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Topic: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Welcome to Geridarr chosen ones. I shall say this once: This RPG is by MY INVITATION ONLY. I have already notified who has been chosen, but if you deem yourself worthy, email me at Valthonin@hotmail.com.

Iran, 1939

Hamid did not understand. He didnt not know why, how in the world this was possible. The sun baked the desert around them. Even the scorpions and snakes took shelter today. The heat blinded you, weighed you down like a boulder upon your shoulders.....and yet.....this man kept his leather jacket on.

They had been trekking for several hours now. Hamid had drank nearly all his water now. Each of them had 4 canteens. Hamid was down to his last one. The American had only taken 5 to 6 sips from his first canteen. Hamid had lived in this region all his life, and yet this man had bested him in the desert. Truly an amazing feat. At this point Hamid could not see anything but the heat waves that radiated from the desert floor. In every direction it all looked the same to him.

The American raised his arm and pointed into the distance. Pff...a mirage. Hamid thought. he peered towards the direction he pointed and could just barely see it. The stone monolith that rose from the desert sand. It was like none Hamid had ever seen. It did not display the typical architecture of the usual Mesopotamian ruins of this area. The stone was a dark grey, nothing like the granite in nearby quaries. So the American was right. An unkown ruin of pre-Mesopotamian origin. It was truly a great archaeological find. Not that it mattered to Hamid. If it meant a bigger pay off then he would love it as well.

It took another hour to actually reach the monolith. The rode around the structure until they found the entrance.

"I said no camels." The American said as he eased himself off the camel.

"I'm sorry, but horses wouldn't last the journey. They would need more water than the both of us." Hamid said. Heh, dont know everything, do you? He thought.

Hamid got off his own camel and followed the American. The entrance was a large stone door on the side of the structure, which looked very much like a ziggurat. But it was made of a different material than the usual ziggurats. And the top was not made for an altar or for services like the Mesopotamian ziggurats. It was definitely different.

They walked through the hole in the door that had been blown open by grave robbers already. The American handed him a torch that he lit with a lighter. Hamid was on torch duty now...fantastic. They made their way through the barren grey stone hallways. At first, there was nothing. No carvings, heiroglyphs...nothing. Just the odd grey stone, possibly some type of granite not from around here. Which raises the question of how it got here.

They finally came upon a fork. One path led upwards, the other down. They went up first. Eventually the path upward opened up to the top of the odd, grey pyramid like structure. The came out into the sun again and looked at the floor. There was a large circle in the middle with an umbrella pattern that looked as if it would open up. To let something in or out was unknown. The American knelt down and felt the grooves.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." He said

"What?" Hamid asked, worried now. He had never seen anything like this in his carrer of taking tourists to ruins.

The American didnt answer. He just readjusted his fedora, stood up, and went down into the passage again. Hamid followed hurrily.

They went down once more and came upon the fork again. Hamid would have been happy to just go out the exit path, but the American went down this time. Hamid followed. they spent more time going down then when they went up. The path just continued to spiral down, another odd point. There were no spiral paths in most ancient ziggurats. Then suddenly, a dead end. The wall they had come across held the only ornate carving in the entire structure. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … astika.jpg (The swastika in the center is complete.)

Hamid peered at it in wonder. The American turned to Hamid.

"Nazis....I hate these guys." He said and turned back to the carving. He reached into his satchel bag and withdrew something wrapped in a cloth. He unwrapped it and Hamid stared at THAT in wonder as well. It was a medallion made from some kind of metal that resembled platinum but looked like it could shatter a diamond. It was in the shape of a swastika within a circle. Yet it was not modern enough to have been made by Nazis. It seemed ancient. The American took the torch from Hamid and lit up the carving. He carefully placed the medallion into the carving and Hamid grew excited and nervous....yet nothing happened. Hamid was about to say something when suddenly a rumble sounded from above and the wall began to slide upward. The American was right again.

He walked under the rising secret door and Hamid followed, but stopped under the rising wall. He looked towards the American, then peered towards the other side of the wall where the medallion now lay embedded into the carving....could fetch a nice price. Hamid reached around as the door rose and grasped the medallion. He popped it out.

"NO!" The American yelled and Hamid turned to him, medallion in hand.

"Wha-" Hamid said before BAM squish.


Indiana Jones shook his head and walked up to the door that had now slammed down onto Hamid. Hamid's arm stuck out from the bottom, medallion in hand. Indy crouched down, torch in hand and looked at it. He went through hell to get it, he might as well get it back.

"Fiimaan illaah" Indy said and took the medallion from Hamid's dead hand.

He stood and turned to face the new chamber he had walked into. He had to act quick, the Nazis were aware that he had taken the medallion from them and they were on his tail. He looked at the palm sized medallion in his hand made from the strange metal. he reached into his bag and brough out a chain that he put the medallion on. He locked the chain and put the medallion back into his bag.

The chamber was very big, yet simple. Columns led from the entrance, where Indy stood, to the raised platform in the center of the chamber. A beam of light shown down upon the platform, it was noon and the sun was right above. The umbrella shape on the roof and opened up to allow the light in. Indy tossed the torch aside and walked up to the raised platform, his steps echoing. He rose the little flight of stairs and looked down at the floor, where another circle resided.

Within the circle was...a pool? It was a little pool about 3 feet in diameter of some starnge shiny blue liquid that moved despite no wind or surf. There was this light, aura sound that resonated from the pool. What the hell are the Nazis up to this time. He thought. He knew they were looking for this place, but he didnt know what was in it. Nor did the Nazis. All everyone knew was that it was tied to the ancient symbol of the swastika, and its true origin and meaning.

Indy kicked a pebble into the pool. The rock stayed on its surface for a moment, then it was sucked in. Indy knew exactly what this was at that point: a portal.

He stepped down from the platform and observed the rest of the chamber. Nothing interesting. His only exit closed....No way out. Indy was in trouble, he did NOT want to have to go through the portal. Too much of a gamble there. He then noticed something at the other end of the chamber, opposite the entrance. He took the torch from the floor and went up to it. Strange he hadn't noticed it when he first walked in...

They were pictographs. Excellent, Indy needed more info. It was one big illustration. At the bottom it showed a structure, just like the one Indy was in. A beam shot from the top of it, and in the beam was a humanoid figure, travelling through it. The beam lead to another circle which was surrounded by other figures. Some humanoid, others....not. They all faced what looked like a castle. Atop the castle was a great figure that was definitely greater in size to symbolize power. The figure had an orb in his left hand while his right hand pointed towards the masses.....

"What the hell is going on here." Indy thought and stepped away from the pictograph. That was all it showed. It was also very well done, and yet showed very little detail. Just like the rest of the structure he was in. It was all so simple, as if it was done hastily. Or if no one really cared about it. Well atleast the grey stone was very durable and had lasted this long.

Suddenly the pool fluctuated. An odd water like sound sloshed from the pool. Indy turned to it and then the umbrella opening began to slowly close. he was in trouble now. He was going to get trapped in here. He ran up to the pool which was now flowing visciously, yet not coming out of the circle. Indy thought quickly for a moment.

"Here goes nothing." He stepped onto the pool and it held his weight for a moment, then he was sucked in and shot upward.



Name: Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr.

Age: 40

Realm: Earth from the Indiana Jones realm. One year after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Species: Human

Armament: Webley Green revolver


Everyone has to email me their sheets before they post their sheets so we can set them up. Make it in this format. You MUST include a picture of your character. The intro of your characters will be different from Indy's, same portal sequence however. But the portal will open up beneath you while your character is doing w/e you want him/her to be doing. Indy is a special case. That is all the info on the RPG at this time. Our characters know nothing of what is going on. More will be discovered as you play on...much, much more. Email me, people. Messenger is preffered. I have already told all if not most of you what this RPG is about, so prepare accordingly.

