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Topic: Objective: Naboo RPG

Welcome to Objective Naboo!

The theme of this RP is a Delta/Omega squad styled attack on an entire city.  There are three sides you may choose from:  One of the Mandalorians who are attacking *these roles are strictly accepted through invitation/application only.  If you have not been invited, send me an application including your character sheet with detailed character profile,* a member of the Royal Naboo security forces, or a citizen/visitor of Naboo. 


Again, playing as one of the Mandos in this RPG is by INVITATION OR APPLICATION ONLY!!!  You may join as any of the others as you please.  HOWEVER, there is a new rule that is specific to this RPG that will affect all the non-Mandos.  The rule of not killing a person's character ONLY applies to Mandalorians and the Queen of Naboo *I alreayd have a Queen, who will post as soon as she can, so don't bother asking/posting for the job;* the security forces and bystanders ARE PERISHABLE.  I do wish for people to RP as the Naboo, and do not add this rule to scare you away from that role.  It is solely intended to add realism to the RP and a sense of more activity rather then just the same antagonists carrying the plot.  Also, this is primarily a Mando lover's RPG.  If you RP for the Naboo, you should do so with good humor and with anticipation that you very likely could lose your starting character and should have more ready.  If this rule becomes a problem, I will change it, but hope that it can be used to the enjoyment of all.

Rules *many of these I copies from Naltoon; thxs Mel  tongue *

1. You can not kill a person's character IF THEY ARE MANDO; everybody else if fair game within reason *as explained above*  I want no crying about this rule; if you don't like it, might be better to hold back on joining until you can see how it works and if you think you
      can deal with it or not, or until I decide to remove it, which 'll do if there's a demand for it

2. You may create any character you want if you are non-Mando. Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.  Those wanting to be Mandalorian, please send me your character sheet for approval first 
3. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.
4.   If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.
6.    Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.
7.    Have fun.


The Mandalorian Wars are raging.  Mandalore has made his push into the Republic, and the Army of the Republic is beginning to lose ground.  Calls to the Jedi for assistance have gone unanswered so far.

Mission: Mandalorians

Mandalore has sent hundreds of elite strike teams across the Republic to disrupt lines of communication and supply junctures. 

One of the furthest reaching strikes is sent to the peace-loving planet of Naboo, a key supplier of food and natural resources to the Republic and a hyperspace hub for many of the nearby systems to reach the Hydian Way hyper route. 


1. Terror.  Let these farmers and weaklings know why the Mandalorians are feared; ensuring Republic recruitment in the system will fall
2. Destroy all key supply warehouses in the city: there are three known
3. Take out the primary communication relay station near the center of Theed
4. Destroy all military targets of opportunity and crush any resistance

Mission: Naboo Security

The tranquil, peaceful, and ever anti-war Naboo is on the opposite side of the galaxy from the invading Mandalorians and has no reason to suspect that they are in any danger at all.  Their security forces have been strengthened however to guard the supply and communication facilities that have sprung up in and around the city.  Most of the Naboo military is stationed in forts outside the city to protect against Gungan marauders.  They can be called in, but will not be available for a sudden strike starting within the city.


1. Protect the Queen *Again, the position of Queen is FILLED
2. Protect the civilian population
3. Protect all the supply and military installations
4. Drive off the invaders or hold until Republic help arrives  *ETA on Republic help is unknown…maybe never*

My Character Sheet *feel free to use it as refference for your own character*

Name: Fynn Drakus *Younger brother of Aliit Drakus Alor Daar Drakus

Age: 30

Species: Human

Affiliation: Mandalorian

Rank: Commander

Job: Team Leader

WOC: Mandalorian Repeater-Carbine variant *think This StarWars-ified tongue ; Matching Mandalorian heavy blaster pistols(strapped to legs Jango Fett style, but a little higher);

Other: Gauntlet mounted weapons/gadgets include: Dart/Rocket launcher; A micro-grenade launcher; two wrist lasers; A fiber-cord line with grappling hook for scaling/descending obstacles; Flame thrower; A personal cloaking device; Strength enhanced gauntlets

Armor: Black Mandalorian armor over blood red flight-suite; full body plating as was usual at the time, with leather ammo pouches and accesories; Helmet has a distinctive visor with the eye-line cross part much like Boba's, but instead of a single downward piece to make a T shape, his has two downward branches of the visor which drop from each eye; Features four red kama like additions hanging from the belt, one on each side *loincloth, kama, and one on each side*

Appearance: 6' 2"; Lean build, yet very strong; Longish blond hair with buzzed sides and back;

Personality: Lighthearted and easygoing with his Clanmates and friends while not at the front, but commanding and direct when under fire

Ship: Basilisk War Driod


Fynn completed his final inspection of his Basilisk and exited the drop-bay. 

