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"Um sir....we have incoming."


"Two clicks away, 65,000 and dropping, heading our way."


"Unknown sir."

"Get them on comms before the AA guns blow them to their base atoms."

Maris stood uneasily, waiting. "Cant get a comm fix sir."

"Their not firing sir..."


"No sir, to small to be a transport. Cant get a transponder fix."

"What the kriff? Mobilize Bravo squad, full combat gear, high alert, I want to be ready for whatever the hell is on that ship."

With that, he left, heading towards the landing pad, drawing his sword, and pistol, thumbing the activation button and hearing the motor roar to life as it began to idle. He didnt know what was there but he would be ready.

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Si Titran sat in her small jedi starfighter, preparing to make the exit of hyperspace. She was not particularly looking forward to more war. Every day she felt the deaths of those around the galaxy, especially the few Jedi that fell. There was talk all around the temple of those that had chosen to walk away. Her thoughts drifted back to the temple 2 days ago, when she received this mission. She was in the map room, high in the temple, and trying to make sense of some new data her former padawan Kati-Ra had sent from Saleucami on her request, but was interrupted when her own former master walked in. Shaak Ti stood tall next to Si, but as opposed to many, was not intimidated by her dramatic appearance. Si had no reason to; they shared the calm comfort of friendship. Years had passed since they were together as padawan and master, but that made little difference.

"Good to see you back home, " Shaak started out. " but I today I am here on the council's business. I wish there was more time to catch up with us. We have a mission, and it has been decided that a Master would really be the best fit. You are needed. Naltoon 6..."

Si interrupted. "If you think I need to go, then  that's what I will do."

"Always in  a rush Si." Shaak smiled. "  Patience, wasn't always your strongest skill.Yes... let me catch you up."

Abruptly her memory was interrupted by the proximity alert. !0 seconds to real space. Soon the star lines coalesced into single points of light again and she saw her destination. And all around it was an elaborate network of Anti Air turrets. They turned to regard the small craft, and Si moved to get into evasive maneuvers, but realized there was no need. They simply didn't open fire on her. Si took a deep breath and reached out to the force. "Aresee, set approach vector for landing, green zone 7. That was the last noted location of the 137th Aerial Assault. And their commander, Maris." The little droid RC-77 did as was told.

Si Titran paid attention as the terrain became more and more mountainous, then she saw the landing pad, scorched, and tucked away in a valley. But she sensed danger. No, more than that. Suspicion and a threat. She landed carefully, as she saw some figures move in as she touched down.  No sooner than she force leaped from the cockpit, somersaulted in mid air, unhooking her lightsaber and igniting it. She focused her landing at the center for the threat, and her blade was met by a large peice of metal in a classic block stance. Si's eyes widened in surprise.

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(uuuhhhh....what is the large piece of metal? I guess I'll figure out soon...)

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(read my character sheet Appo)

Maris blocked the attack on reaction alone, boosted by the speed of his augmentic to block the strike. The woman, a jedi he assumed was strong, too strong, for someone of her build, she was almost forcing his arm back. The chainsaw teeth of his sword whirred, sparking as each came into contact with the lightsaber. He held the block for a moment, then suddenly with all the strength the servos in what had once been his chest could muster, he forced the lightsaber back, taking the jedi by surprise. He spun his sword and quickly put it in its sheath, the motor dying as it left his hand. The Jedi, who had stumbled back but managed to barely catch herself on her ship stared up at him in surprise, the soldiers had their weapons trained on her. One of the non-clones, a sergeant spoke up "Welcome to Naltoon, ma'am"

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9784 stood in the shades of a building, watching someone battle with the Jedi that landed. He noticed the man sheathe his sword, and the Jedi deactivated hers. Personally, 9784 hated the Jedi, but would still take orders from them.
"Time to get my assignment..." 9784 started off towards the group of people.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

(their on a base, as in walled in, then outside of base is town, also walled in, then forest outisde of wall, if thats ok with Rev.))

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" So is that the formal greeting for these parts?" Master Titran asked as soon as she cought her footing.
" I am here to help Maris." and she slightly scanned everyone, and her gaze finally focused, but on the one that met her blade. She was sure he was the commander here.

He still looked at her coldly, but eying her up. Maybe just admiring her wardrobe choice, but he wasn't intent as killing her.

"The council is worried about the situation here. I'm all they could spare." Si missed both her former padawan and master at this moment. They were much better at choosing the right words to say. "what do you all say? Can i help?"