This RPG is about select indivisuals who are taken from their realms and brought to one realm in which a tournament is taking place. This tournament is not a one on one battle with characters, its like one big Zelda game where we are each a different Link. There is one Boss who is controlling everything and overseeing the tournament. More will be revealed about him later on. The winners of the tournament get to become a Champion of Geridarr, powerful individuals who get to govern a one of the many realms that the Boss controls. Those that refuse to take part in the tournament are stuck in the realm. Those that rebel are destroyed. You can be ANYONE you want. However, overly powered characters will be altered so there is fairness in the RPG.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Name:  Gorfin (GORF-in)

Race:  Eskelion (Ess-KELL-ee-on)

Sex: Male

Age: 56 (Mid 20’s in human years)

Occupation:  First Mate on a mercenary ship

Appearance:  Loosly based off of this image.  Yes it is a protoss.
Stands about 7’ tall.  They have no head-tail.

Personality:  Eskelions as a whole are very haughty.  They look down on other races as inferior often and it does get them into trouble at times.  Gorfin is a bit more accepting of others being the he is a first mate on a generally human ship.   His people remain passive and try to gain as much knowledge as possible but due to events in his home realm they have been forced to take an aggressive stance.  They have adapted very well to their current situations with many of them becoming mercenaries and bounty hunters.

Special Abilities:  The Eskelion is a very unique race.  They have no mouth and communicate purely telepathically.  They have all sorts of telepathic attacks in their arsenal.  These attacks are quite draining physically and are used in desperate situations.  Due to the digitigrade style of feet is suited to long distance running.  Lastly since there is a lack of mouth, the Eskelions absorb nutrients and water through osmosis and diffusion.

Weapons:  The Eskelion weapon of choice is gauntlets that fires energy blasts which are harnessed from their mind.  The blasts can range in blasts from the equivalent to a gunshot, to a charged shot which would tear through anything.  Although blasts like that would immediately exhaust an Eskelion.  The gauntlets also can ignite two psi-swords.  Gorfin is just as deadly with ranged as close-combat.

Armor:  Wears a light armor version of the picture above.  Not so much flair in Gorfin’s armor.  The pauldrons do not jut out past the shoulder as well as the things that jut past the head are not existent.  The leg armor again does not have any spikes or anything of the sort. 


Gorfin surveyed the ruins in front of him.  Things were amiss.  Captain Killron had told the crew that they were to search the ruins for an artifact.  He also mentioned that there was a human presence in the area.  Possibly purists.  Gorfin hated purists.  They believed that the ruling High Inquisitor Kratos was a disgrace to the throne.  Although he did seize the throne in a hostile takeover, such was the way of the ruling powers.  Kratos had every right to rule in the throne as the next ruler. 

The ruins were oddly silent.  Purists weren’t the quite type.  Gorfin addressed the entire crew telepathically. 

“Alright.  We are going to be venturing in there.  As of now we don’t know what we are going for.  But if it’s shiny and glowing I suggest we grab it.”  A few crew members chuckled.  “We know  that there are some purists in the area.  Kill them.  That is all.  Follow me.”  Gorfin wasn’t much of a public speaker.

One of the crew members approached Gorfin.  “Gorf, I don’t like this place.  Something’s wrong.”

Gorfin telepathically talked to him only.  “I know.  Purists aren’t usually so sneaky.  They like to be seen and heard.”  Just as he finished the sentence a purist jumped out right in front of him.  Gorfin didn’t even have take to flinch.  All he saw was the flash of photon and then black.  But this was a different black.  Like a portal.  This wasn’t what he expected death to feel like.  Ah well.  Take what you get.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Krash’nah studied the jungle around him. Standing in the small clearing, he waited for the enemy to show themselves. A sound to his left…in an in instant his plasma caster fired a blue bolt into the undergrowth…but there was nothing. Shifting his gaze back to the right, the Predator’s heat seeking imagery caught something…then the alien charged. Leaping through the air at Krash’nah, the Predator adjusted his sights and blew the creature’s head off.

Ducking away from the deadly blood of his prey as it landed at his feet, he turned and saw two more coming at him. His plasma caster cut one down, and as the other leapt at his, Krash’nah rushed in grabbed the creature and slung it several feet away. Before it could get back to it’s feet, Krash’nah plunged his spear into the creature’s brain.

These will make excellent trophies he thought as he withdrew the spear, leaned back, and roared in triumph.

Suddenly, Krash’nah sensors picked up an threat approaching…a large threat. With spear in hand, he turned and looked into the thick jungle.
With a crash, a Queen Alien broke through into the clearing, trees snapping as she lunged into the clearing.

THIS will be a trophy to be proud of thought Krash’nah has he took aim at the massive creature’s head. Activating the firing mechanism, however, only caused a few sparks from his caster.

Jerking his head to look at the weapon, he saw that some of the acid blood from one of the drones he’d just killed had gotten on the weapon and damaged it’s power core.

Ripping the useless weapon from his shoulder, Krash’nah reached for his spear and activated it, the shaft springing to full length.

Too the death…

Bearing his chest and stretching out his arms, Krash’nah roared defiantly as the Queen snarled back, then both combatant’s charged each other.

Leaping over random debris and the fallen drones, Krash’nah prepared to hurl his spear, hoping to weaken the creature so he'd have a chance to kill it with his wrist blades. Slowing as he took aim, a flash of blue light seemed to explode just in front of him, and was instantly replaced by a pool that formed just in front of him. Before he could stop his heavy frame, he slipped into the cool, gel like liquid, and fell in…


Name: Krash’nah *Custom Predator created by me*

Age: About 30 in Predator years, a skilled veteran

Realm: The Alien vs. Predator alternate Earth Realm, about the same time as AvP:R

Species: Yautja

Gender: Male

Appearance: 7 foot 5 inchs,  AvP:R Predator's lean but strong and agile build, as well as his mask, gauntlets, and wrist blades: http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg173/Ralin_Drakus/aliens-predator-requiem121.jpg

But add the ‘Scar’ chest armor, shoulder-bells, and ‘dread-locks’: http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg173/Ralin_Drakus/ScarPredator.jpg

Weapons: Now is reduced to his spear, wrist blades, and a dagger *like the one in the ‘Scar’ pic, and of course his incredible strength

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The tall man dismounted his cyborg horse, tied its reigns to a post, and walked into the building. This was the central sciences and research facility in the Capital. The man was summoned for questioning of a recent discovery within the building, a sort of door. There were three men waiting for him, one a scientist of some sorts and the other two guards. Behind them was a large, steel door.

"Now, they call you 'D', right? I'm no good with names. I'm Dr. Kroenen, head of this research facility."

The man apparently known as D stood and waited.

"Right. Well, three days ago this door here was found, and from what we've seen, it appears to be a portal. The reason we called you in is because we're not sure if it's a Nobility portal or not."

This is what caught D's attention. There were rumors along the Frontier of portals used by the Nobility to instantly transport themselves across the planet, even to another.

"Have you sent anyone in?"

"Yes, we sent in a squad of four men the other day after we determined it was a portal. No one has come back. All communications have been lost, we're not even sure if it's possible to get back, nothing has come out of it."

D leaned towards the door, and stuck out his left hand over it. Dr. Kroenen watched with interest.


"I'm not sure, this could be a Nobility portal, but it might not be."

"Why do you think it would show up out of the blue?" The two guards snickered at Dr. Kroenen's unintended pun.

"No idea. But I'm sure it's safe to say that this may only happen once every 5,000 years or so."

"That's quite a guess, what makes you so sure?"

"I have my resources."

What Dr. Kroenen and his two lackeys didn't know, was that when D stuck his left hand over the portal, a miniature human face came out, and began to sniff the portal. What this face told D is what lead him to his assumption.

'Well, I can't tell you straight forward what this thing is, D. It has the usual appearance of a Nobility portal, but it hasn't been used in about 5,000 years or so.'

"Well, then why don't you make a sidetrip? Swanson and Flanigan here will accompany you. Take a step through, and come back as soon as you can after you've found out what this thing is."

"What makes you think I want to?"

"I'm leaving you with no choice. I know what you are, dhampir. Rumors from the Frontier come and go with its travelers. And I've got a great clove of garlic sitting in my pocket, it's in an aerosol form, and is very deadly against your type. Please, for science and research and possibly, the fate of humanity and the planet Earth, step into the portal."

