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Topic: Fett Bait

STORY: This RPG is set in the time of the Empire. Civil War against the Rebellion. The setting is on the planet Chandrilla. The Empire has a halfway installed garrison planetside, but recent Rebel sabatoge runs have crippled the supply link to the base, and the Rebellion has their most powerful Mon Calamari cruisers create a quaratine on the planet. The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy is trapped on Chandrilla, as well as several Senators that are very close to Emperor Palpatine.

TIMELINE: Early days of the Galactic Civil War; the Empire is trying to run over the localized governments on more and more planets, Chandrilla is the birthplace of Rebellion Leader Mon Mothma, the local Rebels have destroyed main routes to the Imperial Fortress outside the city.

RULES: No killing other players.(Exception if you are affilliated as Unknown) You cannot enter the Imperial Fortress, unless you are directly affiliated with the Empire and a higher rank than Corporal. You can be affiliated with the Empire, Rebellion, Bounty Hunter, Civillian, or Unknown. (PERMISSION ONLY FOR UNKNOWN) You can enter Mon Mothma's appartment despite affiliation. You can be any species from the Star Wars movies, or the EU. List your weapon, if melee, what hand do you hold it in? If blaster or grenade launcher, be specific. You can have more than one weapon. You can talk to my character despite affiliation. (You can PM me if you want permission to be unknown. There can only be three other unknowns but as the game progresses, I will add to this number, and unlimited other affiliation.)

Character: Xeldor Vython

Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unknown
Weapon: E-11 blaster rifle, DC-17 blaster pistol, concealed vibro-blade
Appearance: Tall and Muscular, wears a mix of old Clone Trooper armor and Mandalorian Super Commando armor. Face is always concealed behind ancient Mandalorian helmet. Wears a torn black cape, carries his rifle at all times.


       Xeldor is a rogue to the Empire, and has an extreme bounty on his head for a failed assassination attempt on Palpatine. He has supplied the Rebellion with numerous details; but also secretly ships weapons to the Empire. His past is very dark, and there are more rumors of his past than Darth Vader's. Only one stands true. He is an experienced Jedi Killer. No one has seen his face, not even those killed by him.

Xeldor waited in the Cantina, for the Imperial contact to recieve the weapon cache. He would occasionally turn his head to see if a blaster was pointed at his head. He could feel his temperature rise in his helmet, and kept thinking Fett was behind him. The entire Bounty Hunter's Guild and Fett were after him.When he heard of the quarantine, he thought he was safe. Then he learned Boba Fett was trapped too. As he faced his table again, he noticed the bartender waiving him a warning for bounty hunter. As he turned to leave, someone had locked the rear exit.

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

Name: Boba Fett
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Himself (Bounty Hunter)
Weapon: You should all know tongue
Appearance: http://www.bobafett.com/multimedia/galleries/albums/userpics/10001/palace_nod.jpg

Boba Fett stood impassively with a brown robe concealing his form and a heavy cowl concealing his well known helmeted head. He was pondering his situation. He was supposedly trapped but Boba Fett was not perturbed.

He wasn’t ready to leave this planet yet. He had a bounty worth pursuing despite the bickering that was increasing between the Empire and the locals.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Re: Fett Bait

Name: Zylus Kra'noh
Species: Human, although tortured and mutated by Sith Alchemy when tested on by the Prophets of the Dark Side
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Empire (Emperor Palpatine was in league with the PDS, so i guess it makes him in league with the Empire)
Weapon: Lightsaber, but the blade is red

Sitting by himself in the Cantina, and noticing a Bounty Hunter walking in, Zylus continued to drink his Jawa Juice. He also sensed that someone was trying to leave the Cantina in a hurry, as if they clearly didn't want to be there.

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Re: Fett Bait

Xeldor turned his head. He knew people would notice his fear. Seeing a cloaked figure move towards him, he recognized the gait. He checked the door again. He bribed the bartender regularily, 25,000 credits a week, to keep him safe. Only the bar tender knew the code to the door. And the only person richer than him that would bribe people, was Boba Fett. He had several tricks left to get out, and the last one was something never seen before. Not even Fett would know this one. And just in case he did figure it out, it would be too late.

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

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Re: Fett Bait

Name: Ferla Hutton
Age: 30
Affiliation: Bounty Hunter, part-time spice deliverer.
Gender: Male

Anartment: Blaster pistol, armour, concussion grenades, vibro-ax and a toxic dart launcher

Ferla looked around. he sensed the assassin behind him. He look smell his fear and anger just by smelling his foul, stench. Ferla was wearing his armour, Mark V. He would be safe..........for now.