Making his way into the crew quarters, he saw the others doing various tasks; cleaning their weapons, preparing gear, sighting in their optics, and for the more serious members playing pazak. 

"We'll be dropping out of hyperspace in one standard hour vode.  Start strappin' on your gear."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Name: Solus Auurin

Age: 29

Species: Human Mandalorian

Gender: Male

Job: Mandalorian Sniper

Appearance: 6', strong athletic build, short sandy brown hair

Personality: Usually blunt, cracks jokes occasionally, not very merciful when it comes to killing.

Armor/Outfitting: Dark tan Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Helmet, rust brown Mandalorian Armor on reddish-brown vest, dark tan jumpsuit, brown duster/cape, ammo belt and pouches

Armament: Slugthrower Revolving Pistol, Karpaki 12 Sharpshooter Carbine, Combat Knife

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Name: Marcus Starwind, nickname 'Titan' because he usually tries to do whatever he can in battle, and for the huge gun he carries.
Age: 28
Species: Half Mando, Half Arkanian
Affl.: Mandos all t3h way
Rank: Sergeant
Job: blast the hell out of whatever the commander says
Main Weaponry: Mini Rail Gun (see picture), illegally (illegal by Republic standards, perfectly damn normal for a Mandalorian) modified blaster (see picture), numerous melee knives, throwing knives.
Secondary Weaponry: Main Gauntlets (flamethrower, wrist communicator, grappling hook, vibro-shields that can deflect lightsabers) Secondary Gauntlets (poison darts, mini-rockets, blades, stun darts, gas darts)
Appearance: Armored appearance, only the armor is a dark forest green, and the pants are black. Unarmored, picture Corran Horn.
Personality: Good guy, if you're on his good side. Jokes around with friends, is serious sam on the battlefield.
Background: Born to a Mandalorian father and an Arkanian mother, Marcus knew nothing of his Arkanian heritage, and only learned those of the Mandalorians. Although he shows to be capable of bearing abilities of Arkanians, he has no idea how to use them, or if he even is using them, and only knows the Mandalorian way of life.

Marcus was just about to win another set of Pazaak when Fynn came into the crew's quarters.

"We'll be dropping out of hyperspace in one standard hour vod'e. Start strappin' on your gear..."

Marcus looked to his bunk, which had a blanket, pillow and mattress. His mini rail gun was underneath it, and spare gauntlets beside it, along with his main gauntlets. There also lay his armor and helmet, and other gizmos. Turning around, he played his final hand, and won again.

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

*just a note to all my Mandos, we ALL have Basilisks, and we shall use them for our entry.  PM me if you have questions reguarding our upcoming moves*

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

** I know I did an explosives specialist in Naltoon Assault but I couldn't resist tongue **

Name: Joslyn Alexia

Age: 27

Species:  Human (Corellian born)

Affiliation:  Mandalorian

Rank: Corporal

Job: Explosives Specialist

WOC: When not playing with explosives, she prefers a pair of Mandalorian Rippers. The Mandalorian Ripper is a version of a slugthrower. It shoots magnetically accelerated particles at high velocities that sliced through personal shields and kills the enemy quickly. It is a lightweight pistol that could be easily handled in one hand.

Other: A variety of hidden weapons in her armour, including blades from her gauntlets, flame thrower, darts etc.

Armour: http://the-trukstop.com/articles/2007/i … lorian.jpg

Appearance: 5’8” See above, when not in armour Joslyn has a pretty face much to her own disgust. She has blue eyes and long auburn hair that is braided into many small plaits. She is toned and athletic.

Personality: Joslyn grew up on Corellia but never fitted in. She was often bullied and sort ways to defend herself. She trained in Teras kasi and is a skilled hand to hand fighter. Joslyn is a very defensive person and uses humour to mask her true emotions. She came to Mandalore looking for answers about her past and found herself at home with the warrior culture. She soon called Mandalore home.

