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Topic: RPG:Freedom Fighters

The highly-anticipated RPG:Freedom Fighters, brought to you by Your's Truly, Ralin Drakus, and the Aliit members.

RPG: Freedom Fighters

Location: New York City.

Time: January, 2009.

Plot: Communist Russia and the rest of the Communist Block have taken over most of the world, and the United States is the only large Free country remaining. World history has taken a surprising turn of events since WWII, with the Russians emerging strong at the end of the war, spreading over Europe and Asia in a matter of years. The world so far:

1946:  Russia drops the first atomic bomb on Berlin, ending WW II.

1952:  Britain reluctantly joins the Communist Block, the last European country to do so.

1962:  The U.S. protests the placement of medium-range ballistic missiles in Cuba

1975:   Thousands of Russian military 'Advisors' are sent to several South- and Central-American countries, most notably Brazil and Mexico.

1987:  Assassination attempt against the US president.  An unnamed foreign power is implicated.

1998:  The Communist party wins the Mexican presidential election.

A decade later, the USSR, the most powerful country in the world, makes its move. With over a million troops battering the East United States in the initial onslaught, and with Mexican allies coming from the south, America is in trouble. The military fights valiantly, but cannot hold against such overwhelming numbers, and they are continually forced to retreat further and further into the States. Despite this, the military rallied, and struck a resounding blow against Communism’s advance during the Battle of Aspen, in Colorado. The military making a stand in their remaining territory in the north-western United States, from California to Colorado and states north of them, gaining hope from their victory. Besieged initially from three sides, the fierce defenders have fought the USSR into a stalemate. 

Meanwhile, a little over six-months after the assault began, the Communists find a new enemy arising from within their own newly-conquered territory. Resistance groups have sprung up in large cities along the East Coast, with the largest in New York City. Made up of civilians, pre-invasion militia groups, and elite military members who stayed behind to help such groups, these “Freedom Fighters” are more than a thorn in the USSR’s mighty side. The ill-experienced and inadequately-trained occupation soldiers find themselves far out-classed by an unexpected foe, and their leadership needs replacement. The Communists send in their best, USSR Elites, battle-hardened officers, the best Communism has to offer, to lead these occupational troops in a battle to root out this bothersome group of stubborn Americans. But despite this leadership change, the Freedom Fighters fight on. This is now—and you must join the fight.

When you join the RPG, there are two main sides to chose from—a Freedom Fighter or a USSR Elite. Civilians are an option, but should be on one side or another—you don’t have to fight.

CHARACTER: This is VERY important—you must create a long character. At least 3 lines of personality, 5 of history, and another 2 for weapons and skills, each. One line for weakness or fears, each. We want to know what your character is good at—sabotage, demolitions, sniping, etc. THERE WILL BE NO 5 MINUTE CHARACTERS.

Have fun.

RULES: (yes, they're stolen)

No god-modding. All-powerful characters are no fun for anyone, and ruins the RPG. Shouldn’t be a problem here, but whatever. And be realistic. The resistance won’t have jet-fighters or tanks, so keep your weapons hand-held.
Be consistent. If somebody blows up a building, don't be attacking it in your next post.

You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound them...

You can have any weapon you want (within the time-period, mostly. Exceptions can be made, though) but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

My Character

Name: Michael Kados

Age: 35

Affiliation: Freedom Fighters

Rank/Position (Mainly USSR, and military, there will be few official positions in the resistance. Ralin’s my right-hand man, and lieutenant positions are reserved for Aliit members, if they want them. No ranks other than that): Leader, Freedom Fighters (Major, officially)

Appearance--weathered, with dark hair grayed prematurely. Wears dark (black and gray) camo fatigues for pants, a dark shirt with a battered jacket, brown leather body with black cloth sleeves, with the Freedom Fighters emblem on one shoulder and the US flag on the other. In combat, he wears a bullet-proof vest, a concept design DragonSkin with breakthrough alloy plates, which offers half-again the protection of previous vests. It has Kevlar over that.

