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Setting: Welcome to Naltoon, a small moon that is home to a secret Imperial base. This Imperial base is involved with the renewed Death Star plans for the rebuild of the Empire’s super weapon.

Two platoons of Rebels have infiltrated the city in which the Imperial base is located. Can they steal the new plans and make it out alive? You decide…

The Rules:

1. You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.


Name: Gemma Tuks
Affiliation: Rebels
Rank: Sergent
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Weapons: EE3 blaster and two vibroblades

Gemma stood leaning against the wall as several of her men lay in wait. The tall tower that stretched to the sky was the “secret” Imperial base. It stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the far shorter buildings around it, unfortunately it was also extremely well fortified.

The Rebels had split into four teams to ensure that at least one of them was able to find a way in. She reached for her com for a progress report.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name: Davik Renge
Affiliation: Empire
Rank: Idk, this guy is a scout trooper, don't think they get ranked. but he is a sniper.
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Weapons: thermal detonators, sniper rifle, DC-15 blaster rifle, that little blaster that they have on the side of their boot, mini turret

Awaiting orders, Davik sat at his 74-Z speeder bike, cleaning his DC-15. He'd been having this trouble lately, and it really got to him to just get a new DC-15. However, this specific gun was considered "lucky" to Davik, because it always seemed to work right when needed. When his time comes to enter battle, he'll make sure he makes the best of it.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name: Vince Glortho
Affiliation: Empire
Rank: W/e Fett_II's guy's rank is
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Weapon: Only the little blaster on his boot. He's a crack shot with it....sometimes

Vince practically skipped up to his 74-Z speeder bike which was parked next to Davik's. He had a cup of caf in his hand, and since the Empire slammed hard on scouts and cut them no slack it was precious to him. He wasn't supposed to be doing anything while waiting for orders except wait for orders. If a superior officer saw him he would probably take the damn caf for himself.

"Loooook what IIIIIII got, I got some caaaaaaaf." Vince said as he passed in front of Davik and floated the cup in and out of Davik's view, caressing it.

"Hm? Whats that?" Davik asked, still cleaning his blaster.

"THIS, my good friend, is a fresh cup of CAF. When was the last time you had some CAF!"

"I have a cup every morning..."

Vince nearly dropped his cup. His put it down on his speeder and flipped his helmet open in disbelief.

"What?! We're barely allowed to have RATIONS much less actual fresh caf."

"Not my fault no one ever told you where the free caf machine is.....or how to use it."

".....well....I got this one from some kid. Put up quite a fight too."

"Oh Sarge is gonna be overjoyed to hear you're stirring up trouble with the locals..."  Davik said still cleaning his DC-15 and not looking up.

"Oh you won't tell him will you!? Damn Sarge has been on my *** since I accidently set off that thermal detonator,"

"Yeah, in his office."

"There were no casualties!"

"Except maybe your chances to ever be promoted."

"Oh i wouldn't want that. Then I wouldn't be able to drive ol' rusty here," Vince said and slammed his hand on his decrepid speeder. It shuddered and almost exploded. Davik shook his head slightly and continued cleaning his weaponry.

Vince took the nearly spilled cup of caf from the shuddering speeder and decided to finally take a long awaited sip. He put the cup to his mouth and let the dark liquid spill in.....ahhhhh.....the robust flavor of....chocolate milk?
Damn...apparently the kid Vince had yanked this from had chocolate milk, not the caf Vince had been desperatley wanting.

".........Rebel scum."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name: Ka' klaak
Age: 27
Power: 15
Gender: Male
Rank: Shock Trooper
Weapon(s): Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, 3 thermal detonaters, stormtrooper armour and 4 mines
Defense: 4

Ka walked up and down. It was hard for him to do this. His legs ached from the exhaustion of the 10 hours shifts he had done. He didn't like getting paid low, but he liked his job.....he supposed.

He loaded a blaster charge into his rifle. He blasted several times at a tree. Ha ha..... he thought, now he would get paid lots. He just needed to kill a Rebel and then Davik would pay him more.

Killing Spree's, he thought, sitting on the seat of a speederbike..............................................

