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Yeeto was down, but Delton had a trick he had learned from his master. He grabbed one of he dying Naboo and threw him to Yeeto. With the power of the Force Yeeto sucked the life force out of him and healed himself.

He stood and waved his finger at the Mandalorian who’d shot him, “You die.”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Osik..." Tracyn grumbled. The Rodian he had just shot was back up again, unexpectedly. Tracyn wondered how he could still be alive when a flurry of blaster bolts whizzed past his head. The Rodian looked pissed, which was difficult for them because they looked so comical with their big eyes.

The rodian fired another shot, this timehitting it's mark. Travyn fell over with his stomach plate scorching for the second time tonight.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Griffins teams' lasers had given them away. he was a Mando and he had saw the night vision sensitive beams

All though the NSAS team was split out, the mando was making short work of them with his CQC techniques.

"Alpha team, fall back to the palace FALL BLOODY BACK!"  Griffin shouted

The team rose and started prowling backwards, in a staggered formation. laying down suppresive fire

"Popping smoke!" One of the soldiers said as he launched two smoke grenades into the street, the smoke capsules popped and a stream of deep grey smoke streamed out.

Griffin and his men had had a minor loss, 4 men down,

"Our men just arnt ready or trained for this. thousands of Security forces are gonna die to a handful of mando's"

"I told the Queen to invest in better armour and military training butttt noooooo she said we'd never get attacked!" Griffin moaned to himself as he was retreating,

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Jag’s flanking attack idea was killing a lot of the Naboo troopers who had been surrounding Regimas, and they began to fall back.  But the two newcomers were holding their ground.  The white marble corner that shielded Blue Team from them was getting blasted apart by a heavy stream of fire.  Taking a peek, he even saw a Naboo be flung through the air to the downed attacker, who suddenly sprang back to life!  Damn, Force users!

Pulling back from taking a quick shot, he looked up to the main alley where Red Team was set up and firing from.  Joslyn had made a run for a stone flower basin for cover, but suddenly grabbed at her chest, stumbled, and fell. 

“JOSLYN!” yelled Solus at Fynn’s back.  The sniper tried to make a run toward her, but Drakus grabbed his arm before he could pass and slung him back. 

“You want to get hit to??” Fynn snapped.  Looking back to his downed Mando, he could see Tracyn get to her, but seemed to writer her off as dead immediately.  As group leader, Fynn had a bio read of every member of both teams except Regimas now; Joslyn was still alive… but perhaps not for much longer.

“Cover me; I’ll go.”

Blue Team all got to their feet and prepared to open fire.  With a nod from Fynn, they all turned the corner and opened fire with everything they had.  Kelborn launched a wrist rocket, which shattered part of the stone fountain the human Force user was hiding behind.

Fynn ran full out across the corner of the square, catching fire from a few Naboo troopers who hadn’t fled, and also from the Forces users when they could get a shot off. 

He almost made it before a bolt caught his left shoulder bell, turning him and knocking him off balance.  Hitting the duracrete with a crash, he slide a ways before he was able to roll onto his hands and knees and claw his way behind the stone flower bed.

Reaching Joslyn, he caught Tracyn pulling her Rippers and removing one of her shoulder bells.  “Just getting weaponry and something to re…” Fynn cut the man off with a shove.  Pulling off Joslyn’s helmet, he checked for any signs of breathing…none.

Checking for blaster wounds, he could see nothing.  Pulling a kolto inhaler from his med pack, Fynn squeezed several shots of the inhalant into her lungs.

Suddenly Solus dropped at his side.  “She ok??”

“I’m not getting a pulse.  There was a med clinic back that way, did you see it??”

“Yes sir!”

“Get here there; should be a kolto tank; it’s her only hope. GO!”

Solus nodded.  Throwing Joslyn over his shoulder, he made his way back into the alleys and started for the clinic…

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The gunfight turned out to be quite a fight for Marcus. But what he didn't see coming, was a piece of shrapnel that struck him straight in his lung and pierced his armor, while subsequently being shot in both legs.


Lying down, breathing slowing down, Marcus saw the Naboo guard leaning over him; this must've been the guy who did it. Taking off Marcus' helmet, the guard got a good look at him. Marcus spat up some blood and said, "Come a bit closer, I want to show you a magic trick."

