Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Jag jogged off with Fynn and thermal incinerator packs.  He went down several alleys before coming down to a unsuspecting guard.  Jag strolled towards him.

"Jag?  What are you doing get back here!"

Jag ignored Fynn and tapped the guard on his shoulder.  The guards eyes grew wide as he saw the T visor.  Jag's hand shot out grabbing the man by the neck and slamming him against the wall.  He extended the knuckle vibro blade.

"Tell me where the armory is and you might live."

"Gahk!  Down at the end ghhk of the main street."

Jag nodded and shoved the vibroblade in the man's chest.

"I never gave you any guarantees."

Jag released the man and he slumped down to the floor.

"We have our location.  Let's go."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn, Regimas, and Dachande hopped back onto their Basilisks to head east.

"Hey Dachande, is that a new trophy on your belt?" Tracyn asked. Dachande clicked his mandibles, and Tracyn took that as a yes. They swooped into a courtyard, Tracyn's Basilisk pinning a guard to the ground with it's claws. They dismounted and Dachande and Regimas killed the remaining guards. Tracyn called Joslyn on his comlink.

"We have landed and taken out some security guards. We will move onto the Rotunda now." Tracyn said.

"We have taken control of the barracks. Trius made a big mess of things. Blood all over the place." Joslyn replied with a laugh. So far everything was going well.

Tracyn was about to call Fynn when all hell broke loose. Gian speeders.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

((Hey dude, this is the Mandalorian wars, I dont think there were westars, unless were just throwing out the timeline, which is fine. If we are then nvm this))

*It's ok, there's more then that making this RPG non-canon, trust me

@ Sev - Sorry I didn't make it clear where the armory would be.  Makes more sense to me for it to be part of the haner then off in the middle of the city someplace*

Stepping over the guard as he tried to crawl away, Fynn and Jag continued down the ally-like corridors of the hanger’s underground network.  Turning a final corner, a pair of guards looked up from their desks with saucer eyes; behind them a massive blast door.  Both where shot before they could even stand.

“Let’s get this baby open, Cover me!” ordered Fynn as he raced for the door.

With jag watching the way they’d come, Fynn started turning the large wheel on the door’s front.  As the wheel turned, massive pins began to release from the walls and retracted into the door.  With a loud ‘Clank’ it came free and slid open.

Jag rushed in as Fynn took his turn covering the exit.  Pulling out two of the charges, he strapped each to a torpedo warhead near the center of the large weapon supply.

“Better set these babies now” Jag said almost to himself.  “The signal might not be able to reach them from above.”

“Don’t cut it too close; got too much to do to die now” Fynn reminded him.  “We can use that cargo turbo right there” he pointed to the opposite wall from the armory’s exit.  “Will save us some running.”

“Tired out already boss?” Jag prodded as he rushed past Fynn for the turbo lift, slapping the Commander on the shoulder as he passed.

“Nope” Fynn cut back as they jumped into the lift.  “Just in a hurry…” he said as the doors closed and Jag punched the remote starter for the bomb’s timers…

The lift seemed to take hours, despite the maximum speed setting that took them to the hanger bay in seconds.  As they neared the end, the turbo slowed greatly, allowing flip open do access panels to completely get clear.  As they re-entered the smoke filled chamber, they were welcomed with the muzzles of several blaster rifles.

Lifting their weapons as they realized who was coming, Starwind and the other Mandos welcomed their brothers back.  “Find it sir?” Starwind asked.

“Yeah, now lets move…FAST!” ordered Fynn as he and Jag rushed for the exit.

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There were no survivors at the barracks. Trius had gone into a berserker like state and anyone she missed he’d finished off. “Guess it’s time to move on,” Joslyn said. As usual Trius didn’t reply.

She walked up to him and touched his armour. “How do you know what’s blood and what’s paint?”

Joslyn nearly jumped out of her skin when Trius spoke, “Blood washes off, paint stays.”

Joslyn nodded, “I see. Guess we should regroup.”

Trius shrugged in answer.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

The Gian speeder fired one shot with it's powerful cannon. The shot nailed Tracyn's Basilisk, blowing one of it's legs off.

"OSIK!" shouted Tracyn, even louder that earlier, " Dachande! Regimas! Get on your Basilisks! Lets go!"