The two soldiers opened the door. Just as D was about to walk to it, he was instantly sucked into a blue pool which appeared underneath him, not to be seen again for sometime. http://youtube.com/watch?v=eP-YGHNzuLI& … re=related

Name: D, alias 'Vampire Hunter D'
Age: Appears to be 19, but is in fact over 2,000 years old
Realm: Earth in the year 12,090 A.D. from the Vampire Hunter D realm
Species: Dhampire, a half-human, half-vampire
Gender: Male
Weapons: the parasite in his left hand, http://www.darkfiber.com/eyeinhand/VHD_BL-01_b.jpg and the longsword on his back, http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh33 … unterD.jpg

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Manhattan Harbor, 2009

Ocelot stood ready, it was almost time. Soon he would have Metal Gear RAY, and be rid of Gurlukovich.
The Marine Commander was finishing his speech; the time was now.

"-We the Marines will lead the charge into a new world order, with Metal Gear RAY! That is all, dismissed."
The Commander snapped to attention and saluted the crowd of marines; they followed.

The awkward silence was broken by footsteps, which echoed loudly in the large cargo hold.
"Excellent speech my friend."

"Who the-?" The Commander turned around, puzzled as to who was causing the disruption.

"Gift of the silver tongue, they say it's the mark of a good officer - - and of a liar." Ocelot continued.
"Americans are too in love with the sound of their own voice, to speak the truth."

"Identify yourself!" The Commander barked. A squad of Marines made ready their rifles; now trained on Ocelot.

"I am Shalashaska! Also called Revolver - - Ocelot!"

There was a pause; Ocelot stepped closer, the jumpy marines attempted to move also, but the Commander held his hand up still yet; his troops were not to open fire. "What do you want?"

Ocelot continued to walk closer to them. "This machine will be quite useful."

"What are you planning to do, steal this thing?"

"Steal?" Ocelot stopped. "No, no, I'm taking it back."

There was a long pause. Gurlukovich grabbed the occupied Commander from behind, and put his sidearm to his neck.
The Marines instantly snapped their attention to Gurlukovich; aiming their weapons at him. He backed against the railing away from the armed Marines.

"Nobody move! Understood?" Ocelot said calmly as he walked between Gurlukovich and the squad of Marines.
He pulled out of his coat pocket a detonator, and held it up in the air. "This ship now carries enough SEMTEX on it's key structural points to blow it out of the water - - at the touch of this button."

The Marines moved around uneasily; but kept their aim true.

"That's right - - no one has to die needlessly." Ocelot nodded.

Just then, a squad of Spetsnaz rappelled down and surrounded the Marines; AK-74s in hand.

"We're almost at the target. Get a move on!"

The available troops proceeded to remove the tie-down lines to RAY. It screeched and swayed as if freed from some kind of bondage.

"What do you intend to do with RAY - - sell it on the streets?" The Commander asked, knowing he'd been beaten.

Gurlukovich spoke. "I was raised in Snezhinsk, formerly known as Chelyabinsk - Seventy, the nuclear research outpost."

"What are you talking about?"

"After the Cold War ended, my home was bought out by the Americans."

"Is there a point to this sad story?"

"Not that you would understand...!" Gurlukovich pressed the muzzle of his pistol hard against the side of the Marine's head. "Land, friends, dignity... All sold to the Highest bidder - - the United States of America. Even the technology that gave birth to these weapons is Russian, developed by us!"

"What do you intend to do?" The marine asked again.

"Russia will rise again - - and RAY is the key."

"I regret to inform you I have no intention of selling Metal Gear. As I said, I came to take it back." Ocelot took a few steps towards the Marines and stopped. "Yes - - returned. To the 'Patriots'..."

"The La-li-lu-le-lo!" The Marine Commander gasped. "How's that Possible?!"

"Ocelot, you...!" Gurlukovich yelled. "Have you sold us out?"

"Heh. I was never in your employ, Gurlukovich."

"Are you still in league with Solidus...!?"

"No hard feelings, Colonel. - - Mother Russia can rot, for all I care."

"Since when, Ocelot! When did you turn?"

"I'm glad you noticed comrade. I abandoned 'her' during the Cold War."


"Metal Gear only has room for one!" Ocelot paused for a moment. "Gurlukovich, you and your daughter will die here."

"Damn you!!" Gurlukovich pushed the Marine commander forwards, switching his aim to Ocelot.

Ocelot threw his coat in the air; a glowing blue pool of liquid formed at his feet. Before he knew what happened, Ocelot fell through.


Name: Adamska Shalashaska (Goes by Revolver Ocelot)

Age: 65

Realm: Earth, Metal Gear Solid Realm

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Abilities: Above average agility and stength
(Due to to the grafting of Liquid Snake's right arm in place of his own); Very proficient with revolvers




3 Colt Single Action Army (Calvary Model) Revolvers Chambered in .45 Long Colt


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Gilius Thunderhead

Death Adder had killed Vik, his younger brother. Gilius Thunderhead was able to take revenge on that terrible foe and his army of Skeletons, Orcs and Critters. And he won the Golden Axe, ultimate weapon for this time and age. It was a powerful weapon. Heavy and reliable, the kind Gilius really liked. It was also said that it had some magic powers. It hadn't been the main reason for his quest, he had been seeking revenge. But he was happy he got it. It was the symbol of his victory over Death Adder, and he had the intention of keeping it preciously, even making it his main weapon, if need ever came to fight again.

On the same night, the thankful little people who got released from Death Adder's grasp made a huge celebration in his honor. The warrior was tired, but he couldn't let them down. The bonfire was big and high, visible from afar. There were tons of the roasted chicken he loved so much, with cauldrons of yummy little potatoes. The minstrels would enhance the evening with several songs and dances. Beer and wine were flowing. At some point, Gilius was really starting to feel the sweet buzz from the wine, it was nice. He was surrounded by pretty girls and it felt so good. He was happy, he came close to doze off, but then they started calling everyone for a game. He had to play.

It was a simple game, that he liked to play when he was a kid, "Jump The Fire". Everyone lines up and when it's your turn you have to jump and reach the other side. Easy, when you are in good shape and sober. Hell, he had to try. After fighting like he did, he couldn't fail now. After all, it was just a simple game. So he got up, a bit too fast. The world started spinning... Everyone was watching him and from the crowd he could hear a murmur of disappointment. He won't let them down, so he takes his turn. A few steps back, everyone cheers him as he starts running towards the fire and makes his jump, saying "Never Fear, Gilius Thunderhead is..." but then he trips and falls. In the fire, he though, oh, this is going to hurt...

But no. In front of the crowd's eyes, Gilius didn't get burned and didn't die like they were all expecting, he just... disappeared. Apparently he got sucked in by the fire itself... or maybe by something beneath. They all thought it was black magic. Is Death Adder back again? Everyone got scared; so scared, that they didn't even bother to gather up all they'd brought for the celebration. Tables, seats, all the food, everything got abandoned quickly. The party was over, and their Dwarf friend was no where to be seen.


Name: Gilius Thunderhead


Age: About 40

Right after winning Golden Axe I, game released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis game console.

Species: Dwarf
Gender: Male

Rather short and toughly built, kinda slow but his strength is much higher than most. Doesn't have much of an armor, but his high constitution lets him bear bad hits.

Main weapon:
Golden Axe. Strong magic axe made of gold, it has the power of Earth. Striking it on the ground causes fissures and stuns his opponent for a few seconds, giving Gilius a chance for a better hit or an escape. Striking his enemy with his axe is his strongest attack.

Second weapon:
Horny helmet, can attack by charging like a taurus, but it's a weaker attack and lacks accuracy.

Cast iron and treadmills? Oh yes. Still sculpting me to what I really want to be, and I love it. :)

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Name:  Vanessa Z Schneider

Age: 25

Realm: Earth, the distant future

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Abilities: Essentially human, she extremely lithe and agile. She wears various Aegis suits which enhance her movements and allow her to shoot energy blasts out of her palm. She is also able to perform special moves with her energy drives which fire more powerful blasts. Each blast drains the energy from the suit and it needs time to recharge.



Further information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P.N.03


Vanessa waited behind the cover of the black and steel wall. She heard the robots shifting their weapons, letting off random blasts of fire. She listened to the rhythm of the movements and tapped her foot to it. She spun in a graceful arc and opened fire with her palm shot.

She followed by shifting into a cartwheel and finished off the last two robots. With the room cleared she sauntered forward, she never truly walked, she had the poise of a dancer and the lope to go with it.

