward and fell. She looked into the chamber in fear. The creature was destroyed, its remains disappearing through the grate on the floor.

Eradication sequence complete. Welcome to the Delta Labs, have a nice day.

Daria sighed heavily.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Gerric and Cain had managed to get off of the roof unnoticed and grabbed a taxi, after replacing Gerric's balaclava. Gerric had Cain act like he was supporting him, and once in the cab, directed it to one of the older land-based districts, he gave him the adress of a small diner, then proceeded to an old building that looked to be condemned. He climbed over a fence and Cain followed, next was a small broken out window, Cain had a small amount of trouble maneuvering though this. Finally Gerric lifted a sewer grating and climbed down, unlocked a small metal door and entered. This was his home. An old forgotten bunker under an old empty building. This was his sanctuary, where he thought, repaired, readied himself and rested dispite his lack of need for it. This was his, and he had just shown its location to a stranger. If he needed to he would kill him to keep his secret. He would do so without hesitation. Whatever he needed to do.

((Just think of the place from V for Vendetta, but not so extravagant))

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

McKellar was still thinking about Eva Adams’ file as he made his way home. His curiosity was burning intensely. He wondered what she could have possibly done to have such a secure file. Had she murdered a CCP employee in the past? Had she perhaps sold off ‘Top Secret’ information that had cost the company dearly? Or perhaps she had some dirt on Decker himself.

That made McKellar smile. He had been trying to get into Daria’s good books for some time now and he knew how much the young scientist wanted Decker’s job. Perhaps he could find out more and see if it led to where he suspected. If so he might be able to win over Daria and give her the ammunition she was looking for and he might just get the promotion and recognition he’d been seeking.

He paused before reaching his doorstep. He’d be able to look up Eva’s address on his own home terminal but he knew that Decker was likely to have a tap on the thing. Instead he’d be better off visiting a library or cafe where he could get online.


Eva was considering her options. The cops had finally left but Vinnie had just finished making his famous beef stew. Eva and the crew of soldiers each had a bowl of the delicious stew, Matt was noisily slurping away while Zach watched him with an amused smile.

Eva realised that these guys were in the same boat she was in: the one that CCP had lumped it’s rejects in. They wouldn’t be able to go home as CCP would have already evicted their families and confiscated their goods. Eva herself hopped from apartment to apartment to ensure that CCP didn’t track her down, although these days they seemed less interested in her.

When she and Gerric had been piecing together the shards of evidence against CCP they’d been hounded relentlessly by CCP thugs and mercenaries. Eva began to wonder if they thought the threat was gone. Perhaps it was. She had no idea what had happened to Gerric. Cain seemed to think he’d become a killer but the more Eva thought about it the more certain she was that the killer was not her Gerric.

“Are you going to eat that?” Tom asked as he eyed her bowl with interest.

Eva chuckled, “I am planning to. If you want more I’m sure Uncle Vinnie has plenty to go around.”

Tom was on his feet quickly and was followed by Matt. “Gluttons,” Griggs commented with a cheeky grin.

Eva smiled at him, glad to see that they’d kept their sense of humour. They were going to need it. “So what exactly did you guys do to tick off CCP?” she asked.

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

"We were around at the wrong time.  At least, I was."   Zach replied.  "I was on night-patrol overhead when it happened, so i'm a witness."

"Witness to what?" Eva looked slightly puzzled.

"We don't quite know.  Well, I don't really.  Griggs?"

"We mercs were, ah, running escort to one of CCP's pet projects.  Very hush-hush.  Along the way, the pet projects kinda got loose. The driver was killed, and a buncha SF's came outta the truck and ran for the hills.  Turns out their delivery was about six ceatures.  They were fast, strong, and real tough; took about a full clip of ammo apiece to bring one down.  The other five are still out there.  After we sort of cleaned up their mess, the SF's came back, and tried to eliminated all witnesses.  We didn't like that.  The other merc squad didn't make it, but we made sure that the SF's didn't either."

"Me, I just flew overhead, and happened to catch the breakout at the beginning.  One of the SF's spotted my spinner, and called it in."  Zach put in.

Eva just nodded, looking thoughtful.  Zach took the prime opportunity to devour more of the beef stew.  When this was all over, he'd make himself a regular to the place; the food here was fantastic!  As he chewed, light bulbs went on in his head.

"Hey, guys, I've got an idea.  I know a place, where, as I said earlier, I can get us a ride.  What if we rode up to CCP, and did some digging.  You know, for more info on those creatures or something.  Try to get some answers, or even just a couple more pieces for this messed up jigsaw puzzle. What do you say?"

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Eva shrugged, "I guess it would be the last place anyone would look for you guys. After all they'd consider you somewhat suicidal in doing so."

Zach rubbed his nose, "We don't have a lot of options."

Eva nodded, "True. I think that visiting CCP might be the way to go. But there is surveillance everywhere, you'll need to keep your faces covered."

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Re: RPG: Biohazard

Tom shook his head.  "I don't think we can do this.  We just barely managed to get away from them.  I highly doubt that we could quietly infiltrate their institute after what just happened.  I say we give it a day.  Wait until morning then we'll see from there.  The best option may be to call Cain."

Tom waited for everyone's response.

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