The guard got down on his knees and put his face closer to Marcus. Unknown to the guard, Marcus pulled out his blaster, then shot the man in his lung.

"Taa-daa! Mother****er!"

The guard now lay dead alongside the dead Mandalorian.

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

I'm actually in now. And my bad about the teams, Ralin.

Kal silently sprinted along the rooftops. He'd been on his way to meet the Mando'ade force, when he'd heard the distress calls and diverted to help. But by the time he got there, the battle had turned ugly. The first group of Naboo had fallen back, but had met with reinforcements, which had returned in an effort to kill the beleaguered Mandalorians. Several Mando's were already down, one of whom was being carried away by another.

Kal took position on the rooftop and unslung his Verpine, screwed on the sniper attachment and scope, and settled the crosshairs on on Naboo soldiers head. He dropped, and Kal transferred his aim to the next. Within seconds, half a dozen men had dropped for no apparent reason. Kal broke the Verpine down to it's assault form, and repelled down an alleyway to join the fight close in.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

(Ralin,my trip got delayed a few days ands i could only find time to get on the computer for short intervals. im leaving NOW.....literally. so i gotta go. thanks for making good posts for me,hopefully be back soon everybody) -----Regimas

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

The pair of ‘super Naboo’ as he was beginning to think of them had control of the entire square from the massive fountain.  Dachande was sending blue bolts down on them from time to time, but the Naboo didn’t seem confused by his cloaking devise as most others did.

“Everybody watch your shebs” Commander Drakus crackled over the unit’s comm.  “They’re force users.  Everyone focus your fire on Them!”

The Jedi??  Here?? Kelborn thought in amazement.  Didn’t expect that; this planet must be more important then our initial reports though!

Reloading his wrist rocket launcher, Kelborn turned the corner and fired again.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Command Center- Theed Place

"I want all secuity teams called back in! I won't have our men die needlessly fighting something they don't know. We need to at least tell them what they are upagainst" The queen shouted to all the different NSF that were assembled in the center.

Carth stood off to the side, watching the young queen's fire. He'd underestimated her for certain. But was her passion and fury enough?

"Look, your majesty, there's no way of communicating to NSF out side of the palace. Not with the comm down."

"Well then we should see what we can do to restore some sort of communication to our men out there. What about a broad spectrum radio frequency?" The queen asked. "I've heard about those, is there any way that could work?"

The  NSF looked at each other. One spoke up. "Well it is feasible, but its old technology. Our men would need to have the right recivers. "

Carth spoke up. "I don't think it will work. If, IF we can get our hands on this antique equipment, Even if it does work like you think it can. The mando's will have the ability to pick up on the frequency and listen it too. No I think thats avoiding the real issue. You don't have much organization or men.  You need to puch back hard on these guys. Thats the only language they know. Battle. You're men need more fire power. "

" We are a peaceful people Carth."

" Yes, that's is true but you must adapt or be eliminated. Peace can return if you can be successful, that is, if they still have a queen to lead them?"

"What do you mean" The queen asked back.

"What I am saying is that, as long as you are in Theed, where it is apparent all the Mandalorians seemed to have landed, you are at risk. You are most certainly a main target for them. Take down you down, it will so easy to take control of Theed and then all of Naboo."

Jayali looked down, letting Carth's words sink in.

" I must lead my people. Carth. I will not abandon them to the fight that I failed to prepare them for. I need to stay for them."

" If I escort you off Naboo, we can get reinforcements. I know the Republic is streched thin, but I can pull at least a couple of fighters to assist."

"No Carth. I can not do that. My people need me here."

"You'll risk it all?!" Carth shouted.

"Yes. It is my JOB.My DUTY.I am not going to fail again." Jayali calmly, but forcefully responded back to Carth. He saw such an intense look in her beautiful green eyes and realized that he couldn't win an argument.  He sighed aloud.

"What?" Queen Kalipana asked him.

"I can't argue with you looking at me like that. You're too beautiful. You win." And with that Carth flashed a cocky smile.