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Maris nodded, it was stupid to turn down help, even though what he realy needed was a few squads, maybe even a company of clones. A jedi was wonderful, but clones were much more diverse in their skills, and there were more of them so you could have multiple things happen at once. Not that he wasn't happy to receive anything, he did get a Jedi Master after all, and an attractive one too. The fact that she was a Jedi master meant that she had to be skilled, or the council was short of master and just started promoting people to fill in the gaps but he didn't think that would happen. For now he would just take her to the command center and get an intel officer to breif her on the situation, he assumed that the main mission on this planet was to re-take it, but his base was cut off. His mission, and by extension that of his men, was to survive and protect their green-zone

After a quick walk, they entered the main command post, the guard, a 1st lieutenant, wearing odd armor that looked very junky stood in their way. He snapped a salute. "Sir!"

"Out of my way trooper." The soldier, who seemed rather odd for a clone, like someone decided it would be funny if they poured some corilian ale in his vat back on Kamino, stood for a second then moved to the side. Maris wondered why he hadn't been 'reconfigured' and why he wasn't in trooper armor, not even heavily customized Phase II armor it seemed. He would deal with it later, he had more pressing matters, like the Jedi for one.

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{Hey A_A, make it where ou call me in to do somthing please!!!}

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Gamma continued through the facility, encountering only light resistance. "Where are all the tinnies?" Lucky crushed the head of a twitching droid. "I mean, I'm not complaining, but we've destroyed, what, thirty? A base this size should have at least a hundred. I don't like it."

Val slapped a fresh magazine in his Deece. "I don't either. Shadow--"

"I'm on it. I'll scout ahead. Someone give me a boost, I'm going through the roof." Kad blasted a hole in the roof, and  boosted Shadow up. The three remaining commandos moved forward slowly, turning another half dozen droids to scrap. The com crackled.

"Val, you've got two ambush parties waiting for you. Ones about 20 yards down the hall from where you are, and too the left. If you can get their attention, I'll get them from behind."

"Roger. Thanks for the warning, Shadow."

Val led the squad forward, careful to maintain silence as they reached the corner.

"Lucky, poke an endoscope around the corner."

"Already on it." He brought out the 'scope, and Val opened the feed in a small window in his HUD. "Looks like four wets leading a dozen droids. Quite the welcome mat."

"Indeed. Alright Shadow, we're in position. Lucky, lay down some APC micro-mines. Gamma, we'll move quickly, but act natural. Take a few shots, duck back around the corner, and the mines will take down any curious tinnies."

Bes'kad led. They ran around the corner, exchanging fire with several droids. Four charged around the corner, only to be blow to pieces by the micromines. Suddenly a crash sounded, followed by blaster shots and several screams. Val ran back around the corner, dropped two droids, and watched Shadow finish off the last wet with a vibroblade to the throat.

"Well, I can't say that wasn't fun." Said Shadow as he retracted the blade. "The next ambush is down the hall, two corners away. But there's a side route around it, and we can strike them from behind."

"Lets do it then."

-----------------------------------Several Minutes later-------------------------------------

"Shadow, if you had said the "side route" involved the garbage compactor, I would have taken the ambush head on."

"Oh, come on. What's the fun in that? You don't even get to see the surprise on the enemies face as he turns around to see who killed his buddy."

"You are one creepy barve, Shadow. And droids don't have faces."

"I'll take that as a complement."

"Finally. I am never doing this again. You do realize the amount of crap we're going to get from the larty pilot, don't you? Anyways, lets just do this.

It was over in moments. There were eight B-1s, and four SBDs. A single human led them, along with several Trandoshans. They barely had time to turn around before the last dropped. One of the B-1s sparked.

"All right, lets go."

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'What's wrong boy?" Ragma's pet Nexu was looking at the setting sun and purring heavily. *sigh* "I feel it too. Looks like our peace is finally interrupted." Ragma walked out side. "I think it's time for a trip. eh?" The Nexu just looked at him and lifted it's head to be petted. *sigh* Ragma moved his hand through his pet's quill like fur. "Here we go again..."

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Shelker steamed under his helmet. "For starters you'll address me as 'Commander, Sir'."

Morshvar squinted at the thought. He mockingly bowed. "What shall you have me do, Commander, Sir."
The Sarcasm was clear.

"Heh, you might be more useful than expected." Shelker chuckled. "There is a task I believe you will be fully capable of handling."

"Shelker, you're not thinking about-" Val'in was cut off.

