Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Jag was quickly on his feet after the sniper shot.  His worn beskar had saved him more than once.  His vode were slowly making their way through the ranks of enemies.  Jag spied a speeder and for once decided to be clever.  A speeder would make a great weapon to ram into enemies.  Unmanned of course.  Jag broke off from the line and made his way to the speeder.  Before he could make it within three steps the speeder erupted in flame and exploded throwing Jag off his feet, Jag only had time to curse himself for being a di'kut before smashing him into a wall 25 feet away.  He crumbled to the ground out cold.

((Viking1, let me know if you wanted a different result and I will edit))

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"COME ON!!!!"  MYERS was shouting as he sput a few more bolts on target when to his suprise a MANDO was making a sprint for a speeder, his speeder, the one rigged to blow.  When the unlucky MANDO was close enough to get in he thumbed the switch.


The explosion lit up the night sky and temporarily quited teh kill zone as all turned to admire the explosion.  MYERS took the opportunity to press his temporary advantage and was on his feet moving slowly and shooting at any targets available.  The MANDO was out and MYERS wasn't sure if he was dead or not, either way a few more bolts in him wouldn't hurt.

As he drew near some wreckage he stopped to change a spent energy cell and thumb the safety off the last charge. 


Someone, RD or whoever finish me off, but give me a good send off.

I'll be out of town for the weekend so good luck and I'll pick up as a member of TRU reinforcing the palace and have some characters ready for you guys to kill.


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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Dachande turned, the explosion made him flinch, he hadn't been expecting that. He saw a soldier reloading near some wreckage. He jumped down to the ground behind him, and uncloaked. The soldier turned around as Dachande lunged. The soldier brought up his weapon, blocking the downward killing strike. Dachande backhanded him, probably breaking his nose. While the soldier tried to regain his composure Dachande lifted him off the ground, holding him by the neck. He growled at the man, who spat in his face, snarling. Dachande threw him to the ground and stabbed him in the chest with his spear. A quick death. He prepared to take his trophy, when a series of shots flew past him. He cloaked and ran. His trophy would have to wait

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn saw that Dachande had taken out the Naboo soldier that had been close to killing Jag. She could see Jag’s bios in her HUD and knew he wasn’t dead. She ran over to his unconscious form and grabbed him by the collar of his flight suit and attempted to drag him back towards the relative safety of the group. “You need to go on a diet,” she cursed as she tried to pull him along.

Dachande grabbed Jag by the head and tossed him towards the others. Joslyn hadn’t expected it and lost her balance as she let go of Jag. “Some warning would have been nice,” Joslyn said to Dachande, but the alien already has his back to her, on the prowl.

Joslyn decided to use what she called a spikey. They were small bombs that had vicious prongs that stuck into anything. Joslyn activated the thing to explode 5 seconds after impact. Then threw the first and watched as it embedded into a Naboo soldier. “Prepare for mess!”

The soldier blew apart and splattered the pristine marble. “Ew,” Joslyn commented, “I’d hate to be the janitor.”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"IT", for better lack of words appeared seemingly out of no where, and was lunging at his chest.  He quickly brought his rifle up to deflect the vibrodagger swooping down, it caught the blade, but ruined the rifle in the process.  A quick backhand from "IT" shattered MYERS face and had him seeing a mixture of blood and stars, the vice like grip around his throat brought him back into reality, a painful one.

Staring his death in the reflection of the high sheen of "IT's" helmet he hardly recognized his own face, it made him think about waking up this morning for some odd reason, he should have been late for his meeting after all.  Trying to breathe, he spit out the blood and a few teeth on the helmet, seeing his own gore ruin the strange alien's armor made him smile through his boken face.

This seemed to infuriate the strange warrior beast as it threw him to the pavement and raise his spear high stabbing him in his chest, penetrating his armored chest plate, pushing past ribs and flesh to impale him to the hard duracrete.  MYERS was dying, with only a moment or two to live as he stared into his killer's helmet trying to imagine what he, he assumed it was a he, looked like.