They got on their Basilisks and took off as the guards blasted at them. The Gian speeder fired another shot, narrowly missing Regimas.

"What's your plan?" Regimas asked.

"Lets go meet up with Joslyn and Trius at the barracks, and then we can meet up with Blue Squadron again." Tracyn replied. THey flew to the barracks, and saw Joslyn standing outside, amongst a sea of dead Guards.

After dismounting, Tracyn sent Red squad's Basilisks back to the ship. Trius poked his spiky head out the door, looking around.

"We met a large group of Guards and speeders along the way. Lets regroup and meet up with Fynn." Tracyn said.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

“Well our work is done here, may as well join the action.” Joslyn said as she ran.

Joslyn privately commed Tracyn, “Trius actually spoke, I nearly fell over from the shock.”

Tracyn laughed, “He does speak occasionally.

“Guess he had a moment of enlightenment,” Joslyn teased.

Tracyn didn’t answer, he returned to his normal frequency, “Let’s move like we’ve got a purpose.”

Joslyn watched as Regimas took the lead, shooting at anything that came near him.

“That guy is gonna get himself killed,” Joslyn muttered then realised it went through all the coms.

“Ah you’re just jealous that you’re not as skilled,” came Regima’s jibe.

“I like action but I’m not suicidal,” Joslyn muttered.

Red squad quickly came into view of Blue squad. “Guess it’s time for the reunion,” Joslyn grinned.

** There you go Appo, fixed **

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

((Uhhhhh........ Mel, the basilisks were all sent back to the ship. wink ))

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Solus sprinted after the scout down the marble staircase. "They sure don't have these on Mandalore."
He almost ran right into the back of Kelborn, his fist was clenched in the air; soldiers could be heard running up the opposing stairwell.

"We can take 'em out or let them pass. Your call." Solus put the Karpaki on his back and drew his pistol.

Without hesitation, Kelborn raised his gauntlet and fired a rocket at the men running up the stairs. It exploded a meter above them, littering the floor with marble fragments and blood.

"Well, that takes care of that." Solus chuckled, spinning his pistol. "Down two more levels."

"FREEZE!" A young voice shouted from behind them.

"Hold." Solus whispered into the private comm channel. "I got this." He spun around, grabbing the boy's arm, twisting it behind his back, and putting his own blaster against the back of his head. "You don't want to be doing that."

The boy quivered with fear; he looked to be about 14, already an adult by Mandalorian standards; but not the Naboo. He hadn't even taken the safety off.

"Solus, we need to move now. Decide."

He paused for a moment, then slammed the boy against the wall. "Others will follow, don't get in their way."

The two went down the stairs to ground level; reaching a long, dimly lit corridor leading to the lower streets of Theed.

"What is with the Naboo and marble...?"

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Venla woke to the sounds of explosions. She was wearing her pale pink satin nightdress that came down to her ankles. As usual she had to adjust the shoestring straps from dropping down her shoulders. She picked up her torch and walked to her window. She saw the Communications Tower was a mess and somewhat shorter. She knew she had to alert the palace. The Queen might be in danger.

Venla slipped on her shoes and made her way out into the warm night air. She rushed through the night as her satin nightdress clung to her body and fanned out behind her. She ran to the palace and saw that the guards were somewhat lacking. She guessed they must have gone to see what was wrong. Venla got inside the palace but not very far before she found some guards, “Have you seen what’s happened outside?”

The guards looked at her, “No ma’am we’re assigned to inner palace duties.”

“The Communications Tower has been attacked. Someone might be coming to attack the Queen!” she said anxiously.

The guards looked at one another and then the one she’s been talking to turned serious. “I’ll take you to our Chief of Security. I’m sure things are under control.”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Commander Drakus charged down the large, marble, spiral staircase; all of Blue Team close on his heels.  They passed many kills and signs of battle; in including a kid with an apparently broken nose.  He sat on the steps, leaned as close to the wall as he could while holding up his hands as the Mandalorian’s rushed passed.

“Happy landing” one of them snickered as they went by.

Finally reaching the main floor, the arrived just in time to run into Kelborn and Solus, who had just finished taking out the pair of night sentries and were preparing to make their way out into the courtyard. 

“You guys caught up fast; something wrong?” asked Solus.