History: He joined the militia when young, and quickly rose in the ranks, due to his bravery and intelligence.  As a major in the local pre-invasion militia, and the leader of the militia, he was ideally suited to lead the resistance—but not from the back. This forward-leading aspect has only grown greater after seeing many of his militia members fall beside him. He took some of the remaining members, and with the help of many local civilians and a few elite military members, left behind to help the resistance, he began the Freedom Fighters. Though it took months to gather members and supplies, the resistance started out with a bang, quite literally, destroying a newly built fuel- and supply-depot.

Personality: Kados is very brave, and is a front-leading person. He won’t make his men do anything he can’t, and since the resistance is small, they need all the fighters they can get. He is fiercely patriotic, and hates the Communists for what they’ve done to the world, and his country. He is loyal to his country and his fellow Fighters, and considers himself just one of them, not their leader. He makes sure to get to know all of the members, their strengths, weaknesses, fears, skills.

Weapons: A custom-made Browning Automatic Rifle, WWII era design. His family had enough money to allow this easily, and though he spurned their high lifestyle, he used the money for good causes. He also uses a MP5 and a Sig Sauer P226 pistol. The BAR is also modified, to be semi-auto, slower auto, and fast auto. It also has better range and accuracy than its WWII era predecessor. Various grenades, special weapons when necessary.



Skills: Is an excellent shot, has decent explosives skill, can hotwire cars, etc. Good intuition and leadership, decent with electronics. Well-rounded skills.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Character sheet

Name: Mitch Bateman

Age: 23

Affiliation: Freedom Fighters

Rank: One of the early, pre-war members of Major Kados’s group, has become one of the leading members of the Resistance, and is considered the Major’s highest ranking non-military member and his #2 despite his age

Weapons: A Russian AK-108 combat rifle…


[keep the grenade launcher, but minus the wooden stock.  Replace that with a more modern, M-16 style black guard with a aluminum quad rail system and cooling vents.  A forward hand grip is on the bottom rail, and a Red Dot quick aquisision sight is on top.  Also minus the wooden butt stock and add a Gallil style folding stock………yup, I want this baby for my Bday  big_smile ]   Ã¢Â€Â¦that he took from a Red paratrooper.  The weapon has state of the art double recoil system enabling amazing accuracy and low kick even on full automatic.

Also carries an over-under 12 ga. shotgun that has been cut down into a pistol style  [If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Punisher,’ you know what I’m talking about] strapped low in his right leg.

A 1911 Springfield strapped on his left side, butt forward for a cross draw or back-hand draw from his left.

And a large Bowie knife strapped to his right leg [if this sounds unrealistic, it’s not.  I have one personally and will post a pic later if I can  big_smile ]

Appearance: Average height of 5’11’’.  Buzzes the sides of his blond hair in a military fashion, but leaves the top longish.  Usually has a very short growth of beard.  Gray eyes.

Likes to wear his black ball-cap backward with a black bandana over his lower face when 'hunting' and when on the streets.  Wears the same old denim jeans he did before the war, with a black turtle neck during the cold times of the year.  Also wears a lightweight bullet proof vest he took from a fallen SWAT agent during the first days of the war.  Also likes to wear a black leather trench coat he took from a Russian officer when practical.  Wears a thigh length Russian military winter coat as well during the cold.  Wears a pair of leather jump boots taken from the same paratrooper he got the rifle from     

Personality: Once a idealist kid from Virginia who longed to join the ‘Freedom’s Watch’ organization *What I’m calling our pre-invasion group.  I just made that up Werda; can change it if you have something better* because of his patriotic fervor, he is now a completely embittered and hateful individual.  Joining the group with his father and younger brother, 4 years before the invasion, he quickly learned to become an excellent marksman and survivalist under the tutelage of Major Kados.  On the first day of the invasion, however, he watched has both his brother and father were gunned down in the streets.

