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The Storyline:

Jaylah Ugan is a famous diva, known in the Core regions as a Jizz up and coming. However Jaylah has a rather seedy background. She used every means possible to get to the top and she managed to stand on a number of toes on her way to the top.

Now a small party have decided it’s time that Jaylah take a fall and they’ve put out a bounty so big that it’ll attract a mass of bounty hunters – 1.5 million credits.


Four years prior to ANH (Ep IV)

Jaylah is set to perform her next concert on Alderaan, this will be a challenging environment for any bounty hunter as no weapons are allowed on the “peaceful” planet.

The Rules:

1. You may create any character you want but follow the guide above. Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound them. But remember on Alderaan if you’re caught you going to be deported…

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry (otherwise they wouldn't be able to move) and hide from the Alderaan authorities.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will need to seek medical help or you will die. Mind you if you seek medical help on Alderaan for weapon injuries you’ll be taken to the authorities for questioning.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.

Name: Jaylah Ugan
Species: Twi’lek
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Appearance: Green skinned, athletic build, elegant and plays upon it.
Weapons: Hairclip with hidden dagger
Personality: Extremely selfish, will do anything to get what she wants and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. Portrays herself as someone kind and caring but will knife her “friends” in the back at any time.


The Yellow Crystal Arena was everything Jaylah had every dreamed of: huge, opulent and bound to be packed to the rafters. Jaylah could almost imagine the sum of credits about to hit her personal account.

She smiled at the Event Director before her but Jaylah didn’t give a toss what the woman was on about. She’d been babbling for the last half an hour about the two performances that Jaylah was to perform. Jaylah knew the timetable off by heart, she didn’t need to hear about it again.

Her eyes focused briefly on a distant meeting room, the windows showed a few distant figures but they were too far away for her to identify in anyway. Little did Jaylah know that in that room her fate was being determined by those she’d thought she’d crushed in the past.

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Name:  Kradassk
Species: Male Trandoshan
Age: 45
Appearance:  2.2 meters tall.  Muscular build.  Basically average an trandoshan in appearance.  Wears baggier street clothes over fairly heavy body armour.  Would take one or two blaster shots.
Personality:  Average trandoshan temperament.  Relatively smart as Trandoshans go.  But more street smart as he has been around.
Occupation:  Current he is acting as Jaylah's bodyguard but he is essentially a mercenary.  And he isn't new to the profession.
Weapons:  SE-14r Blaster pistol.  ((Seriously who is going to thoroughly search a trandoshan to relieve him of one of his killing implements?))
Also carries a long dagger slipped into his longer boots.  The rest of his weapons are in the planet armory.


This planet had already put Kradassk in a bad mood.  First they take his weapons and now they send this puny girl to brief them about the day.  Kradassk idly listened to the puny female ramble on and on.  Humans did too much talk.  Not enough action.  Kradassk reptilian eyes were searching the room for any sign of something off.  It's what he was paid to do and he would get it done.  Protect this fragile Twi'lek.  Although she had proved she wasn't as fragile as she looked.

Onee time a drunken male fan jumped on stage and before Kradassk could do anything, he was running towards her.  She calmly delivered a swift kick which sent him to the ground crying.  Kradassk then 'escorted' him to the exit.  Heh. 

Finally after what seemed like ages the puny girl stopped talking.  She motioned for the door.  "So shall I show you where you will be performing?"

Jaylah nodded and silently Kradassk got up and followed the two out the door.

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

* First off I have a question… How can the Twi’lek have a hair clip when they don’t have any hair? Isn’t that suspicious in and of it self?

Name: Ashaan Ophuchi ( Nickname Ash)
Species: Human Female
Age: 26
Appearance: 1.62 Meters tall ( 5’6” for you normal folks tongue) Blonde hair, green eyes. (This is quite irregular for the native population of Alderaan. It garnishes her unwanted attention frequently.) Hair is fairly long, but usually pulled back with only a small bit left framing her face. She is shapely and attractive with striking features that can not be hidden by her uniform.
Personality: She is full of spit fire and grit. Foul mouthed and determined, she chose to take after her father and join the ASF. Very intelligent, graduated top of her class at the academy. Ashaan has better luck than most because of her family’s past.
Occupation: Detective with ASF ( Alderaan Security Force)
History: Ashaan was born and raised on Alderaan. She grew up wanting to be just like her father, Alsakan, and become and ASF officer. She also has one older brother, Drovis, who also adored his father, and also joined the ASF, but not as an officer, but rather in the forensic crime lab. (There is some instinctual work that just can’t be completed by droids, the difference between knowledge and wisdom.) Drovis will advise Ashaan on many occasions, and is her biggest supported since Alsakan died. Ashaan’s superior at the ASF, Aquilae Khorda, does not like her, and did not want Ashaan’s promotion in ASF.  Often Lieutenant Khorda will assign her duties that fall well below her skill level and directly ignore her suggestions in regards to cases.

