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This is not, I repeat NOT Star Wars vs. Halo, but all Warhammer 40,000 vs. all Star Wars or all Halo. But my opinion is that for it to be any challenge for WH40K, it would have to be SW and Halo vs. them.

Star Wars: Imperial Fleet, Rebel Fleet, Infantry relatively inconsequential besides Jedi, Sith and Mandos. Good ground vehicles include AT-ATs, AT-STs, and Juggernauts.

Halo: Covenant Fleet, UNSC fleet, excellent infantry (Spartans, Elites, Brutes, Hunters) Decent ground vehicles (Wraiths, Scorpions, Warthogs) Only significant ground vehicle is the Scarab.

Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Fleet, Space Hulks, Superb infantry (Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Orks, Imperial Guard) Excellent ground vehicles counting Titans. Other ground vehicles include predator tanks, Dreadnoughts, Leman Russ tanks, rhinos, others. Also has various gods and primarchs, such as Russ, Magnus, Sanguinus, and the gods of Chaos.

I think WH40K wins. What do you think?

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo


WH40k, course if you wanted to make it easier on the others you could say it was before the Hersey.

I think it should be all factions of all of them. And i dont think they would have the primarchs, considering their all lost or dead or in stasis or deamon princes or what not.

But 40k still wins

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

does star wars get death star?

Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

Even if SW got a death star or even a fleet of them 40K would still crush them.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

All you realy need is the tyranids...or necrons....or chaos.... tongue

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

WH40k win without a doubt
The space marines or imperial guard alone would defeat them i think
Titans are just sexy
Imperial armor is just gorgeous:
Leviathan Command Centre
and good ole trusty the baneblade

And the primarchs? Gee there pretty hardy, they could kill a ton of spartans easily i think

And even if it was before the heresy, The space marines then where a lot bigger wernt they? and the emperor was alive.....certain doom for the enemies of the emperor

The emperor + Horus together? tongue ouch

haha this Post has made me happy
i love warhammer!

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

OK first I wouldnt give the SW the rebels, they suck.

They would need the mandalorain fleet, the GAR fleet a reformed Jedi council so that there more on the warrior side, the Chiss fleet, the ENTIRE CIS's droid plants churrning out battle droids, they also could use the Killicks (i dont know if any ones heard of them before but there bugs that reproduce really fast) the Geos, the Trandos the Wookies, an advancment on the techs such as the Dark trooper project, the death star the sun crusher, and the super star destoryers. And if I were the Republic (whos at power at the time) To start cloneing other things besides humans, like trandos and wookies.

Then SW could trade its cloning techs to Halo for its genetic upgrades. So the GAR could start training SPARTAN II strength Clones. And vise versa. And with the help of the other factions the Coves would be under new managment, and could be able to unearthlost wonders such as level 6-12 Power suits (Master chiefs was only like a 3 I think) And if they could finds that they could mass produce it for there army so they pretty much got space marines too. If not better.

And if put under this amount of pressure I think the council would have been over thrown and replaced with more power hungry people. So if they were able to act freely within the galaxy I believe they could unearth powers such as infulencing life/creating life/keeping people from DIEING, destroying worlds, Sith chants, holocrons and other atrocities of the Force. Also STARKILLER (the secret apprentice) could be trained to full power and then be cloneed, to creat the Force leigion fully upgraded with Forerunner power suits the eqaul or greater of the SM suits. WITH the condition training of the the SPARTAN II and the Kaminoains SO.

A small sqaud of THOSE guys would be more that enough to ANNILATE an entire chapter of SM's.
PLUS if they were trained with the power to you know...NOT DIE. Then 40k has a slight problem.

Holy crap this probably me bigest post ever.