The charge rolled out of his hand and onto the ground next to him and between the beast's legs


Sorry AA, you're going to take some shrapnel for the "clean kill" and trophy hunting

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

((No problem dude, Dachande can deal with it))

Dachande had just thrown the mandalorian, Jag he believed he was called, when he heard a metallic 'tink' He looked around and saw a small tube roll from the soldiers hand, right down to him. Dachande began to run, shoving the female away from the grenade and leaping into the air.

The grenade went off, the explosive force launching him a few extra feet. He felt something punch through his legs and lower back. He heard pings as shrapnel bounced off his gauntlets. He managed to catch hold of a ledge, hanging there, his shiftsuit engaged as he tried to clear his head, there was an awful ringing underlying everything, and he was dizzy. It passed quickly, and he hauled himself up onto the ledge, lying on the rooftop. He then pulled his medicomp from his belt, he needed to extract the shrapnel, stop the bleeding. He needed to do it quickly. There was a battle to be fought.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Solus rolled out into the smoke and blind blaster fire, he needed to get to one of the courtyard home's roof. The smoke and dust from the grenade fairly well covered him, he suspected he was unseen.

Solus launched his wrist grapple onto the roof; luckily it caught something strong enough to hold him. He rappelled up with the assistance of a large gutter riveted to the marble wall, and climbed up. He crawled across the metal roof to get a better vantage point over the courtyard, and take out potentially high value targets. He trained the crosshairs of his scope on what appeared to be an officer, but something wasn't right. He was holding a small trigger of some kind...a detonator. But to what?

Just then, it hit him. At the corner of his field of vision, he saw Jag sneaking up to a seemingly harmless speeder parked off to the side.


He pulled the trigger, but it was too late.

The speeder exploded in a fireball reaching 20 feet into the air, and Jag was blown out of view.

"JAG!" Solus yelled into his helmet comm, but got no answer. He jumped to his feet before realizing he was standing on glass, not transparisteel.

*crack...crack crack...tkk*



The glass broke out from under Solus as he fell 15 meters from the roof to the ground level foyer of the building. Luckily there was a rather large, expensive oval Kriin-wood table to break his fall, and for once, plush carpeting instead of marble.

Solus lay for about 20 seconds without moving, fearing he'd broken his back. He felt no pain; his heart was pumping madly. "Err...right." He stood up slowly, straightening up, then noticed his gauntlet cable had snagged on one of the window braces above, and had pulled his arm out of socket; but weakened his fall severely.
The pain finally hit him; it surged through his left arm and shoulder, then down his side and back.

From what he could tell, it was going to be a long, bloody night.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Ah, fierfek..." Tracyn grumbled. A speeder had blown up, sending flames and jagged sheets of metal flying. He felt the shrapnel ping on his armor, but none of it pierced his bodysuit. Dachande was picking shrapnel out of his legs, and Solus was no where to be seen. Tracyn fired his powerful blaster at a group of guards, but he had to take cover as a hail of blaster bolts sped back in retaliation.

The guard's fire blasted the head off the ornate marble statue that he was hiding behind of. Tracyn quickly ducked into a building to his right. He saw Solus getting off a crushed table. Suddenly, Solus clutched his shoulder.

"What happened, Solus?" Tracyn asked.

"I fell through the kriffing roof and dislocated my shoulder." Solus replied.

"Well, pop it back in, and lets rejoin the fight." Solus popped it back in, and flinched VERY slightly at the pain.

"Lets go kick some Naboo shebs." Solus said, drawing his weapon.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn was jostled for a second time and Dachande shoved her away from the grenade. She attempted to run but her legs were out of sync with her balance and she went for a nose dive, the base of her helmet grazed across the ground as her chest plates hit the ground. She heard the grenade go off and something hit her in the back and she felt a burning sensation on the back of her left upper arm.

She didn’t dare roll as she suspected that she had shrapnel embed into her back armour plates. She was pulled to her feet by Fynn and she immediately turned her blaster on a Naboo soldier who was coming up behind him.

“Seems we’re getting our shebs kicked, boss.” She said as she pulled another spikey from her bag. She tossed it at a soldier who was in a large group and prepared for the mess.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Venla had been left in one of the security rooms within the palace. The sound of fighting was fairly close and she was getting jumpy sitting alone in the room. She could sit no longer she got up and opened the door to peer outside.

