Re: What do your Names and Avatars mean?

The avatar, well, i just thought it was cute. As for my name, it's a mix of my fanfic character's last name and the Mandalore part is kinda like a preview for a fanfic im writng.

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Re: What do your Names and Avatars mean?

I decided to change my avatar to Darth Revan, because... omg, such a cool mysterious character. His identity is so vacant it makes him cooler than Boba Fett now tongue

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Re: What do your Names and Avatars mean?

In your opinion. Nice avatar tongue.

I'm smiling because they havn't found the bodies yet. :)
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A Thylacine is a Tasmanian Tiger, which is a marsupial that lived in Tasmania before becoming extinced in 1936.  It's also one of my favorite animals.

My avatar is HK-47 from KOTOR I and II. He's my all time favorite game character and droid.

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My name comes from virtual reality and Bettie Page,and a really bad IM conversation with a creepy dude.Which ended with,"I ain't your Virtual Bettie".

Infamous found it rather funny and started referring to me as Virtual Bettie on the net,and now it's stuck.I actually like it,what's a girl to do?

My brother got his nickname because when he was a cop,he was a very bad boy.Everyone said he would be infamous one day.And so he is....

No avatar for me yet.Alas....

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