Ashaan paced around the theater venue. It was a pure and full waste of her time. But she was assigned to follow up on a suspicious character that had recently landed on Alderaan and more specifically in her jurisdiction in Aldera. Ash noted the twi’lek on stage, a smug look on her face. She commed her brother, back in the station’s lab area.

“Drovis, I don’t know why I’m here. This is such osik.”

“Ash, all you need to do is bide your time and manners, soon Khorda will recognize that not only are you a team player, but one of her best assets on the force.”

“Well why hasn’t that hut’uun figured that out yet? My shebs are growing tired of doing this low level osik.”

“Your day will come little sis. Don’t worry about it.”

“Thanks Drovis. I’ll comm you later.” And Ashaan closed her communicator. The Trandoshan waiting in the wings, stood proud of himself. Ash just knew he was trouble. The way he stood, with pressure more on one leg than the other, belied that he was carrying something concealed in the one boot. A blade most likely. And she knew there were other weapons on his personage. That’s why he had been flagged as he entered the spaceport, suspicious behavior. What bothered Ashaan most though, was that he thought he was so slick and cunning.

“Ha,” Ash thought to herself, “what a fool.” She casually glanced over to glassed conference room in the back of the large hall. She couldn’t really care what banal business was being done back there, probably arguing over who was filling the food order that this diva no doubt demanded for her dressing room. She was bored, but rather than admit defeat, she paced around the back of the theater, hoping something interesting would happen

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

(Now considering this diva is a Jizz performer, will she be performing Lapti Nek? smile)

Name: Kain D'lunhar
Species: Chiss
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Appearance: Kain
Weapons: Ardent Fury, basic guns 'n knives
Personality: Quick-minded, usually can't stand people who talk too long, prefers to just shut them up by breaking their jaws. This guy has a dry-wit sense of humor.

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Solus sat comfortably in the pilot seat of Bralov, his heavily customized Eddicus-Class Planetary Shuttle entering the Alderaan System. It was a luxurious star yacht, sporting many overpriced accents and rare wood furnishings. He had acquired the ship from an ex-senator who had been supporting and funding known rebel organizations against the Empire.

Solus had nothing against the rebels personally, they were just another contract. Afterward he vowed never to take another Imperial contract after Kal Skirata had given him information regarding the Empire's dealings with clone troops. He would never forgive the Empire for keeping their slave army. One squad in particular, Tebec Squad. His Boys.

This current contract was a refreshing vacation from the Personal Security jobs he usually accepted- It was going to be a challenge.


Name: Solus Auurin
Species: Human Mandalorian
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Occupation: Bounty Hunter / Assassin / Mercenary for Hire
Appearance: '6, athletic build, short pepered brown hair.
Armor: Rust Brown Mandalorian Beskar Armor on tan vest, Brown jumpsuit, khaki/brown cape/poncho, ammo belt and pouches.
Weapons: ArmSpec M22LR-SB Pistol, ArmaCor 50BA-S Tactical Rifle
Personality: Normally calm and to the point, tends to avoid unnecessary friendships/temporary partnerships, some consider him a smooth talker, but he thinks quite the opposite. He also has a tendency to spend credits.


Solus was walking back and forth moving weapons and gear to the secure hold in Bralov, when his helmet-to-ship link prompted him to return to the pilot's chair. He walked back to the controls, opening a comm channel.

"Incoming star cruiser, Bralov, Please transmit you transponder ID and state your business."

"Transmitting." Solus stepped into the holoprojector's range. "I'm here to purchase residential property."

"...A Mando...?!...We know your type...Bay 3...sending coordinates."

"What do you mean, my type?"

"When you land, ASF will inspect your transport for weapons. If any are found, they will be placed in custody until you stay is complete."

Solus shut the link without saying anything else. "If any are little shabuir."

He punched in the coordinates and leaned back in the plush upholstered leather chair in full Beskar, propping his boots up on the console.

"If you think you know Mandos..."

"This IS my signature."

Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

The comm tweedled on Ashaan’s hip. The code on the ID showed it to be Khorda. “SHAB” she muttered under her breath. “can I never get a moment’s peace from that woman?!”  She answered. “Ophuchi here.”

“Ashaan? Khorda here. How’s it going at the theater?”