“No time to explain, lets…”

“EVERYONE” bellowed Jag, who had just checked his crono.  “MOVE NOW!”


In the courtyard below the hill the hanger was built into, the night watch stayed at their posts, ready for anything.  They’d seen the strange craft that had blasted their way into the hanger, and heard the battle above.  Now they prepared for anyone to leave the main entrance in front of them.

Turning from his hastily built cover position, the senior sergeant heard the sound of marching troops from behind.  Over twenty Naboo Security personnel led by an officer came out of the darkness.

The sergeant ran from his post to the reinforcements and greeted the officer with a salute. 

The officer didn’t return it…  “What the hell are you and your men doing out here???  The fight’s in THERE!”

“Sir, we received no orders to move, and I didn’t think…”

“Shut up!” the officer snapped  “Come on men!  Let get…”

One of the sergeant’s men jumped into view and pointed to the hanger doors.  “LOOK!”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Now that the bomb started to explode, it was of utter most importance that Jag, Fynn, Marcus and the other Mandos make way out of the hangar. Busting out through the doors, the entire roof of the hangar seemed to explode in epic proportions. With several cheap dives, Wilhelm screams, and general "Duck!" yells, they all made it out.

"All in a day's work, eh Fynn?"

"Yeah, you can say that again."

Straightening themselves out, Blue Team went around the corner of what was the hangar bay, and noticed several Naboo Security guards who were absolutely stunned and mortified by the destruction of their hangar. Blue Team set up in a firing position, as one of the guards happened to see them all in position. Fynn screamed at the top of his lungs "FIRE AT WILL!" and the immediate reaction is that of mass bullets flying towards the little group of guards who attempted to return fire, but all died big_smile . After 3 minutes of straight shooting, Fynn signaled to hold fire.

"Damn, where d'you think all that extra ammo went, Comm?"

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Sir, our troops report severe losses on all fronts, with an armory down, main comms tower, hangar too sir!" A corporal said to Griffin

"And sir...We've lost a lot of men...they've lost none" He then gulped

"What!? Are all speeders mobilized with there infantry squads?" Griffin quietly said

"Yes sir. they havnt seen much combat of yet. most are patrolling the palace"  The corporal replied

"Hmmm makes sense!, Right then. equip all available men with what we have out of the palace armory...NOW!" Griffin ordered

Griffin paced through the palace corridors. the place had become hastily fortified. durasteel plates where stuck to the windows. the doors had been barred. it had become a fortress now.

Whistling like nothing was happening, he took a calm mood to things. if he died he died. what more could he do about it?

"Keep up the work soldier, your doing a grand job!" Griffin smirked patting a young soldier on the back who turned to face Griffin stood at attention and saluted

"y...yes sir!" the young soldier murmered.

"Dont be scared troop. and none of that fancy stuff too" he winked to him as Griffin walked into the main cafeteria area and poured him self some caf took out a cigar and put his feet up. placing one of his SL 5's on the table next to him.

"Lets see what these mando's have got planned for us" chuckling to himself as he inhaled his cigar

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Regimas jumped out and Joslyn dragged him back by the arm. “You want to get yourself killed?”

He looked at her with a tilt of his helmeted head, “In this suit, I’m bullet proof.”

“Yeah and Trius is the Queen of Naboo,” Joslyn said with dripping sarcasm.

“Really? Well that makes our job easy.” Regimas said clearly with a smirk.

Joslyn shook her head, “He’s too tall to be the Queen.”

Their banter was interrupted as they heard gunfire from Blue squad. “Lock and load, gentleman and lady,” Tracyn said but as they rounded the corner they saw that Blue squad had already dispatched the guards.

“Man you guys get all the fun,” Regimas pouted.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Fynn pulled the spent power pack from his carbine and replaced it with a new one as Red Team walked up from the darkness.

“Man you guys get all the fun,” said Regimas with what sounded like genuine sorrow. 

“Perk of seniority kid” Starjammer sneered as he put a wounded Naboo ‘out of his misery.’ 

“I think it’s time we visit the Queen vode.  Can’t wait all night; they’ve got troops on the way from their outlying forts by now.  Sooner we move, less resistance there will be; not that it’ll be easy as it is.  Every guard in the city is probably already there.”

“Then lets be about it” Trius growled with a grin.