"No, I'm not..." He pointed at the Mandalorian. "...not yet. There is a CIS Fuel depot at the foot of this mountain." The group walked over to the large holoprojector centered in the belly of the HAV, Shelker pointing to several marked locations. "It's being run by a Trade Federation operative who has been but a thorn in my side for months...his name is Rook Fooray. I want you to take him out. Sus'iir has observed the base for some time, and knows the area. He will go and and feed you support data, and if things go sour, sniper support."

"No one will ever know." Sus'iir patted the sniper rifle cradled in his arms. "You up for it?"

Morshvar simply nodded.

"Good." Shelker walked away from the the group to the cockpit. "Change of plans, take us to these coordinates." He handed the pilot a small datacard before walking back.

"This is gonna be a hell of a ride."

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Griffin stood in the command center observing the many screens, Helmet under his arm, rifle slung around his back with its safety off. Observing one screen closely, A small starfighter had just landed, Lt. Colonel Maris had gone to see the unknown personally, Seeing the cockpit open and a jedi leaping forth from it, he saw the two clash.

"Nice welcome huh?" Griffin chuckled to himself

Placing his helmet down on a nearby table he took out a small datapad, which told him off all the current ops in place and if anyone needed any reinforcments,

"Hmmm its been too quiet, Surely 'Gamma' has woke up the beast by now" Grinning to himself
Griffin then looked upto the screen to see the Lt. Colonel approaching the command center.
As he did Griffin paid no notice what so ever, Just giving the Lt. Colonel a nod before reverting his attention to the Jedi, Griffin was glad that they had got some reinforcements at least, Though he didnt know how much difference one jedi would make to turn the tide on a whole CIS army which outnumbered this republic army by at least ten to one.

Griffin walked out side of the Command center and stared upon the night sky smiling

"Its whole new week"

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Slit followed the jedi abseving his every move.
Slit was a defective clone, a one of a kind. and an excellent combat commander which is why he was shipped to the planet. His bloody, sufishen, and disobedaint reputation had reached almost every outfit except for this one. He had been given command of a platoon which to as far as Slitwas conserd, was made up of butt kissers. His old platoon had very good NCOs and a brave platoon sergeant but the platoon sergeant he had now  would cower in the very presence of him.  Hardly anybody had had heard him speak for his vocle coards had been dammaged in battle.
"Slit, what do you think your doing? Gaurd the door!" said a Captain stopping in Slit which was a big mistake.
"Move," said a raspy, hard voice that was applified thourgh his helment.  The officer move as side, in fear.

Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Maris stood watching the screen. He stepped from the room, leaving the jedi to be briefed on the situation by one of the intelligence officers. He stole another glance at the jedi before he left, wondering how many droids she would be able to destroy before they eventually brought her down. Hopefully he wouldn't have to find out. His thoughts of sparking torso sections, roaring blades, and 'dying' droids were shattered when he almost ran into that clone that was supposed to be on door duty at the command station,  "Clone. Where are you supposed to be." He received no answer from the clone, who continued to walk away, towards the gate into the town. "Clone. Did you receive orders to leave your station."

Now the clone turned, silently he stared at him.

"You are hereby ordered to return to your post until otherwise ordered."

The clone was still silent, and turned to walk away.

Maris unsheathed his sword, and activated it, the motor roared to life, and the teeth began to whir, seemingly begging for blood. He stepped forward, raising the sword, ready to decapitate the clone. The last thing he needed was disobedience among his soldiers. Before he could swing the alarms went off, and an explosion blossomed outside the exterior wall. He glared at the clone, who seemed happy about the sudden change of activity, and sprinted off, shouting orders into the com, listening to screams from guards and hearing the yells of "DROIDS" and numbers that seemed huge, it was probably just exaggerations, but Maris wasn't going to risk this there had been reports of huge troop movements in the area from his scouts, he was afraid they would get to him, and it seemed they had. He ordered they intel officer to get the jedi out here, and get on the short-range com and start yelling out their position and status. If they were lucky there could be an armored battalion or something in range.  He would figure out how a group of droids the size he was being told had slipped under their rader later. Now he had things to deal with.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Morshvar was sitting calmly in the HAV stroking the end of one of his vibroblades.  Sus'iir stood making small talk with the clones.  One of the clone pilots looked back.

"Sir!  We are getting an all hail comm from one of the local bases!  Shall we intercede?"

Shelker shook his head.  "Negative.  We have our mission.  Not until we drop these guys off.  Stay on course."

"Yes sir, right away sir."  The pilot turned back to the controls. 