She picked up a small blade as she made her way outside with shaking hands. She wished she was wearing more than her ankle length pink satin nightdress but under the circumstances there was little she could do about it. With wide eyes she moved away from the security room and hoped she was going in the right direction.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn watched as she took out 20 Naboo soldiers with her spikey. “I’ve made a dent in the ranks, shall we keep nailing these guys or go and play house?”

Joslyn turned to see that the guys were way to involved in shooting the enemy. She shook her head, “Guess we keep shooting the Naboo.” She lifted her blasters and continued to bring down more of the enemy.

Joslyn moved to Jag and gave him a kick in the side, “On your feet soldier, on your feet!” she shouted into his com and she helped him up. Amazingly Jag actually came to.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Solus jerked the grapple cable loose from the roof brace and retracted it back into his gauntlet. He clenched his shoulder; the pain was dull, but constant. He looked up to find another Mandalorian standing against the doorway, Traycn was what everyone called him.

"What happened, Solus?"

"I fell through the kriffing roof; dislocated my shoulder."

"Well pop it back in, we need to get back out there and rejoin the fight."

Solus cocked his head to the side as if he was slightly irritated at the statement, then slammed his shoulder up against the marble tiled wall. With a satisfying pop, it was back in the joint.

He unholstered his pistol and spun it a few times; forwards and backwards, then threw it over his shoulder catching it with his other hand, spinning forwards again, then stopping it by cocking the hammer.

"Let's go kick some Naboo shebs."

"Let's." Traycn agreed, then began to charge out the door.

"Wait." Solus reached into one of his belt pouches, pulling out a DetPack. He placed it on the wall about 3 meters to the right of the blown open door, then backed away. "Three...Two...One..."

The courtyard was sprayed with sharp marble fragments and duracrete from the explosion.
Solus gave a noticeable satisfactory nod as he was sprayed with dust and debris.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Tracyn shouted at Solus, genuinly confused.

"I didn't feel like walking out the door."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn was laying down heavy fire on the Naboo soldiers, when he heard a click signaling his blaster rifle was empty. He crouched and was going to reload, when he discovered his battle cannon's ammo was gone, and there was a hole in the pouch on his belt where he kept it.

"Osik!" he shouted. The pouch must have gotten split by the shrapnel, and he didn't realize it. Tracyn drew his WESTARs, firing at a Naboo soldier. The man's face was incinerated as he was hit by the bolt. Tracyn took cover again. Jag was back up, and everyone seemed to be fine.

Suddenly, Tracyn saw a Naboo soldier on a ledge, preparing to snipe Fenn. Tracyn shouted and leapt in front of the blast. It his him square in the stomach, and Tracyn fell.

"Captain!" Fenn shouted as he nelt down next to Tracyn's side.

"Uhh...I couldn't watch you get hit, Commander...agh.." Tracyn struggled to say. Fenn quickly removed Tracyn's torso plates, checking to see if he was injured.

"Well, Tracyn, the shot didn't pierce your bodysuit. You're lucky. Your diaphragm might be bruised, but you'll live. Later, administer some bacta and you'll be back to normal." Fenn replied.

Tracyn put his chest plates back on, and picled up his WESTARS again. He stood back up and fired at the sniper, who fell backwards off the ledge with a surprised look on his face.

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Jag was dreaming of Mandalore.  Of his daughter.  Of his wife.  He stared into her eyes and all was bliss.  It was glorious.  If he was dead maybe Jag could get used to this.  But something felt wrong.  Suddenly it was all going away.

"On your feet soldier, on your feet!"  He blinked and saw Joslyn's T-visor looming over his face.

"And to think.  I give up dreaming of beautiful women for you."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Fynn stood in the street and looked at the chaos with disgust. He helped Tracyn to his feet, pulling the well built and heavily armored Mando up with one arm.

“Osik” he whispered to himself with a snort.  “Everybody fall back; we need to reorganize.”  The words came with a very bitter taste.  He wasn’t used to running…  “Dachande, we’re heading…” Fynn looked for a moment, looking for the best rout.  “East” he continued after spying a dark set of alleyways to his left.  “Make your way in that direction as best you can.”