In the centre of the room was a wide chute. Vanessa peered down, her eyes covered by her unique sunglasses. She lowered herself into a crouch to look deeper. The architecture changed to stone, indicating that it was from another era. Tilting her head slightly Vanessa heard the whirr of another robot approaching.

Vanessa took a step back and prepared for the robots. They came in firing. Vanessa dodged and rolled, shooting in return.

The first robot shot off a pair of rockets, Vanessa pivoted and suddenly she was zapped into another realm.

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Name: Captain Jack Sparrow

Age: Appox. 30

Job:  Pirate Captain and Lord

Realm: Pirates of the Caribbean,  1700’s (after the first movie, before the second)

Species: Human (Cursed)

Appearance: http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/ADVG/690~Pirates-Of-The-Caribbean-Captain-Jack-Sparrow-Posters.jpg
(Cursed form)
Armament: Pair of pistols and a saber
The Pistols
*saber see 1st image.

Captain Jack Sparrow stumbled down the stairs into the cargo hold of the Black Pearl. It was night, and the crew were all sleeping, save the scant few left on duty on deck. The swaying of the ship rocking on the seas only added to the uneasiness of the Captain on his feet. There was a lurch, and he lost his balance, his arms flailing to catch him back up. Jack caught a beam with one arm and it steadied him long enough to take a swig from the near empty bottle of rum. He ran the old coin back and forth over his fingers as he sat down on a crate to finish the rum.

“Ah that’s a good one mate.” He said to no one in particular. He flipped the coin up, and caught it back in his pocket.

That’s when it happened. Jack fell off the crate.

He jumped back up, looking around, and not seeing anyone grabbed the half full bottle that was on top of a barrel and uncorked in a flourish. “Bottom’s up.” He said out loud to himself. But before the bottle made it to his lips, something unusual happened. An strange hole opened up underneath Jack, and he fell into it.

“ Ah, Buggar." was all he had time to say.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Hellboy had finally arrived at the Sky Temple after weeks of searching for a way to break in.  Hellboy searched through the Temple’s vast, airy chambers, blasting Garoyles out of the way. Each chamber one getting darker and darker the deeper he delved into the Temple’s center. Perspiration made Hellboy’s face slick. He wiped it off with one hand, staining the jacket with sweat, and fired his powerful gun at the last moving Gargoyle in the room.

Evidently nervous, his yellowish eyes tried to penetrate the shadows, but to no avail. He walked until his feet hurt, eyeing his surroundings cautiously as he went. He finally reached the door to the final chamber. The heavy stone door was difficult to open, as were the rest, but he managed it with his powerful arms. Hellboy entered the chamber, looking back and forth to see if any more gargoyles were in here.

Suddenly, an awful laugh permeated through the darkness, echoing off the walls. It sounded like gravel grating against metal, and it hurt Hellboy’s ears.

“Who’s there?” Hellboy asked, his voice cracking. The laugh grew louder, then faded away.

“Your doom!” shouted the voice, and a huge monster-like machine threw itself at him, guns and rockets blazing. Hellboy was in a fight for his life, and this time he didn’t think he could win.

Name: Starscream

Age: Unknown

Realm: Cybertron (Currently in Sky Temple), Transformers Realm

Species: Transformer, Decepticon

Armanent: His arms store heavy weaponry, with a missile launcher carrying six missiles in his left arm and a high caliber machine gun (probably the jet's Vulcan cannon) in his right.

Appearence: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/01/Starscream-2007movie.jpg

Appearence transformed: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/Two_F-22A_Raptor_in_column_flight_-_%28Noise_reduced%29.jpg

Other abilities/Info: The jet's powerful main engines end up on his back, allowing him to leap great heights into the air and take flight, much like a jetpack. They also allow him to control his descent if he transforms out of his jet form in midair. His movements are a combination of acrobatic and avian, grabbing hold of a bridge's bottom to launch himself up into the air and transforming in mid-flight to swoop down upon his prey.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr


The modified IG-100 droids he was training with were quick and responsive. Rightly so, having been programmed to his specifications. One slashed in high and was parried by his blue lightsaber. It responded with a legsweep and a low feint, followed by a mid torso slash. That attack was parried as well.

He became aware of the three other droids moving in at him. He laughed to himself, acknowledging the apparent ability they had to strategize in groups.

<Too bad.> he thought <I do quite well against groups>

He ran in, slashing high with one glowing blade, and low with the other as he closed the distance.

A shimmering blue portal of some sort opened beneath him, giving him barely enough time to engage the repulsorlifts built into his legs. It was too late and after a short high velocity ride through what appeared to be a sort of wormhole, he found himself in a strange place. It was dark and cavernous. The walls and floor were made of stone, similar to the Sith temples of Korriban but strangely different.

As he turned, taking in the strange sights of alien heiroglyphs carved into the stone from floor to cieling. He heard a loud noise. In fact there were several, and he made his way towards one of two exits in the narrow stone hall. walking through, he saw what he thought to be the interior of a strange vessel of some sort. He was unfamiliar with its design, and the more of it he saw the more it confused him. Confusion quickly gave way to his rage. As he walked deeper into the strange ship's interior, he heard the noise, no the noises, grow louder. He most swiftly towards the source.

The narrow hall turned into a large junction. Within the intersection, he turned onto the scene of a battle. Several cyborgs of an unknown, alien design,

fused with organic flesh and other biological systems, were engaged in battle against a group of vicious alien lifeforms.

His rage consumed him as he ran in, activating his lightsabers in blinding vortexes of blue and green. He was swift and merciless. Screams of the alien creatures echoed through the halls. Acid splashed from their entrails, as he sped through, leaving death in his wake. He flipped over backward in an impossible show of agility as one of them snapped at his head with an internal secondary set of jaws. His right lightsaber, the green one, slashed at its neck, carving through with little resistance. He spun himself clockwise, leaping backwards and away.landing behind a group of the alien droids, who'd grouped together in a defensive line. They blasted away with some sort of crude energy cannons, holding back the oncoming beasts.

He heard a massive scream, from deep within the vessel's interior, then the sound of many more of the alien beasts coming towards them. He saw a control panel for what had to be the blast door.

"Fall back!" he yelled to the defending cybernetic organisms. Remarkably they followed his command instantly, many of them blasting away in retreat. As the last of them fell back, he witnessed several of the aliens move towards the deactivated droids, dragging them deeper into the strange ship.

The blast door slammed down.

He turned to the remaining dozen alien cyborgs.

"I am Grievous, warlord of the Kaleesh and Supreme Commander of the armies of the Confederacy. And I am your new Master!"


Name: Qymaen jai Sheelal aka General Grievous
Age: unknown
Realm: Star wars galaxy, planet Kaleesh, Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems of the Clone Wars era. (Currently Boss of the Star Temple)
Species: Kalee
Armament: Lightsabers
Skills/Abilities: Grievous was a cold and calculating general, a brilliant strategist, and a powerful fighter. He was known as one of the greatest Jedi hunters and a collector of the lightsabers of fallen Jedi, which he used in battle with his foes. Grievous hunted Jedi for sport, keeping the four lightsabers of his most powerful victims within his cloak as trophies of his superiority. Taught all seven main forms of lightsaber combat by Dooku, he developed a personalized unorthodox fighting form, involving prolonged lightning-fast flurries and power moves designed to overwhelm his enemies.
Each of his six-fingered arms could split lengthwise in two, thus giving Grievous the ability to use four limbs, each armed with a lightsaber. Able to spin these arms in a whirling storm of deadly lacerating light that few could withstand, he was also able to spin his torso and his wrists in a 360 degree motion at extremely fast speeds continuously, effectively becoming a lightsaber buzz-saw. In addition to this, Grievous had repulsorlifts built into his legs, allowing his feet to double as hands. This would allow him to wield six lightsabers all at once

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Name: Link http://news.filefront.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/link.jpg
Age: Approx. 19
Species: Hylian; think a mix between human and elf... or just look at the picture
Realm: Hyrule (Think Twilight Princess)
Gear: Seen in picture; Master Sword, (EDIT: Mirror Shield rather than the uber cool Hylian shield) Hero's Bow, with Fire arrows.