Jayali was taken back by the comment. She hadn't expected that at all. " Then lets do something about these invaders." She said, changing the subject just as fast, but she couldn't help it that she was lightly blushing. "How many do we suspect there are? We may not be able to out gun them, but perhaps we can use our wits against them."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Solus carried Joslyn to the nearest clinic and demanded immediate attention, yelling “Emergency, emergency, emergency!”

Within seconds he was surrounded by medical staff, Joslyn was quickly placed on a stretcher and wheeled off. The nearest medic started asking Solus a bunch of questions he didn’t have answers to. “I don’t know what happened to her. One minute she was fine the next she was down. There’s no blaster wounds.”

The medic raised a brow, “Has she been exposed to any other injury?”

Solus thought for a moment, “She got into a scrap with one of our crew.”

“Scrap?” the medic asked.

“Yeah a fight. She held her own though.” Solus put in.

The medic nodded and headed off, with Solus on his heels. He entered the room where Joslyn was being scanned from head to toe.

“Put her on straight oxygen now, she’s got an aneurism.” One of the meds called.

“Aneurism?” Solus asked.

The medic he’d be talking to spoke, “She’s got a blood clot on the brain. It’ll stop blood flow around the cranium and there’s a chance she’s already got brain damage.”

“Prepping for surgery,” one of the medics called.

“You’re going to have to leave sir,” a droid informed Solus.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Solus growled.

“Only relatives can remain with the patient,” the droid informed him.

Solus blinked, “Um I’m her fiancée,” he lied.

“Very well then, sir. You may stay.” The droid informed him.

Solus watched as they prepared a laser scalpel, “What are they doing?” he asked the droid.

“They need to remove the clot, they’ll do so with the laser scalpel. After that she’ll be wrapped in kolto to heal.” The droid informed him.

“Okay,” Solus said, “What are her chances of survival?”

“Do you really wish to know, sir?” the droid asked.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Uhh....agh.....ugh.." Tracyn breathed with difficulty. His beskar had saved him again, but the shot had aggravated his bruised diaphragm. Tracyn picked up his blaster that had fallen, and aimed at the Rodian who had shot him.

"Lights out, motherf****er..." Tracyn said before firing. The shot hit the Rodian right in the face, killing him. Tracyn was relieved, but he knew that an equally strong Naboo soldier was still in the game.

Suddenly, Tracyn's lower chest felt like it was on fire. His injuries were worse then he thought. Tracyn gasped, and then tried to stand.

"Captain, are you alright?" Fynn asked.

"Ughhh....I need a med droid..." Tracyn said weakly.

"Solus brought Joslyn to a clinic. You should go, too." Fynn replied. Tracyn limped to the clinic, and collapsed. A med droid put him on a stretcher, and pulled him to the nearest room. His last thought before he fell unconscious was what the Mandalorians will do next.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

I am back, vacation was fun, and I can’t wit to get back to RPGing.  I have been a soldier and now I’ll be the medic, both I am proficient at.

This is a bit close to reality, and I promise it should be good

He knew who they were when they came in; there was no mistaking the look of the two, they were dangerous, and were some how tied to the chaos and fear that had griped all of THEED. 

Despite the fear they radiated, he was compelled to them, he was an experienced medic and was commonly a triage coordinator, so it was not unusual to see him approach an incoming patient. 

He moved to their side and got the brief from the medical droid as to her state and recognized it for the dire situation it was.  He nearly drew back at the penetrating gaze of the big man fell on him, but he buried his eyes on the patient to break the stare.  She still looked strong despite her helpless state and on a subconscious level he feared she was going to wake up and throttle him.  He knew he would be broken in half if the fiancée ever discovered what he intended for her. MURDER

The droid had planted the statistical probability in his mind that her odds were poor, but he was going to ensure that there was no other outcome.  There was countless ways to kill under the guise of healing, he had to choose the best way, and make it happen.

Maybe an overdose of insulin, it would freeze the muscles at a cellular level, to include her heart.  Insulin was completely untraceable, as the body is flooded by it immediately after death, so it was untraceable, but it wouldn’t be an appropriate treatment and suspect as he administered a vial.

