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Topic: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Welcome to the Naltoon RPG!

Setting: A small moon in a Mid-Rim planetary system known as Naltoon 6

Plot: (Clone Wars Era) The Republic has recently lost full control of a moon orbiting an important planetary depot vital to the Republic's Hyperspace lanes.

Your Mission as the Republic: Recapture the enemy occupied portion of the moon, destroy vital CIS structures and HVTs; stomp the droid army into the bits of scrap metal they are.

Your Mission as the CIS: Hold back the oncoming waves of Republic Forces until reinforcements arrive; This fight can go either way.

Terrain: The area this RPG takes place is mountainous with several low lying areas, most scenery there is little more than dead frost covered shrubs and large evergreen-looking trees. The higher regions are almost the same, with the exception of being completely bathed in snow.

The Rules:

1. You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, e.g. if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.


You can play as either side - try and balance this out.

Base character sheet (Most of you guys know how to do this already; but for those of you who don‘t…)

Name: (Designation Number if Clone Trooper or Droid; keep in mind not every Clone Trooper has a name or nickname unless high rank/veteran)
Age: (If Organic)
Allegiance: (Republic/CIS/Freelancer)
Clothing and armor:
Short character description:


((My Character))

Name: Sus’iir Auurin
Age: 31
Species: Human Mandalorian
Affiliation: Mandalorians/Republic
Occupation: Elite Sniper
Current Employer: The Republic
Weapons: Custom bore ballistic sniper rifle, 6 shot revolving pistol
Armor: Full set of gray w/ tan trim Mandalorian Beskar Armor; slightly smaller than most sets for mobility
Clothing: Pale tan jumpsuit with Ghillie Suit components
Appearance: 6'; athletic build, very short sandy brown hair
Personality: Cool and calm, can be seen as overly serious to outsiders, but generally friendly around those he considers vode

((Auurin's Spotter))

Name: Val'in Oriil
Age: 34
Species: Human Mandalorian
Affiliation: Mandalorians/Republic
Clothing and Armor: Gray flightsuit with full set of white/gray trim Mandalorian Beskar Armor; also has Ghillie suit components.


HAVw A6 Mobile Command Center - 0700 Hours

Clone Commander Shelker paced around the redoubt showing the loss of yet another outpost.
"This is unacceptable." He quickly turned off the projector. "This will not happen again, understood?"

The silence was all Shelker needed to go into a killing frenzy.

"...Sir, if I may, We were outnumbered three to one." One of the Captains spoke up.

"Three to one? Those are good odds, especially if you're the one defending." Shelker paused for a moment. "Suppose I kill you for your incompetence. That would make things all the better."


Without hesitation, Shelker drew his blaster and made short work of the Clone Captain.
"Failure will not be tolerated."

"Yes sir." The rest of the ranks answered before making a prompt exit.

"Orders?" The HAV Pilot asked Shelker.

"Take me to the Regional Settlement Commander."

"This IS my signature."

Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: Clone Trooper designation, 9784, Lieutenant Sergeant, different nicknames depending on the situation.
Age: 12 (24)
Species: Human Clone
Allegiance: Republic
Occupation: Front lines soldier, tactician
Armor: Standard issue Republic armor; red stripe painted on for each organic killed
Weapons: DC-17 rifle; stolen Disruptor pistol
Personality: Cold and calculating, only friendly to those he knows, or to superiors.

9784 stood at the edge of the loading ramp, instructing lower level troops on where their positions were, and the such. He had his rifle slung across his shoulder, and waited for encrypted instructions from the Assault ship in orbit. The men under his direct command stood next to him, helping soldiers find their way to the temporary garrison. The last order he recieved said something of a Mandalorian coming to lead the charge.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: Maris Hatir
Age: 29
Species: unknown near human
Allegiance: Republic
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Occupation: Republic Settlement Commander
Appearance: Shaved head with blue stripe tattoos running from eyes back, has a bit of a goatee, eyes are yellow and reptilian pupiled. Slightly taller then most clones.
Clothing and armor: armor (2nd from left but with red):http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/starw … ase_II.jpg (pauldron has silver studs on it)
Weapons: Projectile pistol that fires explosive shellshttp://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/im … _Image.jpg and a strange sword:http://www.rivalspecies.com/manpage/Pic … ord_01.jpg
Short character description:Maris is the commander of a small garrison/settlement on the moon, and had had to impose martial law to prevent riots, is willing to execute anyone to maintain order.  Was injured in a very bad accident, has lost the entire right side of his chest, including a lung and his entire right arm. Has been replaced with lightweight, but high strength cybernetics, which improve his speed greatly, making his already deadly skill with his sword even more intimidating.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: Tracyn