Ship: Basilisk War Droid


Joslyn was glad that the Pazaak had been interrupted as she laid her cards face down on the table. She’d never been particularly good at it but Marcus had talked her into playing. As usual the Sergeant was winning. “Guess we’ll have to play later,” Joslyn said with a smile as she reached for her helmet.

However Marcus had gone into his serious battle mode so any banter stopped. “He’s so boring,” Joslyn whispered to Solus as she grabbed her back of tricks.

“He likes to fight,” Solus said simply.

Joslyn chuckled, “Don’t we all.” She dug through her bag to make sure her dets, boosters and cord were separated. “I hope I get to play this time. It’s so damn boring when I don’t get to blow stuff up.”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Name: Venla Chlin

Age: 22

Species:  Human

Affiliation:  Naboo Citizen

Rank: None

Job: Archivist

Appearance: 5’3” via Hero Machine: http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/hero … chine2.asp
2.5b5*f1*Venla Chlin*Hair:Feminine,bun,732C00,9C4108,100,100,23,Eyebrows:Expansion1,thing,732C00,732C00,100,100,21,Eyes:Expansion1,symetric2,007622,007622,100,100,20,Nose:Expansion1,thinbroke,FFD08C,FFD08C,100,100,27,Mouth:Expansion1,smirk,EE694A,EE694A,100,100,18,Beard:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,26,Ears:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,19,Skin:,fraBlank,F8B684,FFD08C,100,100,6,Mask:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,22,Headgear:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,29,Undershirt:Expansion1,veeshort,8CCB9C,8DCFCE,100,100,7,Overshirt:Expansion1,strapless,630052,94007A,100,100,10,Coat:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,25,RightGlove:Standard,armorband,94007A,F79652,100,100,17,LeftGlove:Standard,armorband,94007A,EE9F00,100,100,16,Insignia:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,8,Neckwear:Standard,torc,EE9F00,E86517,100,100,24,Belt:Standard,widesash,F79652,E86517,100,100,15,Leggings:Standard,stockings,8CCB9C,7CC774v,100,100,9,Overleggings:Briefs,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,11,Pants:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,14,RightFoot:Standard,banded,630052,62077C,100,100,13,LeftFoot:Standard,banded,630052,62077C,100,100,12,Back:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,3,Wings:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,4,Tail:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,5,Aura:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,2,Companion:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,31,Background:New,atlantis,9C8A74,8CCFF9,100,100,1,RightHand:Miscellaneous,scroll,CEBB9B,CEA66B,100,100,30,LeftHand:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,28,#

Personality: Devoted to her work and extremely curious. Often puts her nose into business she should leave alone. Is a skilled hacker and often uses her skills when bored at work.


The day was pretty ordinary as work days went for Venla, she was busy entering the data for new files as she sorted the online records for the Farming Network. She scratched her jaw as she considered going for a cup of caf. Nothing particularly exciting happened at FN, but then that was Naboo all over.

Venla walked to the office kitchen and activated the automatic caf maker. As usual it took a few technical taps for the thing to work.

She walked out to the veranda and looked the stunning views of beautiful buildings and gardens that seemed to merge together in a symphony of harmony. She glanced at the sky and watched as ships came and left the nearby space port.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Species:Unknown, presumed Taung mutation
Planet of origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Mandalorian
Weapon of Choice:Plasmacaster(s) Disc, whip, spear, wristblades.
Appearance: about 7 feet tall http://www.gothic.no/lostsouls/starscream/predator.jpg http://static.flickr.com/26/93817526_7d5a93d719.jpg
Personality: A hunter, usually hunts alone, does not take well to company, especially of other species. However respects the Mandalorians for their similar culture. Culture is very focused on honor (Can speak basic slightly, mask has translator.)

Dachande sat in the corner of the room, watching the others, they seemed to have grown accustomed to his presence. He pulled a skull from his belt, and despite the fact that it was human the mandalorians did not seem effected by it. They carried on with their cardgame, however the joking had stopped. Dachande clicked his mandibles, looking at his mask, which sat next to him he had etched a T-shape on the front, like the visors of his allies. He picked it up, placing it on his face and sealing it, testing his shoulder cannons. He was ready to hunt.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG


Queen Jayali Kalipana

She is also sometimes affectionately called "Jay” by her family, very close friends and trusted companions, although even they use her formal title when in public or court.