The HAV jumped and bounded over any sort of terrain.  After a short trip they reached the bas of the mountain.  The blast dors opened and Morshvar and Sus'iir hopped out.  Shelker looked at them.

"The fuel depot is on the other side of this mountain.  Rendevous here in 4 hours.  I expect the job done.  And don't get yourselves killed."

Morshvar gave a deep mock bow.  "Yes commander sir."  The door closed up and the Juggernaut headed back towards the distress call.

Morshvar immediately set off into the up the side of the mountain.

"Hold on there."  Sus'iir held up his hand, "we need to set up a plan."

"Once we get to the top watch me to see if anyone follows.  If anyone looks suspicious kill them.  I will take care of the target."  Morshvar tossed a comm to Sus'iir.  "That channel is private.  Upload into your own comm if you wish.  I will call you if some assisstance is needed."

Sus'iir nodded and followed after Morshvar.  Once they reached the top the fuel depot could be plainly seen at the foot of the mountain.  Morshvar slowly scaled down the mountain being sure to maintain cover.  Once he reached the foot he qiuetly made his way to the edge of the compound.  This was not going to be easy.  It was crawling with droids.  He stealthily made his way to the main building.  He found a small air vent in the side of the building.  He opened the grte and hoisted his small but muscular frame into the duct.  Checking the datapad he received with the schematics of the depot, he headed to the main office.  Just as the intel said Rook was sitting inside the office. 

Morsh gently pulled up the grate and hopped to the ground.  Rook turned as a a blade flew right into his throat.  He immediately fell to the floor convulsing.  Morshvar retrieved the poison blade wiping it on the now corpse.  He turned as he heard the door open.

The two B1 droids entered the room.  They only saw the neimodian lying dead on the ground.

"What the-"  Morshvar plunged a vibroblade into the back of one and violently ripped the head off of the other.  Both fell to the ground smoking.  Morshvar pulled out the comm.  "Sus'iir.  I have assassinated Rook.  Be prepared to cover my exit.  It may get hot in here."


Morshvar made it out of the facility without incident.  But as soon as he was outside he was greeted with a multiude of droids.

"I need that cover now!"

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They were being swarmed, there were alot of droids, and there were not enough soldiers. They had tried to fill the breach and been fairly successful with it. The turrets had opened up, but they were under attack and a few of them had been damaged to the point of uselessness now. Maris was with Bravo squad, firing at the seemingly endless group of droids assaulting them. The man next to them, a sergeant, still green by the standards of the others, began yelling. "There are too many! We cant hold them! RED ZERO! RE-" Maris leveled his bolter and fired, making the soldiers once intact cranium nothing more then a

"Damn you all! You will hold the line or you WILL be shot. You will hold the line!" A clone turned to retreat and he was surprised to find a large weapon rammed through his abdomen, then ripped out the side.

He switched to his com unit, "How are the reinforcements coming?"

"Unknown sir, we have no response received. Still calling."

"Can you boost the range any? We wont last much longer." Maris said as he ducked to reload, then was forced to shoot another soldier that was preparing to break the line after killing a few more droids that looked to be  higher risk targets. He was losing men fast, and not just due to the executions he was forced to preform.  He needed back up fast. Or they were all dead, and his green zone would just become part of the redzone that was slowly engulfing the planet

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Maris suddenly found a old man next to him *!!!* "Wha... Get out of here we are in a war zone old man!"
"Oh? I didn't know I thought you were just playing a game?" *Sarcasm* Ragma was standing upright tilting his body now and then when a blaster bolt looked close. "Leave now! Crazy fool! That's an order!" just then another trooper turned to flee but saw Maris move the small explosive weapon in his direction, he turned back only to be met by a mean wrist rocket. "Do want so help?" asked Ragma with out a hint of a joke in his calm voice.
"What!" Maris knew the old man was crazy but this. "I said do you want my help?" Maris was to busy to be bothered anymore "Yeah. Sure. Why don't you flank them or something?" "Alright." and with the old man went walking right through the fire zone and to the side. Maris wasn't watching he already forgot about the man and was busy blasting droids.

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Hey Adeptus, as there are supposed to be a obscene amount of droids where I am, and we can't handle another 50+ in a straight fight, I'll have about, oh, 30 B-1s and 10 SBD's from my battlezone be at yours. I don't know how many more you want, but just tack on however many. Just letting you know that that's how I'll be explaining the lack of droids at the hangar (I'll interrogate a wet), if you don't mind.

Val and the squad reached the other side of the base without further incident.