Age: 30

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Alliance: Mandalorian/CIS

Occupation: Assassin

Weapons: http://www.dogfightink.com/m40.jpg Custom Ballistic Sniper Rifle http://www.impactguns.com/store/media/magnum_research/mag_de_6_brushedchrome.jpg dual pistols

Armor: Matte Black with a dark grey kama and some dark red markings.

Appearence: 6'1 with a slightly lanky build and shaggy dirty-blond hair.

---I'll add more later---

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: Jax Talos
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Current Employer: CIS
Weapons: Highly Customized DC-15 blaster rifle, complete with 15x25 scope, enhanced power cells for long range, and longer lightweight gunbutt to minimize recoil when on rapid fire mode, and to steady shots when sniping. Beskar Saber
Armor/Type: Mandalorain Iron Assault Armor.  ( http://starwars.yahoo.com/photos/mando-13 ) (Same Colors) Armor increases strength by 25% due to servomortors in the armor. Vibroblades on both Gauntlets.

History: Jax Talos is a Mandie Merc who is recruited by different goverments to train milita troops and spearheads assaults with said troops. His reputation for training milita men has become know in a fairly large portion of the galaxy. His experience is of high value to riseing/falling goverments, and he has yet to have a lull in the work flow.

Short History: Jax has been hired to train the civys into milta groups on Naltoon 6. Jax has heard that the Republic forces have recruited a fellow mandalorain and that exceptionally brutal clone commander has been   assigned to this world. Jax hopes to learn somthing from this clone.

Overseeing the new recruits going through the obstacle course Jax Talos had already marked several trainee's that were not up to bar, he let them go on anyway intill they puked there guts out...they could use some extra exercise. His appointented sergeants (B-1 battle droids) were in the mud with the trainees yelling insults at them to drive them on. They had recieved additional programing to fit leadership roles...So they wernt quite as stupid as the rest of them. He looked over at a line of B-1 battle droids marching accros the parade grouds. He sighed.
He still had to admit they looked impressive while marching.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: Si Titran

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Republic

Rank/ Occupation: Jedi Master

Weapon: Blue green bladed lightsaber Hilt looks similar to this: http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn90/Si_Titran/saber.jpg But with a bit more grip on the bottom of hilt
This blade was passed down as Si's Master, Shaak Ti, former masters blade. This was given to her on her 13 birthday, replacing her more simple lightsaber blade.

Appearance: Looks like Freya from Too Human http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/article/876/876306/too-human-20080523095639881-000.jpg
But wearing *modified* jedi robes. ( meaning they are not like Obi Wans or Mace etc. they are her own)

Personality: Strong willed, lacks subtly, not afraid to speak her mind.

History: Born on Dantooine, brought to the temple at age 3. Does not remember her parents, but things about home in Khoonda on Dantooine. Was Padawan to Shaak Ti and attained the rank of Jedi knight about the same time as Obi Wan Kenobi. She trained her own Padawan Kati- Ra Aliesse, who accompanied her to the battle of Geniosis, which after the council appointed her Knighthood, and like wise donning Si a Jedi Master.

( OK im not 100% on this entirely yet..... but It is late... and this is a good start.....)

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: Brenna Alton
Age: 28
Species: Zeltron http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zeltron
Allegiance: Freelancer
Occupation: Arms dealer
Clothing and armor: Tends to dress in loose fitting clothes, under which she wears highly flexible armour.
Weapons: Whatever is taking her fancy that day, generally she carries twin blasters of some description.
Short character description:

Brenna has had a hard life, she was orphaned at the age of nine and was taken in by her uncle, Naltix Alton, who was a renowned arms dealer in the outer rim. Brenna learnt to use pretty much any weapon that’s common to the galaxy and a few that are not.