It was midday; with the sun high in the azure sky, its warming rays shining down upon the now peaceful land of Hyrule.  Sitting astride his horse, Epona, the green-garbed swordsman known to the people as Link took in the calmness of peace.  After many months of suffering under the evil sorcerous thief, Ganondorf, Link believed he was entitled to a little rest and relaxation. 

However, due to the fact that his adventures and feats were known throughout the land, peace for him was hard to find.  Most often or not, it was snatched away by a worried settler or merchant, asking his help in driving off some of Ganondorf's remaining monsters.  And Link never could refuse someone in need...

Today, however, it was neither merchant nor settler that begged his aid.  Rather, it was on of the amphibious folk of Lake Hylia; the Zora.

"Link!  Link!  Thank goodness I found you. The matter is urgent, and our people need your aid again."

Smiling kindly at the worried Zora, Link turned Epona about, and rode towards Lake Hylia.  Normally, he'd love every second of speeding across the fields of Hyrule, but today, with possible danger to a friendly people, he had no time.  His mind was racing as to what the problem could possibly be.  Sure enough, the sizable crowd of Zora at the Lake's shores confirmed his suspicions; the trouble had to do with the Water Temple...go figure.
Dismounting, he jogged towards the monarch of the Zora, and asked him what the problem was.

"Well...we don't rightly know.  You see, recently a couple of our sentries that we posted outside of the Water Temple have vanished.  When their relief tried to find them, they too disappeared."

"So you want me to find them?  Should be easy enough; without Ganondorf's control over them, the monsters that remain are mindless, and are easily defeated." 

He mentally winced; he had meant the last part to stay as a thought within his mind, rather than a part of his assurance speech.  Still, it'd have to do.  Without another word, he slipped his deep blue Zora armour over his trademark green tunic and mail.  Link took a running start, and dove into the tranquil waters of the lake.

With the powers of the Zora armour allowing him to breathe the waters of the lake itself, he focused on swimming down towards the imposing and menacing Temple of Water.  It didn't take long; he was in good shape, and the armour kept the pressure of the depths at bay.  Within minutes, he was inside.  And seconds later, he unwittingly realized what happened to the sentries....

As he swam into the opening that served as a door for the Temple, he failed to notice a section of the wall glowing a lighter colour of blue.  He also failed to notice that that particular portion of the wall swirled in towards itself, like a miniature whirlpool. 

He did notice it, however, when it began to tug him towards it.  And by the time he began to struggle, it was already too late; the eery portal that seemed so at home beneath the waves had gotten ahold of him.  Just as he was tugged through, he felt his Zora Armour tear free of his normal garments underneath, and with it, his resistance to the pressure.  Link fell unconscious, and his limp body was pulled into the portal, unresisting...

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Name: Rogue ( Anna Marie)
Age:   25
Job:  X men member
Realm: Earth ( the not too distant future where mutants have appeared)
Abilities:  Rogue is able to absorb psyches and abilities of individuals or several beings at once. In the case of super powered individuals, she absorbs any extra abilities they might possess. This absorption usually leaves its victim weakened, and sometimes unconscious. Their powers may also be temporarily weakened or removed. This transfer is usually temporary, lasting for a period of time relative to how long contact is maintained. If Rogue holds on to her victim for too long the victim may die. Most often this process happens instantly when Rogue touches someone.
Appearance: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc27/rogue_r/X-men-Rouge.jpg

Rogue walked the halls of the large mansion. It was late and everyone else appeared to be asleep. This was the time that Rogue liked the best of all, where it was quiet and she didn’t have to worry. Well, worry as much. She always had nagging thoughts inside her, some she was certain did not come from herself.  The weight of those that she had touched still lived with in her.  Many years had passed for some, but time didn’t matter. Some now just were a part of her.  She allowed her thoughts to wander, and as they rested on the thought of Gambit, something strange, even strange to Rogue, happened.  An odd hole opened underneath her, all full of spiraling blues and whites. As she fell into the vortex, Rogue  could feel the old memories leave her. She felt the strength and other powers she had gained from Ms. Marvel leave her. She continued to fall, and soon she just felt like Anna Marie, a girl from Mississippi. It was just her once again.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Valthonin = Indiana Jones
Sev Fett = Gorfin
Ralin Drakus = Krash'nah
Fett_II = D
Lord Revan = Revolver Ocelot
terra = Gilius Thunderhead
BFFC-Mel = Vanessa Z. Schneider
Si Titran = Captain Jack Sparrow
Mandalorian Assassin= Link
Mirta Orade = Rogue
Virulent_Messiah = General Grevious (Champion of Geridarr, Guardian of the Star Temple)
Commander Appo = Starscream (Champion of Geridarr, Guardian of the Sky Temple)

Anyone who has not posted can post later and they'll catch up just fine...but dont wait too long.



Indy landed face flat onto a hard, warm stone floor. He was freezing. The trip through the wormhole was like swimming through wet ice. He struggled to open his eyes and move his limbs. He couldn't immediatly. He heard voices...they sounded like snakes who could talk.

"What the hell is he doing here? He's an hour before the scheduled transfer time." Said the first snake-like voice.

"Whatever, he's early. Hand me another Soul Crystal." The second snake-like voice said.

Indy cracked his eyes open. The sun was shining down on him. He looked around. He was in a very large castle courtyard. The castle was made from the same dark grey stone that the ziggurat like structure was made out of. He managed to look behind him and saw a larger version of the water like portal he had found before. Thats probably where he just came from. He rose up on his elbows and looked to his sides. There were two lizard like humanoids standing on either side of him. One had one half of his face made from metal and had a glowing yellow crystal in his hand, and the other had a mechanical arm with razor sharp claws and what looked like a canon sticking out of his chest...

"Oh damn..." Indy mumbled to himself. What the hell had he gotten himself into.

"Alright fleshy, sit up." Lizard man one said, slapping Indy's back with his tail. "It goes on the back of the neck right?" He asked the other lizard

"Yes, make sure it goes into the spine." The other lizard said.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Indy said sliding away from them as the lizard with the metal face and the glowing yellow crystal in his hand neared Indy's spine.

"Look new guy. Either you let us embed this crystal into your spine, or my chest canon here might just go off and color this courtyard with your entrails." The Lizard with the chest canon said. The three didnt move for a moment, each considering their next actions. Indy looked from one Lizard man to the other.....then he made a run for the portal behind him. He sprung up and turned but one of the lizard swung his tail and knocked Indy down again. The swastika emblem clattered out of his bag and onto the floor. The lizard men froze. Then they began to bicer.

"No dont say anything! We gotta make sure the Emperor does NOT find out about this-"
"What are you talking about? He probably just picked up the medallion somewhere in-"
"Ok look, how about we just let him go on his way, and we'll let the Countess know about-"
"YEAH SURE! I'll let you go ahead and march up to the Countess and let her know we screwed up on a transfer with a Champion."
"Alright lets relax here. Lets just move this Champion out of here before anyone notices whats going on. (The Lizard walks up to the bewildered Indy, picks up the medallion and hands it to him. Indy takes it.) I'm sorry about the Soul Crystal thing, Champion. Feel free to go about your business in Geridarr Castle. But you cant stay here, the next wave of contestants is coming though any minute now and we have to make way for them and the Draconian troops coming to assist us."

"Next wave of contestants?" Indy asked

"Yes, the contestants use this same portal to enter the land of Geridarr. Since this portal is only one way, they can't run back up. We fit them with a Soul Crystal and then they go into one of the many doors on the sides of the courtyard here. Inside each one if a room where they are briefed by a hologram of the Countess."

"...What?" Indy said, not understanding a word.

"Alright I guess you're one of the older Champions...are you a Guardian of one of the Emperor's realms or one of his temples...?"

"Look forget it. Look Champion, if you would like to learn more about the new changes to the system, just go into one of those doors over there. The hologram should start up and the Countess should tell you what new around here. Excuse us." said the other Draconian, as Indy now discovered the cyborg lizard men were called. The two Draconians walked away and took their place next to the entrance portal with a stone basin next to them which held many Soul Crystals, ready to be placed into these new 'contestants'. Indy decided to take the Draconian's advice and learn more about this place, since he couldnt just run through the portal anymore.