Age: 16

Species: Human female

Rank/ Affiliation/ Job: Queen and ruler of the Naboo

Appearance: Small and petite, Height about 5’2”. Has naturally long blonde hair that is unusual for her people. This is usually augmented with elaborate hair pieces and adornments. When in office she wears the customary makeup and garments of her office, proudly accepting the history and heritage of her people.

Personality: Although young, Queen Kalipana is seen as smart, wise and brave and has proven to be so through out the earlier times in her career as a public servant. She fully believes in democracy, and will do what she needs to fulfill her duty protect the people she serves. She is seen as kind and benevolent by all but a staunch few. The queen has done her best to make friends with in the Republic.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

*here it is again Ralin.  Added a few more details, hope that’s fine  smile *

Name: Kelborn (Yes, the same one from Kotor  big_smile )

Species: Human

Affiliation: Mandalorian

Rank: Corporal

Job: Scout

Primary Weapons: Ceremonian Wookie Bowcaster *From KOTOR* and a cut down Zabrak Blaster Carbin strapped to his leg StormTrooper blaster fashion

Secondary Weapons: A Zabrak Heavy blaster holstered on left side of belt for right handed cross-draw or left handed backhanded draw.  Gauntlet mounted energy and dueling shields, cloaking device, laser, and rocket launcher

Armor: Red Neo-Crusader’s armor *see my Av  big_smile *  Includes more highly advanced tracking and visual aids to help him in his hunting missions

Appearance:  6’2’’  Light complexion with blond hair.  Very strong, but also silent and fast

Personality: Usually a quiet sort.  Never too serious, he’s also not a Mando to joke or waste time.  Loves the hunt, and when home on Mandalore on having some recreation time on a conquered world, usually spends his free time hunting the local wildlife, either alone or with some of his closer squad mates.  Very honor driven personality, he is always ready to put his life on the line for one of his brothers.

History: A born hunter and tracker, he quickly moved up the ranks of this unit.  Turning down a promotion in his regular unit, he volunteered to be Demoted in order to get assigned to one of the newly formed SuperCommando units.  Having served with Fynn and most of the others for over a year now, he is one of the group’s ‘old hands.’  The more recent acquisition Da’chande, who’s natural hunting and stalking gifts are at the least equal to Kelborn’s, have given rise to some level of competition.  However, Kelborn realizes and accepts the new members gifts, and values his service to the unit

Vehicle: Basilisk War Droid  *one of the more stealthy models like the one in KotOR II, not one of those bug looking Basilisks*


Kelborn continued to reassemble his weapon after the commander’s announcement that it was almost time.  Snapping the ammo charge into it’s slot, he holstered the custom Zabrak carbine and pulled his energy/slashing resistant hood on.  Making sure the seals were properly fitting, he lifted his red Mado’ade mask from his bunk and sealed it over his face.

As his HUD same to life before his eyes and he slung his Bow Caster over his shoulder he whispered to himself with a grin, “…back to war.”

(Hope this is ok guys.  Just let me know if I need to change something   smile )

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Name:  Jagour "Jag"  Maxis
Species: Human (Born and bred Mandalorian)
Affiliation:  Mandalorian
Age: 43
Rank:  Weapon Specialist
Job:  See above
Primary Weapon: Based on MG-15 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … dark1).jpg High Rate of fire.  Shoots blaster bolts in case of any confusion.
Secondary Weapons:  Carries a Mandalorian blaster over shoulder, 2 hip blasters and 2 hold-out in ankle.  Retractable knuckle plate vibroblade.  Strapped underneath the blaster on his back is a beskad saber.
Appearance:  Crusader armour minus most of the spikes. Underneath his armour he is about 6' with blond hair and a sturdy build.
Personality:  A veteran of many wars is more of a hardened individual.  He, like all Mandalorians, follows a strict code of honour.  Is not afraid to do whatever he is told no matter the cost to him or others.  Some say the battles have gotten to his head.

((More to come later.  I gotta run.  Rev has control of my character for now.))

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

(Here's my chracter, Ralin, with a couple changes)

Name: Tracyn (Nickname)

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 31

Rank: Captain

Appearance: Tall and muscular, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Also has a long scar on his left cheek.