Another standby technique, just as lethal was to allow an air bubble to enter through her IV line and kill her, once again untraceable, but difficult to pull off with the droids running the lines, he had to be more creative and ruthless.

Suddenly it came to him; he could run a blood thinning agent into her line.  Sure, she had an aneurism, and while she would be having surgery some protocolls called very blood thinners, in this case it would be fatal as she would bleed from every micro abrasion.  It would be further complicated by the fact that they couldn’t reverse the agent once in her IV.

He considered his options and went to draw the anti-coagulants and lend a helping hand.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

((Great post Viking!  Those kind of twists make RPGs fun.))

Jag looked to Tracyn. 

"I'll take him there."

Fynn nodded.  "Rendevous back at our base."  ((Not sure where.  I can edit later))  Jag bent over and slung Tracyn over his shoulder.  He set off in the direction that Solus and soon came upon the clinic.  He greeted Solus and laid Tracyn down on the repulso-gurney ((yes I made that up tongue)).  He turned and faced the doctor.

"He took two blaster shots in the gut.  He may have a few broken ribs.  What can you do?"

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Solus followed the medical assistant and the med-droid with Joslyn into surgery. It was a tactical mistake coming here, suspicions would definitely be high; not to mention the things they would most likely do to the 'patients'
Oh, he would make sure that wouldn't happen, despite his lack of knowledge regarding the more complicated medical treatments.
The 'doc' pushed the repulsor-bed into the operating room, medical droids and assistants rushed around them, and began hooking up an IV; along with removing her armor, equipment, and most of her clothing.
Solus looked down at her pale white skin; she was so well built, and not just in the chest.

...enjoying the view?...

His mind flashed back as Joslyn's eyes flickered; Solus immediately turned his attention to the medical droid on his left.
It was reflex, he knew that she was unconscious, but he couldn't help it. If ANYTHING happened to her, he would re-define pain for the one responsible.

Solus watched as they inserted the IV; he felt oddly uncomfortable.

"Sir, I believe this is not the correct-" One of the meddroids began to speak, but was swiftly dismissed by the 'doc' that brought them in.

Solus instantly brought his magnum revolver level with the 'doc's head. "Continue, droid."

"Well, you see, I believe the chief medical officer made a mistake with the I-V, Serum V-X one one zero five is not a suitable blood thinner type for this condition; and has a high probability for complications."

Solus returned his deathly stare to the 'doc'. "Do you know what you just did?"

"I-I...umm...must have grabbed the wrong bag..."

"No. I'm going to ask again. Do you know what you just did?"

The 'doc' twitched oddly, sweat began to bead on his forehead.

Solus stood there for a moment; he lowered his pistol and unloaded five out of the six shots. He grabbed the doctor by the neck and hauled him to the side of the room; the meddroid seemed to be replacing the IV bag with the a new one.

"How about a game of Corellian Roulette?"

((Viking, do whatever you want, view from his perspective or whatever, I was going to continue but don't have time, considering It's just after 4:30 AM (and wish to continue my evil plans to counter your evil plans, but have to wait until tomorrow); also, about the pistol thing, think Russian Roulette...but I'll take a guess and figure you already knew that's what I was referring to.))

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

She was in between patients and way into a second shift, and her eyes were tired, as were her back and mind as well as her soul, but non the less she continued to put on foot in front of the other, it was her way, it was her job, she was a healer of broken bodies and business had been good, to good lately.

She could sense when her domain had been upset and since the most recent arrivals, her clinic had become a hornet’s nest with activity and a tension that could be seen with the unaided eye.  AS she blew through the double doors her eyes took in the scene and seen three people whose outcome was in doubt, the female warrior nearly twice the size of her slight frame, a newly arrived man with difficulty breathing and one of her medics, a nice enough fellow, but a bit unpredictable who had a mammoth cannon in his face by an equally mammoth man who had a deadly, deadly look on his face.

The other two would have to wait, if the room erupted in blaster fire, no one would get treated and there would be more casualties than they could handle.  She was no stranger to violence and violent men as she had spent her earlier years off planet working in a military triage unit and then with a relief organization, this would be easier than some of her experiences in some of the Civil wars she had assisted, she just had to speak their language, and she didn’t need a protocol droid to help, it was the language of force and violence.