“Slow. You know there’s nothing for me to honestly do here.”

“Good. I need you to oversee a vehicle inspection. Have a Mandalorian inbound to bay 3.” And with that Khorda closed the line.

“SHAB!” shouted, drawing the attention of everyone in the room. The twi’lek had the biggest expression of contempt on her face, as she glowered down at her.

“Sorry folks. I’ll be leaving now anyway.” And with that Ash slunked out of the concert venue.  She pondered what Alsakan would think of his little girl now. Trying her best to do some real police work, but continually being put down, and her submitting to it, she knew he would not really approve. But again if he was still alive to disapprove he would be alive to give her the actual cases and let her do her job. Ashaan fervently hoped that Drovis was right, that her time would come and she would finally get assigned to a full on real case.

It was a short ride over to the spaceport. She had done so many vehicle inspections in her day that she knew she could do them in her sleep. Every rookie on the force did inspections for the first six months on the job. It was undignified to be assigned this as a detective. Shameful almost. A cloud of profanities in several languages followed her as she pulled in next to docking bay 3.

She sauntered in, leaned up against the wall, folded her arm and all the while staring at the well scorched permacrete. If this Mando kept her waiting long, she knew she’d have a few things to say to him, things that she knew he would understand loud and clear.

* Ok Rev. Back to you tongue

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Bralov dropped smoothly from a cloud cover in the upper atmosphere, Solus gazed out the viewport at the landscape. He was surprised, no- amazed at how beautifully the mountains merged with the grassy area around Aldera. The sunlight reflected softly off the smooth golden towers that arose above the cliffside, creating an awe-inspiring picture.

"Doubtful that will last forever." Solus sighed, walking back the the armory to be sure it was unlocked for inspection. The ship auto-piloted itself into the Docking Bay, while Solus noted the 2 squads of ASF stationed around the perimeter of the structure.

...perhaps I shouldn't have let on to the fact I was Mandalorian...

He lowered the boarding ramp, exiting to find only one officer awaiting him. Solus removed his helmet, revealing an aged, battle hardened face. He tucked the buy'ce under his arm and half smiled, extending a gloved hand to the young woman dressed in an ASF security uniform. She cocked her head to the side slightly, obviously not expecting that. The woman didn't take it, only replying with a stiff remark.

"You here to cause trouble, Mando? If you are, you can get your armored shebs right back on that fancy shabla yacht of yours and leave."

Solus was taken aback by the comment, the expression on his face was sheer astonishment, almost to the point of being injured. He fumbled for the correct words. "...excuse me?"

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Kradassk stood at the side of the stage surveying the area.  4 entrances at the back and two emergency on the side.  6 entrances and exits.  Posting one of his own men as well as the venues security force should be good enough.  Heh.  His men were some of the best.  Hand picked trandoshans.  Some of them even fellow mercs.  This was going to be just another gig.  For another good sum of money.  Despite her actions towards Kradassk she paid well. 

Kradassk noticed another female human watching them from the back of the theatre.  She regarded him coldly.  Her attire looked as if she was from the security force.  Kradassk stood tall and put on his best trandoshan smirk almost daring her to come and try to take his weapons away.  But she also looked slightly distracted.

"SHAB!"  She apologized for her outburst and hurried exited.  He would have to keep and eye on her.  She may cause problems once the concert started. 

Once Jaylah was satisfied she headed off the stage.  She motioned for Kradassk to follow which he did. 

"I'm going to go rest in my hotel for now.  I want you to come and stand watch outisde the door.  Don't want anything to happen.  This is going to have a big payoff."

He obediently nodded and followed her into the skycab to her hotel.

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Are there Imperial troopers on Alderaan? If there are, I might join...

Some may run a short while, but none of them would bide.

Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

*Sorry Seco. There are NO weapons in open use on Alderaan, nor is there an Imperial presence. (aka Garrison, base etc.)

Ash's smiled on the inside, not letting the emotion slip and ruin a good thing. The expression on the Mandalorian's face was worth all the crap she put up with, well maybe a day's worth. He was shocked and stunned, and that was the point. She made a gesture for the inspection rookies to go aboard and start their tasks. He must have been shocked to hear his native tongue welded here on this peace loving planet, by a young woman at that.

"You, got a name Mando? Or are you gonna just let your jaw hang there slack all day?"

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

((Alderaan itself wont have a presence, in a couple years tongue))

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

(sounds a little like the fifth element)

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**You caught me out Si, I blame my lack of functioning on pregnant brain, allow me to fix my mistake.**

Jaylah adjusted her head piece, the thing was ornate and upon it were a number of scarves that she had pinned in place. Amongst the garble of jeweled pins and hooks was a human hair clip that Jaylah used to attach one of her longer scarves too. Secretly within the clip was a dagger that had been used more than once.