He looked around the Courtyard made of the near black stone. In the center was the portal. The battlement were patrolled by more cyborg Draconians with menacing looking guns that Indy had never dreamed of. There was one great opening straight ahead of him that lead out of the courtyard, and out to the land of Derigarr beyond. Behind him, on the other side of the courtyard was the actual castle. A fuedal looking structure that had turrets upon its battlements, a few towers, and one great tower rising in the middle above the others. It had an ominous feeling about it, and Indy had the feeling that this was where this 'Emperor' resided.

Indy adjusted his fedora. He really wanted to get out of here... He looked at the silver swastika medallion he held in his hand. It had strangely saved him from getting a crystal embedded in his spine. He picked a door and walked up to it. There were several dozen lining the walls. The doors were metal, and they hissed open when approached. Indy entered the closest to him.

The doors shut and he was enveloped in darkness. A blue figure made of light flicered to life in front of him. It didn't seem alive, it was like a recording. The blue light took the form of a beautiful woman, dressed in a white gown. She had a face of confidence, yet there was pain and longing in her eyes. The hologram faced Indy.

"Greetings interdementional traveler, and welcome to Geridarr. You have been chosen to take part in a tournament of sorts, a tournament against the greatest beings of all the realms in existence. You being one of them. The winners of this tournament become Champions of Geridarr, and by default are appointed by Emperor Raistlin Majere as a guardian. There are two types of guardians, a Temple guardian and a Realm Guardian. A Realm Guardian governs one of the many realms that the Emperor controls. The Temple Guardian is the protector of the various temples that are scattered across Geridarr. Each temple holds a key which is combined with the keys of the other temples to open the main door to Geridarr Castle. When you enter the caslte, I will take you to the Emperor and there you will be given your mantle as Champion of Geridarr, and appointed to one of the Guardian positions.

Now, to enter each temple, you must first find a way to the door by your own accord. The Sky Temple currently being the most difficult to get to due to its location floating in the clouds. Then, you must have a Soul Count equal to or greater than the number above the entrance to the Temple. If not, you will find that your Soul Crystal will not allow you entrance. Your Soul Crystal is your passport to the land of Geridarr, and it tells you what your Soul Count is. Your Soul Count raises for each being you defeat, whether it be a contestant, a Guardian, or one of the countless minions inhabiting Geridarr. The inhabitants of the safe zone cities do not count however, and any fighting or killing in the safe zone cities will result in severe punishment.

You may wish to return to your own realm. That will not be granted to you unless you have won an audience with the Emperor. If you rebel, you will be destroyed by the Draconian forces. That is all for now. Take caution in the lands of Geridarr, for the plains, deserts, forest and mountains are inhabited by blood thirty minions as well as many other contestants trying to win their freedom or power. I suggest to first head to the desert safe zone of Tesba, as it is the closest to Castle Geridarr. There you should find out more information about the first temple, the Spirit Temple. If you have any questions, it would be best to ask someone at Tesba, for the Draconians do not care for your well being and would likely vaporize you for bothering them. Good luck."

With that, the hologram fizzled out, and the doors hissed open. Indy took in what had just been said.
"Jesus..." he said as he turned around and looked out the door. It seems the first contestants of the new wave were coming through....


Get it? Got it? Good. If not, read it over and over again till you get the rules. More to come, no one do anything stupid while I'm gone. I couldn't do any more due to lack of time. Sit tight everyone, the journey to Tesba is going to be insane.

Those looking to join, dont worry, theres still time. Post your stuff the way its supposed to be done and thats it. No rush.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Gorfin suddenly found himself on the ground.  This wasn't what the prophets said the afterlife to be.  It was an extremely cold trip.  Death was cold though.  Something was amiss.  He struggled to his feet.  Some lizard-men were heading toward him.  And they meant business.  He immediately ignited his psi-blades. 

"This ones hostile.  Tag him."

A tazer shot out from one of the arms of the lizard-men.  A painful jolt sent Gorfin to the ground.  He couldn't move.  All of his muscle functions were non-responsive.  He tried a psychic attack.  Not even that.  This jolt shut down basically all brain functions. 

One of lizardmen approached him with a crystal.  Gorfin tried to move away but to no use.

"I hope this hurts."

He placed the crystal against the base of Gorfin's neck and a smell of burning flesh filled the room.  His flesh.  But as he had no mouth no sounds were heard.  Telepath or not, these guys were sure to hear his screams in their heads.  Eventually the pain stopped.

"I'll..kill...you for....this."

"A telepath eh?  I look forward to it."

Two of them grabbed Gorfin and dragged him to a room.  They propped him up in a chair. 

"You should have motor functions back momentarily."  They left and the door locked behind them.  Finally he managed to move his arm to feel the back of his neck.  A sharp pointed objected was protruding.  The crystal was a part of him now.  A hologram appeared.  The subject was a Terran female.  She explained to him what was going on.  Ah.  So he wasn't dead.  Just away.  In this Geridarr place.  Fine.  He would play by their rules.  For now.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Space and time warped around Ocelot; the streaked black wormhole came to an end. He was spat out from thin air onto a warm stone ground; his duster followed. He felt oddly cold; ice crusted his moustache.  Something was very strange, stranger than he'd ever seen. It beats the experiences from his days in the GRU with Volgin.


Ocelot picked himself off the ground, grabbing his coat; two large skulking figures came up behind him, grabbing his left and right arms. He almost tried CQC, but the had a very tight grip on him.

“We don't want any trouble from you, human; this won't take long.” One of them hissed.

Ocelot looked at them both over his shoulder to find the figures were; what he put together in his mind; man-like cyborg lizards.

...?!... Ocelot only thought he'd seen the abnormal, but this was beyond him.

“Now hold still.”

“For what?!”  The other lizard put a 'hand' on the back of Ocelot's head, sliding a glowing, opaque yellow crystal into the top of his spine.

It felt more awkward than painful, as if some presence left him; his mind felt free.
“What is going on here?!” He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the crystal protruding from his skin.

“Now human, come,” The lizard men escorted Ocelot to one of dark, polished metal doors lining the courtyard’s perimeter. “The ‘Countess’ will explain.”

He was nudged forwards to the door, which opened when he got close enough. Ocelot looked over his shoulder at the two, then walked inside. He sat down in the simple metal chair centered in the room; a hologram flicked to life in front of him. Ocelot assumed this was the ‘Countess’ the lizards referred to. He drew his revolver and spun it as the hologram began to speak.

…so it begins…

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Link was cold.  And sore.  The weird pool of water had deposited him very unceremoniously onto the cold, unforgiving stone of a castle courtyard.  He leaped to his feet, and drew his sword.  Standing before him were two lizard-like creatures, that resembled the evil Lizalfos of his realm.  With a  yell, he charged them...

And wound up on his rear, seeing little colourful birdies circling around in front of his eyes.

"This one has spirit.  He should be interesting to watch.  Tag him, and send him through."

Link tried to struggle, but whatever they had hit him with rendered him immobile.  They were obviously powerful sorcerers.  He felt a searing burning pain that defied all previous assumptions of the feeling as they imbedded something into the base of his neck.  He screamed in agony, eliciting laughter from the monsters in front of him. 

He was then dragged along by the sorcerers, who led him to a room with a chair, which they forced him down upon, before leaving.  An image of a woman appeared, and began to speak.  LInk quickly realized that he would have to understand the rules of this kingdom if he was to hope to survive, and return.  He sat back, and listened....

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Jack could almost tell that it was cold as he fell, but focused on not dropping his rum. He landed hard on a stone courtyard. He moaned, laying on his stomach, being none to swift about standing or even to look around. He felt a pair of hands touch the back of his neck, and then a pinch.

"Hey! Whats the big idea?" he shouted finally turning around.

Jack was face to face with some rather odd looking fellows in his opinion.

"Time to go meet the countess." one said. Jack just stood there, in shock, still clutching his bottle. So with that one of the creatures picked him up and threw him into a room.

"Wow this must have been one strong batch of rum." Jack said aloud to himself. "I think I like it." and he flashed a grin.

A beautiful women began to talk, and Jack didn't bother to hear a word she said. Instead he took the last drops of rum that managed to still be inside the bottle. And thusly, and unceremoniously fell asleep.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Krash’nah dark and cold blue surroundings suddenly changed as he fell hard onto a dark stone floor in a sunny courtyard.  His mask mounted sensors had been going crazy before, making him all but blind during the icy cold fall through space, but now came back to life.  There were two creatures standing near and just behind him, with many more in the near vicinity. 