Quickly turning his grief to hate, he became a ruthless arm of the Major’s Resistance.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Name: Austin Livingston

Age: 22

Rank/Position: None

History: Austin was born as an Army brat (someone born into a military family) and lived overseas the majority of his life. As a result he considers not the U.S to be his home, but rather the entire world. He just lives there because of the freedom it provides. Now that the U.S is under siege, Austin has decided that things are getting too hot here, and is going to find away out of this country as soon as possible, Austin has just arrived in New York, looking for a boat to take him to a remote Island where he can live in peace.

Allegiance: None

Nationality: U.S

Appearance: Six feet tall, muscular but lanky, has the perfect body for running. Loose brown/blonde hair, blue eyes, baggy Blue jeans and black, longs-sleeved under armor under a long-sleeved hunting jacket. Hunting gloves.

Personality: Usually nice enough, Austin can be rather selfish and unappreciative of most things at times though. He also likes to use the word 'whatever'.

Weapons: Hunting rifle/w scope, Hunting knife. Also has a M1 Tanker that was used in WWII that his father bought at a shooting range when he was 15. He inherited it when his father died of old age.

Skills: Recived firearms training from his father at the age of 15, hunted in Oklahoma with his father as well, and became a practiced skeet shooter. He is an exelent marksmen and runs track as well.

Fears: Austin fears large amounts of pain (like getting shot, stabed, ect...)

Weaknesses: Can be lazy, and uncaring about most things except himself.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

(Now that is the worst time to start an invasion of America lol, considering in Feb '09 all basic cable will be digital channels, and we don't get to experience it? Poo. Oh, and if it's okay with you WV, could I possibly have a Soviet and US character? I love to see it from both points of view.)

Name: Tony Stark, nickname 'Iron Man'
Age: 17
Affiliation: Freedom Fighters
Rank: I dunno
Weapons: Glock 26 with PG-2733 Plus Extension (left) - Glock 39 with PG-39 Plus Extension (right), one double-barreled customized shotgun, several melee knives, wears one of those body holster things like what Neo wore in The Matrix to hold all his stuff.
Appearance: This is the outfit Tony wears. Tony looks like this, however.
History: Tony joined with the Freedom Fighters as soon as he turned 17, being taught by his father (joined Freedom Fighters, was eventually killed in battle) who was a sheriff on Long Island, and frequently spending time at shooting ranges (3 years of practice). Often thinks of him, but hopes to succeed in where his father failed.
Personality: Quite your average Joe. If force be needed, force be used. Brutality is no problem, but Tony also sometimes feels he must assume a leader position in order to ensure everyone's survival, even if it means going against his commanders.

Name: Vladimir Tchaikovsky
Age: 21
Rank: i don't know how the USSR ranks..
Weapons: IDELF 2006 Sniper Rifle, Ruger P345 .45 ACP Pistol
Appearance: http://www.staff.city.ac.uk/~rc391/shan … oviets.jpg
History: Was taught by father how to sharpshoot, practiced on wolves and bears in the Mother Country. Joined the USSR army at 16, faking his identity and age in the urge to take on the US, and be proud of it. Vladimir looks to Josef Stalin, AKA 'The Man of Steel' and Khrushchev as sources of inspiration, and further reason for fighting the United States. Participated in Battles of Massachusetts and Providence, which USSR turned up the victor. Now hopes to win the Battle of Manhattan, and further conquer of the United States.
Personality: Brutal, if a man needs to die for his own survival, such will happen. Does not let targets go unfinished, Vlad personally hunts down anyone he sees as a threat to the USSR.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

((MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry AA, Ralin has convinced me otherwise...))