The Cantina played colourful tunes as the barmembers danced and talked. Ferla didn't care much for these sad loners....

He emptied his cup of Ithorian Liquor and stood up, going outside. A blaster shot was heard. He unclipped his pistol and stood beside some wrechage.

The Assassin made no move to cloak himself. He came out, carrying a man's severed head.

Disgusting thought Ferla.

When the Assassin was a good distance away, Ferla aimed his toxic dart launcher at the Assassin's head.


The dart shot out and landed in his fat neck. He coughed and stuttered before collapsing.

Ferla didn't care about the mess. He was too busy to care. He had to meet up with his friend, Xeldor before more Thugs armed him down.

He walked back towards his EFAV -9009 starship............


Ferla looked around as some Sandtroopers asked him questions. He answered them quickly and got into the cockpit.

he switched on his voice-comm. " Hello? Who is this? "

" It's your old friend Ferla, Xeldor. I'm coming to talk to you. The Empire doesn't like old pirates like me.... "

he laughed. " Yeah, I have some spice for you. "

" Don't push your luck, Hunter! " Xeldor snapped.

" Haha! Okay, see you in a bit. " he replied

He switched it off and took the jump to hyperspace.............

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Re: Fett Bait

Xeldor noticed the cloaked figure coming closer. He pulled out a Flash Grenade, and used a magnetic lock to clip it to his forearm. Then he drew his DC-17 pistol, but kept it in the shadows of his cape. His helmet registered the weapons on Boba, and Fett was keeping it to a minimal. Xeldor had planted an electrical charge regulator on the bartender in case of betrayals. Besides, this would make a perfect distraction. Xeldor hit a button on his gauntlet, and 50,000 volts of electricity was sent through the bartender. Even Fett turned his head.

"Bad move..." Xeldor muttered to himself.

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

Ferla got up. He put and set the course for Xeldor's planet by automatic pilot.

He pushed away his sleeping sack and duvet made from Jawa silk and made some food.

After he ate, he looked outside the cockpit window. YES! This was the correct way to Xeldor.

He checked his famous blaster pistol and it's blaster pack ammo. This pistol was from a Hunter he had killed years ago. It felt ancient in his hands as he twirled it around in his fingers. He was in for a surprise when he'd land.

A hell of a surprise.................

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Re: Fett Bait

Xeldor threw down the flash grenade, and covered his eyes. Fett was thrown back from the explosion, and his rifle fell from his hands. Deciding not to attract more attention to himself than he already had, he did not shoot Fett, but ran outside into the crowded city and into shelter. Nobody could find him there, or so he thought.

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

Ferla got out the Vessel and was to be met by a group of Bounty Hunter Guilds.

He was led towards Xeldor with blasters behind his back. Damn! he thought!

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Re: Fett Bait

On the street, he was captured by the Bounty Hunter's Guild. They knocked Xeldor unconscious, and carried him away. Later, Xeldor woke up, to see his old friend Ferla sitting across from him.

"How'd you get past the quarantine?" Xeldor asked.

"I have secret cloaking device on the ship."

"Wasn't good enough to get past these guys. Hold on. They didn't take off my armor. I have an ION charge in here. I think I can get us out of here."

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

" Why? Why should I trust you? You betrayed me in the past Xeldor. "

" I came to make things right..."

Ferla unfurled his blaster pistol and set it on stun. He was going to shoot Xeldor for all the years he'd betrayed him for...........

( just say he's betrayed Ferla before )

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Re: Fett Bait

Xeldor noticed Ferla's blaster. Before he could shoot, Xeldor jumped underneath his chair, and kicked out his legs to trip Ferla. Once Ferla was on the ground, Xeldor picked him up, and broke his shooting hand's wrist.

"Never pull a gun on me..." Xeldor growled. The guards ran into the cell, but Xeldor threw Ferla into them. "Its a bad move to leave the door open." Xeldor turned, and locked the door on Ferla and the guards. No Hunter would catch him, not this time.

Outside of the prison, Xeldor's helmet registered a sniper locked on to him. "Fett never gives up," thought Xeldor. Xeldor pulled out his E-11.

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

Ferla cursed. Damn it! he thought. I knew Xeldor would betray me again!

Ferla got his other hand and shot down seven guards running in. They coughed and fell over. Then he noticed Xeldor with a sniper E-11.

Ferla blasted Xeldor three times in the armour. He was enjoying a fight. He had been itching for one!


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Re: Fett Bait

"Ah.." Xeldor noticed Ferla behind him. Xeldor shot his ION charge at Ferla, and fried his blaster. Xeldor noticed that the sniper wasn't Fett, but Ferla's blaster setting. Xeldor pulled out his vibro blade, and threw it at Ferla. It pierced his stomach, and Xeldor activated the automatic retrieval. "I told you not to pull a gun on me! I'll let you live, just because you are the only one who ever followed me, but if you do this again, I WILL kill you without second thought!"

