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Its one of my favorite shows in the world.

           Does anybody here watch it?

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no Mencia sucks.

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I have to agree with Fett_II on this one. I saw his original HBO stand up routine and I thought it was pretty funny. However as soon as they gave him a show i think he just started reusing the same tired old jokes about each and every race. He has no new material and if he does unexpectedly come up with a good idea he screws it up by once again trying to make it into something he can overuse.

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I also agree whole-heartedly. Carlos Mencia isn't even Mexican. He's Honduran/German or something. Hes a liar, a fake, a phony, w/e word you want. He steals jokes and his stupid crude, racist routine gets old FAST. At first it was like...ok kinda funny. But its the same crap over and over again. I hate him, I hate what he stands for, and I hate that he has his own show. He is not a comedian, he is a pathetic excuse for a performer.

Have your eyes opened here, and there is much, much cursing. So beware. Watch the whole thing, its gets much better as it goes and the ending is great. … re=related

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here's something better

lots o language

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I saw one episode an I thought it was great, but by the sounds of it, it might be a while before I watch it again.

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