Character Sheet

Name: James Midway
Age: 17
Affiliation: None (Yet)
Hometown: Jonesborough, Tennessee

.50AE Desert Eagle Pistol worn on left side of belt for quick right-hand draw (Agent Smith Style)

Armsel Striker 12ga. Automatic Shotgun (a.k.a. The Street Sweeper)

Remington 700 .22-250
((That gun with Walnut body and matte black barrel, scope and scope mounts))

Appearance: 5'11" Average build, short dark brown hair, wears gray light jacket under Black leather jacket, black leather gloves, boot-cut dark blue jeans and a pair of black military issue cold weather boots

Skill: Marksman, Close Quarters

Fear/Weakness: Loosing his family and closest friends

Personality & Backstory: Living on a large acre farm with open fields and mountains, James had experience with firearms at a young age, enjoying target shooting with his grangfather and cousin. When rumors of an invasion arose, James took his rifle training to heart, practicing every chance he could until he reached expert class. Now, his family remains on the Tennessee farm, and he has taken it upon himself to venture to the state of New York where rumors of an elite resistance force is hold up, hoping to cut off a primary supply route for the Russian invaders.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

HEY! Didn't I make a freedom fighters RPG? No one joined! WHY!???

and yet you join his

( sorry for this, but I DID have a Freedom Fighters RPG ages ago...... )

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

*unless you deleted it, you made a FanFic with Freedom Fighters in the NAME.  If you did make a RP, they didn't join because they didn't like the plot

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Character: Marie Song
Age: 27
Appearance: Slightly tall at 5'8", she has long black hair which usually remains up and out of her face, and light blue eyes.
Rank: Civilian
Personality: Rather quite girl, usually very serious but has her moments of humor.  When given a job, she sets out to get it right the first time.

Fears: Failing a mission and disappointing the people she looks up to.

Background: Moved to New York a few years before the invasion.  Now that the Russian's have taken control of most areas, she has become interested in the resistance called the Freedom Fighters.  As a girl, her father took her out to the range to watch and practice for a few laughs and she was not the best shooter.  She carries around a pistol even though she never learned how to use it before, more just to scare off intruders. 

As of right Now: Marie was captured a day ago by the Russians and put in an American PoW "camp", mostly just a fenced area backing up to a large warehouse.

Marie shivered in the cold, seeing her breath in the frigid winter air.  She was in a small fenced in area with other prisoners, most of which were huddled in big groups to keep warm.  She sat alone, watching as nightfall approached and Russian officers barked orders.  Rumors had been circling about that they were to be shot to death, a rumor Marie hoped would not prove true.  She closed her eyes for a few moments, trying to fall asleep amidst all the confusion.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

note to a few people

@Ralin--sounds good. I'm fine with additions.

@mandal--um, this is about 60 years after WWII. So you're character'd be a bit old. Over 60. So you might want to change his history.

@Fett_II--2 characters is fine. It'll add interest, and we've got not Reds other than you, so far.

@me--I'm an idiot. I forgot my own appearance. Course, this was nearly 11 at night when I finished this, so so point out any errors I may have made.

And welcome to Freedom Fighters, all!

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

( The invasion:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xWD42kL5CM....if Werda/RD is ok with it )

Name: (Alex Johnson) Dimitry Chuikov

Gender: Male

Nationality:(United States) Russian


Allegiance:(U.S.) USSR

Appearance: Dark hair, dark brown eyes. Tall and muscular, clearly military, has a bit of a beard.

Rank:(PFC) Equivilant of Cpt.

Personality: Very adaptive, out going, has gained trust of many resistance members. Can speak English, Spanish, German, French, and of course Russian. For English accent is slightly southern, fitting with his cover's past .

Short History (undercover): Born in Texas, parents died in a car crash, taken in by his grandparents (now deceased) where he worked on their farm until he was 16. Grandfather was in the military. Enlisted in the United States Army when he was 17, served in Iraq. Grandparents died when he was 20. Was stationed in New York when Russia invaded

Short History(real): Born in Moscow, was the son of a former naval captain. Enlisted in the millitary and became an infilrator. Devoted to the Soviet cause.

Weapons: AK-107 with Red dot sight, silencer and grenade launcher. M9 pistol. Dragunov and KM200 taken from German Conscript.

Strenghts: Good shot, quick to attack hostiles, good at H to H combat.