“Put you “FREIKING” blaster away” she ordered with all the force her 5 foot frame could project as she strode through the room placing herself between the medic and the MANDO, the blaster was leveled at her face.  “I won’t permit you to bring your war into MY clinic.” 

She turned to look at the medic who was caught holding the bag of anti-coagulants and sized the situation up.  “You were mistaken, this bag is to be used on bed number three, no go and get THAT patient the RIGHT drug and leave this to me.”

The large man began to follow and protest, but she stood her ground and pushed him into the operating suite and to the prone female’s side.  “If you value your friend’s life, you’ll let me do my job, which DESPITE who you two are, I will, but on two conditions.  One, no violence in here, more than her life is at stake.  Two, she is out of the battle.”

He glowered at her, but knew the authority in her tone and knew there would be no debating the points with her, vengeance would have to wait for a time.  He accepted her terms with a nod and watched as she went to work.

“Patient’s vitals are dropping”

“Get me a pressor, stat”

“Charging, clear the patient”

He was in awe of the skill she displayed and how she managed crisis after crisis that to the battle seasoned warrior was overwhelming.  They had lost the woman he had called his fiancé on a whim three separate times, only to see her come back by some heroic act at the surgeon’s petite hands. 

Finally, after 90 minutes the storm of activity had played itself out and she lay stable for now.  The surgeon was covered in blood and looked exhausted, but satisfied. “The first 24 hours are the most delicate and she’ll have to stay here.  The clot, I’ve never seen anything like that in a person her age, most unusual, but we located and removed it, there was minimal damage to her brain, but there is still so much we don’t know.  We’ll know more soon.”

As she pulled her smock off, she spoke softly, but still with a tone of authority to it, “I have other patients to attend to and your word, stay by her side and I, and only I will check on her.”

Not much for gratitude or “nice emotions” he grabbed her hand on his way out and offered a weak “Thank you.”

That’s all I got for this scenario, I’ll write more of the hospital scene if you guys want

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

*Looks Great ner'vod!  I'll add some action for the rest of us that happend during 90 minutes you had in the operating room and get everybody back on the same timeline when I can. 

Again, Another Great Post Viking, good to have you on board   wink *

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Darkness and light, lighting through dark clouds, rain splattering on her visor. The sound of screams and the shouts of victory. It was a blur yet it was familiar. Joslyn tried to remember. "Get your heads down, incoming fire!"

Joslyn twitched, for some reason she couldn't move. She couldn't duck. She stood as she saw the bright burning missle heading their way. She watched in horror as it seemed to lock onto her position. She felt the second it hit her body. Her chest throbbed with the pain. She blinked open her eyes. Her hand grasped something, no someone else's hand.

Joslyn blinked and saw Solus beside her. But then the darkness returned and she was back in the battle. She didn't understand what was going on. She just knew she had to keep going.


The battleground disappeared to a different dark memory. Everything seemed large to Joslyn, her eyes looked around the room. She saw the huge grandfather clock that had been her mothers and knew what was about to unfold. She could already hear the shouting their words were unclear, but then Joslyn was a five year old playing with her toys, not paying attention.

She lifted her head as she heard the thud of something heavy hitting the wall. She picked up one of her blocks and stood up. "Mummy?" she called as she walked to the closed door. The button to activate it was too high for her to reach but Joslyn had recently learned that if she dragged over the foot-seat she could reach the button.

Dropping the block Joslyn found the foot-seat and dragged it across the floor to the door. Her small hands pressed upon the wall as she pushed the button. The shouting was louder. She saw that her father had a red mark on his cheek and that her mother was screaming something at him. Joslyn didn't like the screaming, "Mummy?" she said again.

Joslyn's dark haired mother turned to look at her. Her mother's eyes softened as she walked over to pick her up. She turned back to her father, "That's it. It's over. I'm not coming back this time."

Her father looked crestfallen. "Daddy?" Joslyn said as she looked at her father.

His eyes roamed over her face then turned dark and angry as he looked at Joslyn's mother. "This won't be the last of it, Wonda."

Joslyn watched as her father stormed out, she reached for him. "Daddy come back!"