"Ok, through this door is the second target and the hangar--and likely a huge number of battle droids. Lucky, place a charge. Kad and I will fire an anti-armor round each, while Lucky lobs in some EMP grenades. Ready? Lets do this and go home."

Lucky rapidly placed a charge on the door. "Clear!" The door blew out, and Val and Kad ducked low, miraculously avoiding incoming fire, and fired their rounds. The firing slowed briefly, and then Lucky threw the grenades. Even fifteen meters away, Val's hud still flickered. "Lets GO Gamma!" They burst through the smoke, Deece's at the ready. Val and Lucky went to the right of the door, and Kad and Shadow went left, each finding cover before the wet commanders had time to rally their troops.

Gamma was faced with a formidable force. Twenty-four battle droids, in squads of  six led by a wet, were joined by a group of five SBD's and another wet. One of the SBD's was down, and another appeared to have been damaged by shrapnel, and seemed to be moving slower than the rest. One wet was down, and five B-1s. Even as Val took this in, another four went down, three to another anti-armor round, and the fourth getting its head blown off by Shadow's Verp. "Shadow, flank left. Gamma, covering fire! Lucky, flash the wets."

Lucky threw a flash-bang near two wets, they went down to their knees. Kad and Val opened up, and after several seconds Lucky joined them. A clip each and seven battle droids later, they ducked back under cover, and Shadow was nowhere to be seen. "I'll never know how he does that, but I won't complain. Kad, you keep the tinnies busy while Lucky and I work on those SBD's."

"Copy. By the way, is it possible to major in making shrapnel? Cus I'd totally pass."

"Just shoot. And the Grand Army doesn't do degrees."

Lucky weakened the SBD's up with another EMP, and they opened up as one man. The damaged SBD finally went down with the EMP, and Lucky blew the arm and leg off another. Val put half a clip into the chest of another, and it finally went down. The last was destroyed under two seconds of their combined firepower.

The wets and the seven remaining tinnies had managed to keep Kads head down, so Val and Lucky transferred their fire, bringing down two droids and a wet. Kad brought down another, and another's leg seemed to mysteriously fly off. Shadow rose from the darkness, behind the Seps, and immediately followed up by beheading another droids, burying his blade in the chest of another, and firing his Verp point blank into the stomach of one of the wets, who collapsed back. Kad dropped the final wet, and Val finished off the final tinnie.

"Shadow, wait! We want that one alive." Shadow paused, his arm cocked above the neck of the wounded officer, blade drawn. The dying man clutched his stomach, and managed to raise a hold-pistol, but the shot just glanced off a distracted Shadow's armor, and he fell back. Kad lunged forward to disarm him, and Val stepped forward.

"Where are the rest of the droids? A facility this size should have nearly twice this number."

Shadow looked up from inspecting his armor. "And the hangars missing several transport sized berths."

"So where are they?"

The man coughed, spewing up blood. "Far away. Attacking one of your bases, I heard. Somewhere in the mountains."

"Sounds like Commander Maris's." observed Kad.

"Whatever. Whoever it is, they don't stand a chance." he coughed again, and again, spewing up even more blood, before continuing in a weaker voice. "Not...a...chance." He released his last breath, and his eyes closed.

"Osik! We need to tell command, and get a ride out of here. Kad, Lucky, blow the gun emplacement and the hangar. I'll call in the news, and for extraction." They moved off.

"GAR Command, this is Gamma squad. Mission complete, I repeat, mission complete. We need extraction as soon as is possible. We also have information suggesting that a large Separatist force may be prepared to attack Commander Maris's base. Acknowledge."

<Acknowledged Gamma. Commander Maris is currently under attack, and we are sending some units for support, but if we can divert a gunship to evac you, we will."

"Understood. Gamma, out."

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Griffin grinned as he brought his rilfe up to his shoulder firing off a few blasts, Hitting a droid twice in the chest and once in the head. Looking over the Lt. Colonel Maris he couldnt stop a smirk.

"Good ole' commander, hates the guts out of cowards" He said to himself, Still firing off controlled bursts into the droids yet they still came, They had caught the clones by suprise, cutting down the few squads there where.

"Hey sir, I say you should of blasted that other Toon' Commander while you had the chance" Griffin chuckled into the comms

Still Griffin fired into the Droids ranks
"You!" Griffin shouted to a nearby clone sergeant


"Take your fire team and secure that building" Griffin indicated to a tall tower looking building with a balcony

"Yes sir" The sergeant replied running back over to his team and giving them the orders, which they nodded to in approval and began for the building.