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name:  Havrim Taim
Affiliation: Rebels
Rank: Sergeant (Leader of one of the four groups)
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Weapons:  Blastech A295 With interchangeable long and short range scopes Standard issue vibroblade

Havrim surveyed the Imperial outpost from a building nearby with his macronbinocs.  Typical Imperial base.  Heavy defenses on the outside, many a stormtrooper on the inside.  Just another day at the park.  His comm beeped. 

"Squad 3 report."

"Havrim here.  Nothing unusual here.  We has stormtroopers crawling everywhere.  If we can catch them by surprise we should be able to cut their numbers by a quarter.  But that still leaves us outnumbered.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name: Blaine Shalashaska
Affiliation: Rebels
Rank: Colonel
Gender: Male
Age: 54
WOC: AAS Pistol x2

Shalashaska stood in the second story potion of a closed down bistro, eying the 'secret' Imperial base. Gemma's squad would be leading an attack soon, and getting the units mixed together would be a bad idea.

"Squad 3 report."

"Havrim here.  Nothing unusual here.  We has stormtroopers crawling everywhere.  If we can catch them by surprise we should be able to cut their numbers by a quarter.  But that still leaves us outnumbered."

"Then It's a fair fight." He cut the connection and put the comlink back in his coat pocket. "If only the fools knew."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name:TC-8432 'Specter' Jaith Tyrak
Affiliation: Imperial
Species: Human (non clone)
Rank: Cpt.
Occupation: Jumptrooper (Special Forces Commando ((yay noncannon big_smile:D:D))
Appearance: … Figure.JPG
Armor is a light gray, and heavier, mask tube is not sticking out. Has red sand trooper pauldron. has a grey kama, with red lining
Unarmored appearance: head is shaved, green eyes. Tall, muscular.
Weapons: Long Range Rail Detonator, (assuming its a railgun, i'll ALSO assume it fires 3 shot burst tongue) Disruptor pistol, Vibroknife, thermal detonator. ((Uses a modified scout trooper bike, but painted white and red))

<<Roger, ETA to dropzone is in 5, repeat zero-five, minutes, hope your ready 32>> 

"Hope your on target, the LZ better be flat this time, damn near crashed on Tatooine"

<<Well thats your own fault, now can it.>>

32 waited silently in the bay of the anything but standard imperial dropship. It looked like a normal Lambda-class shuttle, but quite bulky, the ramp was larger and heavier, and the way 32 was disembarking was different too. An orange light lit up and the ramp dropped, revealing the ground two meters below, rushing behind the ship at 200 miles per hour. The ramp extended behind the ship, instead of in front of it a large turret overlooked the ramp, and a droid gunner sat built into its post. . A green light replaced the orange one, and the locks unclasped from his bike. He turned on the bike, lifted as the repulsors kicked in, and hit the accelerator. Right on target.

32 began to decelerate, turned the bike, sliding to a halt in front of two bewildered scout troopers, one of which spilled his caf all over his chest plate as the other screamed like a little girl and dived out of the way.
"Looks like at least one of you ladies needs to change your undersuit."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

(Why would a Jumptrooper need a speeder bike? And Masterchief, Shocktroopers dont have speeder bikes either. In fact, I dont even think they're are any Shocktroopers during the Galactic Civil War. The whole point to the Scout Trooper is that he is the only one with a Speeder bike. Hence why me and Fett_II have one. I also doubt Fett_II's guy is one to run and scream like a little girl. My guy however, is a different case.)

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

((Because I wanted one. tongue, in case you cant tell, my person inst exactly standard. tongue))

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Character Sheet

Name: SS 2557  ‘Ghost’ to his brother Shadow Scouts and other specialists for his above average stalking and infiltration skills; ‘Sergeant’ to officers and lesser clones he commands; and ‘Sarge’ when his back is turned
Affiliation: Imperials
Rank: Sergeant
Trooper Type: Imperial Shadow Scout (aka Storm Commando) *Fist of the Imperial Intelligence service.  Primarily used for information gathering in hostile territory, they are also used as enforcers for the Intelligence service at high risk installations located in or near civilian populations.  Are bred and trained to be cold and especially merciless, but are more highly intelligent then their fellow clones due to the technical and covert nature of their mission*
Age: 15 *about 22 in Clone years for his Clone type*
WOC: Imperial disrupter pistol - Imperial Assassin's slug-thrower Sniper rifle
Other Weapons: Republic Commando style glove-blade, standard Scout-Trooper Holdout blaster in boot, large vibro blade on his left hip; Thermal detonators
Special Equipment: Sound sponges mounted in his boots, when activated he is totally silent when moving; highly advanced HUD like those used by Republic Commandos; his armor plates are the harder type used by Republic troopers, not the later plastoid used be Stormtroopers *there’s nothing canon on these dudes that I know of, so I’ll have what I want  tongue *
Appearance: Scout armor painted black, with black flight-suit.  Gagged red streaks of paint *Some say blood* etched across this helmet Sev-style.  Very short military cut brown hair 
Vehicle: Customized black painted speeder bike issued to all Shadow Scouts.  Optimized for speed, but shielded.  When not on black-ops missions *like now,* he removes the sound dampeners, giving the souped up ride a very impressive rumble *think Harley Davidson  big_smile *