Armor: Sand-Gold Mandalorian Armor with an off-white kama

Weaponry: Zabrak Battle Cannon, dual WESTAR 34s, various gauntlet weapons/gadgets

Ship: Basilisk War Droid

Allegiance: Mandalorians

Job: Support Gunner/Slicer

Personality: Tracyn has a good sense of humor, but he doesn't let it get in the way of his duty. He is smart and is good at slicing security sytems, and he isn't afraid to kick some Naboo shebs.

Tracyn was cleaning and calibrating his battle cannon when Commander Drakus walked into the cargo hold.
“We’ll be dropping out of hyperspace in one standard hour vode.  Start strappin’ on your gear…”
Tracyn finished with his blaster and watched the game of Pazaak. Marcus won another round as he put down a
-2 card from his side deck. Marcus scooped up even more credits to add to his growing pile.

(More to come soon)

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Name: Adamska 'Revolver' Ocelot

Age: 56

Species: Human

Affiliation: Queen of Naboo (Or so you may think...)

Rank: Head of Security for the Queen

Job: ^

Weapons of Choice: 2 Custom-Bore ArmSpec SAA-C Ballistic Handguns

Armor: Blaster dissipating clothing

Appearance: http://www.colourhill.com/proimage/01948-1.jpg

Personality: Sometimes overly serious, very militaristic; unlike his nation. Don't let his age fool you, he'll rip your arm off and beat you to death with the bloody end.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

I sent RD a personal link but I am stepping up to play the role of a few faceless NABOOIAN security forces that will die brilliantly

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

*yup; read and replied.  Can't wait to see them Viking  big_smile*

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Solus leaned against the bulkhead behind Joslyn, watching the Pazaak game. The Sergeant was winning, but not by much. Joslyn seemed to be catching on pretty quick, but Marcus laid down the winning hand as Fynn strode in the doorway.

"We'll be dropping out of hyperspace in one standard hour vode. Start strappin' on your gear..."

"Guess we’ll have to play later." Joslyn reached for her helmet. Marcus had gone into his serious battle-hardened state. "He’s so boring." She whispered whispered to Solus.

"He likes to fight." Solus simply replied.

"Don’t we all?" Joslyn laughed as dug through her bag of 'goodies'. "I hope I get to play this time. It’s so damn boring when I don’t get to blow stuff up."

"Then I'll be sure not to shoot the Ambassador through a duracrete wall so you can collapse the building on him like last time." He smiled. "I promise."

"Yeah right." She punched him in the gut. "I'll be sure to remember you said that."

"I...bet you will." He shook his head. "That's harder than last time."

"Feel good?" Joslyn raised a brow.

"From you, yeah."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

name-known by comrades as Regimas

affiliation-Com. Drakus



description-average height,armor is the same as my costume

weapons-2 swords(yes, metal swords)heavy blaster, wrist blades, 2 grenades, throwing knives

attitude-keeps to himself, is rarely seen out of armor due to a facial disfigurement. the only "friend" regimas has is Dachande. all the others are put off by his cold nature. regimas is very stealthy, he was trained to be a mandalorian blademaster and is better with bladed weapons than blasters.


regimas sat in the rafters of the hanger bay. mandalorians ran about beneath him, refueling ships and running diagnostics on the basilisks. he sat there calmly sharpening his blades, observing the chaos below. sliding the weapons back into the slots in his jet pack he lept towards the floor below,landing with a thud on his own basilisk. he turned and saw Dachande siting in the corner as always,polishing his trophies. You could say that Dachande was a sort of mentor to regimas. He had started to collect a few trophies of his own recently. he gave a slight nod to his comrade in the corner. Dachande flexed his mouth parts in response. the invasion was about to begin....

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

The ‘Blood Asp’s droid intelligence was still calling over the intercom for all the strike team members to meet in the ready as the last two entered.  Regimas, youngest of the team, nodded smartly as he entered, while Dachande stalked in and made his way to the furthest and darkest corner.  Damn loner.  If he wasn’t such a good killer I’d make him find a new squad.  Oh well…

“Su cuy'gar ner vode” Fynn opened.  “We’ve been over it before, but lets have one last recap.  What is our drop time?”

“Ten hundred hours alor” chimed Regimas.  “Just after dark.”

“Red squad, what is your time of engagement?”

“Ten hundred fifteen hours alor” came Regimas again.

“Meathod of assault” questioned Fynn more pointedly as he stuck his gloved finger at Joslyn.