Her mother held her tightly, "We don't need him baby. It'll be just us girls."

"No mother, it'll just be me." Joslyn said, as she was suddenly an adolescent. Her mother lay dead at her feet, killed by a random mugger. She felt detached from the memory. She wouldn't look at her mother's body. Not this time.

The sound of blaster fire came and the scene changed with it. She was back on Naboo this time she was fighting Jag again. Her anger thrown fully at him. For some reason he reminded her of her father and that made her furious. How dare he leave. How dare he think she was inadequate. But then she reminded herself that Jag was not her father.

Her temper cooled and they were sitting, him bandaging her hand when he said the off-handed remark about Solus.

Solus, he was sitting beside her. Holding her hand. She wasn't alone, but why did he stay? She was damaged; her emotions shredded so many times that the scars had become a thick wall. She hadn't let anyone get close to her in a long time. Humour was her weapon of defence. Everyone assumed that the clown was happy, that she had no inner demons. That's what Joslyn had projected to the others. Yet Fynn had seen through her, had Solus also seen the truth?

She let out a deep breath, her lips parting, her mouth a little dry. She felt battered and fragile. She hated weakness, especially in herself. She felt inadequate. She stretched and felt a gloved hand tighten around her own hand.

Then she heard him, Solus was talking to her. At first she couldn't understand what he was saying but his voice was soothing.

"-so then I wondered what to do next. But you came in blasters blazing and got me out of that mess. Man you made an impression on me. The fierce warrior woman who came to my rescue," he chuckled, "the others would think me a sap."

Joslyn wanted to answer but she was so drained. She squeezed his hand gently; it was all she could manage. She felt him cup her hand with both of his. "Can you hear me, Joslyn?"

She attempted to squeeze his hand again but it was too much effort.

Solus continued talking, "You know once you're back to your old self I'm going to take you out some place really nice. I've been meaning to do it for a long time but could never tell if you were well," he hesitated, "if you were interested, in me that is." There was a long silence afterward.

Joslyn wished she could answer him but her strength was fading. Sleep was calling her and she was unable to stop it from claiming her once again.


Joslyn's mind was searching, she was sifting through the memories of Solus. Things he'd said and things he'd done. The more she thought about it the more obvious it became that Solus had been looking out for her for a long time. Whenever she had been pinned down Solus had insisted that they get her out, be it with a team or on her own.

Whenever she was injured he'd always appear and see how she was doing. Whenever she wanted to sit alone he would often join her. She cringed at the times that she'd practically bitten his head off because she had wanted to be alone. Perhaps that's why he'd given her a wider berth when they were in a group. Or perhaps he didn't want to suffer the constant ribbing from the others when they found out that Solus had an eye on the only female in the group.

Joslyn smiled to herself. She went to squeeze Solus' hand but it was no longer in hers. She felt an instant panic and her eyes fluttered open. The machine beside her was making flurried bleeps in time with her erratic heartbeat. She looked around to see that she was in a hospital of sorts. Solus was sitting in a chair beside her bed, his helmeted head drooped forward, his hand dropped beside her.

"Asleep," Joslyn croaked as she calmed. The machine beside her quietening.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn was being pushed on a Repulso-Gurney by Jag, slipping in and out of unconsciousness. He thought he saw Joslyn being operated on as Jag pushed him past and into the room next to hers.

"He took two blaster shots in the gut.  He may have a few broken ribs.  What can you do?" he heard Jag say to someone that he couldn't see. Tracyn fell unconscious again, and Jag removed Tracyn's chest plates.

When Tracyn woke up, the med droid was talking to Jag. Tracyn looked down at his chest and saw large bandages wrapped around it. He poked them and it hurt, but he was better now.

"I have fixed his ribs, but the patient needs to take it easy for the next week. I suggest he stays here until tomorrow to rest, and then-" the med droid was cut off as Tracyn fired his blaster into it's memory circuits.

"How long was I out?" Tracyn asked Jag.

"Only a short while. The med droid finished with you quickly. Ya know, we could have broguth it back to the ship to replace that old droid we have there..." Jag replied.

"Well, it's too late for that. Let's go find the others."

