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Let's start with the Rules:

1. You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound them.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die. Jedi need to limit Force Healing to even things up.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.

And now for the plot:

It’s been three months since Order 66 was given and the remaining Jedi are high on the wanted lists. Bounty hunters are rolling up to take on the work in the areas that the Clone Army is scarce in.

There are whispers of four Jedi being hidden on Taris, some say they are living in the underworld facilities and other suggest that they are living on the surface.


Please feel free to be a Jedi (maximum of four – I plan to be one), a bounty hunter, a clone commando (one team only) or a local to Taris.


Name: Nexia Meddle
Race: Kiffar
Gender: Female
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Age: 24
Weapon: Purple lightsabre with silver handle ornately etched
Appearance: Dark hair that is finely plaited to look almost like dreadlocks. Has a darker complexion and a black tattoo under each eye. Normally wears Jedi robes, but since she is on the run she has taken to wearing dark grey flight suits.
History: Was accepted into the Jedi Academy as a toddler. She managed to evade Order 66 by the skin of her teeth and met up with three other Jedi. She wonders about the wisdom of staying together.
Personality: Generally calm and calculating. Enjoys a good laugh and is a little more flexible than regular Jedi, she could quite happily live as regular civilian – at least most of the time.

Nexia looked up to the sky as she wandered the markets on Taris. This was not her ideal hiding place but at least it was free of the Clone Army and the new Empire, although she suspected that such a time would be short lived.

For now it was Nexia’s task to get food supplies. She had some credits but she was beginning to realise that she was going to have to look for a job. She no longer had the Jedi Council funding her needs. Perhaps she should look for work as a freighter pilot.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Name: Ralin Drakus


Species: Human

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Gray Jedi *trained by the Jedi, and was a promising Knight, but left the Order due to a 'disagreement' with another Master after the death of his secret love*

Primary Weapons: Two lightsabers, a blue one in the right hand and a red in the other, each saber’s handle would be long enough to use two hands on easily, the right hand blade would have a stainless steel look with black knobs and accents, a thin layer of black leather padding on the grip and a sapphire blue jem at the pommel; The left hand blade would be reversed *black handle with stainless knobs and a ruby red jem at the pommel; though it would also have the black leather padding in the grip*

Secondary Weapons: Two VibroDaggers, one in belt behind back, the other in right boot

Force abilities: Force choke, Force push, Heal, Force Wave, Force lightning, Strong telekinesis, Mind domination

Appearance: Tall at 6'4'', lean build; Wears dark double-breasted leather knee length robe under a black hooded cloak, tall black boots, and wears an Arkanian Blinder mask fitted to a helmet that covers his entire head *helmet is a support unit for a terrible injury to the back of the head from a lightsaber blow that nearly killed him; helmet must remain on, though he can remove the mask.  Right arm is also an artificial unit; very strong,* also wears a pair of strength enhancing gauntlets

Personality: Very cold and distant; doesn’t say much, and when he does it's very direct

StarShip: the Spirit

A highly customized ARC-170 starfighter that Ralin ‘borrowed’ after an assassination attempt by Republic forces

Nose has been shortened and cockpit has been altered  *for those WW II buffs out there, it looks like the front section of a German Bf-110 heavy escort fighter*

Droid intelligence installed into main commuter that can control the entire ship, but usually only operates the custom built ‘ball’ turret at the back of the craft, shield management, in-flight repairs, and other more menial tasks.
Armor added and improved.

Two Ion cannons installed in a 'chin' mount; a defensive 'ball' turret mounted in the back, replacing the single deffensive blasters mounted in the back normally; Wing-tip mounted cannon have been enhanced   

Light and Sub-light engines have been upgraded 

Short History: After leaving the Order, Ralin drifted from system to system aimlessly.  Avoiding the Clone Wars totally, he tried to shun all contact with the turmoil in the galaxy.  Palpatine discovered his records, however, and Count Dooku was sent to recruit him shortly before the Count’s death.  Dooku offered Drakus a position as one of his Dark Side adepts.  Drakus flatly refused and a lightsaber duel ensued.  An equel match for Dooku, the Dark Lord called in droids for support, forcing Ralin to flee.  In the few years since then, Ralin now seeks refuge on the forgotten world of Taris……

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Character Sheet:

Name: Si Titran

Affiliation: Jedi Knight

Race: Togruta

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Weapon: Orange double bladed lightsaber. Because of her natural spacial sensory abilities, she has built and designed her blade(s) to have a shorter hilt than that of most traditional double sabers.

Apperance: Two tall and long lekku with the skin coloration that her species is known for. Is actually missing the common third back lekku because of a genetic abnormality, as was the case of her mother. Is tall and lean, the toned body of a honed and practiced fighter. Used to wear garments that befitted her role and place inside the order, but now she dresses as the rest of the galaxy.