Krash’nah lay motionless for a time, first out of necessity, as he was totally disoriented.  But his senses began to return just as the two creatures moved toward him…

As the first slapped down a clawed hand on Krash’nah’s left shoulder, the Predator rolled away slightly and jabbed his wrist blades into the cyborg’s thigh.

In an instant, before he had a chance to withdraw his blades and attack the other creature, Krash’nah felt a paralyzing jolt surge through his body from behind.

“HAHA!  He got you!” laughed the second cyborg. 

“SHUT UP!” hissed the other as he angrily grabbed a glowing crystal from a nearby chest and limped back over.  “I’ll make SURE this hurts…”

More of the reptilian creatures came and pulled Krash’nah to his knees and held him by his outstretched arms.  A burning pain thrust into the top of the Predator’s spine.


Slumping over, head down as he was dragged away, Krash’nah all but blacked out.  A stone doorway slid open as they approached, and he was propped in a chair.

As he began to feel movement again in his limbs, the projection of a human female appeared before him.  The dialect he recognized from an early hunt he’d gone on in his youth, though he’d never learned the language…….but strangely he could understand it.

As the female spoke, Krash’nah was in disbelief.  How could such a thing be possible??

When the projection faded from view, he turned and saw a doorway open. 

Whatever this place is…the hunt to find the escape starts now.

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Vanessa landed in a crouch, her head was freezing but her Aegis had modulated the temperature of her body that was concealed beneath its unique design. She stood and flexed her arms, then touched her head to touch her ice encrusted hair.

At that moment two lizards approached her. She tilted her head slightly but said nothing, she wondered if the robots had been replaced by the beings before her. The lizards tried to grab her but she danced away from there. “What do you want?” Vanessa asked.

“You’ve got to hold still lady,” one of the lizards said.

“Why I don’t think your intensions are good,” Vanessa commented.

“You need to have this,” he held up a yellow crystal, “inserted into your spine.”

Vanessa raised a brow, “My suit has exclusive rights to that.”

The lizards looked at each other. “What do we do now?”

“Maybe we can merge it into the suit?” The other suggested.

Vanessa looked from one to the other, “Why do I need this crystal?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” the lizards said as they managed to grab her and shove her head downward.

Vanessa didn’t feel anything but her body responded to the suit’s invasion. She shook her head, “Somehow I don’t think ‘thanks’ are in order.” Before she could continue on the lizards dragged her to a courtyard and an image appeared before her. “Great, more chatter.”

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr


It had been some time since General Grievous had made the Star Temple his home. He didn't know when he'd return to his realm. He'd been training hard for his first engagement against the Republic on Geonosis. He wasn't sure if the CIS would carry on without him. Perhaps they would, the war would not wait for him.

He'd had plenty of opportunity to satisfy his bloodlust here, though. His exploration of the Star Temple had given him great insight on his role here. He began by tasking his new minions, cyborgs he learned were from an alternate dimension of a place called Earth, where droids ruled at the hands of an entity called Skynet, to gather what they could to increase their numbers. Now he had several hundred of the t-100 terminators, as they called themselves. They roamed the Star Temple in search of intruders.

Of course they had their own problems. They quickly learned that the alien xenomorphs had been busy increasing their numbers as well. It had become a major problem when they'd somehow adapted the t100 cybernetic tech into their own physical structures, improving their abilities.

General Grievous periodically led skirmishes to deal with their numbers. These skirmishes would always end with the General and his cadre falling back behind safe lines when overwhelmed. By now he was tired of it, and knew that soon, others would come to the Star Temple.

He hungered for a worthy group of opponents.,,

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Name:Kane Bishop
Gender: Male
Species: Human (slight mutation)
Realm: Earth (future)
Occupation: Mercenary

Weapons: M26 Lancer assault rifle(Looks and behaves like the Lancer from Gears of War). Taurus Raging Bull with laser sight. Smoke and Flashbang Grenades,

Appearance: head is shaved, multicolored eyes, one a redish orange, the other a incredibly light blue Rebreather makes him sound like Boba Fett's original voice. Without sounds like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … es/086.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … es/091.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … es/089.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … es/090.jpg

Armor: Suit is hydra mercenary group issue, camo customized and helmet custom as well. Can fold into armor like the armor in Lost In Space (not the series :P) , giving user maximum protection,and high mobility, modified to help regulate body temperature, visor has hud, mask is rebreather for hazardous environments. Built in music player (see my playlist for reference)

Powers: Can create fire and ice, though his power is very dangerous to him, as creating fire lowers his body temp and creating ice does the opposite, he is not skilled with his power, and rarely uses it as it could kill him.

Personality: Quiet and usually detached does what he is ordered to do. Calculating.

In 2143 President Johnathan Mitchel passed the Arms For Hire act, enabling the armed forces of the United States of America to request mercenary aid when needed. As a result of this, other countries soon passed similar acts. Companies began to rise, mercenary armies were formed by former soldiers. One of the major corporations was also one of the original. Hydra corporation became one of the most powerful companies in the world. The three headed dragon became a common symbol. Like their logo the corporation itself had three heads. Reconnaissance, Intelligence and Assault.  Reconnaissance served as spies and assassins, Assault served as a combat group ranging in everything from infantry to attack helicopters. Intelligence agents rarely were up for hire, mainly serving as handlers for recon and assault agents.   However only one of many. Hydra found business to be very good as war began to break out in the Russian claimed middle east.


"Sir, receiving request for mercenary aid."

"Who and where?"

"79th infantry, Baghdad. They ran into some real hard stuff with the Russians. Armored division."

"Request granted."

"Who should we send sir?"

"Someone from Hydra, they usually tend to do a good job. Whos available?"

"Quite a few. This isnt much of a job. Just help storm a few bunkers. 'Borrow' some anti-tank weapons from the ruskies."

"So maybe a rookie then? Tell me more about Kane Bishop."

"Yes sir, Hasn't been with Hydra very long. Good accuracy rating. Knows what hes doing apparently. Tier five mutant."

"What can he do?"

"Elemental, fire and ice, but he isnt developed."

"Well it looks like he has potential. Send him in."

"Yes sir."

1000 hours, Baghdad USSR (Formerly Iraq) Slayer Assault Craft. Carrying Mercenary Personnel.  En route to Landing Zone.

Kane leaned against the wall, listening to the engines of the dropship humming, eyes closed. He was bored, the pilots weren't very talkative. He supposed that was good though, they were focused. It was a good thing he had his handler. One of the thousands of faceless intelligence officers. What he didn't understand however was why most of them were female. Or so it seemed. He only had experience with two handlers. He preferred his current to the one he had on his first two missions. The first one, Jennifer was quite serious about, well everything. She was good at her job. But she didnt seem to get out much. However his current handler was more of a friend then a co-worker.

"You know you still owe me a beer Heather."

"Well I've practically saved your life eight times. Doesn't that count?"

"No, I want my beer as soon as I get back to the base."

"Well what about the beers you owe me?"

"I dont owe you anything."

"Yes you do. Now shut up."

Almost on cue the red light blinked to green, and the hatch dropped. The dropship was hovering above a street, the gunship covering them was nearby. Kane's helmet deployed, the visor sliding into place and giving him the comforting view of his tactile HUD. He hooked onto the rope jumping from the ship and sliding down to the ground. Showtime.

1500 hours. Engagement zone Baghdad USSR

"I've got the package. Any more sudden changes to my objectives?"

"Negative get to the extraction zone. Should be fairly quick."

"Got it. Moving."

Kane checked his HUD's map, he was very close to the extraction zone. And thanks to the UAV on station above him feeding him live images and a tactical overlay he could see the tank that was blocking his way before he rounded the corner. "Uh. Heather. Snag."


"Hostile armor."

"I see it calling in A-16s now."

About fifteen minuets later two A-16s, descendants of A-10s came in. Their weapons opened up spraying the tank with hundreds of high velocity explosive shells. The tank was no more.


"Thats my job. I think you owe me another beer."

"I dont owe you any beers. I thought I told you that."