She’s a great shot but isn’t bad at hand to hand combat either, though she’d prefer a knife fight to a fist fight. She landed on Naltoon 6 to make a drop off but got stuck planet side due to the fighting. She’s been laying low but isn’t afraid to deal with the locals. If you want a weapon, Brenna’s your girl.


Brenna let out a sigh as she realised her hand was outmatched by Talex Greton again. “I should know by now not to play cards with you.”

Talex grinned as he lay down his hand, “It’s my irresistible charm that brings you back.”

Brenna chuckled, “Actually it’s boredom my friend. You know I have itchy feet. I hate being grounded.”

“You could escape if you want,” Talex pointed out.

“They’d scan my ship and decide to confiscate my booty.” Brenna pointed out.

Talex shrugged, “Keep losing at cards and you might have to stay here forever.”

Brenna shook her head with a small smile, “You’d like that way too much.”

“Maybe, let’s just say you’re better company than the clones or the Mandos.” Talex said as he picked up a grape and popped it into his mouth.

“I love Mandos, they buy lots of toys from me.” Brenna said as her smile widened at the thought of Mandos.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Tracyn watched Jax and the B-1's try and train the civys. Most were hopeless, weak and out of shape. Tracyn laughed as he saw a particularily fat one fall flat on his face. The civys were growing tired, but Jax didn't let them have a break. Good, Tracyn thought, this will make them tougher. Several trainess started puking from the exhaustion.

Several B-1's began marching in a line across the grounds. Now THEY never get tired, Tracyn thought, If only these civys didn't either. Tracyn stood up and walked over to Jax. The two got along fairly well, but sometimes they disagreed on things.

"Let's let the civys have their lunch break." Tracyn said.

"Alright. I need to go to the bathroom anyway." replied Jax.

Tracyn walked over to the B-1 "sergeants" and asked them what they think of the trainees.

"Most are well below the standards that Jax Malos set, sir." said the B-1's in unison.

They would have to do.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: clone ARC Lieutenant Griffin, Clone designation; CL 5593

Age: 9

Species: human, clone

Allegiance: Republic

Occupation: A soldier of the republic, He has spent his whole life fighting for freedom

Clothing and armor: standard issue Clone armor with the appropiate blue markings and several stripes running down his arm for the campaigns he had fought in over the years.

Weapons: DC 15 blaster carbine

Short character description: 'Griffin'  is an easy going clone, Relaxed and cool headed even in the most dire of crisis's. A reliable and loyal Clone. He is an amazing leader and tactician, referred for promotion several tiimes though Griffin rejected the position and rank due to the bond he shares with his platoon. Now on the Republic settlement on naltoon six, a small moon, Where Martial law is in play, So much of his time is spent patrolling to insure that the riots stay suppressed.

'Griffin' Was out on patrol, His DC 15 carbine slung from his shoulder, firmly gripped, He squad of 3 followed behind him, Looking around. The streets where unusually quiet for this time of day.

"Okay, two teams of two, Team two take the road up, 7814 With me, where checking the cantina" Griffin spoke into his helmet

"Roger that sir" Came the answer
With that Griffin and his squaddie approached the Cantinna door, opening it slowly. The whole place was bustling then became suddenly quiet as Griffin shadowed the door way, Gripping his rifle even tighter.

Griffin walked through the rows of tables examining each person slowly, while his partner did on the other side of the cantina

"Sir, time to knock off, Delta squad is here to relieve us!" Came the voice of 9250 of the other two man patrol. Griffin and 7814 slowly walked to the door and out.

"Something fishy going on in there Sergeant" Griffin said as he patted him on the shoulder and began the walk back to HQ.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

((Wow. I was going to be a mando but I think we have enough.))

Name: Ragma
Age: n/a
Species: Human
Allegiance: Himself
Occupation: Farmer
Clothing and armor: Home made vest,thermal shirt, pants, and cap w/ ear muffs.
Weapons: hoe, shovel, hunting rifle, gorilla warfare.
Short character description: Ragma has lived here all his life this is his home. He lives by himself not at all near any town and can grow/make everything he needs. He is unaware of the war and even the Republic. He has a pet Nexu who is his one and only friend.