Slapping Joslyn on the shoulder and pointing her in the direction of the alley entrance he’d seen, he started her and then the others one at a time down the street and into the darkness. 

As the last, Tracyn, passed, Fynn aimed and put a head-shot into the closest oncoming Naboo before chasing after his team.  There’s gonna be hell to pay for this he thought while gritting his teeth…

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Solus sprinted after the team, still being shot at by the sniper that shot Traycn. He jumped and tried dodging every which way, but he was a persistent little chackaar. Solus ducked into the next street and dropped to the ground. A green beam of energy streaked by where he was just standing. He very slowly crawled to the corner of the building, and lined up a shot on the Naboo sniper. He pulled the firing stud; the vapor trail of the bullet was faintly visible as it cut through the faint smoke.

It found it's mark.

The poor man's head exploded, showering bone fragments and brain matter in all directions from the 13mm projectile boring through his skull.

"Ke nu jurkad sha Mando'ade."

Solus' HUD scanned the area, it was clear. He stood back up and chased down his squad.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Just a quick note to you all:

I am immensely enjoying the RPGing with you guys, yes it is my first time on BFFC.  I was a bit taken back with how awesome the MANDOs were being played at the initial, but when trouble was dealt to you all, you rolled with it.  I am impressed to see that and look forward to RPGing more later.

Look forward to seeing the progress when I am back SUNDAY

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

**Decided to remove the humorous post as it didn't fit with the mood of the story, also deleted subsequent posts. Ralin had a plan afterall... **

"And to think.  I give up dreaming of beautiful women for you." Had been Jag’s ungrateful response to Joslyn waking him up.

“Fine then I’ll leave you to die in you stupid comatose state next time,” Joslyn growled.

“I wasn’t comatose, just remembering what I’m fighting for,” Jag spat back.

“Really? You fighting, looked like you were just getting thrown around like a child’s rag doll.” Joslyn said taking a step towards him.

Jag stepped forward also, “I was going to improvise but some people just can’t hack that sort of thing.”

“You nearly got yourself and the rest of us killed with your improvising,” Joslyn said as she shoved him.

“You don’t want to start a fight with me, little girl.” Jag said as moved slowly back towards Joslyn.

“Well this little girl would kick your useless behind if you tried it on,” Joslyn said as she holstered her blasters and got ready to brawl, ignoring the chaos around them.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Jag was pissed.  He needed to vent.  This was a good opportunity. 

"Of all the times you choose to get creative it had to be this one."

"I can be creative."  Jag unsheathed his knuckle plate vibroblade.  "I can think of 100 ways to kill you with this.  And it won't matter how big it is."  Jag's voice grew cold.  Without giving her time to react he sheathed the blade and bullrushed her.  But she used her momentum to flip him off.  He was quickly on his feet but as was she.  Joslyn threw a left hook which connected with his stomach.  If he didn't have his beskar on he would have been puking.

Jag batted off the next few blows that came in and went in for his own attack.  Jag was madly throwing punches as he gave into his rage.  He was pushing her into a wall.  She managed to stop a few but he was connecting more and more.  Realizing it she was getting backed into a wall Joslyn took her turn to launch herself at him.  Not expecting this he went down hard.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Hey! You two! Cut the osik!" Tracyn shouted when he saw Joslyn and Jag fighting. When there was no answer, Tracyn fired a shot right between them, but it still didn't stop them.

"Ahh, fierfek...." Tracyn grumbled. "Commander, can you do something about this?"

Fenn was too immersed in the battle, that he didn't answer.

"Why won't anyone answer me?!?" Tracyn growled. He would have to take things into his own hands. Tracyn went over to Joslyn and Jag, who were still fighting. Joslyn had him in a hammerlock. Tracyn tried to break up the fight, but his attempts were futile.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn knew they should have been fighting the enemy but there was too much history between Jag and herself. It was time to lay down the law and Joslyn planted her knee into Jag’s gut before giving him a right uppercut. It hurt her hand as she connected with the base of his helmet but she was going to let it show.

She’d already taken a few hard blows and her side was aching. She heard Tracyn and turned to Jag, “We should stop or we’ll both be in the poodoo.”

“Don’t think you can beat me, huh?” Jag taunted.