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

" Haha! Sure you will Xel! "

" I will. I mean it Ferla. No matter how friendly we are with each other! "

Ferla snorted and Xel ( can I call you Xel? ) shot him with a stun blaster bolt.

" Arrgh! " Ferla shouted. " Stop it Xel! "

" Not until you join my band of rebels and mercenaries! "

" No, not yet. I don't trust you! You betrayed me and killed my father! "

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Re: Fett Bait

Xeldor was tired of talking to Ferla.

"You don't understand. I WANT the Empire to win this war. The Rebellion will die, but I want them to feel good about themselves first. To make their downfall more painful." Xeldor punched Ferla in the face, and Ferla fell down, unconscious. "And I told you NOT to call me Xel!" Xeldor threw Ferla in the street, and left him there.

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

( sheesh, take it easy. What is wrong with Xeldor. He is in a bad mood. He punches again and again and not normally.... hmm tongue )

Ferla got thrown in the street. He coughed and spat. Stuff Xeldor. He would find his own ship again and travel back to Tatooine.....

He saw his ship still there. Then suddenly, a few Assault vessel's swooped towards it and fired a few rounds of plasma fire.


It exploded!

damn! thought Ferla. That treacherous slime ball betrayed me once more. He smiled then. It looks like I'll have to kill my way through and steal me a ship.

He loaded his blaster pistol and walked towards some skiff guards. " There he is! Kill him! " They advanced on him with Vibro-ax's and swung through the air at him.

BoOlM! BoOim!! BOOIiiMMm!

He fired three shots at one of the four skiff guards. " Argh! " he choked, falling..........

BOIM! BOIM! BOIM! BOOOIII!!!! Another fell. He then switched to his throwing knives. He swung one at a skiff guard in the neck.

He screamed and fell.........


One left..........

Ferla got out his vibro-ax and swung it at the guard. There was a ledge which dropped to a bottomless death of gas and cloud.

SwiPe! sWiPe! he swung it at the remaining skiff. He tottered and fell backwards.

A scream echoed through the cold, sharp air like ice. Then, nothing....

Ferla got a second blaster pistol and took a few concussion grenades and ammo pouches..........

I'm ready to take you on Xeldor!

He loaded and continued through the dangerous path of scummy water and slime dripping from pipes.


Ferla saw him. The Bounty Hunter. He had a white cloth over his head and metal chest armour. " Dengar..... " muttered Ferla. " Hello old friend. " my said, creasing up behind his cloth meaning a smile. He had redish eyes and a metal arm.

" What have they done to you!!? " shouted Ferla.

" They have so-to-say, Upgraded me..... I have become stronger than you, my friend. Back off. I need to get to my bounty.......... " said Dengar.

" No! I shall take you on, Dengar! I know you will blab me out and then hunt me down! "

" Yes.... I shall....... " he said, raising his blaster rifle. A few quick zam shots flew out. They increased and turned a greenish purple.

A Plasma cannon!

ZaM! zAm! ZAM! zam!

Ferla dodged them and threw a knife at Dengar. He dodged it and blasted Ferla a couple of times in the arm and the knee.

Pain inflicted on Ferla. He cursed and sat there, pain paralyzing his ankles and elbows.

" Why Dengar? Why!!? What did I do to deserve this? "

" You deserve it, my friend.."  my smiled with evilness.

Ferla got his blaster out and shot Dengar in the back. A few more should to it! Dengar punched Ferla and took his blaster pistols.

Ferla spat at him and said he'd regret it.

Someday though, he'd save Boba Fett's life.......................

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Re: Fett Bait

*anybody mind if I join the madness?  Can’t promise many posts, starting school again and all, but I’ll try to add to the mix from time to time*

Name: Ralin Drakus

Age: 24

Affiliation: 'Unknown'

Species: Born and Raised Mandalorian

Occupation: Freelance mercenary, also does some bounty hunting from time to time; Follows a strict Honor code and will only accept missions that fit it

Loyalties: To his Clan and Clan Vode, but Honors his contracts

Weapons: Custom long barrel, slug throwing, sniper rifle; Matching Mandalorian heavy blaster pistols(strapped to legs Jango Fett style, but a little higher);Jet-pack mounted rocket, usually a high explosive warhead; and a repeater carbine *carried into situations the sniper rifle isn’t suited for; only one is carried usually, the other is stored on his ship*
Gauntlet mounted weapons/gadgets include: Dart/Rocket launcher; A micro-grenade launcher; two wrist lasers; A fiber-cord line with grappling hook for scaling/descending obstacles ; A two-prong retractable18 inch blades in right gauntlet (like those used in the Predator movies);And a personal cloaking device recovered from ancient weapons cache on Duxn; Strength enhanced gloves

