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I like all animals...


Re: Favorite animals?

Same. Except for Mosquitos and Flies. There D*** Annoying! neutral

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Re: Favorite animals?

Felines, canines, and equines are my top three though it's tough for me to limit to just a few categories. I LOVE animals(but not that way).

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Sharra Fett wrote:

I LOVE animals(but not that way).

Thanks for putting that picture in my head.

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Eek too many to list. I will put a few down though.

Big cats, birds of prey, sharks (ok not an animal but they are great), rats, Jackdaws (they have fantastic blue eyes), Wolves, Otters, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Bats, Insects (I love how useful they are), Horses (all kinds), Dolphins and Whales.

I think that will do for now big_smile

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Re: Favorite animals?

Tasmanian Devils are my all time favorite. Second is the Thylacine.

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Re: Favorite animals?

I think my favorite animal is House...
Seriously, I like cats and chihuahua.

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Re: Favorite animals?

Cats are ok most of the time, they can be useful to catch the bugs. Dogs can be cool. Turtles and tarentulas can be fun to watch. Grasshoppers... that was the tarentula's living food when I had one... can be totally hilarious.

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