Fynn cocked his head slightly.  “You know, I think if we could just have a nice talk with the Queen, we could work everything out peacefully.  I mean, there’s no reason we can’t be civil about this.”

“As you say commander,” responded Starwind, who put a blaster bolt between the eyes of the last begging trooper…

*too my Mandos; lets not show up on the doorstep just yet.  Have one more fight in mind before we get there. 

Viking, this is your go for that ambush.  If you want, you can say the officer I posted about escaped the hanger fight here and rallied some more men, and is waiting for us somewhere in the city where we’ll pass on our way to the Palace.  Post the ambush as soon as you’re able.

If any of my Mandos get here before the ambush is posted and have the itch to post, just have us on our way and maybe sweep some guards out of the way; or feel free to create some other situation for us to escape from*

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

The two troops merged back into one group and Joslyn was slightly surprised when Solus came up to her. “So it all went well?” he said on the private com between then.

Joslyn gave a nod and grinned, “Yeah I got a bang out of it.”

Solus chuckled, “I heard.”

Joslyn frowned, “Damn I was trying to be as subtle as possible.”

“Since when is blowing something up quiet?” Solus asked.

Joslyn shrugged, “Never I guess. Tracyn wanted to be boring and slice. Suppose he should next time.”

Solus took a step closer, “We might be able to work together for the rest of the mission now.”

Under the helmet Joslyn’s brow furrowed, unsure as to why he sounded so pleased by the idea. “Yeah,” she said and looked around to the Commander. “Guess we’re getting ready to move on.” Then she realised she was still on the private com.

“Eager for more action?” Solus asked sounding excited by the prospect.

“Always am,” she said and looked away. She could tell that the others were updating each other so she turned back to Solus, “So was there much trouble at this end?”

“Nothing we couldn’t handle,” Solus said as he held his blaster. Before he could elaborate a grenade landed at their feet. Joslyn picked it up and threw it back, “We’ve got company!” A resounding boom sounded as the grenade exploded.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Trius withdrew his swords again and leapt towards the group of Nabbo guards that had appeared. Trius particularly liked these guards. Their pathetic soft leather uniforms were butter under the hot knife of his vibro swords.

His brethren opened fire while he began hacking away at the vanguard of the group. He caught another guard staring in disbelief at the intimidating set of 5inch long horns on his head and he did the favor of beheading him. He sheathed one of his swords and grabbed another guard with his free hand. With a spin he threw him into the group, knocking down several of them.

(sorry for the short post. Didnt want to kill them ALL)

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

MYERS had spent his first official day as a new officer going through the process of improcessing, it made no difference he had been a NSF for the past 10 years, he had to fill out all the initial intake paperwork again. 

It was well into the night before he was done, he even had to work through his lunch date with his fiance, much to his and her disappointment in order to attend a mandatory lecture on personal finance that began one hour late and provided no new insight into maintaining wealth.  He decided to swing by and grab a bottle of 'firewine' to salvage something of the night when the MANDOs came.

He was no expert on all things military, but you didn't have to be to recognize the handiwork of MANDOs, large explosions were their trademark introduction. 

Ruefully he muttered "So much for tonight." and checked the charge of his blaster and decided it was time to upgrade, thankfully he still had his TRU equpiment issue in his speeder.  CHIEF RANDING had said he should keep it if he ever needed another job, he was on his way to turn it in today, but hadn't had time to.  He hastily donned his armored breast plate and his TAC hemlet and loaded his rifle, thumbing on the sights.

In no time fear and panic had siezed the city of THEED, another calling card of the force that had awaken the city into the nightmare of an invasion.  The COMM tower had been blown effectively cutting off the higher HQs from the rank and file patrolmen, leaving them to their own best intuition and training.

For MYER, he was on his way to link up with the other members of TRU, only to discover they had vacated, no doubt to reinforce the palace.  He was on his way when a bloodied SERGEANT intercepted him asking for orders. 

"Sir, we were cut off from our patrol..." he started to well up at the thought of what had befalled his squad in a few moments.  The large monster with the two swords had killed so many, so fast

"Easy SGT MALATINE" he said reading the bloody name tag, "Let's see if we can sort this out.  You with me?" he asked, trying to refocus the trooper.

"Sir, yer sir." he sounded off.  It still struck MYERS as strange to hear that title applied to him.