Joslyn charged at him but Tracyn stepped between them.  “This is between me and him.” Joslyn growled.

“I’m your commanding officer stand down.” Tracyn said with cool authority.

Joslyn looked at him but Jag took the opportunity to lung at her again. The pair went down on the ground punching and kicking each other all the way.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Ouch!" Tracyn shouted. One of Jag's mad punches had hit him square in the jaw, and he tumbled into the line of fire, nearly getting blasted. He got back behind cover and shouted at them some more.

"What is your problem! You di'kuts almost got me killed!" Tracyn yelled furiously. Jag kicked Joslyn away, and smashed Tracyn so hard, he blacked out.

"This is between me and her." he said with rage in his voice. They continued to fight.

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Fynn had started to run after the rest of his squad, Regimas just ahead of him, but he stopped short when he noticed on his HUD’s area grid that there were three friendlys still at the crossroad.  Turning around, he was sickened to see Joslyn and Jag wrestling on the duracrete.  Tracyn was laying near them as well.  Fynn feared for a moment as he ran back that he’d been shot, but as he got back up holding his jaw he could see that he’d just failed miserably to stop the fight. 

Running to the corner of the nearest building, which was covering the fools on the ground from the enemy fire, he could see that the Naboo were advancing, but very cautiously.  Fynn fired a burst to get their heads back down again.  Then he turned to Joslyn and Jag…

Tracyn jumped up as soon as he noticed Fynn had returned and rushed over to explain something, but Fynn gave him a stiff shove and pointed him toward the alleys where the others had run.

Jag was on top of Joslyn, pinning her to the duracrete as he as he bashed the heel of his hand down on her helmet.  Joslyn continued to fight back, jabbing him hard in the ribs and sides, while trying to knee him, though Jag’s COD plate seemed to be taking most of the punishment. 

Fynn quickly slung his carbine over his shoulder.  Stepping over Jag, he locked his arms around the Mando's neck and litterally threw him off.  Joclyn tried to jump up and go after him, but Fynn drove the back of his elbow into her neck…hard.  Jag tried to jump up, only to meet the muzzle of Fynn’s blaster.

“This is OVER!” Fynn commanded.

“Sir, it’s my fault” Jag tried to explain.  “I let my…”

“Shut up!” Joclyn choked out from one knee, still holding her neck.  “All my fault.  We…”

“ENOUGH!” Fynn snarled.  “Get back with the others NOW, and I’ll CONSIDER not having you both sent back to Mandalore in disgrace.  Now go!”

As they hobbled off, Fynn shook his head in shame, fired another burst at the oncoming Naboo, and then chased after the rest…



Regimas charged for the alleyways.  Despite his night vision, it was very confusing.  There were several turns and exits.  Without his antenna, a large amout of his HUD screen was blank, including his map and location of his vode.

Trying to keep to the main rout, he ran faster and faster trying to catch up with the others.  Coming around a corner, however, he was blocked by a dead end.

Damn!  They turned off someplace back there.  He considered using his comm., but that could be tracked by the Naboo.  I’ll find them; they must be back here someplace. 

Backtracking down the alley some, he thought he heard the sound of boots.

Found you he thought with a grin.

Making his way down the narrow alley, he burst out into a very fancy street, with huge houses, and very cultured looking shops and buildings…and also an entire unit of Naboo security.

Regimas froze, hoping they hadn’t seen him, but it was too late.  One of them shouted, and they all turned on the Mando.


"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Ricky was a young boy. He was sitting in that severe room with his dad, on a wooden and uncomfortable chair. A lot of adults in this room. All turned towards a big fat grey-haired man holding weird objects and yelling things at the front. That big fat man had a huge mouth and his big cheeks and triple chin would shake as he'd keep yelling "Going... going... GONE!" Ricky didn't know exactly why, but it always seemed to make one of these strange people happy, while some seemed unhappy. Maybe because they didn't win?

They all looked the same to Ricky. All dressed in dark clothes, with dull colors. Uncomfortable things probably too. Big shiny shoes. Everyone was very busy. All just staring at that big fat man and his stuff. No one was paying attention to Ricky or talking to him. Not even his dad. When was his dad talking to him anyway? He was always either here, or hanging out at "The Club", gambling and drinking with the other people like him. Dad seemed to win often when he played. Ricky didnt know if he was cheating and the thought had come to him, but it wasn't wise to ask, and Ricky never did.