Ghost, his helmet under his arm, stepped through the hatchway into the garage to see what the hell was going on. 

He saw the Jumptrooper dismounting from his speederbike as Vince and Davik picked themselves up off the oily duracrete floor.  Shaking his head as he entered, he saluted smartly as he noticed the captain’s rank on the specialist’s armor.

“Welcome on station captain, the commander has been expecting you.”

“Doesn’t seem like I was expected by all” the Jumper scoffed.

Ghost glared at the other troopers.  “Good men are in short supply these days…” he hissed as he wondered why he detected the scent of chocholate milk.  He hoped the Jumper didn't notice it for pride's sake.

“So it seems.”

“I have been ordered to take you to the base commander as soon as you arrive.  If you’ll follow me?”  Donning his helmet, Ghost led the Jump trooper to the nearest turbo lift.

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Name: Pol K'Ardi
Species: Rodian
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Affiliation: Rebels
Rank: Private
Weapons: A295 Blaster rifle, Dl-44 blaster pistol
Appearance: Rebel soldier uniform: … x354,2.jpg
but without the helmet

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name: Alaya Ger'mana
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Affiliation: Empire
Rank: Private (Scout Trooper)
Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Vibro Blade

Private Ger'mana was reaching the end of her shift. Her orders were too stay hidden and observe. Once her relief came it was back to the barracks for some caf. Her 12 hour shifts were grating on her. As the hours passed, she was getting less and less attentive. She just couldn't wait for what ever relief was coming...whether it was a fellow sniper or the ganitor droid back at the barracks...

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

As ‘Ghost’ and the Jumper exited the turbo lift and started down the black marble hallway towards the commander’s office, he keyed his internal com.


“He’s here, on his way to see the commander.”  The jumper looked at him for a moment, then straitened himself and they continued down the hallway.  Despite his communication equipment’s highly secure features, it wouldn’t have surprised ‘Ghost’ if the trooper’s advanced equipment could have detected the transmission at such close range.  However, the encryption device used for his secure transmitter was one of the most advanced in the Empire.  It scrambled his words into the code used by Imperial probe-droids, a code what was not decipherable by even the most knowledgeable protocol droids.  The  only reciever on the planet that could decipher his transmissions was in the local Head of Imperial Intelligence’s office, with HIS commanding officer.

“Understood.” *click*

Stopping at the reienforced durasteel doors of the commander’s office, the pair of Stormtrooper guards stood aside as ‘Ghost’ keyed the com on the outer security pannel.

“Yes?” Commander Darsmon’s voice crackled. 

“Sergeant SS 2557 reporting with Captain Tyrak as instructed sir.”

“Bring him in” the old man snapped as the connection died. 

“Yes sir…” ‘Ghost’ replied to the dead com terminal as the heavy locks clicked free and the blast doors slid open. 

The armored pair entered the spacious quarters and stopped in front of the Commander’s massive work desk, both saluting smartly. 

Darsmon glared at the black clad scout.  “That will be ALL, Sergeant.”

“Yes sir.”  ‘Ghost’ saluted again to the commander, and as usual it was not returned.  Turning to the Jumper, he saluted the captain and had it quickly returned.  “Welcome to Naltoon sir.”

Turning on his black leather heal, ‘Ghost’ slipped out the blast doors and headed down the hall…..

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"TC-8432 reporting for duty sir."

The commander seemed content to monolouge, seeming to ignore Jaith's presence "Ah Intelligence. Never was for me. I was never good at all the sneaking around, secrecy, assassination. No honor in it. You understand don't you?"