Armor: His Father’s black Mandalorian armor over gray flight-suite; features black, heat and energy resistant Kama; Jet-pack with light armor plating, making it heavier but much harder to damage or accidentally start

Appearance: 5' 10’’; Strong, stout build but still fast and agile; Brown hair is ‘buzz-cut’ high on the sides and back in a military fashion, but the top is rather long; Usually has a short growth of beard as well; Low, menacing brow with dark eyes

Personality: Calm under pressure; Very blunt and to the point with outsiders, but easygoing and cheerful with Clanmates and friends; Extremely protective of those close to him

Ship: Blood Hawk Modified StarViper Assault fighter; upgraded Hyperdrive, Laser cannons replaced with six long barrel Mass driver cannons (which fire a energized projectiles that pass through shields unhindered)

This Rebel blockade is getting annoying… thought Ralin as he sat in the darkness of the ‘Hawk’s’ cockpit observing the ship’s sensor readings. 

He’d been planet side to interview for a MercOp for the Imperials…but the officer who’d requested him here got vaped by a precision orbital strike from one of the MonCal cruisers in atmo.  Seemed like a perfect place to earn some credits from the Imperials, but most of the officers he’d had a chance to talk to were far more interested in turning the property they’d ‘acquired’ during the occupation into credits… and then escape.  Although patrols and order was still being maintained on the streets by the Stormtroopers on the ground, the higher level officer corps was in total disarray.

Some heads will roll when the Imperial fleet arrives to clear this mess up Ralin mussed passively.

Rumor had it that Boba Fett was here as well; though not ‘stuck’ here as most others were.  As nearly always, he was in pursuit of a bounty.  Even this hole in the galaxy wasn’t a place to hide from that one.  That strill would hunt a bounty into the Emperor’s bed chamber if he had to.  That visual image brought a slight grin to Drakus’s lips.  He’d only met the famed hunter once before; on Mandalore before Ralin had earned his Father’s armor years ago.     

Time to stretch my legs I suppose… maybe I should look Boba up.  Would be interesting to see if he recognized me after all this time, and for him to see how his guidance worked out..

Grabbing his carbine from the weapons rack on the starboard-side bulkhead, Ralin walked out the loading hatch and started for the city.

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Fett Bait

Xeldor walked through the crowded city, trying to avoid attention. It was a little hard, since he was wearing Clone and Mando armor, but Fett would probably not be around this part of the city. Xeldor was in the area that held the higher class, such as Mon Mothma, and the regional Governor. Xeldor turned his head, and saw Mandalorian armor.
"Not Fett..." Closer inspection showed that it wasn't Fett, but instead, another Mando trapped planet side. "Better hope he's friendly to vode..." One shout could either get Xeldor caught by Boba, or help to get away. "Black armor means justice, and there is no justice served when one Mando captures another...Ner vod!" The figure turned, and the way his blasters were holstered, reminded him of Jango Fett.

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

Re: Fett Bait

Ferla saw more skiff guards and fired. They then fell and died.

" Easy Peazy! " said Ferla, holstering it.

He continued to find a vessel.....................

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Re: Fett Bait

“Ner Vod!” came a voice over the crowded intersection. 

Ralin’s head jerked left in the direction of the sound, his right hand hidden from view and firmly gripping his heavy blaster.  The stranger was clad in a mix of Republic clone armor and Mandalorian Beskar’gam.  Despite the yell in the crowded place, Ralin noticed the man made his way carefully closer, sticking to crowds and walking in a distracted way that indicated he was watching much more then just where he was going.  And who might be hunting you?……I wonder

“Good to see a vod on this backwater world” the man said when he finally came close.  He cradled an E-11 in his both arms, finger caressing the trigger guard somewhat nervously.  His Mandalorian helm was old and scared; it had been passed down many generations…or had been claimed from a forgotten battlefield and sold to the highest bidder…

“You called me ‘ner vod,’” Ralin nearly growled.  “Are you Mando’ade?”

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Re: Fett Bait

"Yes...I am Mandalorian. My helmet was passed down from family generations, and it once belonged to Mandalore the Ultimate. The Rebellion found me on Mandalore, and wiped my memory, and stole my armor. I recovered my memory when I found my helmet, but I never recovered the rest of my armor. As you'll notice this new set..." The stranger was deffinitely not a Fett, but he did seem familiar.

