Topic: I told the Doctor !!!

I nwent to see about the results ,,evertything went well,,he said,,,he asked me how I felt!!!!
I said  ;Did you ever watch Star Trek??" he said  ''Yes I'm a Fan '' ,''Well I feel like the Queen Borg !!
remember when they were transporting her head and backbone into this body and then CLIP the
head onto body !!! LOL
And the most one of the important part,,I haven't WANTED to watch anything on BOWIE ,,now for Bats
that's a worry. 


Re: I told the Doctor !!!

I luv that part!  And she's all slimey and creepy and yet so strangely beautiful.
I'm so happy you're okay.

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Re: I told the Doctor !!!

Hope your feeling like new soon. smile

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Re: I told the Doctor !!!

Hope your getting better, mate!

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Re: I told the Doctor !!!

I also hope that you are getting better.

take it easy baby take it as it comes