Jaith was silent

"Of course you do, your a good soldier. The empire could use more men like you. Well I'll have that intelligence rat show you your quarters, he should be just outside the hall.  Oh, and watch out for his boss, you dont want to get on her bad side."

"Yes sir" Jaith turned around, and stepped out the door. As promised Ghost was there, "He doesnt seem to like you" Jaith said "Or you boss." Ghost was silent. Jaith decided to shut up, he instead removed his helmet, revealing an elaborate facial tattoo

((Sorry about the bad edit, done quickly and in paint))

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name: Raina Alea
Age: 27
Imperial Colonel
Weapons: vibroblade in one boot, blaster in the other.  Keeps another blaster in a holster on her waist.
Background: Is 'ghosts' boss, has plans to take over the facility, considering she already runs a vast amount of what goes on.  While the Commander may think he holds authority, she is the one who runs the show, and she has great plans to make that official.
Appearance: … rtrait.jpg  add a pair of really cool imp boots with a  heel and some concealed weapons and your good to go tongue

Raina watched from a small passage way as 'ghost' and another trooper walked past her secret hiding area. She stepped out, walking fast but silently to catch up to them.  The unfamiliar trooper had taken off his helmet although it was only when she announced her presence that she saw a unique pattern, tattooed on his face.  'Ghost' and the other saluted, and she returned the gesture.
"Ma'am," said the unfamiliar trooper with a nod. She nodded back and then turned her attention towards 'Ghost'.

"So," she said, "how is the old man?" She really had no care for him, and she hoped that she would soon be replacing him any day now.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"So, how is the old man?" Colonel Alea asked.  It was no secret that the Army and the Intelligence services were vying for power over the station.  It was such a small secret that she openly spoke with such a condescending tone in front of the two Stormtroopers who were guarding the Commander’s doorway.

“Same as always, Colonel.”

“That bad huh?” she responded with a smirk.  “It’s a wonder his weakness is tolerated in such a high value facility.  Thank you Sergeant, you may return to your duties.”

Saluting sharply, ‘Ghost’ nodded to the captain as he walked passed and headed for the turbolift.

Wonder if he’s going to be a partner or a target…. he mussed as he punched in the garage level.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"Well Captain, what do you think of the base?" she asked the man standing next to her.
"Oh," he replied, "well I suppose it's all right."
Raina looked around and then spoke, "It's going to be rough for a while, you better choose your side and make sure it's the right one."
"I'm sorry but what do you mean?" the captain asked, obviously confused.
"Oh come on," she said, "everyone knows that army and intel has been fighting for control over this base, it's only a matter of time before someone knocks off the old man and then a new person has to take charge, I'm just saying that you should be careful who you allege yourself with, because army stands no chance of taking over this base.  I've been running this base for a while now, I know what's going on, just a friendly caution."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma had all reports in and everything was good to go. She turned to her second in command, “Dodger, time to work your magic.”

Dodger was their explosives expert and he’d had an itchy trigger finger that needed attention. Gemma had sent out a scout to find the nearest Imperial Sentry post. On the graveyard shift, Dodger had snuck in under the noses of the sleeping Imperial guards and planted them a present, he grinned as he opened the trigger guard. “Say cheese,” he said with a grin as he pushed the button.

A resounding boom sounded and the Rebels felt the shockwave roll through the small city. “Let’s see if you stirred yourself up an hornets nest,” Gemma said as she peered through her microbinoculars.

“Let’s hope the other teams are doing their bit. Now let’s go play shoot the Impy.” Gemma said as she raised her blaster, it was party time.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"If there were to be an uprising, it sounds like the defenders would be outnumbered and out gunned. It would be stupid to help the current commander, he seems incompetent."

The colonel nodded and grinned, "Good choice, captain." She walked away. Jaith made his way to his quarters, on the way he stopped by the caf dispenser and got himself a cup. Which he promptly spilled as a loud explosion roared in the semi-distance. Alarms began to blare and Jaith clamped his helmet back on, grabbing his gun and trying to figure out what was happening.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma stormed forward with her fellow Rebels. Their blasters were blazing as Stormtroopers began to gather to see what had cause the explosion. Gemma pounded the left flank while Quarry and Josh held the centre and left.