"When are we going back home, Daddy?" His dad turned to him with an annoyed look on his face, his eyebrows frowned. All he said was "Shhh!", but it was very clear. Ricky was better to be silent.

Ricky took a look at his dad. Grey hair, like most of the people here. A thin face, shaved in the morning but rough at this hour of day. Grey there too. His eyes had big pockets under them, and big shadows too. And on his forehead, strange things. It looked like little mushrooms, but it was on his dad's forehead. Ricky didn't know why. He didn't want to get old and get them on his forehead, because it was ugly. Dad never went to see a doctor about them, because he didn't trust doctors. Dad didn't trust anyone, not even his friends he was seeing at "The Club", and not even Ricky. Whenever something happened, Ricky was sure to be blamed. He was used to it now, that was how things were.

It was so long, so boring. That big fat man at the front, will he ever stop yelling? Ricky got here with his dad when the sun was still high in the sky, and now it was long gone and it was very dark outside. Way past bedtime for Ricky, and we're still here. It was always like that when Dad brought him here. Nanny didn't come to pick him up after school, and Dad seemed so annoyed to have to bring him along. And Ricky didn't want to go.

He never knew why his dad always wanted to be here. There was nothing here, just those people sitting at the edge of their seats, all tensed and busy and silent, and that big fat man that kept just yelling all the time. Rarely would his dad really win any of the weird objects. Sometimes maybe, a painting or two, but most of the time they would get back home with nothing, just a lost day.

"Dad, can we go home now? I need to go to freshers", Ricky said. He didn't really have to go this second, but he felt something coming. And he didn't want to be here for much longer. His dad turned to him and looked him in the eyes with a very angry look. Then silently hissed "Will you PLEASE shut up?" to Ricky. Ricky came close to tears, but he knew it would just make things worse. Ricky's dad could see that, and his face was taking some colors. "SHHHHH!", he said to Ricky, frowning even more, with hatred-filled eyes, mean eyes. Ricky had to retain his tears with all his little strenght. This was getting bad. He didn't want to get his arm broken again. Things like that happen, and they are accidents, his dad said. But Ricky knew it hadn't been an accident. He remembered it well.

"Going... going... GONE!", the big man said. The auction was going on. Ricky tried to calm down, he must not cry. He has to calm down, and not get his dad's attention. Else it will be bad. So Ricky tries to think of other things. He looks around, then looks by the windows. It had been so nice and sunny outside today. He was regretting he didn't go play.

At some point Ricky noticed some movement outside one of the windows. He wanted to get up and go see, but then dad noticed what he was trying to do. He grabbed him by an arm, and violently forced him to sit down again. "Are you going to make me miss my sale again? Are you?" Dad's voice was little more than a murmur. That's always dangerous. Ricky remembered that accident the other day and swallowed his saliva with difficulty, then said a very unloud and unclear "No, Dad, I won't."

No one was noticing what was happening, his dad was good at keeping these things silent and anyway they were all busy with their auction. At some point though, the sale stopped. Dad looked at Ricky because he was sure it was his fault again, but for once it wasn't. Something was happening outside, and the big fat man at the front was starting to look worried.

*** The little mushrooms on the dad's forehead are typical of very bad alcoholics. They are a sign that there is more alcohol than food in your system and your liver is going BAD.

Cast iron and treadmills? Oh yes. Still sculpting me to what I really want to be, and I love it. :)

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn rubbed her throat and knew that she wouldn’t be doing much talking from now, it was a miracle that Fynn hadn’t crushed her wind pipe. She ached all over and suspected she had broken a bone in her hand.

Jag jogged by her side, still not wanting her at his back. She said nothing as they caught up to the others. The feeling of disgrace hung over Joslyn’s head. She’d let her anger get the better of her and of all the bad times to pick.

She held a single blaster in her left hand and kept her right hand in a fist trying to ignore the pain. Tracyn’s visor seemed to glare at them. “Sorry boss,” she tried to say but her voice failed.

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It was like thousands of voices cried out for a sequel and were suddenly silenced...