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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

Mandal., The purpose of the Adeptus Astartes is as shock troopers. Imagine a thousand inhuman giants in faceless armor suddenly crashing down among your forces, and beginging the slaughter. Imagine a warrior that could crush your skull in his hand with a gentle squeeze. Imagine an army to whom the very concept of fear is unknown. Now imagine bigger giants.   Imagine warriors that compare to the 1st wave as the 1st wave compares to normal humans. Imagine giant bipedial tanks, soaking up tremendous amounts of fire and killing thousands before you even wound it. Now imagine them never seeing engagement because a single missile hit the planets atmosphere and ate all the life on the planet in less then a day Then imagine a single spark. One small burst of energy combusting all the gas from the decomposing corpses of the dead. And igniting the planet in a world wide firestorm.

And thats just the space marines. Not the eldar, not the tryanids, not the orks not the necrons not chaos. WH40k wins by numbers alone.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

Indeed mandal your upped halo and star wars army couldnt even come close to the space marines chapters, a small squad enough to destroy 1000 space marines? neutral ( that is right isnt it? 1000 space marines to a chapter?)
The space marines are super humans, gods among mortals, they symbolize perfect warriors, there training is Enough to kill spartans alone in my opinion.
The basic equipment of a space marine, correct me if im wrong:

The power armor, Mk.VII 'Imperator' Armour and Mk VIII Power Armour: Errant Armour are the standard issue to space marines, the later being for sergeants or higher i think. Which is capable of surviving in any enviroment and withstanding A high degree of punishment.

There standard issue rifle is a .75 calibre bolter, capable of firing
    * Bolts: regular ammunition
    * Kraken Penetrator Rounds: equipped with an adamantium tip designed to penetrate the hardest armour, the Kraken rounds offer even better penetration than standard rounds
    * Inferno Rounds: rounds filled with flammable materials instead of explosives, they ignite on detonation, burning a target from the inside out in many cases
    * Hellfire rounds: contains a potent mix of poisons, bacteria and acids that cause massive tissue damage to the target. Often designed with specific targets in mind (i.e. Tyranids)
    * Stalker rounds: silenced ammunition using a gas launched ignition system to remove noise/muzzle flash, range is considerably less than regular bolts
    * Metal Storm rounds: fragmenting rounds designed to explode in much the same way as a fragmentation grenade

A chainsword or chain weapon, commonly found used by squad leaders can cut through most armor alone, hacking at limbs severing them, if not the tendons and veins creating mass bleeding and eventually death.

Power weapons include such as
The following is a list of the most common forms of power weapons found amongst the Adeptus Astartes:

    * Power Sword - By far the most common power weapon, the power sword is favoured by a large majority of Imperial Servants for its versatility in both attack and defence. Less frequently seen versions include smaller powered knives. Notable power swords are the Dark Angel Sword of Secrets and the Black Sword of the Emperor's Champion Sigismund.

    * Power Axe - A less often seen pattern of power weapon, the power axe is nonetheless used by many warriors, especially those hailing from worlds where the axe is commonly used, such as Fenris. It can be wielded much like a sword, but relies on hacking and slashing rather than stabbing. Well-known Power Axes include the Axe Morkai and the Axes of Ultramar.

    * Power Maul - A relatively rare weapon, the power maul relies on its mass and concussive power to damage targets, rather than an edged blade. In the hands of a skilled wielder it can inflict grievous wounds. Power mauls have traditionally been a symbol of office for many Adeptus Arbites judges, yet they have also found favour with certain Space Marine Chapters. The Traitor Warmaster Horus is often depicted carrying a power maul in battle, and it was a common armament of early Space Marine Terminator squads.

    * Lightning Claws - A lightning claw consists of several miniature bladed power weapons that extrude from a housing in the user's wrist, or a gauntlet's digits. Designed to slash and stab at the enemy with great speed, a pair of Lightning claws can inflict raking wounds that are hard to dodge or parry.

    * Power Fist - Also known as a power glove, the power fist is a large armoured gauntlet that is sheathed in the same disruptive energy field that is used in other powered weapons. However, it relies on punching and crushing attacks to inflict damage on the enemy, lending great strength to the user's punches. When worn in conjunction with a suit of powered or Terminator armour, the strength is even more significantly improved, allowing the bearer to punch through even armoured vehicles and buildings with ease. A power fist may be switched off to allow the user normal usage of his hand. Powerfists are a standard weapon employed by most Astartes Terminator units.