Dodger had taken off with another group as he intended to install and fire some more detonators.

Gemma took a hit to her shoulder but her armour protected her. “Fall back, defensive positions,” she called to Quarry and Josh.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

( Dont mind if i join do you? )

Name: Ben Griffin
Affiliation: Rebels
Rank: Corporal
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Weapons: A heavily customized A-280 Blaster Rifle and a Q2 Hold out blaster

Griffin was with the rebels that had infiltrated this planet, looking for a new empire base, something to do with a new death star or something And so they where here. 2 platoons of rebels, around 8 sections, 64 men. to assault, destroy and hold this base untill reinforcements could get in. It was gonna be hard. but that was what Griffin loved, a challenge.

Yet the time seemed to fly by he was already following Gemma into an assault. They used an explosive device, most probably an over packed thermal detonator to grab the Imperial soldiers. it worked. Alarms rang out and the air was filled with Nco's and officers barking orders to the troops.

As the Rebels pushed forward there was a heavy barrage of blaster shots fired into them. Gemma took a hit to the shoulder herself but shrugged it on but this was followed by the order to 'Fall back, Defensive positions'

With that Griffin slid behind a Small concrete block. They where outnumbered. And these imperial squaddies had a fast reaction time too!

Griffin stroked his A-280, Kissed the barrel and began to open fire, for every one shot he let off it felt like 20 would be returned.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

The shock wave stopped the turbo lift momentarily, killing the lights for a second.  When everything came back on line, 'Ghost' instantly switched his com to the security center.

“What the hell was that??” he demanded has he willed the lift to get him to the garage level faster.

“We’re still trying to determine that…”

“Well determine it a little faster!"  He quickly switched the com channel again.

”Garage level.”   

“Get my speeder ready!  And make sure those two who were on alert shift don’t leave without me!  Don’t want them killed before I know what’s happening…”

”Yes Sergeant.”

As the turbo lift doors slid open and ‘Ghost’ began to run toward the speeder bike bay, an incoming transmission alert began to blink in the corner of this HUD…..over his secure channel.

“Yes Colonel?” he huffed as he sprinted.

“Outer security checkpoint Bravo-07 seems to be the target of the explosion.  Survivors are under heavy fire.”

‘Ghost’ pulled up.  “Sounds like a diversion.”

”Perhapes, but it’s not far.  If it’s just civilians I want them to pay.........dearly.  But if it is an attack, be ready to pull back at a moment’s notice.”

“As you wish Colonel.”  ‘Ghost was at a full run again before his farewell had even been completed.

Bursting into the speeder-bike bay, he saw Davik and Vince revving their bikes and ready to go.  From a side entrance, Captain Jaith rushed in, apparently having used the barracks’s turbo lift. 

“You don’t know the environment Captain.  Might be better to leave this to us.”

“I won’t get in the way; you lead, I’ll follow.”

‘Ghost’ thought it over for a moment, then gave a hurried point over to a waiting speeder.  “Take that one!”

As the captain powered up the bike, ‘Ghost’ leapt into the saddle of his own black painted bike.  Giving it a powerful rev, he shifted into gear and tore out of the hanger at full tilt down the city streets…

*tell me if this is ok for your character A_A*

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

**Nigzy nice to have you along**

Gemma found herself a crashed speeder for cover and continued her barrage, "Lay down a supressing fire," she ordered.

She grabbed her com, "Dodger, you ready?"

"I'm always ready, baby." Dodger joked, "I'll push it in five... four... three... two... one."

Again the city filled with the deafening boom of an explosion. A few Imperial soldiers went flying through the air. One landed beside Gemma and she quickly broke his neck.

"Nice work, Dodger," Gemma told her com.

"I live to please," Dodger replied, "I'm moving to sector three."

"Acknowledged," Gemma replied. She turned to her troops, "Phase two!" she shouted as she reached for the grenades on her belt. Each Rebel threw two grenades at the oncoming Imperials then pulled back. It was time to move back into the city streets while the other teams got down to business. They'd join them soon enough, for the time being they needed to kill as many Impies as possible.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

‘Ghost’ held up a clenched fist in the air, signaling his small team to stop.  Pulling the throttle back hard, he tilted to the side and turned the control handled and ‘side-skidded’ to a stop.  Grabbing a pair of macro-binoculars from a forward mounted saddlebag, he looked down the city streets at the chaos ahead.  The Rebels had done a lot of damage, but were pulling back away from the research facility.