"Anybody can lie about stolen armor..." the Mando snarled.

"Candosii, vod. If I am not Mando'ade, then how would I know the language? My father taught it to me, before he was killed. Your armor means justice. Wouldn't you find it an injustice not to help a fellow vod?"

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

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Re: Fett Bait

Name: Uriel Kreigan (Yeah yeah stole the 1st name from WH40k, and oblivion but whatever.))
Species:Firrerreo/human hybrid. Has the eyelids and canines.
Affiliation: Unknown

Weapons:Double bladed vibrostaff, force pike, Heavily modified HK-5897 Terentarek Disruptor pistol Shot capacity, 16 per clip (High power) 30 per clip (med power) 50 per clip. (stun) Many concealed vibroblades. Two low powered stun-only blasters on wrist mounted consoles, wristblades on each. Grapling hook on left wrist, datapad on right console (think predator for design)

Appearance: Tall, muscular with short blond hair and grey eyes. Wears Black and red Emperor's royal Guard armor, with a kama type thing. The jumpsuit kama and cape are red, armor is black, with an old republic emblem in silver on chest plate. Helmet: http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images … esgold.JPG but black metal tubes are silver and so is visor.

History:Uriel Was a former guard, but defected and is being pursued by the empire, when he isn't hired by them as a bounty hunter and mercenary.

Personality: Uriel is usually silent, leading many to believe that his throat was cut by another bounty hunter who pursued him for the empire. This is true, however there was little damage to the vocal cords and they were repaired. When he does speak his voice sounds similar to that of Jango Fett, however harsher and more raspy. He is quick to act. He tries to be prepared for a fight all the  time, and rarely lets his guard down.

Uriel walked through the streets of the city, the crowd eying him uneasily. They perhaps believed him to be a servant of the emperor, which he was not. he despised the emperor, believing him to be a horrid example of a leader, even for a sith, which he knew him to be. He did, however, hate the rebels even more. The Empire may be bad, killing entire worlds and species, but they were strong, perhaps if the current emperor was killed, it could be better. If the rebellion won the war and a new enemy emerged, they would not have the military might to defend their people.  At least the Empire could do that. He shrugged, and continued on. He was here on a bounty. One that Boba Fett was looking into, unlike Boba however his employer was not from the Empire. It was a man who had seemed to wish to speak with his target, rather then kill him. Odd.

After a while of pushing through the crowd, he saw something. His target perhaps? Speaking to another mandalorian warrior. No matter. He saw the target, and he approached. At a suitable range he put his blaster on stun and shot into the air, causing the civilians to panic. He aimed his gun towards the target. "Well I was under the assumption that you would be hard to catch. Remove all weapons from your person and come quietly. My client wants you alive."

"You mean the Empire?"

"No not at all Vython. If I was here for the Empire I would have shot you already. Now get to it."

The other mandalorian reached for something and Uriel raised the power to 'high', switching hands and pointing one of his wrist stunners at Xeldor. "Do you want to die Mando?" he hissed. " Live to fight another day and stay out of this."

((I have a bit of a plan for making this relevant to the plot, you may have to go with Uriel though...))

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Re: Fett Bait

"Yes, I suppose I will follow you. I need some entertainment. Pull a gun on me again, though, I will give you a horrific death. Ner vod, stay in comm." Xeldor passed the Mando a short range comm., and left with the Hunter.

"If you serve the Empire, they kill you. The Rebellion will kill you. Pick one side, or my side."

"I swear by the soul I don't have, I am going to kill you."
―Boba Fett

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Re: Fett Bait

"Well I dont think your in the position to be making demands of me." Uriel rasped. "And as of now you will not speak, or I will shot you and make the trip to where were going as uncomfortable as possible." A speeder with a man in it sat near by, and Uriel shoved Xeldor into it, pointing his gun at the driver. "Get out." The driver fearfully obeyed, and Uriel drove away, eventually pulling up at a rather nice house. He dragged Xeldor out, shoving him through the door. They were greeted by an older man, who quickly stopped yelling when he saw Xeldor. "Ah, it seems you found my guest, Kreigan. "Guest?" Xeldor asked.  "All will be explained in time, sir. Let me ask. Are you comfortable with assassinations? I serve the Alliance to restore the republic and there are high ranking imperial personnel here. We would pay you a good amount of money to help us be rid of them. It could help us remove the garrison from the planet. We do not want them here. The same offer goes to you Kreigan and anyone else who will help."

Uriel spoke quickly "How much are you paying." He may have hated the Rebelion but if they payed him he would work with them.

((is this acceptable if not, i'm sure I can think of something.))

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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