Weaknesses....Not many tongue

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Werda Verd wrote:

note to a few people

@Ralin--sounds good. I'm fine with additions.

@mandal--um, this is about 60 years after WWII. So you're character'd be a bit old. Over 60. So you might want to change his history.

@Fett_II--2 characters is fine. It'll add interest, and we've got not Reds other than you, so far.

@me--I'm an idiot. I forgot my own appearance. Course, this was nearly 11 at night when I finished this, so so point out any errors I may have made.

And welcome to Freedom Fighters, all!

Ok sorry about that, I edited and made a new dude.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Name: Richelle Patrick

Affiliation: Freedom Fighters

Rank/Position: Respected member of the FF, position unclear.

Age: 24

Appearance: Shortly shorn blond hair. Has deep piercing green eyes, that have a fire and madness in them. Looks thin, too thin, as she used to look healthier, but now she has a lean muscular shape.  Wears practical soldiers gear, cargo pants, tank tops when working hard in the warmth of the underground, combat boots etc. Always seen wearing memorial black armband on left arm.  Is on the short side, at 5’4”.

History: Grew up in New York. Family was wealthy as her father worked on Wall Street and mother was a respected art gallery owner.  Had two siblings, a younger brother and sister.  Was dating Samuel Lazier, founding member of the Freedom Fighters, before the Russian take over.  He was wholly dedicated to the cause and wanted Richelle to be as well, but she couldn’t see the full extent of the communist threat so they broke up over the resistance band. Right after the take over Richelle witness the killing of her youngest sister by invading Russians, and now does not know where the rest of her family is. She presumes they are dead as well.  She contacted Samuel and joined the resistance, forsaking the her former life that was taken from her. She rekindled her love with Samuel,  and was learning combat basics while he was killed on a mission.

Personality: Richelle is the cause. Her focus is in the restoration of the freedom her loved ones died fighting for. She once was a vivacious, intelligent woman. She craves companionship, but fears that getting close to someone will only cause her to lose focus and endanger both their lives. She has an eagerness to learn all the combat skills she can., because she started out knowing nothing of gun, weapons, and war.

Weapons: AK- 74 and Glock 18. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/69/G18_mag.jpg

Skills: Strength, flexibility  and stealth. Is a jack of all trades.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Mitch sat alone in a corner of the cold, dark, concrete maze that had been his home for over 6 months now.  A lantern enabled him to see as he cleaned his modified AK-108.  Occasionally he glanced up and watched the Major pouring over his map of New York, looking for their next target. 

Fitting the receiver back together, he sneered at the recollection of the last commie pig he’d killed with the trusty rifle; a young recruit probably younger then he was.  He won’t make it back to mommy and Mother Russia he thought.

Snapping the forestock back into place and wiping off the last smear of gun oil from the steel frame, Mitch pulled the receiver a couple times and let it snap back into position a couple times to make sure he’d reassembled the weapon properly.  Reattaching the red-dot scope, he sighted it in on a distant lamp.

Satisfied that his weapon was ready, Mitch pulled himself up and strapped on his gear.  It was going to be a dark night, so he pulled on the warm leather trench coat he’d taken from that cocky looking Red captain he’d sniped a couple months ago.  Jacking a round into his .45 and lowering the hammer, he walked over to Major Kados.

“I’m going to go out for a little ‘reconnaissance.’”  A term he used for his little ‘hunts.’

“Wait, since you’re going out, take a couple others with you and check out this spot,” said the Major as his placed a finger down on the map.  “It’s a bad place for them considering how active we are in that sector, but we got a tip that they may be holding prisoners there in an outdoor pen for transport.  Scope it out and report back, don’t try anything unless you really need to.”

“Roger that boss….”  He was a little put off at having his personal hunt interrupted, but Kados was one of the very few men he’d except most anything from.  He’d been like an older brother back when he first joined, and was almost like a second father since his Dad’s death.  Almost…….  There wasn’t a night that passed that he didn’t think of his father and brother, not a dream that wasn’t haunted by the attack that left them bleeding in the streets.

