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Who thinks they should have a boba fett figure frome the clone wars tv series assuming he is in it.

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i'm sure he'll be in it, in the McDonald's promo toy line-up, they have him, so no doubts the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy will be flying high.

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they also have leia in the promo.....

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I think they should, just look at how long other characters were in the movie and they have figures, Grevious, C3PO, R2D2, Padme, etc.....Im not sure why they didnt just throw him in there, they could have made at least two or three figures just based on that fact alone.  I guess that I am just bias and want a new Fett figure with any new line that appears.

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There's no reason to assume Boba Fett is in the show... If the toys meant anything, Leia, Vader, Han, Chewie, Wicket, and Luke would be in the cartoon too.

The cartoon is about the Jedi, clones, and Seperatists. They haven't even said if Durge is in the cartoon.

Who knows, Boba Fett might make a cameo or something, but I wouldn't hold out hope.

That said, I would definitely go for an assortment of OT characters in this animated style.

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the new show is said to be an expansion and continuation of the old one. so we should see Durge, Grievous, Ventress, and all them others.

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I dont think he should be in it. They have ruined to much of his story already and let alone the new "clone wars" movie was horriable. They should just stop making Star Wars movies/tv.

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