Letting out a slight sigh as she straitened in he chair, she began her description.  “Strafe the building…destroy the signal tower with firepower from our basilisks…make a hot landing at the front door, which I get to blow in…then kill anybody inside while making sure they don’t have a backup communications network.”

“Which our trusted informer claims there is not” added Red team leader Tracyn.  “But we’ll be making sure of that, Right team??”

“Yes SIR” Regimas almost shouted before noticing the others just nodded.

“Blue team, OUR time of attack?” Fynn continued. 

“Ten twelve hours, or the moment we pick up chatter of the attack on the com station” Jag almost growled. 

“And then?” Fynn pointed to Kelborn.

“And then we blow anything that can even hover..." 

"While killing anything and anybody that moves” Solus cut in

“Ooo Rahh” added Sergeant Starwind, Fynn’s second in the squad. 

“And then we meet up here” Fynn pointed to a location on the holo map stretched before him “to begin Phase Two.  Are there any questions??”

*still buying time here in case I have any more who want to be Mando.  Again, post a character sheet ASAP if you received my invitation and want to join, or sent me a PM if you did not receive an invite and wish to join.  And don't forget that any who want to post as a Naboo security, civie, or visitor to Theed do not need to clear with me and may post at any time


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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn raised her hand, "I've got a question, can I go shopping while we wait? There's a new vibroblade out there with my name on it."

Jag pulled out his own blade, "I believe I have that blade if you mess up."

Joslyn grabbed the blade from his hand before he could react, "Nah it's too small. I like mine bigger."

There was a chorus of laughter. Joslyn turned back to Fynn, "So can I go out or are we to stay and wait?"

Jag grabbed her by the gauntlet, "Give me the blade."

Joslyn turned her helmeted head to look at him, "Where do you want it?"

"Lodged between your vertebrae," Jag said cooly.

Joslyn turned to face him fully, "That's not very sporting of you."

"Sometimes you need to kill in whatever fashion opportunity presents you with," Jag told.

Joslyn handed him his vibroblade, "I'll remember that."

Solus stepped forward, to break the tension. "I need a new scope, so a shopping trip might be in order."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

“I think a real question would be good.  How much time can we expect for evac. if a Republic cruiser shows up unexpectedly?”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

“You two” Fynn pointed to Jag and Joslyn.  “Stow it for later or we can go to the Battle Circle now, Grievance Rules.  And then you can drag your butts through this Op with nose plugs for the bleeding.”  Fynn turned his masked gaze to Auurin, who was sitting behind them.  “Solus, don’t waste my time.  Ask Regimas or Dachande about our policy on collecting.”

“Kelborn, good question.  The ‘Blood Asp’ will move to the light side of the planet while our Basilisks will orbit directly over Theed.  If we need them, they’ll be planet side inside of five minutes.  We’ll hop on and withdraw to the ‘Asp.’

“If that’s all, I will see you all on the flight deck…”

*Still got time for a real question.  Val, you’re in Red squad if you’re still in.  I DO have room for more Mandos, don’t be shy about sending me a character sheet if you’d like to join as one.


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Name: Trius

Age:  No one knows the exact age, but he looks about early 30s late 20s

Species: Zabrak

Affiliation: Mandalorian

Job: Meat Shield/Blender

Appearance: Huge Zabrak male. His skin is red and has black tattoos, just like Darth Maul. His horns are much taller tho, like this http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Vi … h_Maul.jpg His helmet has openings to allow his horns to stick out through the top. He is very muscular but also very nimble.

Personality: Rarely speaks, as he is somewhat slow witted. He is hearty with his comrades, but goes into a beserking rage during combat and is know to sometimes through a fellow mandalorian at a group of enemies to weaken them before he crashes into them. He loves his comrades tho, as they are his family. He was found as an orphan on the Zabrak homeworld of Iridonia and taken in by the Mandos, yet he also stays somewhat true to his race and the Mandalorians at the same time. His tattoos are a result of a rite of passage among Zabraks.

Armor/outfittings: His armor is red and black, just like his skin. The patterns on his armor and helm match his chest and face. So its a mirror image of his body. He has no flight suit, only the vest and armor plates. His helmet is a standard Mandalorian helmet but no antenna. It is very battered and scratched and of course comes complete with cool scar over visor. He has simple black combat pants and large boots. But since theres no flight suit, you can see his arms just fine, He prefers the mobility because he almost always uses melee weapons, most notably two broad swords.