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The quiet and severe auction house had become a nightmare to Ricky. People coming in through windows, guns firing, inside, outside. Ricky was small enough to duck and hide among the chairs that the people left. Everyone was in a panic, he could see their legs go in all directions. Ricky didn't try to run, he didn't know where to go, and he didn't want to go alone. His dad wasn't a very warm person to be with, but he was all he had. So he kept hiding there with chairs all around him. His dad was still sitting at the same place, silently saying all the words that were forbidden for Ricky to say, one after the other. He really didn't seem happy.

Soon everyone had left by the emergency exit, fleeing, and there was just Ricky, his dad and the big fat man who stayed there at the front. The big fat man's face had turned pale and he didn't seem well. He was holding his chest at the height of his heart and wasn't breathing the normal way. Ricky should probably feel bad for him, but with his big mouth and shaking face, that big fat man gave Ricky so many nightmares. He really seemed like he'd need help soon, but Ricky was too little to know what to do. He just prefered to stop looking.

His dad got up and was obviously furious. As furious as on that day with the accident. But this time he had taken his knife out and was about to strike the man that came through the window with it. Ricky thought his dad was really mad that his auction has been interrupted. He placed his hands on his eyes because he didn't want to see what would happen.

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Lexington walked down the marble hallway with his heels clicking quietly against the hard floor. As usual the Naboo servants tried to discourage his need to see the Queen but he either ignored them or pushed them out of his way.

He found the petite Queen with a man he didn't recognise, "Your majesty, you're quite a hard woman to find these days." Lexington said with a short bow.

"Ah Commander, I had not expected to see you." She said as she shot her companion a warning look.

Lexington hid his amusement as he saw the man step forward protectively. "Well my Queen it seems we have a Mandalorian problem."

"You seem well informed," The Queen said icily.

"It's my duty, your majesty." Lexington replied. He continued on ignoring the glares from both of the Queen and her companion, "I've sent my Elite Troopers to deal with the Mandalorians, so do not fear."

The Queen stepped forward threateningly, "I know my people will protect me. Now get back out there and give them the support they need."

Lexington smirked, "Of course my Queen." He turned his back on the young Queen and went on his way. He picked up his com for and called for a status report from his Elite squad. Trinata, the Twi'lek, responded. "The Mandalorians have been found, sounds like Yeeto and Delton have got it sorted."

Lexington raised a dark eyebrow, "Really, doesn't sound like the Mandalorians are trying particularly hard."

"I think they are overwhelmed by our forces," Trinata told.

Lexington doubted it, somehow the Naboo had gotten the advantage but he doubted that it would be for long. "Do they have their basilicks?"

"No sir," Trinata replied.

"Well be prepared for a real fight when that happens," Lexington said darkly, "Until then protect the food silos, I'm sure that will be their next point of attack." He didn't mention that he suspected that they'd be after the Queen, she could let her fop save her, if his Elite Troopers didn't finish them off first.

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Tracyn and Jag rounded a corner and entered Joslyn's room. A small female was busy operating on her. Solus was glaring through his visor at a male doctor, so Tracyn guessed that he didn't trust him.

"Hey, there are already enough people in here. One of you has to leave." the short female ordered strictly. Tracyn nodded, and left the room. He leaned up against the wall, and called Fynn on his comlink.

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Griffin and the left overs of his team arrived back at the palace entrance.

"Dam it! one bloody mando did this to us! A BLOODY SINGLE ONE!" Griffin cursed throwing his blaster at the wall

"Hows the comms going?" He then calmed down. lighting up another cigar

"comms are still down sir, we got short internal comms, nothing over 5 clicks though sir!" A section commander answered

"Well im gonna get me a cup of caf!, All Alpha, relax, have a bite to eat and a drink. we aint giving up so soon" Griffin smirked back to the group

"Yes sir!" Was the answer he got back

With that Griffin proceeded to the Cafeteria, he had made it sort of. Putting his feet up on the table and pouring himself a cup of caf he began on his new plans

"Time to Utilize the underground network i think" Griffin whispered to himself with a smirk

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All the other Naboo troopers had fled, it was now between the Mandos and the entrenched Super Naboo who was still hiding behind what used to be an ornate stone fountain.  Now the chunks of rock were blasted to bits with water shooting in the air and running everywhere, but still the Naboo kept a steady rate of fire at the SuperCommandos. 