"Sorry Kane, got some interference. say again?"

Kane sighed. "I give up. Proceeding to extraction."

1700 hours Engagement Zone Baghdad USSR

"What the hell is going on? Why haven't they made their push yet?"

"Wish I knew. I dont like having my agents in the field longer then they should be. I'm calling for extraction."

"No, let me take care of this objective. Then you can get me out of here."

"Ok, objective is in that office building. Fifth floor."

Kane began making his way up. the building had taken some fire, but was, like the rest of the area, mostly empty. Aside from a few dogs and bugs of course. At the top of the stairwell a man jumped at him, knocking him back. He grabbed the mans throat with one hand, forming an icicle with the other. He slammed it into the troopers face picking up his gun as he dropped the dead soldier and advanced into what was supposed to be a communications center. It was however, an empty room.

"What the hell is this?"

"I dont know. Calling for extraction now. Nearest LZ is in the plaza two ks away."

"Ok. Just give me a second. Need to rest."

Kane sat down and leaned against the wall. There had been a few small engagements. Nothing to bad. But his abilities, he refused to call them powers it sounded to comic book-y, exhausted him. Kane stood back up, and looked out the large broken window.

"Kane! Get out of there!" Heather yelled

Kane jumped "What?!"

"Incoming vehicle scans show positive for high explosives!"

Kane saw a van speeding towards the building. He began to run, when the building shook and tilted. Apparently one of the support beams was out. Kane started sliding. He managed to catch a ledge.

"Kane?! Hang on Dropship is on the way!"

Kane was slipping. The grip was not very good, and the weight of his weapons and armor was pulling him down.

"Goodbye Heather."

"Negative! Dropship is close."

Kane looked up, seeing the small UAV hovering in the sky. His grip faltered and he fell, tumbling. He heard Heather yelling at him. He was going to die, he knew it. Then something happened. A shimmering pool formed beneath him. He thought a puddle had caught the light of the sun. but he knew that was wrong. He hit it, feeling a slight resistance as he punched through.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

General Grievous sat in the Commanders chair of the now out-of-commission space station. The chair served as his throne, and the command center served as the chamber where the Star Temple key was hidden. He faced the wide window that showed the vast expanse of space ahead, as well as Geridarr below.

The doors behind him hissed open and the metal clanking in the rythm of footsteps told him that one of his T-100s walked in. He turned the chair around and faced the terrifying robot.

General, xenomorph infestations have been reported in sectors 7 and 8. They are advancing. Said the robot. Its voice could split eardrums.

"More failure from the front lines I see... Get out of my sight before I turn you into scrap metal." Grievous said, getting increasingly sick of the fact that the xenomorphs were like a swarm of flies that couldn't be swatted. The T-100 left the command center showing no emotion towards the General's insult.

Grievous was about to turn around and face the window again when a blue portal opened up at his feet. The Emperor desired an audience. He stood and walked into the portal...


Grievous appeared at the top of the tallest tower of Geridarr Castle. This room was solely dedicated to Emperor Raistlin and his wizardly needs. He had been here before, so the extremely odd smells and the fact that there was no door did not surprise him. Hundreds of ancient tomes lined the walls, potions and spell books of every kind were scattered on every table and on the floor. Various charms were visible. Grievous looked forward to the man in the black robes seated at a great desk. A dragon skull hung behind him. The Emperor was already looking at him. An impatient look on his face.

"You know why I have called you here, Qymaen." He said calmly, not breaking eye contact with Grievous.

"The growing Xenomorph threat." Grievous answered.

"You are in place as the Temple Guardian to guard the temple. I cannot have these mindless creatures gain control of the Star Temple Key."

"Yes I know, Emperor. I have my T-100s on full alert and response and we are dealing with the infestation best we can-"

"-and you are failing. Perhaps Starscream, who has desired the Star Temple position for some time, would be better suited for the task."

"Master, I would decimate Starscream in minutes. I am the better champion, I am suited for the position. Please, allow me to deal with the infestation. I simply need more T-100s. Our numbers have depleated severly since the infestation began."

"...I will send more T-100s in time. This is the second time I've had to send reinforcements. I cannot spend so much effort towards the Star Temple. You are there so that I do not have to. Do not fail me again, Qymaen." The Emperor finished. A portal opened up beneath Grievous and sent him back to the Star Temple.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Name: Selene
Age: A bit older than 6 centuries although appears to be in her mid 20s
Realm: Underworld realm
Species: Vampire
Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/e/ec/Selene_%28Underworld%29.jpg/235px-Selene_%28Underworld%29.jpg
Weapons: 2 Walther P99 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_P99
2 automatic machine pistols http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_pistol

Personality: Is usually seen as cold and serious, rarely smiles.
Powers: she is a vampire with super strength, agility, and has the ability to heal from more minor bullet wounds and accidents, although she can jump and land safely from a ten story building.  She has extremely accurate aim and yes, she can be outside in sunlight.

Selene was walking through the sewers, both machine pistols out, all her senses on full alert.  She had been tracking a few Lycans and had been led to a spot around here, now she listened, turning slowly on the spot.  After a few seconds of complete silence, she took a step forward, and a low growl came just before one of the beasts moved to attack her.  She hissed in surprise but reacted instantly, raising the pistols and firing them into the were wolf's chest.  He fell to the ground, several bullets now buried deep in his head and chest. 

Silence again.  Selene had expected the others to come and help their fellow, but was sadly disappointed.  She walked on through the twisting maze of sewers.  At last, she came to a dead end.  She looked at the wall in anger, as if it was the reason for all of her troubles.  She turned around and was face to face with 8 Lycans, all exceptionally  big and all now growling at her in their lust for blood.  So, they had set up a nice little trap for her.  There was no time to react as they sprang for her in a fluid motion, but suddenly she was falling through cold, and blue.

Strange. Somehow a portal had appeared directly under her and sucked her in.  She did not know where from or how, but she was somehow glad of it's speedy appearance...


Selene landed on the hard stone floor, she was cold and terribly confused.  She looked up from where she lay on the stone and two figures approached her.  They looked like a terrible mix between a human, a lizard, and a cyborg.

Her instinct took over as she lifted the pistols, still out from her recent encounter with the Lycans.  Instinct also told her to shoot first and ask questions later but a small voice in the back of her mind told her that may not be the best thing to do.  Indeed the lizard man closest to her confirmed that suspicion when his tail suddenly lashed around her arms and he looked her dead in the eyes. "I wouldn't do that," he said quite calmly.  She hissed in anger and then listened to instinct and tried to go for a bite on his tail, that would teach him.  Unfortunately, lizard man seemed to know what was coming and withdrew his tail before she could do any damage.

The second lizard man chuckled appreciatively at her, "I swear they are getting more inventive in their attempts to harm us." Selene tried to get up but this time the first lizard man was to fast, this time whipping his tail so that she fell face forward, dazed.  She felt the first lizard man press her more firmly to the ground as the second one approached with some type of crystal in his hand.  He pressed it to her neck and she felt a burning pain in the top of her spine.  She hissed in rage.

They pulled her roughly to her feet, and led her to one of many silver doors lining a courtyard.  The shoved her unceremoniously into the room, saying something about she'd find out what she was doing here and to pay attention.

She looked around the dark room before a holo woman appeared and started the explanation.  This place just keeps getting stranger and stranger she thought...

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Kane instinctively rolled and came up in a crouch gun leveled at the nearest thing. His map was just static, he closed it quickly, via his neural link. The location identifier on his helmet read unidentified. That had to be a mistake. His armor knew every named town, city, region, and hole in the ground on the planet. Hell it even had locations for Mars, and the Moon. There was no way it could say unidentified. he was cold, despite his suit. These quick realizations took only seconds, "Lower the weapon human. Or don't. That would be more fun." Kane held his weapon up waiting. One of the cybernetic lizards shot a tazer at him, it hit the armor and flickered harmlessly. Kane scoffed. Another did the same, however there was much more force behind this ones tazer. It punched through a joint in his armor and brought him down, causing him to inadvertently opening his helmet. As he was down they pressed something against the back of his neck. He felt a sharp pain as whatever it was burned onto his spine. They then threw him into a small chamber and a hologram of a very attractive woman began to speak.

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