      When fitted with a powered chainblade attachment, the powerfist is capable of cutting neatly through walls, bulkheads and armour plate, augmenting the squad's already formidable anti-armour capabilities, and allowing a squad easy passage through obstacles and buildings.

    * Thunder Hammer - A thunder hammer is a powered hammer that has been modified to emit a strong blast of energy on impact, often shocking or incapacitating any target able to withstand the hit. The sound of an impact from this mighty weapon resembles a thunderclap, and is the source of the thunder hammer's name. Thunder hammers are often used by Terminator assault squads in conjunction with a Storm Shield, protecting the wielder as he strikes.

This is just a small array of equipment, not going into melta weapons, plasma weapons or las weapons (Lascannon, not the las gun haha tongue )

And to top it off just imagine a land raider

    * Weight: 72 tonnes
    * Height: 4.11m
    * Length:10.3m
    * Width: 6.1m


    * Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander)
    * Max Speed: 55kph (48kph off-road)
    * Engines: Adaptable Thermic Combustion w/Auxiliary Reactor
    * Main armament: 2 x Twin Linked Lascannons
    * Secondary armament: Twin Linked Heavy Bolters
    * Ammo Capacity: Lascannons: Unlimited (reactor can recharge powerpacks as long as it has fuel). Heavy Bolters: 2,600 rounds
    * Transport Capacity: 10 fully armoured and equipped Astartes or 5 Tactical Dreadnought Armour equipped Astartes
    * Armour: 95mm Advanced Composites including adamantium plate, titanium/plasteel plate, ablative and ceramite layers that provides protection similar 300mm conventional steel protection at greatly reduced weight


    * Capable of operation in inhospitable environments such as toxic atmospheres, death worlds, hard vacuum, high & low gravity etc. Able to operate in water exceeding 35m deep
    * M32 'Cyclops' class Machine Spirit, comparable in ability to Machine Spirits used by Warhound & Reaver Titans
    * Advanced communications gear & holographic display linked to Cyclops class Machine Spirit allows it to act as a command centre for expeditionary forces
    * Squad monitoring equipment: allows vehicle commander to remotely monitor vital signs of Marines assigned to transport
    * Transportable via Thunderhawk Transporter making it possible to field in the most unexpected locations
    * Excellent mobility - wide tracks provide low ground pressure and offer ability to traverse virtually any terrain
    * Includes medicae facilities for treating injured Astartes
    * Energy systems capable of recharging Astartes power armour and energy weapons
    * On-board stores sufficient to allow embarked squad to campaign for extended period
    * Adaptable engine allows the Land Raider to run on a variety of fuels such as fossil fuels, gas, plant derived oils etc.
    * Onboard shrine ensures spiritual well-being of embarked troops

With a squad of these space marines on. The land raider would easily smash past a defence line, deploy its cargo and wa'la.
The land raider is practically a moving bunker.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

Well none of that stuff is really going to help if the person there fighting cant DIE. As I said in my previous post the many powers of the force include creating life, and keeping alive, its like the power of Darth Sion, indeed he did die, but that was the Exile convincing him life wasnt worth living. So he let himself go. (Thats added to the super suits and SPARTAN II/Kamino training, and since there now so big theyed use bigger lightsabers too. Plus with destructive capabiltys of Starkiller)

And another power of the force that I forgot to mention was the turning of flesh to metal used in ancient times by a sith witch...think necrons. If they could use that, then they could turn things such as rancors in to huge metal monsters with the resistaince of a necron. (thats addes to there numbers)

And another thing...the huge armys of the orcs massed together...would be subject to mind influence since I think we can all agree are weak-minded, so if the user was powerful enough, he could turn a huge orc army against its users.

and ANOTHER thing. Battle meditation. That alone could win a few battles.


I also forgot to mention a few things for the HALO peps.

AI's such as Cortana could be crafted onto completely mechanized capital ships creating super fast reacting ships and coridnated battle plans on a unprecedented scale.