“Trap” Captain Jaith thought out loud.  Vince seemed shocked by the notion and looked at Davik, who ignored him.

“And a very pretty one” ‘Ghost’ responded.  “Or a total diversion.”  Switching to his secure link, SS ’57 waited for the colonel to pick up.

”Have you engaged them yet?  What are you fighting?”

“I’m observing from a position a few hundred meters from the first explosion.  Doesn’t seem to be a civilian element to this that I can see, colonel.  It’s Rebel Special Forces, no doubt.  Wouldn’t surprise me if we get some locals to join them, but this attack isn’t being born of revolt, it’s a strike.”  ‘Ghost’ watched closely as the experienced Rebel commandos fired and fell back from one cover position to the next as the waves of blunt-force trained stormtroopers charged down the street.  “They’re falling back, but the sector garrison is taking heavy casualties.  I feel they’re luring us into a trap or a faint.  What are you orders?”

”Stay there and assist for the time being.  They can’t possibly know how strong we really are, and are trying to burn our manpower supply.  They will find that a VERY long undertaking.  If they’re luring that force into a trap, then they have a large percentage of their forces in that area where we can trap them.  If it’s a diversion, I shall recall you and you will see to the defense of the installation using the forces I would have used to encircle the possible ambush.”

“As you wish Colonel.”  As the com clicked dead, ‘Ghost’ pulled his sniper rifle from the side mounted scabbard mounted on his speeder.  “Dismount!” he ordered.

The team quickly jumped off and checked their weapons before rushing forward.  Nearing the blast zone, ‘Ghost; signaled to Davik a good sniping position.  Moving forward a little further down the street with Vince and Captain Jaith, SS ’57 stepped over the bodies of the dead or injured clones to a building corner.

”I have targets; requesting permission to fire” crackled Davik’s voice over ‘Ghost’s’ helmet com.

Good man, Davik; one of the few…  “Kill ‘em.”

“Roger that.

The muffled blast from behind was quickly followed by a red bolt streaking down the street, which found it’s mark.  Then a second trooper fell.

Lifting his own weapon, ‘Ghost’ began searching for targets now that most of the Rebels were looking for Davik. 

A Rebel commando…..perhaps an officer….ran behind a downed speeder.  He didn’t take cover well, it seemed like there was something or some one in his way.  It wasn’t a good shot, but ’57 could just sight in the back of his head…


"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Josh had just slid in beside Gemma when his face plate was split open by a blaster bolt. He spun and blood spurted from his face plate which was flooded with the red fluid. It sprayed Gemma as she reached for Josh trying to cushion his fall, however the soldier was dead. She was disgusted as she saw a second shot which took off Josh’s right foot. It didn’t really matter thought since Josh was dead.

Gemma could wait no longer, she had to give the call. She grabbed her com with her blood covered hand and thanked the Force that it was not her own blood. “Colonel Shalashaska, do you read?”

“Loud and clear,” came the reply.

“This is Sergeant Tuks we’ve lurked the Imps out as far as we can. I think they’ve realised the game. We’ve taken some casualties. What’s left of the squad will join you when we can.” Gemma informed her commanding officer.

“Very well then, send me regular update as you can.” He instructed Gemma.

“Yes sir,” she confirmed then put away the com.

Gemma stepped back in a crouch from Josh’s corpse and heard the sound of speeder bike, “They’re trying to flank us! Immediate evac!”

Gemma watched the others scatter to the wind but she remained in place. She was going to give the others a fighting chance. She saw the speeder coming and targeted the grav system. Lining up the shot she hit her target cleanly and watched as the trooper lost control of his vehicle, unfortunately he jumped before the speeder crashed into a wall.

Getting to her feet Gemma made a run for it. She felt a hand grab onto her arm and pull her into an alley, it was Griffin. He put a finger to his lips. Gemma nodded as they moved deeper into the alley. They quickly made their way to a shabby doorway and hurried inside. Both Rebels knew where to go. They moved to the back rooms and found the access panel they were looking for. They entered the code and the doorway opened to the lower levels below. The two Rebels went to join the others.

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