Topic: TFU demo easter egg something greater?

While I was browsing through the top stories of, I came accros a link that showed an easter egg in the demo (I had trouble loading the actual link, but Si helped me out and she told me where it was) I then rased to the xbox and went straight there.

And discoverd the helm of RC-01/38 or 'Boss'.

Now Im not sure if this was purly for fun on the creators part, or the meaning of somthing greater, such as: A continuation of the Republic Commando game.

Your thoughts?

EDIT: I cant quite find the link right now but I'll keep looking in the hope of posting it here.

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I think it's just an easter egg.  If the helmet was found in some desolate junkpile I'd be all over an Imperial Commandos game.

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Re: TFU demo easter egg something greater?

I think its wishful thinking on my part for wanting it to mean more. I think they just threw it in there for the fun of us who would actually know who "boss" is.

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Re: TFU demo easter egg something greater?

Most likely, an easter egg. But I'd LOVE another game. And maybe. If you see more helmets than just his in the actual game, then maybe it is something more. But we'll have to wait two weeks to see.

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Re: TFU demo easter egg something greater?

That's awesome! I so hope they make a new RC. That game rocked.

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Re: TFU demo easter egg something greater?

teasers maybe, we can live in hope *fingers crossed*

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