And since you guys like to put numbers into the battle I do some of that myself: The covenant, has LARGE amounts of infantry. and just simply the humans have been reproducing over hundreds of years over thousands of worlds. Thats alot of people.

The humans ships would be fitted with shields. (and the cove ships would be using the efficent use of plasma that cortana invented)

The Coves powerful infantry (such as the hunters and the brutes) can be used to create new hosts for the cloneing proccess. which can then be outfitted with better weaponry from SW

AND THE BUGS. you forget that the SW unvivers is populated with vast amounts of BUGS. most likely not on the scale of the tryannids, but still. (also the coves have a bug race called (by the humans)  Drones i think)

(and a note to AA: you cant fight a war with shocktroopers alone)

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

I'd go with Warhammer. Don't they have those Bolt Thrower dudes? Brutal

take it easy baby take it as it comes

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

On another note Id just like to say that: Yes 40k has a high chance of winning, Im just pointing out that it would NOT be a onesided war. AND that the Space Marines would not be able to do it by themselves.

So dont think im saying that SW would win hands down. Im saying that theyed kill quintillions of them before they lost.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

I kinda think SW is being under-rated here. Somewhere a Death Star was mentioned, or even a whole fleet would be useless. Did we all forget what a Death Star could do? WH has crazy infantry and ground troops, but do they have artillery or defense to compare to the power to destroy a planet with one shot? Then of course, the power to destroy a planet is nothing to that of the Force. The Sith and Jedi would be GREAT powers on the field, as well as their leadership. AA, you mentioned there was no fear in the WH soldiers, well there could also be no fear programmed into the battle droids as well as the clones. The Darktroopers would be a pretty good opponent for Space marines as well, given some more power or w/e.

But yes, the Rebel's do suck.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

I think Space Marine do feel fear, as far as i understand, All AA is saying its just that there so powerful, thats theres nothing TO fear. Which is completly incorrect. Since there are many MANY things for SM's to fear in 40k. So i guess I dont really know what he meant.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

Ah ok. Well theres one question that needs to be answered, how to blaster bolts hold up against Space Marine armor? I'm not sure if its the same in both series' cuz the blaster bolts in SW may be different from that of the WH blaster bolts.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

I'm sure the Mandalorians would gratefully charge into battle against the likes of any WH40k army with no intent to ever make it out alive. Shame there isn't a force like it in the SW Universe.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

In hand to hand combat the Space Marines are unmatched for sheer power, the elder for sheer speed and the orks or nids for sheer numbers. No one would stand in the way. Not even SW

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

You really ought to point some other stuff out instead of just saying there 'strong' or 'fast' or 'theres alot of them'.

And besides It dont matter if your as strong as the Hulk, faster than the Flash or have more fire power than a million death stars. All it takes to win a battle/war is apply pressure where it needs to be.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

The space marines fleet and the imperial navy has bigger and better space craft than that of the starwars and halo fleets.

typically the most powerful class of spacecraft operated by an Astartes Chapter, the Battle Barge is also the rarest, with few Chapters fielding more than two or three. Equally at home combating enemy vessels in space as bombarding enemy held planets or unleashing up to three Companies of Marines with pinpoint accuracy Battle Barges are the core of Astartes power. So feared are these vessels that even the rumour of a Battle Barge deploying to a restless system is often enough to quell rebellions and quiet any malcontents.

Astartes Vessel Crews
Astartes vessels are, in comparison with Imperial Navy ships, highly automated and crewed by a relatively small number of Chapter serfs. These men are fanatically loyal to their Astartes masters and constitute a skilled and dangerous force for any foe foolish enough to board such a vessel. Astartes crews also include former Marine aspirants who have failed the demanding initiation rites of the Chapter. These men have often received advanced training or even partial geneseed enhancement during the novitiates and such serfs often serve in senior roles aboard ship. These Chapter serfs support the efforts of a skeleton crew of Astartes specialists including TechMarines who see to the machine spirits of each vessel and the Captain and command crew of the vessel.

Heavily armed and armored, Battle Barges are designed to safely and rapidly deploy Astartes forces to trouble spots. Able to transport up to four Companies and to deploy up to three of them simultaneously Battle barges represent a force capable of single-handedly taking or re-taking almost any planetary system.