"That'a boy. Yep, thats a nice nurff you caught us isn't it?" The Nexu just looked back pleased that its master was happy with it. "What'od you say we skin and cook it up right?" Ragma always shared his meals with his pet. Looking up Ragma saw the sky. "Cloudy as always." The two went inside to enjoy their meal completely unaware of the danger that was just a few hilltops away.

Looks like this but with the snow stuff: http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t280/left4dead411/wallpapers/cornfield-survivors-1024.jpg

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Jax returned from the 'freshers and they waited for the civys to finish eating. When they finished eating, they ran the courses again. Some where improving, but others were just hopeless.

When the same fat trainee that had fallen earlier fell down again, Tracyn walked over to him.

"Why do you keep falling down? We're not even pushing you that hard." Tracyn asked.

"I can't take it anymore! I'm exhausted and thirsty and I just can't keep going." replied the fatso.

"Well, it's Jax's decision on whether or not you have to. Let's ask him." said Tracyn.

"Hey Jax, this man says hes too worn out to keep going. What do you want him to do?"

(I'm asking this to get to know your character's personality more MSW)

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Jax knelt down and looked the man in the eye.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

The man flinched, and searched for words: " I-I'm here to defend my home planet, just like everyone else."

Jax stared at him for a while longer before saying: "Well, ot looks like you would be better off serving your home in a different way. What do you have experience in?"

"We -well this I- worked in a uh...flight control tower for a few years and um..."

"Thats it. Thats what you should be doing, I want you to report to the Comms building, tell them I sent you."

The mans face brightened.

"Yessir! Right away sir!"

The man scrambled to his feet and ran off as fast as he could towards the general direction of the communications hub.

Jax straightened his legs and then continued to watch the rest of the traniees.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

9784 continued to study his surroundings. There were signs of the Separatists being liked here; and obviously the Republic was not. The Mandalorian leading the charge was in the Mobile Command Center; and 9784 wanted the order to kill something. The Clones of his direct command were spread throughout the moon, and he was exploring it to understand the terrain better. He decided to visit the Mobile Command Center, and receive his first orders.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

"I'm gonna go to the cantina for a drink." Tracyn told Jax.

"Alright, but be back in an hour." Jax replied.

Tracyn hopped onto his speeder bike and rode to the cantina. When he got there, a squad of clone troopers were leaving. Tracyn walked right past them into the front door. One shot him a nervous glance, but they didn't say a word. Stupid clones, Tracyn thought, just mindless cannon fodder made from good Mandalorian DNA. An insult to our culture.

Tracn entered the cantina and sat at the bar. A few patrons who he knew said hello, but no one else talked to him. The bartender, an old balding fellow, was a strong supporter of the Seperatists. Fortunately for Tracyn, he got his drinks free because of this.

A middle-aged tourist came in, and sat next to Tracyn. He ordered a drink, and he got it in a particularily dirty glass with what looked like a loogie in it. When the tourist went to the bathroom, Tracyn asked the bartender, Birhan, why he had ruined the drink.

"That fellow is a Republic supporter. He came in here last week and tried to convert us all into joining the Republic. He nearly got himself killed, and I think he's in here to do it again." said Birhan.

"Thanks. I'll deal with him. He won't ever bother you again." Tracyn replied.

The tourist came out of the bathroom and stood on a stage usually used for karaeoke. He took a microphone and began talking about how great the Republic is. Several boos came from the other patrons, and some threw drinks at him. One drew his blaster and fired at the tourist, but missed. The tourist ran outside and tried to hop on a speeder. Tracyn drew his sidearm and fired a shot into the speeder's fuel cells, blowing the enire speeder up and incinerating the man.

"I hope this is a good enough example to show Republic-lovers what will happen if they try and spout their lies when I'm around." Tracyn warned, holstering his gun. He gave Birhan a tip and left.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

@ Si--very nice. smile

I'm in, but I'll make a impromptu Commando squad. Its shallow though.


RC-1992 "Val"

Armor: Standard Commando, Mk. II Katarn Armor. Paint Scheme: Grey default, green gauntlets and kneepads. Red highlights on helmet.