Jaylah returned her attention to the human as she asked, “So shall I show you where you will be performing?”

Jaylah was tempted to simply point out the stage but decided it was best to keep the human amused, “Do lead on.”

The tour was interrupted as a rather foul mouthed ASF officer prattled on to her comlink. Jaylah had no time for such pitiful security people, it was why she travelled with her own bodyguards. As always Kradassk was faithfully by her side. Who said money didn’t buy loyalty?

Jaylah was quickly bored by the tour and told Kradassk as much, as usual she promised him a large tip if he watched her room dutifully. She always paid Kradassk what she said, she was happy to pay the extra as the Trandoshan had not let her down as yet.

As she entered her opulent room she considered her security force. In some respects she really wished she could find a half decent Mandalorian to add to her security detail, but chances were that a Mando would simply get bored and go somewhere else.

Jaylah picked up a small holo-reader and checked the various bugs she’s had Kradassk distribute. On the most part the arena was empty, but eventually Jaylah found the meeting room that was being occupied.

The audio was terrible but it didn’t take a genius to work out what was going on. Jaylah recognised some of the faces in that room. They were familiar faces, faces of people she’d burned in her determination to blaze to the top.

** I’ll leave it open for anyone who wants to be in the meeting room… **

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Name: Kot Kun'hall
Species: Human Mandalorian
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin/Mercenary
Appearance: 6' 4" Husky build, very athletic, short brown hair
Armor: Dark Green Beskar'gam with orange accents. Gray bodysuit. Jetpack
Weapons: 1' long vibroblade and Blastech EE-33 rifle. Various throwing knives.
Personality: Calm under pressure. He usually is silent, but he can talk his way out of almost anything. But even then he prefers to use violence due to a short temper. He is extremely smart. He usually works alone but is capable of working in groups of two or three.

Kot Kun’hall looked around the small meeting room in the back of the Yellow Crystal Arena. He had come to this Force-forsaken planet to take care of a few targets. And the only reason he had even taken those jobs was because of the large amount of creds they put out.

He was just about to leave when he got the call about the diva worth 1.5 million creds. He had rushed to the site to scope the place out, believing he was late to get the notice. But apparently he was the first.

His new employers were still discussing some last minute details. They didn’t think he would be able to get the job right, so they opened the job to everyone. He glanced out the window to see where the diva was. She was listening to a girl who seemed to always be talking.

Kot noted the Trandoshan standing near them. He seemed tough. Too bad he would be going down with his little charge. He glanced back over at them. The talker had moved away and Jaylah was checking her headpiece. He took note of the small dagger hidden in a hairclip.

He glanced back at the conspirators, they had been continually glancing nervously at him. They resumed talking. He looked back toward Jaylah. She was checking a datapad that she had pulled out. She glanced over at the meeting room for only a fraction of a second.

“OSIK!” He yelled, startling those around him.

“What’s wrong?” One of them asked.

He didn’t answer, he just began checking his helmet’s HUD for bugs around the room.

He looked in the corner of the room and found it. But too late.

The Trandoshan was already halfway to the meeting room.

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

((Ooh I'm all for confrontation but unfortunately Jaylah and Kraddassk had already left the building.  You mind just amending a bit?  And how did you get an EE-3 and the other weapons past security?))

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

(man. Imps rule. They really do! LOL. Can I creat numerous characters who get killed? One at a time of course...)

Some may run a short while, but none of them would bide.

Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Oops, my bad. I guess I didn't read closely enough. Ok, change of story and a few minor character traits. He now has only concealed knives for weapons, and he isn't silent.

Kot Kun'hall sat listening to the constant yammering of the people assembled around him. They were talking about the demise of their former associate, client, partner, whatever. It was different for all of them.

He tuned back into the conversation, once again glancing at the "bug" that the dancer had undoubtedly had placed there. They were discussing whether they wanted her dead or alive.

He could care less, he got paid either way.

Without warning, he whipped one of his knives out and sent it through the "bug". A perfect bullseye.

"What was that for?" One of the conspirators asked. "You just put a hole in my wall!"

So it was the owner.

"I could call the authorities on you!" he threated.

Kot ejected the small knife from his gauntlet, catching the handle. He charged forward, slamming the complainer into the wall, holding the knife up to his throat.

"Yes, you can...but you won't."

Kot slid the knife back into his gauntlet. He walked out of the room.