Primarily armed with heavy bombardment canons capable of devastating even the heaviest enemy vessels or the toughest of planetary defences Battle Barges also carry lighter weapons batteries better suited to smaller or more numerous targets. This heavy armament together with their massive shielding and armor plate make them relatively slow and unwieldy vessels. Their ungainliness is however, offset to a large degree by their heavy automation and superbly trained crews whilst the genetically enhanced skills and centuries of experience of their Astartes Captains often give them an even larger edge in ship to ship combat. Battle Barges are also armed with a number of torpedo tubes and carry a range of warheads, from cyclonic ('planet buster') to plasma torpedoes designed to destroy capital warships.


These amazing vessels also serve as mobile workshops and armories for Astartes forces and are capable of manufacturing munitions or repairing almost any of the equipment required by a Marine force short of Land Raiders or Terminator armour. Many Battle Barges, particularly those assigned to carry the Veteran First Company of a Chapter are also equipped with arcane teleportation devices.

Also common amongst Battle Barges are fully-fledged Apothecariums where the warrior-medics of a Chapter are able to heal even grievously wounded Marines or to implant suitable recruits with the sacred geneseed of the Chapter to bring the ship's company back to full strength. Battle barges also include chapels, massive training battlefields and blessed, sanctified rooms where the Chapter's Librarians may study the signs and omens of the warp or commune with other members of the Chapter in distant star systems.

Death from Above

Battle Barges are equipped with several means of dispatching troops to their targets, the most common being the Thunderhawk, an intra-system vessel capable of operation in space or atmosphere. Able to carry up to 30 Marines or several vehicles, Thunderhawks also provide invaluable logistical support to deployed Marines as well as offering considerable strike power through a combination of missiles, bombs and canon.

Often employed alongside the Thunderhawk is the Astartes Drop Pod, able to hold between 5 or 10 Marines and capable of being deployed within minutes of translation from Warp space to Real space these pods are used to launch the characteristically rapid assaults of the Astartes. They are also capable of transporting Astartes Dreadnoughts or automated weapon systems.

Boarding torpedoes are also used by many Battle Barges though they hold a more specific role in Astartes warfare, being reserved to assault enemy vessels and space hulks. Capable of holding up to half a Company of Marines, boarding torpedoes are often used in surprise attacks on space fortresses or enemy command vessels, their assault often being the signal for a more general attack by an Astartes fleet.

As you can see that, it describes as how one battle barge can capture a whole Planetary system, not just one planet, a WHOLE system.

Plust The halo and starwars armies are made from humans, who need sleep, food and drink.
Space marines Require no sleep, little food and little drink. They can fight 24/7, do not suffer from moral, are immune to fear. The imperial guard numbers in there billions drawn across thousands of planets.

And i come onto the T'au, These men are masters of Armed combat, utilizing rail guns capable of penetrating any type of armor with ease.

Combining the T'au 's firepower further onmore into the space marines. you have quite a feasable army.

So where saying here
Chaos Marines,  Daemonhunters, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, Space Orks, Tau and Tyranids.


Halo and star wars?
and most notably from there would be, Halo humies, covies, rebels, imps, mando's and the others.

It would be a battle but a battle that the warhammer universe would win pretty quickly

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

even if you have all that it takes a long time to conquer that large amount of space. So they might be able to win quickly relative to the fact that they need to take billions of star systems. So around 20-30 years at the most.

(and also id like to point out that droids (and im not talking pethetic B1 battle droids I mean the magnagaurd  types) and certain kinds of clones and certain species that could be cloned, dont need sleep either.)

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

Nigzy wrote:

The space marines fleet and the imperial navy has bigger and better space craft than that of the starwars and halo fleets.

As you can see that, it describes as how one battle barge can capture a whole Planetary system, not just one planet, a WHOLE system.