Engaging his personal cloaking device, Kelborn tried to sneak around the corner and work his way to where Regimas was.  They still had no idea of the condition of their brother, or if he was even still alive.

Kelborn was halfway there when the Naboo opened fire on him.

How can he possibly see me?? Kelborn’s mind screamed the question.  He’s a Force user, of course!  He could sense my presence!  Stupid! 

Ducking and running, Kelborn barely made it behind a ornate stone bench.  Putting his shoulder into it, he tipped it over so that nothing could shoot under.  Peering around the corner, he fired a few bolts back with his WarCaster before rolling away from a torrent of fire.

How much ammo does hit guy have?!?

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not enough, I'm taking him down. Oh, and my guy's got black armor with Gold highlights around his visor.

Kal released the line three meters above the ground, tucked and rolled silently with the impact. He ran swiftly towards a low wall, and surveyed the situation. While most of the Naboo had fled, one was left firing down on the weary Mandalorian forces. He was an excellent shot, and always seemed to know when a shot was coming. The Mandalorians were tired, and their already small force was depleted by two WIA and another two or more that had carried them away.

As he watched, the Naboo shifted his fire seemingly at nothing. A near hit revealed a cloaked Mandalorian sprinting for cover.  How the fierfek?

The Naboo shifted his fire back at the Mandalorians, exposing his back to Kal. Kal unsheathed his bes'kad and slowly crept up on him. The Naboo was focusing all his attention on the Mandalorians, and didn't even notice Kal's approach. When Kal was a meter away, the Naboo started, and whirled around to face Kal. Kal lunged, impaling the Naboo through his spine. Kal brought his mask close to the dying soldier's face. Nuhoy pirusti, aruetii. He let the body slide off of his blade, cleaning it on the Naboo's uniform. Kal walked over to the Mandalorians.

"Commander Fynn Drakus?" A man with a black and grey helmet with red helmets stepped forward. "That's me."

"I'm Kal Goran. Advance scout. I've got orders to join your squads and fight until Theed burns, and the rest of the Galaxy with it."

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Joslyn had dozed off for a while but a loud bang woke her up. She looked around to see that Solus was still beside her but he was on his feet, fully alert and looking to her right. She followed his gaze to see he was looking at the closed door.

"What is it?" Joslyn asked with a croaky voice.

Solus' helmeted head whipped around to her so fast that Joslyn blinked in surprise.

"You're awake," Solus said sounding pleased.

"Yeah," Joslyn replied, "Still a little groggy though. What happened?"

Solus walked to the door and peered out the small window. He seemed to relax somewhat as he backed away and returned to the chair beside her bed. "You had an aneurism."

Joslyn raised her brows in surprise, "Really? I thought I must have gotten shot and not noticed."

"How do you feel?" Solus asked as he leaned forward in his chair.

Joslyn shrugged and noticed that her body didn't ache anymore, "Surprisingly good."

"They used kolto on you for a while," Solus told, "They were worried you might have suffered brain damage."

Joslyn laughed, "So I might be even crazier than before."

Solus didn't join in her laughter. "I need to get you out of here."

"Why?" Joslyn asked in confusion.

"We're in a Naboo hospital, you're vulnerable here." Solus said as he stood once again.

"I guess you could put me in the bacta tank on the ship," Joslyn suggested, "I have no idea how much time I need for recovery."

"I'll let the lady doctor check you, then I'm taking you out of here." Solus said with firm resolve.

"Where are the others?" Joslyn asked.

"Jag and Tracyn are here, the others are still out fighting." Solus said then took a step towards the bed and picked up her hand. "I stayed with you the whole time."

Joslyn smiled, "I know. I could hear you."

Solus' body went rigid, "You heard everything?"

Joslyn attempted to shake her head but frowned at the discomfort. "No, it was mainly the tone of your voice. It was soothing to know you were there."

He squeezed her hand, "I'm glad to hear it."

Suddenly a thought occurred to Joslyn, "So what happened to Jag and Tracyn?"

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