Soon MYERS had eleven men of different patrols cobbled together, they wouldn't have passed inspection and were a poor attempt at a fighting force.  Six rifles, seven blaster pistol and three charges and only he had any armor to speak of, still it was all he had to work with so it would have to be good enough.

He thought of the most likely avenue of approach and figured to lay in an ambush, he knew his odds were grave, but he had to make an attempt, at least to slow the beast he knew the MANDOs to be for the others to figure out a response. 

He laid his rag-a-muffin force into their positions, hidden form observation with clear fields of fire in to the major intersection, the intended kill zone.  Still lacking a heavy casualty producing ambush initiator, he improvised one and rigged a speeded to blow.  He didn't figure it would penetrate their armor unless they were right next to it, but it should be a good distractor and maybe get one.

He briefed his men to lay down heavy fire when he blew the speeder and to retreat after two energy clips were spent back to their fall back positions.  He didn't want to throw their lives away in a suicide misssion.

The sounds of death were moving closer to their positions, and he could feel the tension growing along the firing line, one young trooper threw up.  He had picked well, and the figures stalked forward cautiously, looking for signs of trouble, but their initial sucess and desire for more action caused them to step into the kill zone and into their first real resistance.


RD hope to have set the stage for you

I figure one big explosion, more flash than boom, and then the two energy clips of concentrated fire on you guys.  Three troopers plan to charge you, so have fun while four will break and run early so by all means enjoy. 

Kill MYERS but give him a good send off, no evisceration or beheading please, clean combat.

I'll write his last breaths and then move to another troopers perspective

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Viking1 wrote:

Kill MYERS but give him a good send off, no evisceration or beheading please, clean combat.


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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Valthonin wrote:
Viking1 wrote:

Kill MYERS but give him a good send off, no evisceration or beheading please, clean combat.


There are plenty of other NSF for you to kill, those charging or those fleeing, come on V!!!

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Jayali was starteled awake. She had heard some commotion, and not knowing what it was, she began to get out of bed. Two security officers rushed in.

"What's going on?" The queen demanded.

"It the Mandalorians milady. We have to get you to a secure location immediately."

"Update me!"

"I am afraid there is no time. Ocelot has mobilized what forces we have, but we don't know what we're up against."

Queen Kalipana paused for a moment gathering her thoughts, all of which were racing about. The worse case senario had begun to play out, she was fearful for herself, and her people. She had failed them.

"We suggest," The officer went on to say, "That Talia take her place as you. That way you won't be such a target. We are sure they will be after you."

Jayali nodded her head in concordance. "Yes."

"You need to come with us Your Majesty."

"No. I have something I feel i should do. Take Talia and protect her as if she were I. I must do something to protect our people."


Carth awoke to knocking on the door of his room inside the royal palace. He was annoyed his rest was being disturbed, as he had a tiring meeting not long before. Couldn't they cut him some slack.

He opened the door, shirtless, just out of bed to a young woman, nicely dressed, with long blonde hair slightly pulled back but still flowing down her back. He just stared at her.

"I know this is an akward situation Mr. Onasi. When I asked for someone to help as a military advisor, I wasn't thinking that the threat would be so close. "

"Queen Kalipana?" He questioned. He didn't recognize her with out the elaborate trappings of her royal status.

"Please, thats something I don't want anyone to know right now. I know this may be too much to ask of you. And I am sorry that it has come to this."

"What?" Carth asked, seeing and sensing the worry and panic in the Queen's eyes.

"Mandalorians have landed with their Basilisk War Droids, they have apparently cut all communications. That is why I had to come and see you my self. I know my men are strong and brave, but they don't know what they are fighting. You have more combat experience than anyone else on Naboo that I know. I beg you to help me."

"I was upset for leaving the front lines? Why? The battle comes to me." He thought.  "Ok." he told her. "I'll help."

"Thank you so much Mr. Onasi. I didn't know where to turn."

"Call me Carth." and he smiled. The Queen was much prettier looking with out all that finery, really.

