Topic: Boba Christmas stuff

Target once again has SW Christmas stuff.

First off there's the Galactic Heroes Stocking Stuffers: … 08A2lg.jpg They come in packs of three.

Then there's some mugs: … er-mug.jpg and … 00/MUG.jpg (only picture I could find of this one), and I hear there's a Boba one too but I haven't seen it yet.

There's something else too but I can't remember what it was, I remember thinking it was ugly and didn't get it.

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Re: Boba Christmas stuff

Shall add to the Christmas wish list... big_smile

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Re: Boba Christmas stuff

AH! I thought you meant Christmas themed Boba Stuff...

I have a whole set of SW tree ornaments, of the vehicles, complete with Slave 1....

I have the intention of using that some where special someday soon.....

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Re: Boba Christmas stuff

They do have a Boba mug like that, and a little candy jar.

I just bought the Boba Fett Christmas Statue

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Re: Boba Christmas stuff

well, i got a boba fett bobblehead, and a star wars holiday special boba fett action figure!!!