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Mandalore Hunter wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

hah, yeah, definitely stay away from 4Kids. i watched a Japanese sub of Pokemon: The Movie.

i can never watch the US dub ever again.

not only that, but the original shows are made for a Japanese person's mindset. over there in Japan, it's nothing uncommon to see drugs or sex or extreme violence in the real world, so they figure that incorporating it in their tv shows makes it seem more realistic.

What exactly did the Jap sub entail?

darker music/mood to the movie, death threats, Mewtwo's contradiction on his hatred for clones (yet he is a clone). similar stuff to what cecilia said.

Re: No...NOOO!!!

Also all that "tears of life" legend crap was made just for the American version. The dubbers felt that kids would be too stupid to understand the revival scene without it. No I am not making it up.... They really did spoil the ending 10 minutes in because they decided we wouldn't "get" the end of the movie. T_T

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