Misc: Is just another brother, and only while he doesn't feel like he's special, or even that good of a leader, he feels obligated to do his best, because his brothers trust him to lead them. Has a unshakable calmness that never wavers, and this is one of the qualities that make him such a good leader, and a reliable soldier.

THE REST OF THE SQUAD (Gamma, Also controlled by me, just not my main characters.)

RC-1402 "Shadow"

Armor: Standard, Mk. II Katarn armor. Paint Scheme: Black armor, for stealth purposes. Red splotched on his gauntlet (blade side).

Misc. Shadow specializes in black ops and stealthy kills. He prefers a knife or his Verpine to a Deece, and makes use of it often. In a large firefight, he will switch to the more versatile Deece, though.

RC-1313 "Lucky

Armor: Standard, Mk. II Katarn Armor. Paint Scheme: Grey, with a riotous mix of Yellow helmet highlights (think Scorch), with his chestplate dominated by red, and his kneepads, gauntlets, and shoulders being yellow.

Misc. Lucky is exactly what his name implies, rather than his seemingly unlucky service tag. He has a knack for surviving where no one else possibly could have, due to random things like weapon malfunctions, droid maintenance issues, and other unusual causes. He's also had more pieces of armor replaced than most any clone in the GAR. Yet he tests his luck by painting his armor to purposely attract attention.

RC-1787 "Bes'kad"

Armor: Standard, with the exception of Gauntlet blade lengthened, and power of the blade  increased to triple the standard.  Also wears a bes'kad. Mk. II Katarn Armor. Paint Scheme: Grey, with black gauntlets, shoulders, and kneepads. Black helmet, with a red stripe down the middle (more like Fixer than Boss).

Misc: Bes'kad, or Kad, is an expert with anything with the word "blade" in it. He even has a shoto, but tells know one where he picked THAT particular piece of hardware. He's a more "in your face" soldier than Shadow, preferring to fight the enemy, droids or wets, face to face.


Val stood on the edge of the larty, and rolled his shoulders under the uncomfortable weight of the jump pack. Gamma was being ordered to hit a AA base, one that was feared to hold more than intel had reported. Maximum estimate: A half dozen AA batteries, two powerful Magnetic Propulsion Cannons, and a hanger of gunships, Vultures and Tri-droids.

Such a estimate was likely highly inaccurate, but even a smaller base could seriously damage the incoming troops. So Gamma was to jump in, neutralize the base, and get out. Simple, straightforward, and incredibly dangerous.

But, as Lucky put it, at least they got to wear jump packs. Val sighed.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Maris was waiting outside the building, one of the occupants, was suspected, and there for basically convicted of conspiring with separatists the rest were of unknown status. Two soldiers, one a clone and the other a former civilian who had been recruited due to losses, (they needed more men and they just didn't have enough clones to spare for everything) were stacked up against the door, breaching positions, they were pretty sure that the boss could handle a few civvies with cheap rusty blasters on his own, but how bad would it be if he died on their watch because one of the civvies had some how happened to have a disruptor pistol and he hadn't seen it and they hadn't been covering him?

Maris counted. At three the clone stuck a charge on the door and leaned away the charge blew, sending the door inwards. Maris rushed inside followed by the two soldiers. Three total, two were ready the other stunned, they all managed to raise weapons though, so Maris assumed they actually were badguys. He decapitated one, who became an instant fountain, and fired a bolt into the others head, spraying blood and bits of brain and bone over the wall like some grisly mosaic. The third dropped his gun and ran, but was shot by trooper #1. Maris stormed down into the cellar, and was greeted by more 'innocent' civilians. This time with better guns. They werent to quick, and Maris was much much quicker with a sword. He sawed through one of the separatist's (for what else could he think of them as?)  chest, following through into another's face, the chainsaw teeth roaring and causing a huge mess.  Two were shot as they aimed, and a final was shot as he stuck a bothan to the wall with his sword, the motor clicking off as his hand left the hilt. He opened a final door and saw a man surrender quickly. "Please. Please... dont.." he begged. Maris said nothing, raising his pistol and putting a bolt inbetween the mans eyes. He turned and left, yanking his sword out from the wall as he did so, letting the bothan slump to the floor. The troopers followed him out, and loaded up into a speeder and headed back to base. Maris needed to check on the status of the reinforcements he had been promised.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Brenna had finally left the card game and decided to walk the streets for a while. It wasn't the safest thing to do but Brenna could handle herself.