Armament: Two large swords. He rarely uses a blaster, only when necessary. He has one simple blaster pistol on a holster on his leg for that reason. Although he usually crushes it in his rage sometimes. Conmmander Drakus doesnt let him go into battle without it however.


Trius didnt get to hear the briefing, he already knew his job. He was in the hangar doing one armed pushups next to his modified Baslilisk when the remainder of Red and Blue squad walked into the hangar. His Baslilisk had a cockpit on top since Trius had no flight suit for space.

Trius jumped up with excitement as the Mandos prepared themselves and made any final adjustments to their own Basilisks.

"Time to play, Trius." Drakus said as he walked by

"Heh heh, I like-a to play..." Trius said in his deep voice that usually scared children away. The Mando's were used to it however. Trius's fearsome visage was a facade to his inner love he had for his comrades.

Trius took his helmet that was laying on his Basilisk and slid it on his head. His horns stifly went through the openings made for them and Trius cracked his neck. He then took his two massive braod swords and strapped them to his back. This, and also his massive size, was why he could not use a jetpack. He put his blaster into his holster and banged his bare arms and fists on his armor in glee.

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Tracyn was sitting on his Basilisk, trying to remember how to use it. He hadn't used one for a few years, but soon he got the hang of it again. Tracyn made the final adjustments to it, and then observed the other Mandos that were assigned to Red Squad.

Joslyn, Regimas, and Dechande were both with their Basilisks, and Trius was doing push-ups. The commander had a quick word with Trius, who then put on his helmet. The horns on his head stuck out of his red and black helmet, making him look very intimidating.

Tracyn was happy with them, because they all would frighten the Naboo. Joslyn, with her dual Mando Rippers, Regimas with his swords, and Trius and Dechande with their massive size and strength were a force to be reckoned with. Tracyn smiled slightly under his helmet, and then took out his dual WESTAR 34s and started to clean them. He was completely confident that the peace-loving Naboo would crumble under the strength of the Mandalorians

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He was the lowest of low, the scum of NABOO and no one would ever treat him with true respect.  At least that is what his former squad mates said after he begrugingly accepted a commission as an officer in the NABOO SECURITY FORCE.  His days of honest patrol work and serving the people of NABOO were over now, he was a slave to the living beast of mangement..

He was CRAZDAN MYERS, the former SECURITY SPECIALIST of the NABOO SECURITY FORCE, and highly decorated for distinctive service in what amounts to "hazardous duty" on the serene planet of NABOO.

"What was I thinking?"  he mused to himself in the mirror as he woke up, his joints were stiff well beyond his 29 years, the product of hard living and continuing to train despite all the indications that a break was needed. 

"You were thinking how dashing you'll look in the uniform."  his lover called from their bed.  She was a vision of beauty as the satin sheets hugged every degree of her generous curves.  She beackoned for him to return to their love nest, but he knew better as he didn't want to be late on his first day to meet with his division commander.  Prudently he stepped into the refresher and braced for the coldest setting it had.

Ten minutes later he was dressed in his crisp flightsuit, fitting him a little tight through the chest, but otherwise a flattering fit for his athletic build.  He had been a former kickball standout in school as well as a minor celebrity in the intermural games the NSF (NABOO SECURITY FORCES) so his body was well conditioned and he carried his 100kgs well on his 1.87 mter frame.  The small, but functional holdout blaster on his waist was highly polished and a symbol of authority for the passive citizens of NABOO.

She pleaded for one last kiss from her studio on the verand.  He warmly embraced her wrapping her diminutive frame in his large arms and chest and meet her nose to nose.  "I love you" she cooed

"And I you" he replied in their tradition.

"What are you painting?  It looks like a bowl of fruit"

Playfully she smacked him "It is a self portrait, you nerf ear."

Laughing, he kissed her and headed for the door, ready for the day.  It was the perfect as far as last memories of a loved one goes, when they came....

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Jumping onto his basilisk and putting his mini rail gun into the custom holster he added, Marcus was playing with one of his melee knives in his hands, when he called to Fynn "Oy, Fynn, when are we heading out?"

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((Maybe just a chart in the first post outlining who is in whose squad and leaders and such, would be nice for reference.))

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