"I'm going to her hotel to slot her, if you don't want me to kill her, comm me."

With that, he left. He walked out of the arena and started toward Jaylah's hotel.


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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

((I'm all for random guys to pick off. Seco. )) 
(( Oh and I'm working a post right now... don't worry))

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

((Much better RS.  Post will come later today.  Let the games begin!))

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva


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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

I'll post as soon as Si gets done... Much more evil planning to do.



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((Here you go Vode, as promised.))

The Mandalorian eyed Ashaan, contemplating his answer perhaps. There was a glint of something in the older man’s eye and he smirked at Ash. “Auurin, Solus Auurin.” He paused. He looked her over, and asked with a bit of contempt, “And you are?”

“ Detective, Ashaan Ophuchi, Alderaan Security Force. Quite a fancy ship you have here. Success huh? Don’t you think that’s a tad boastful?”

“Not when its truth in advertising, ika.”

Ash chose to ignore the insult to her age and maturity by shouting to her men on the ship.  “What ya have boys?”

“Quite a bit from the looks of it Ma’am.”

“I knew that. You should have asked, Detective. We Mandalorians aren’t always trying to pull a fast one.”

“What is the nature of your visit here, Auurin? I’d hate my boss to get upset at something so she can put me in a real assignment. I enjoy this all too much.” Ashaan said, oozing sarcasm.

Before Solus answered two ASF rookies came down the ramp with a crate with various weapons. Ashaan was curious as to what he carried, so she went to look over the weapons. She picked up one blaster in particular.

“Ophuchi, mind the hardware. That’s a verpine shatter gun.”

“You think I’m di’kut? I know what it is. You’d think I’ve never handled a blaster before, osik.”

Ash cradled it in her arms, and brought up the sight.

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Name: Shimaten Zukkoket
Species: Male Human
Appearance: No armor(easy to kill)
Age: 38
Weapons: A rifle
Ship: Something resimboling IG-2000
Personality: Dumb
Note: ANYONE CAN KILL THIS GUY. I expect that Mr. Kraddosk(I know sp...) will get him. Or the police.

Shimaten was ordered to find and kill some diva and then he would get paid. That's all he knew. He flew over Alderaan, wondering where he should land his ship. His plan was simple. ((oops. gotta go. I'll finish this post later. For now I'm floating in space. Don't kill him till I land.)

Some may run a short while, but none of them would bide.

Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Kradassk sat with his copies of the viewscreen shifting through his bugs.  The one that caught his eye was the one in the posterior meeting room of the arena.  Some tough looking characters were in there.  Faces couldn't be made out because of the quality.  But they meant business.  One of the characters dressed like this one huner he new as Boba Fett kept frequently looking in his bufs direction.  Or at least that's what it looked liked.  This was confirmed when the man's arm flashed and the connection went out. 

Kradassk stood up from his seat.  He knocked on the Jaylah's door.  She peeked out.

"Yes Kradassk?"

"I think we have some people out here to eliminate y-"

"Yes I know.  I've seen.  Now go out there and take care of them before they cause a problem for me.  Make it quick!"

"Yes Jaylah.  I will post one of my associates at your door for now.  I will be back."

Kradassk headed outside after comming a fellow trandoshan.  He said he would be there in about 10 minutes.  It was longer than Kradassk liked but if he waited too long the oppurtunity would be missed.

He headed out onto the street.  It wasn't long to the arena.  But he hadn't walked long when he noticed the same character who had destroyed his camera on the other side to the street.  Kradassk crossed the skybridge and tailed him.  Times like this made Kradassk feel extremely clever.  Quickly take him into the side alley and get rid of him.  Let the police force clean up.

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Re: RPG – Snatch the Diva

Kot once again checked the 360 degree view on his HUD. The Trandoshan was still following. He scanned for weapons, a SE-14r Blaster pistol, and a knife. He chuckled inwardly, not like anyone would have heard him through his his helmet's sounds setting though.

He wandered on for a while, looking like any tourist would, well..if tourists wore full beskar'gam. He could tell the Trandoshan's intents, they were the same as any would-be assassin/trailer. He would try and make Kot go into a deserted alley, then take him out and let someone else clean up the mess.

So that's what he did.

Kot walked down the main street, turned off onto a side street. He checked to make sure the Trandoshan was still behind him. He was. And with a massive grin on his face.

Kot slowly turned into an alley, walking quite a way into it. When he deemed himself far enough in, he whipped around. The Trandoshan had his pistol out, sight's on Kot's head.

"Well, hello there." Kot said.

Alright Sev, you're turn

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