She caught her reflexion in a nearby shop window and smiled. Most of her form was hidden by her large brown robe, the lower half of her face was exposed and showed her dark red skin tone. Like all Zeltrons Brenna was an empath and she could feel the tension in the city. She could also influence the emotions of others, she could make people feel hope when a situation was dire and she could also make people feel defeated when they were clearly going to win. It was a powerful asset however Brenna wasn't inclined to use too much.

Like the Faleen, the Zeltrons were able to use their pheremones to seem more attractive to the opposite sex. Brenna had used this trait from time to time during business dealings. It often got her higher prices for her weapons.

Right now she wanted to find a place of tranquility. She needed a break from the heavy emotions weighing on her. She walked passed a cantina and instead into a lush park. It was heavily shadowed and bound to be full of thieves but Brenna didn't care. She found a large tree and climbed its branches until she found a comfortable perch.

In the distance she heard voices. She tilted her head slightly and listened. It sounded like someone barking out orders to their troops. Brenna lay her head back against the tree, "Soldiers everywhere, I could make a fortune." The comment was half hearted and so was her weak smile. Brenna wanted to leave but timing was everything and right now was not the right time.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

2 miles south of forward command post, Naktaar Mountain Range.

"Alright sir, this is it." The tank pilot said coolly to Shelker. "We're right on top of the beacon...I'm not picking up anything on the scanners."

"Yeah?" Shelker leaned over the console to look at the screen.

"Wait...there. Movement." The pilot pointed over to a group of snowy bushes.

The 'bushes' stood up, mockingly saluting in the direction of the tank; Shelker shook his head. "Auurin."

Sus'iir and Val’in made their way over to the entrance ramp. "Suc’cuy ner’vod."

"Suc’cuy. I trust your excursion was enlightening." Shelker put his arms around both Mandalorians.

"Yes, we've found multiple encampments and landing zones for the CIS forces, close to eight klicks from here, south." Sus'iir pulled a small datachip from the side of his helmet. "I have area scans and photos, as well as resupply schedules for two of the outposts we observed."

"Most impressive. Is the news of civilians being recruited into the ranks also true?" Shelker led the two to the central projector.

"Yes. That is being handled by a Mandalorian Commander, Jax Talos." Auurin plugged the datachip into the console outlet, pulling the recon data. "There is one more thing."

"And what's that?"

"We've discovered a local Noghri resident who might be useful." Sus'iir said with utmost seriousness.

"...Found us by accident, more like it." Val'in stated.

"A what? Hahahahaha!" Shelker let out a loud belly laugh.

"His skills are impressive." Sus'iir said calmly.

"Oh really?" Shelker continued to laugh some more.

"Indeed." Val'in added.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name:  Morshvar
Species: Nogrhi http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Noghri
(Quite short for a Noghri.  Barely above a meter tall)
Age: 31
Allegiance:  Civilian (Will change)
Occupation:  Assassin
Clothing and Armour:  Simple garments on top.  Very light body armour underneath
Weapons:  Big fan of poison blades.  Is extremely profficient with hand to hand combat.  Various vibroblades and poisoned blades stored throughout person.  Has no blasters as of yet.  But that is slightly due to small problem he has handling blasters.  Isn't comfortable with them.  ((*Cough* Mel *cough*))
Personality:  Is quite a violent individual.  He loves to kill but never does it out of sadistic pleasure.  He believes everyone of his kills is justified.  Be it money or grudges.  He is quite touchy about his height and has been known to attack people that have made poked fun of him.  Will kill without batting an eye.
Short character History:  He was born on Naltoon 6 and had no clue who or what he was.  He was abandoned early and forced to live on the streets.  Eventually he was taken up by an anzat assassin trainer who recognized his natural ability.  The trainer eventually left the planet leaving Morshvar once again to fend for himself.  He was deeply disturbed by the CIS claiming Naltoon 6.  He is looking to vent some of his frustration against either faction depending on who hires him.