“And Mitch,” called Kados as Mitch was walking away.  “Don’t get yourself killed on me.  We’ll be hitting that supply depot tomorrow night.”

Mitch grinned slightly.  “Whatever you say, Major”

Dusting off his black ball cap, he pulled it down on with the bill backward low ever his neck.  “Richelle!  Alex!  Get up here!” he almost yelled as he popped in a full mag into his AK and jacked the receiver. “We got a job.”

Richelle put some speed on to put her older AK-74 back together, while Alex was startled from a sound, snoring sleep. 

Mitch still wasn’t sure what to think of Alex.  One of the newer acquisitions, he had a lot of great credentials.  Army, had kept himself alive for a couple months alone out in the city before finding the Freedom Fighters.  However, Mitch had never seen him in action yet.  He trusted no one anymore except the Major, Richelle, and a minor few who he’d served with for some time now.   

Pulling his black cotton bandana up over his lower face and slinging his AK across his back, he gave a wide-eyed grin and said “Lets party!”

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Name:  Viktor Petrov

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Nationality: Russian

Appearance:  Grey Eyes and lighter brown hair.  Medium Build.  Tries to stay clean shaven.  Where's standard issue camo but will don on the ghilly suit when needed.

Rank: Lieutenant (Attended Military school in Russia at a young age but never advanced far in rank.  Trained as a sniper.)

Personality:  As a child he aways was a sympathetic individual.  He was a smaller child who had a heart for everyone.  He was determined and when set on a task gave it his all.  So they sent him off to military school where he was yelled at and abused in attempts to make him a cold cruel person.  Most of it worked.  On the exterior he is as Russian as anyone else.  But recently old sympathetic feelings have resurfaced making him seriously doubt his cause...

History:  Born in Moscow to a wealthy family.  His father was a very successful military leader.  He was the second youngest of 5 brothers and had 1 younger sister.  Everyone expected each and everyone one of the kids to become top leaders in the Russian Army.  His 5 older brothers lived up to that expectation.  He tended to play with his younger sister a lot.  His father viewed this very unhealthly for him and sent him away to schol as soon as possible.  By now all of his older brothers had graduated and were quickly rising in the ranks.  But Viktor stayed as a lower rank.  But he devoted himself in training and became a very good sniper.  Was deployed to America to stop the rebellion and found himself in New York.

Weapons:  Dragunov SVD http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/11/Svd_1_russian.jpg M9 Side arm

Strengths: Sniping, stealth, hand to hand.

Weaknesses/ Fears:  Will not kill an unarmed, defenceless person

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Oktober 14, 2008:

Today, the recruitment ships left Mother Russia for the United States. The Captain said we should be arriving at San Diego (such a funny name, Hispanic name for a town in an American country, they seem to like taking other country's cities' names) in about 14 hours. I am sitting here, in a smelly bunk with several friends, whom all share my same views about the bastard States and how they should be taken down. Just like Komrad Piotr said on the news, "Your country depends on you!"

It is nighttime, and we are just passing the occupied state Hawaii. I have no idea how to properly pronounce it, but I can spell it just fine. Hopefully, when we get to the U.S., there will be much fighting, so that my friends and I can jump right in. Something funny happened today. A woman was caught trying to sneak on the ship, because she wanted to go into battle and die taking as many American scum as she could. I couldn't help but laugh, while watching her being taken off the ship. Now that I think of it, there were some funny looking people on the ship, like they had their hair all hidden in their hats or jackets. Oh well. I think that if they want to fight, they should be allowed to fight. Captain says we'll be hitting San Diego in about 7-8 hours. Now I am going to get some sleep, and I won't be hungry in the morning, because my bloodlust will rise, and the food here tastes like ****.


Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Name: Jeremiah Blackmoon

Age: 48

Affiliation: Freedom Fighters

Rank/Position  Captain/Special Ops Liaison to the New York City cell of resistance fighters.

