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Yep!!    and his name is Fred I know it's very Dragon-Like name but it suits him
He has come to dwell ,where my Koi Pond  is ,,we made friends and now he follows me around the Garden
but he has become a jo,  I sit on the edge of the Pond ,and I talk to him ,you should see him turns his head
and look at me
   Yes !!!!!!  he's a Water, Frill, Neck Dragon,I hope this brings a smile to you

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I LOVE DRAGONS!! big_smile But I prefer the ones that fly to water dragons. big_smile   
But what does this have to do with Star Wars? Oh I drew a picture of a dragon. It was really good so I named him Boba Fett. tongue

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Re: bats has a REAL Dragon

  I thought this part was for Fans to tell News about themselves  Etc
having a little Dragon Pal,, thought the overseas Friends would be interised ,,about Fred
not a really do they become like that ,,at the moment he is outside looking in  LOL!!
waiting for me

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I think its totally awesome. I wuv dragons! <3

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I have 3 Bearded dragon lizards. They are kinda boring, butstill very cool looking.

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Re: bats has a REAL Dragon

Cool! do you have any pictures of him?

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Re: bats has a REAL Dragon

My brother has one.  We had some gender issues with him at first.  And he has a fetish for dandelions.

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