((Thanks for the in Rev.))

Morshvar seemed to materialize out of nowhere.  Shelker could only yelp in surprise at the diminutive form that came up to the middle of his chest.  But this small form had a knife pressed into a gap just underneath Shelker's breastplate. 

"You runt-"

"On my vibroblade is a neuro-poison that will instantly travel through your bloodstream rendering all your motor functions useless within a nanosecond.  You will then begin to lose control of all other functions in your body before death eventually comes."

Shelker snickered and came to disarm Morshvar.  The Noghri withdrew the dagger and threw his weight low into the commander taking him off his feet.  Shelker landed on his stomach.  Before he could get up Morshvar was on his back and ramming his right arm high up his back. 

"Someone get him off of me!"  Morshvar stared daggers at all those around.  A few chuckles were heard.  Morshvar calmly stepped off the commander.

Shelker got to his feet and gently rotated his arm.  "Fine.  Welcome to the Grand Army of the Republic.  No more little stunts like that.  Another and I'll have your head removed from your shoulders."

Morshvar smiled.  "Of course Commander Shelker.  What is it that you would have me do?" he mewed.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Griffin stood at a balcony overlooking most of the settlement. It was small but crowded, Looking down at the roster he saw that a few commando and alpha class recon commando's where out on spec ops over the moon. Griffin though to himself
"Must be hard for those [Patting the roster] No air support, No Ground support and death defying odds"
The Lt. Colonel was playing a risky game too, On the front line himself, conducting house to house raids but reinforcements had been promised, Also talks of a jedi master had began popping up more and more frequently.
Griffin removed his helmet and tossed it behind him onto his bunk, His DC15 carbine still slung round his back, He removed his gauntlets and looked at his hands and chuckled. Time to play the waiting game, The republic and the CIS where going through a quiet time, each consulting its forces and reaquiring its numbers, But the republic where about to kick start it back up, with a squad of republic commandos, Tasked to take out a medium sized Forward refuelling base, Just to show the CIS where not giving up without a fight.
Griffin Sniggered before walking back in, picking his helmet up and making his way down to the command bunker.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

(Hey guys Im totally In... just confused about how im supposed to make my wonderfully dramatic entrance. Maybe coming in with Werda's commandos to meet with AA's leader or something... I REALLY have some Ideas so once we get me in it will be easier.. OYA!!)

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Name: Gergan Slit
Rank: 1LT
Age: 25
job: platoon leader/ defective clone is obeying clone....
Looks: Well kinda like Master chief but the armor is less bulky
Acts: Blood thrusty....he likes to blow stuff up and kill stuff.
Weapons: Blaster rifle

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Si Titran wrote:

(Hey guys Im totally In... just confused about how im supposed to make my wonderfully dramatic entrance. Maybe coming in with Werda's commandos to meet with AA's leader or something... I REALLY have some Ideas so once we get me in it will be easier.. OYA!!)

You could fly in on a larty to extract us, but it'll take me a couple of posts to get through my mission. If you want to wait a bit, that would work. Or you could meet with AA's guy, then us. Or something else. Just a few options.


"Gamma, you're over the target zone. Drop and go."

"Roger that." Val cut the channel, and switch to the squads tac-com. "This is it. Stay together, we need to hit in a group, hard and fast. Ready?"


"Then lets go." Val turned and stepped into open air, and the rest of Gamma followed him.

Several hundred meters above the surface, they began to slow their descent. They touched down right outside the base, and immediately came under heavy laser fire. Two groups of six B-1s each were advancing under the covering fire of a third, as well as several SBDs. Lucky put one of the SBDs and two B-1s down with an anti-armor round, and three more fell to concentrated Deece fire. Shadow disappeared, showing up seconds later behind a group of droids, and fell among them with his gauntlet blade. He turned and took down one of the remaining droids with his Verp, and Val dropped the last few.

"Good work, vode." Val spotted a AA emplacement. "Theres our first target. Lets take it out."

They formed up around the emplacement. Lucky pulled a charge out of his gear, while Val, Shadow, and Bes'kad covered him. "Just a few more seconds......ok, charge is armed." They sprinted to cover. "And....boom." The emplacement turned into a ball of fire.