Appearance-- (I know i used this image in another RPG, but so what?)

History: Engaged in covert operations for the past twenty years of his life, Captain Blackmoon has perfected the art of Black Ops in United States military warfare. He was involved in many covert operations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and many other places. He was angered by the Communist invasion onto his home soil, and considers this a personal war against his freedoms, freedoms he's fought and killed and done nightmarish things to protect.

Personality: He is a tough, old man. Made hard by countless wars and desicions to do the sort of things that most people shouldn't do, just so that they don't have to make such choices. He admires loyalty and ingenuity, and won't ask anyone to do anything he wouldn't be willing to do himself.
Weapons: Knives of all kinds, garrote wire, and any sort of kit needed depending on his missions. He's definitely a fan of  the "on site procurement" policy. His favorite quote is, "Listen kid, I kill people, just so you could drink your Starbucks every morning."

Skills: Black Ops, wetwork, sabotage, infiltration/exfiltration, hand to hand, armed combat of various weapons, including the improvised variety, and various other "spook" skills.

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Re: RPG:Freedom Fighters

Name: Staff Sergeant. Robert Price
History-Grew up in a small Texas townServed in the US Army Rangers when the Soviets attacked. He attended Sniper School and is Sniper Certified. Grew up hunting and shooting weapons in the area around his home in Texas. His squad was killed fighting the Russians, so he joined up with Kados's men. He had previously been on many missions in countries such as Iraq, North Korea, different countries in Europe, and Columbia.

Age: 26

Appearance: Military cut, brown hair and eyes. Tan face with scars across. 6 feet tall. In excellent shape. Wears digital camo, black combat boots, ghillie suit( when needed), and a Browning hat.

Weapons: Barrett M4 6.8, M24 sniper, Silenced MP7 (yes, this is real), Beretta M9 pistol, silenced (weapons vary per situation). Fury Survival knife and other sheath knives, including a Scottish Sgian Dubh.

Personality: Funny at times, but often quiet. Hates the soviets for killing his squad. Quick to temper.
Loves to sneak up on people. Loyal to country. Doesn't trust most anyone.

Skills: Stealth, a good shot with any weapon, good at hand to hand, and good at blending in.

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(Question: Is New york like a bombed out ruin, or is it close to like what it really is?)

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James lay prone in the snow on a wooded hillside, the crosshairs of his .22-250 trained on a Russian taking a leak, who was finished and about to make it back to the safety of his armored car. He adjusted the windage on the scope, then took the shot.
Just as he estimated, it hit the unprotected driver in the dead center of his back, showering the road with blood before he slumped to the ground. Another poked out of the BRDM with what appeared to be an SVD Dragunov, and popped off a few rounds extremely close. James gave the sniper some Tennessee love right in the neck. "That...was close."
He cautiously stood up and looked down the road both ways, seeing the way clear, eased his way out from under the snow covered evergreens and down the snowy bank with the R700 on his back. James was about 10 feet from the first body when it began to move...then stop...then move again. He carefully drew out his massive pistol, creeping around the side of the armored car. He stepped out into view, leveling the Desert Eagle at a 3rd Russian's chest. Slightly hesitating, James pulled the trigger, aim dead on.
After disposing of the bodies and borrowing some of the non-bloodstained equipment, he commandeered the BRDM-2, and set off to New York...Behind enemy lines.

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Mitch shoved the manhole cover the rest of the way off to the side and scanned the surface before pulling himself up to the dark back alley.  There was little danger from Reds in this section of the city; it was mostly ruled by the FF.  However, rouge gangs of bandits and pillagers also lurked these streets.  Not all the anti-Russian groups in the city were friendly with the Resistance. 

Covering the others until they were safely out of the manhole, Mitch took off down the alleyways he’d come to know so well. 

The Reds are stupid to hold prisoners anywhere near this part of town.  They’ll pay for that cockiness tonight…..

