Topic: Qui-gon vs Luke.

Theyre two of my favorite Jedi.

                I pick Quagon.

                     Who do you think would win?

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Re: Qui-gon vs Luke.

Wow, I hadn't even gotten that far. It was just a jumble of gibberish for me. No clue. Depends on which time period Luke we're talking about.

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Re: Qui-gon vs Luke.

Its the Luke from Return of the Jedi.

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Qui-Gon beats all Lukes.

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At once.

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Qui-Gon. He has to be one of the more powerful of Jedi. Qui-Gon possesed fenesse and delacy, where as Luke was brash and rough around the edges ( when it comes to lightsaber forms and combat skills.)

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Re: Qui-gon vs Luke.

I hate them Qui-Gon

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I think hes awesome

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Re: Qui-gon vs Luke.

If you're talkin Ep. VI Luke or younger, I'd say Qui-Gon would own him.  EU Luke.....havn't read much, but he seems to get away with some pretty amazing/stupid crap, so not sure

But yeah, I'm with Adeputs, Qui-Gon be Awesome... best actor in Ep. I by far me thinks

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