Suddenly, a bolt of light lanced passed Val. "Osik!" They turned to see another group of tinnies approaching, who were rapidly turned into scrap. "Form up Gamma, we've got to move through the base, neutralize all hostiles, and take out that second emplacement we saw coming down. After that, we move to the hangar."

Val led the group as they slowly entered the base. They encountered no resistance initially, but soon came under heavy fire from a group of droids, let by a couple of wet officers. They pulled back around the corner.

"Flash and a EMP?" asked Lucky

Val nodded. "On three. One, two, THREE!" The grenades when in, and Gamma followed them. Bes'kad led the charge, drawing his custom vibroblade and lunging in for the kill. He too down both wets, and the rest of the squad mopped up the droids.

Val looked at Kad, who's blade was still dripping. "What are you looking at me for? I'm just doing my job."

"You enjoy it a bit too much, Kad."

"What can I say? I'm really a knife guy."

Val just shook his head. "Alright, lets keep moving. And Kad..."


"Clean your blade."

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

(( You could just make some dramatic entrance into my base on a ship with some clones))

Maris stepped into the control center, and was saluted by the guard, he returned the salute and turned to view strategic readouts of the planet. Separatist forces were taking this planet by storm, and there were only a few green zones left. A very small one extended around his base, encompassing the small town outside the secondary wall."Any news on the reinforcements?" he asked, a clone turned in his chair, both of the soldiers legs were missing beneath the knee, normaly he would be fit with augmentics and sent back to the frontline, but at this base, this very cut off base in a mountain range in the middle of a red zone, they didnt have the supplies to do so,

"No sir, comms are still down here."

Every so often they had to deal with droid  patrol that managed to get past the mountains and into their little valley without freezing, or one that came from the western pass, from the directions of the front lines. The pas was rather inconvenient, because large vehicles could come through it slipping past the heavy anti-air defenses that had been set up when the main army had been here. Of course, this place had a landing pad, and lots of civilian vessels happened to land here, but that was becoming less and less frequent, as the self-controlled AA batteries in the mountains had somehow gone rampant, and now tried to blow just about everything down, with the exception of dignitaries, and the like. Maris had been forced to enforce martial law, and keep anyone from leaving. So they were all trapped here, in this nice little valley in a ring of mountains. Atleast until the batteries were brought back under control or stopped doing whatever they wanted. Like shooting the engineers with their auto turrets. Maris sighed, and wished they had a Jedi or something, the batteries wouldn't shoot at them, as long as the ship's transponder told the batteries it was carrying a Jedi or senator or the like.

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Re: RPG- The Battle of Naltoon 6

Tracyn was getting bored at shooting targets at the range,. He was itching for something exciting to happen.

Fortunately, Jax told him that someone needed to die.

"I've just been informed that you have to assassinate Morshvar, a Noghri recently hired by Shelker. If you can take them both out, that would be great." Jax instructed.

"Yes! I'm itching to kill something. Just tell me where to go." Tracyn said.

"Command didn't say a location. You'll have to use those skills of yours to locate and find the best place to take them out from."

"Whatever. I'll be back when I've finished my assassination, vod" Tracyn left Jax and headed to the cantina where Birhan was.

"Hello Birhan. Do you happen to know where Clone Commander Shelker is?" Tracyn asked.

"I'm not quite sure, but one of my informants saw him in the village with a Noghri named Morshvar. He;s quite a nasty fellow, though. He enjoys using poison blades. He used one on a customer last week." Birhan replied.

"Thanks for the info, Birhan. I'll put it to good use."

Tracyn began to leave, but a male twi'lek came running up to him.

"Please, give me some money! I just lost it all n a game of pazaak! Now I have no money to bring home to my family...." begged the twi'lek.

Tracyn drew his sidearm, ponting it between the Twi'lek's eyes.

"Sad story. Next time tell it to someone who cares. Unfortunately for you, there won't be a next time." Tracyn said before pulling the trigger.

He left, tipping Birhan for the info. Next he would go look for one of Morshvar's neighbors. Maybe they knew where he went.

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