Where is your evidence for that? In fact, i can't even find a site that has the schematics for a Battle Barge. There are however many pictures. Now judging from the relation of the Battle Barge and the snub fighters aurrounding it, it is definitely not bigger than a Star Destroyer, much less a Super Star Destoryer. Looking at the cockpit sizes of the snub fighters and looking at the Battle Barge next to them gives a pretty good ratio for its size. Its practically the same as a Star Destroyer. Not 'bigger' not 'better'. In fact, theres only 3 or 4 per chapter, while there are so many Star Destroyers going around while the Imps are in power that I cant count them with one hand. And where in the description which you provided does it even compare to a Death Star? The Battle Barges deploy troops, bombard planets, and have a couple lasers on them: its just another Star Destroyer. The fact that they have so few as well is another thing against them.

Each Battle Barge can deploy at most 4 companies. AT MOST each company is 200 troops. Thats going to be 800 troops with it stuffed to capacity. With 4 battle barges, thats 3200 troops from a whole chapter. How many troops in a regular ol' Victory I-class Star Destroyer? 2,040. Thats ONLY troops (not crew or vehicles) and ONLY ONE Victory-I class Star Destroyer. Thats a scouting party for the Imps. They usually have like 4 per planet, and even more on more important planets. How about a more common Imperial class? 9,700 infantry. Now judging by the scale of this battle, and that the Imps would probably bring out the big guns and all they've got...

Lets say ONE Super Star Destroyer. Anyone wanna take a shot? 38,000 troops. The massive tidal wave of Imperial troops would surely take down the Space Marines now that I think of it. Plus mandos, Plus Force users with lightsabers.

But lets take a quick look at how the space battle would be. I thought that the Space Marines probably would decimate the SW universe on a ground battle. But after this evidence of the sheer force of the Imps.....damn. Now the space battle was somthing i was SURE SW can win. After all, theyre the STAR WARS. WARS IN THE STARS. SPACE COMBAT. Lets see what one Super Star Destoryer brings to the party: 250 heavy turbo laser batteries, 250 turbo laser batteries, 250 ion cannons, 250 concussion missle tubes, 40 emplacements and a good ol tractor beam. Now lets take a look at a battle barge in action: … _barge.jpg

No contest.

Now thats only one Super, I cant even find the stats for a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, which is a monster. So add all those Star Destroyers, Super Star Destroyers, and just toss in a Death Star.... Now toss in the jedi and Sith and the Mandos and the Wookies and hell, why not, the Rebels. 

Hell, the Death Star alone would be near unbeatable. Remember all the crap the Super Star Destroyer brings? Ok well remember the size of it in comparison to the Death Star it crashed into in ROTJ???? Its like combining a FLEET of Super Star Destroyers....then putting a big lazer that blows up an entire planet. The Space Marines DO NOT have that kind of firepower, nor does anyone else in WH (I think). In space, WH loses.

On the ground, things become hazy. I place my bet on the SW universe. They bring such an overwhelming number of troops and vehicles to the battle that the skilled and bloodthirsty troops of WH would be swept away. There would just be way too many ppl shooting lasers at the WH army. I can't imagine the scale of the battle, its monstrous.

On a side note, something i thought would be probable. The WH ppl could maybe be coaxed onto a planet to fight against the SW ppl, and after the troops are deployed the Imps tip-toe the Death Star in and blow them all to ity bity bits of asteroid.

Anywho, thats my opinion. I didnt copy and paste this stuff here, i did my homework. Exact numbers here. If i remember more to bring up ill post....

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

To help clear up the belief of land battles being one sided Id like to point out these pictures: … screens-20
(These are bigger than a human) … ire-at-war … screens-18
(and notice the size of these Dark Troopers...Bigger than a space marine.)

Enjoy..and feel the fear. tongue

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

I'm not too sure about the size thing between Darktroopers and Space Marines, I need a better perspective. But yeah those are nice pics. Just a taste really, the Imps go bigger and badder with their vehicles. And i forgot the destruction the droidekas would spread.

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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

one word....


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Re: WH40K vs. SW vs. Halo

So I bring an essay there with legit facts and you bring one word? Ok: AT-AT

Oh and heres a better Dreadnaught … readnought

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