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Hearing several gunshots far away, then running across the street, Tony ran into the nearest alley. Catching his breath, he continued running throughout the alley. Coming to the street again, and looking at the sign, he turned south.

"34th and 6th... oh God."

Walking along the sidewalk, Tony came across a huge antenna. Stretching his neck up, but not as high as it should go, Stark was looking at half the Empire State Building. Rumors had spread that during the invasion, several bomber planes had struck at it, but most people who were around didn't live to tell the tale. Standing and looking in awe, Tony heard several shuffling noises, which sounded like footsteps. Pulling out his shotgun slowly, he took cover in a nearby cafe, and scanned the streets. Several people, dressed in camouflage, ran from store to store. Looks like some resistance fighters, or just savages, Tony thought, I wonder if they're the Freedom Fighters that Dad struck up with. Hearing some shuffling from behind, Tony decided to follow this person. It wasn't easy. This person constantly looked around to make sure he wasn't followed, and every time Tony had yet to find new cover. Still, following this person proved helpful. Continuing his pursuit, Tony was now a mere fifteen feet from this man. Poking his head out of cover, and whispering, "Hey. Who are you?"

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Richelle was cleaning her Ak-74 as was part of her ritual. It focused her, as she meditated on the goals of the resistance. But her thoughts were interrupted as she heard her name called by Mitch, and in his 'Hunting" voice too. So she reassembled the weapon, eager herself to see more action. Every bit gave her more oppertunities to practice real combat and improve her skills. She was allready fairly good at using her AK  with the red dot scope to take down the foolish Reds that came between her team and their objective. So she geared up and double checked her ammo supply as well. She wasn''t ever planning on running out of rounds.

So she followed Mitch, along with the new kid, Alex out the man hole and into the snow dusted darkened allys of Manhattan. There was trash littered all along the curbs, the street cracked more than it used to, pot holes going unfilled. Everytime back to the surface the landscape seem to deteriorate from what it used to be, Richelle's home, into somethng more grostesque and sinister. She even thought the concrete jungle was beautiful before, but how could it be now, the streets sometimes literally stained with the blood of her and other's loved ones. Thats is why they had this mission. To free the few they could, protect them the best they could.

The small group eased to the corner facing the remains of the old dog park that had been fenced in more to serve as a makeshift holding pen for those being shipped to the labor camps. They would get them out, Richelle was certain.

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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

(Question: Is New york like a bombed out ruin, or is it close to like what it really is?)

Partly bombed, but most of the city is fairly well intact.

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Dimitry had taken point, and was now leading the group slowly towards their objective. Slowly because the place was crawling with snipers. He stopped, holding up a fist. Stop.  He stood for a moment, then opend his hand and and brought it down, Get down. The others followed his lead, ducking behind cover, or just lying flat against the ground. They stood still for what seemed like a very long time, as a russian patrol passed by.

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"Вероятно ничто, только белка или собака. Мы должны возвратиться, я проголодался."

The conscripts turned back, and Dimitry considered killing them, but that could rais to much suspicion, he needed to keep it stealthy for now.

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After Mitch, Alex, and Richelle left, Kados returned to perusing the maps. They showed the entire city, and the Resistance had divided it up into sectors, and marked sectors by importance, and who was currently most active there--Freedom Fighters or Russians. Despite the small numbers of the resistance, they had managed to inflict a surprising amount of damage against the invaders. Their small size had helped them keep their base small and hard to find, and it was easily defensible, with few ways in or out. It was also highly inconspicuous, and would pass unnoticed as long as they weren’t tracked there. Secrecy was the reason the resistance was still alive—for example, if the Russians learned of their planned attack on a supply depot, they could destroy a large portion of the Freedom Fighters, which could cripple them. Which reminded him.

“Captain Blackmoon!”

The Captain wandered over, from where he was inspecting his tools of trade. “Major?”

“I’d like for you to go slightly ahead of our attack tomorrow, to soften things up. Just before, however long you need. Will you do it?”

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