Topic: Canderous Ordo action figure?

Has there ever been or does anyone know of plans to release a Canderous Ordo action figure? Vor entye in advance for those who respond.

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Re: Canderous Ordo action figure?

Heres the closest thing to it: … mp;start=0

Re: Canderous Ordo action figure?

welcome to the BFFC, mand'alor1. i'm sure they'll release a few more EU figures, as that seems to be the popular mainstream release. if not, you could always write to hasbro and those guys, complaining for more KotOR (it's what i would do if i could, but i don't know their mail address).

Re: Canderous Ordo action figure?

I think its likly they'll make one, they made Malak, revan, Mandalore the whatever his name is, and darth some guy

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Re: Canderous Ordo action figure?

Id love it if there was a Canderous Ordo figure. I'd love it if I got my hands on the above mentioned figures too. They are coming out with a Revan mighty mugg now though.

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