"Sir? Should we hold or fall back to regroup where scattered around everywhere here sir, And where the hell are our gunships!?" Griffin Enquired to Maris over the comms

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"Maybe you forgot but this is a no-fly zone! Our birds aren't coming here unless their suicidal!" Maris yelled, he cleaved through a B1 that got too close, and unloaded into a SBD taking it down. They were still screwed though, if some reinforcements didnt come though, and fast.

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can i join????

Name: 3065
Species: human clone
Allegiance: republuic
Occupation: scout/sniper
Clothing and armor: kataran class armor with snow camo
Weapons: a dc-17 sniper with a 16x25 scope and a fleteche shotgun
Short character description:3065 was chosen to be a comando but was moved to a sniper team when they saw his skills with a sniper rifle
he has been a sniper most of his life

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Slit was holding the line, barly with his platoon.
"Hold the line," said slit with out a hint of worry in his voice.
"Sir, the platoon sergeant is down!" yelld one of the sergeants.
"Okay, then, you are my new platoon sergeant, take a 10 guys and flank the that advance! Go!" said Slit.
" You two! Take some men and flak their advance to the other side! Go," Slit said to the Sergeants on his right.
"The rest of you are with me! Split into three prongs and advance on that low wall" Slit barked as he blasted 2 droids with out aiming.
Slits platoon advanced on the wall, and got to it. A dead comms guuy was leaning over a radio.
"You! Radio the commander, tell 'em we have re- establish a foot hold," siad Slit  to a privet.

Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Val looked up as the LAAT/i flew over the smoking ruins of the hangar and gun emplacement. He summoned the squad as it touched down, and they ran towards it. Several troopers helped them it. The pilot turned to look at them.

"What have you been doing, Gamma? You smell like osik!"

Val looked over at Shadow. "I told you we'd get a bunch of crap from him." He turned back to the pilot. "How fast can you get us to Maris's outpost?"

" 'Bout five minutes, if I push it."

"Then do it. And push it hard."

"I can't enter the base. The AA turrets have gone rogue, and fire on anything without Senatorial or Jedi clearance."

"They've gone what!"

"Yeah, I know. I can get you close, but that's it."

"How close can you get us to one of the AA emplacements?"

"About 200 meters."

"Alright. That'll do." Val switched to the squads private frequency. "Ok squad, this is what we're doing. We land close, hike in, and take one down. Lucky, do you think you've got enough explosives?"

"I think so."

"Good. We'll take down one, then the way to Maris's base will be clear."

The pilot called back. "I'm setting down here. Good luck, Gamma."

"Lets go boys. Oya!"

-------------------------------20 Minutes and One AA emplacement later---------------------------

Lucky accepted Val's proffered arm to help him into the larty. "Well that wasn't so bad." He stumbled as it took off.

"No, not really." Val motioned towards a trooper with green trim. "Sergeant. How many men do you have here?"

"Twelve. Two are turret gunners, though."

Val thought for a moment. "They stay. You and your men will come with us. When we land, the gunship will give us support, and we'll fight our way to Maris."

"A good plan sir," He turned, barking orders. "Vin, Tal, take the turrets. The rest of you, with me. We're going in with Gamma."

Val reloaded his Deece. "Fifteen seconds till touchdown", yelled the pilot. The troopers in the turrets opened up, tearing into the droid ranks. The co-pilot launched several missiles, and fired with the secondary lasers. The larty touched down. "Lets go!" Commandos and troopers spilled out, opening up on the droids from behind. The gunship took off, and opened fire once again. The sight of reinforcements, even few, encouraged Maris's troops, spurring them to fight even harder.

hope that works for you, Adeptus.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Slit hit a driod in the face with his fist.
"Sir, first and second squads are down," said a clone cruched down behinde the wall.
Slit blasted a droid about 5 feet ahead of him.
"Sir, reinforcements, have landed," said the clane working the radio.
"Whose?" asked Slit as he threw  a grenade.
"Supers!" yelled a clone to the right of Slit.
"Flank those driods, 3rd squad go right, 4th left!" Slit Barked at the sergeants, " Wait for covering fire!"
"Sir, sir, what abut the remains of first squad?" asked the platoon sergeant.
"You guys throw grenades at the Supers when I give the signal," said Slit, "Covering fire!"
The grenades flew through the air and hit in front of the driods.
The supers stumbled back for a moment. As soon as the where back in formation blue bolts exploeded across their sides reducing them to scrap.