"Ok, Carth. Lets find Captain Ocelot."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

The alien's spine made a good trophy, still warm from the creature it was being worm as a belt. Dachande moved, quickly and silently forward, firing his plasmacaster frequently at snipers and turrets.He wished he didn't have a job to do, then he could hunt at his own pace, raise hell on the planet, put them in a state of unrest. Panic them. He could do much better then a direct assault could ever do. There were frontlines in this case, civilians would run from it and they may feel safe still. In a hunt, there were no frontlines. Seemingly random kills, with no boundaries half across the city one day in your backyard the next. He would make due with his situation. He fired again, removing threats as he found them.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

As Joslyn grabbed the grenade that had come out of nowhere and slung it back into the darkness, Kelborn and the others leveled their blasters and fired into the night. 

Using his Ceremonial War Caster, which was designed for a much higher rate of fire then the standard Wookie weapons, Kelborn fired from the hip and put down an impressive field of fire into the ally.

All the Mandalorians began to move forward toward the enemy; the bolts from their blasters lighting up the night.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

“AMBUSH!” Fynn yelled out as the grenade Joslyn had returned exploded.  “Form a firing line!”

The Mandalorians quickly formed ranks, becoming a solid wall of defensive firepower.  Despite their small number, the amount of fire they were sending in return was amazing. 

A sniper’s blaster bolt shot from a distant building, knocking Jag to his knees for a moment, but the blast seemed to have been absorbed by his cheast armor.  Solus quicky drew a bead on the distant target, but before he could squeeze the firing stud and blue bolt of plasma shot from a nearby rooftop. 

Good to see Dachunda is still on the job Fynn thought with a grin.  “Good shot ner’vod” Fynn called into his private comm. with the hunter.  “Star heading for the Palace ASAP; I’ll send Regimas to meet you soon, and the rest of us will start making noise at the front door just as soon as we clear up this little matter.  Confirm?”

Commander Drakus thought he could hear a click of fangs before the comm. line went dead.  Animal…

“Squads…Advance!” ordered the commander, his teams marching forward down the ally, firing on anything that even moved in the kill zone.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Sir we got incoming!" a palace guard sergeant shouted "Bout 700 metres, Front and centre!, They just got ambushed but there heading this way"

"Ahhh Excellent. is the Queen Secure?" Captain Griffin jumped from his chair, Cigar in mouth.

"We dont know, our comms are out sir!" He heard a reply

"It'll take them a while to break through. Prepare for our stand soldiers" Griffin called out, taking a last drag from his cigar before letting it drop to the floor. he stomped on it and rubbed it with his foot before picking up his Officer peak cap brushing it then placing it on his head.

"You there. throw me that rifle!" Griffin shouted to someone who was standing next to his Sniper rifle An extended and heavily modified SL-5 blaster pistol. with a longer barrel, extended clip and a stronger power cell.

With that the troop threw the rifle to Griffin, Griffin catching it in one hand, twirling it and walked to the front of the palace.

"Show down guys! Dont die on me too easily now! He shouted down the hall way

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

They were almost in the kill zone, a few more seconds and then he would detonate the speeder, signaling the inexperienced  crew to begin their concentrated fire, when someone got a little excited and did something stupid.  SGT MALATINE threw his grenade and began the ambush prematurely.

"Frapping imbicile" he thought at the young trooper's actions, he hadn't stuck to a plan that had a very slim chance of sucess to begin with and no there was seemingly no chance.  Grenades were social munitons, you throw one, throw some friends otherwise what could happen, did.

A MANDO picked up the grenade and chucked it down the alley, he suffered a little bit of permacrete spray for his trubles but nothing debilitating and far from lethal.  Then MALATINE and two others began bounding forward and shooting wildly form the hip with a war cry at their lips.  Sexy in the holos, but far from functional and poor soldiering.  MYERS knew those men were done for along with their chance for victory in this, now it was a matter of taking some of them out too.

He picked up his rate of fire, sighting in and squeezing his trigger over and over again.  More than not of his bolts hit their mark, but it seemed that only he was hitting as the rate of fire had dwindled to only him and another.  Soon he was through three energy cells and things were getting desperate as the MANDOs were beginnig to reorganize and advance.

"Just a little further, come on, come on, take the bait you mercenary sons-of-a-diseased-wamprat." he wanted them to come in line with his still unexploded speeder, "COME ON!!!" he yelled.  He still had one more charge, that was going to be his final act of defiance, "COME ON!!!"

"We do bad things to worse people"