Short History: Was orignally born into an importaint tribe on Shili, to prominant leaders amongst them. It is her mother's side of her family that accounts for the odd missing lekku. She was chosen to go into the Jedi Order at a young age. She found herself drawn to combat and dueling at an early age. Because of that though it made it hard for her to be chosen as a padawan learner, but shortly before her 13th birthday she was picked by Depa Billaba. This is where she learned her dangerous Vaapad fighting style, and how to focus on more than combat. She was kighted shortly before the start of the clone wars, but was not present at Genosis. She managed to escape Order 66, because she had defied the order and fell in love with a man from Taris. She had diverted from her command for a visit to him when the order was giving. She heard only the second tansmission from the Jedi Temple, warning her to stay away. So she stayed with her lover.

(Sorry if this isn't good enough... I wanted in, but I'm at work and a bit distracted.)

((Did you mean Taris or Telos? Based on Ralin's question.... Telos was a big restoration project in KotOR II. Sorry if I'm being noisy/ pushy/ whatever. Let me know if I am please. ))

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Name: Brack
Race: this is appearance also
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Weapon: Repeating rifle (in his hand in the pic), Grenades, BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Name: Zylus
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/ Secret Apprentice to Lord Vader
Weapons: Two red-bladed lightsabers, fancy karate gimmicks. Flies in the Rogue Shadow, which holds a T-14 hyperdrive.
Force Powers: lightning, choke, push, sense, heal and warp
Force Lightning/choke/push you hopefully already know about. Force Sense allows Zylus to sense Light Jedi in the universe. Force Heal obviously heals little bits of him over small periods of time (if you've played Jedi Academy you'd understand). Force Warp allows Zylus to go 85 times faster than the speed of sound, making him nigh impossible to block. While he's basically immortal when using this technique, it drains great amounts of Force Energy, and thus he needs to wait an hour before using it.

Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

(how do you use that web site? I tried to get the main page but all it will give me is a pit of a monster saying it's coming and to download a Flash player plug in witch I did but it's still not working.)

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

(uhh idk, ask A_A or Si Tritan)

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Name: Skree'kesh the Blue
Race: Rodian
Gender: Male
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Age: 19
Blasters: Pair of Westar-34 blaster pistols.
Dual-bladed (Darth Maul), dual-weapon class lightsaber/light-greatsword style blades! The hilts would be black, with adjustable hilt guards to compensate for the weapon class adjustment from "lightsaber" to "light-greatsword." The blades would go from silver (lightsaber mode) to red (light-greatsword mode) and disconnect into two seperate dual-weapon class lightsabers.
Focus crystal:
Durindfire gem -distinctive silver sheen
Power crystals:
Opila - produce an intense beam that seems extraordinarily quick to the cut.
Rubat - produces a clearly defined blade that a Jedi can easily track, making it easier to hit opponents.
Great-lightsword Setting
Focus crystal:
Phond- produces a fiercely burning light saber beam (Red)
Power crystals:
Damind- produce a clearly defined beam of subtly wider width and length.
Nextor - produces a volatile blade that can cause surprising amounts of damage
Internal Switch: The switch to activate the saber is actually located on the inside of the saber’s hilt. This is to insure only a Jedi may use it. Of course, the Jedi must use Telekinesis in order to move the switch.
Palm print recognition lockout:This modification insures that the light saber will not operate in the hands of unauthorized personnel. A small sensor array built into the hilt of the light saber constantly reads the current operator, insuring that the cellular makeup and palm print configuration matches that of certified individuals. Should the pattern not match, the weapon simply shuts down and/or will not work.
Double Focus lens: 2 separate places for crystals to be allowing up to 2 pairs of 3 crystals in one light saber, when the switch is flipped the other set is put into place, allowing different arrangements of crystals.
Force abilities: Read/influence minds, sense force, TK, force jump, force maelstrom, etc.
Appearance: Reptilian humanoid stands at 1.7 meters. Has blue skin with a pebbled surface, lumpy over most of his body, except for his snout. Wears spacers gear as he has decided he can do the same job as any Jedi without advertising himself. He hates the Jedi robes, finding them antiquated.
History: Was on Rodia dealing with an inter-clan war when Order 66 was issued. After evading Jedi hunters, including a harrowing near miss against Vader, Skree was forced into hiding on Taris.
Personality: Generally kind and well natured Skree prefers to live life to the fullest. He enjoys the company of his closest friends and is fiercely loyal.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

(oops. So all us Jedi are together on Taris? )

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Birth Name: Verd

Name: Verd Skirata

Alias(es): Verd'ika, Skirata

Species: Human

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Faction: Mandalorian Warrior- a mercenary, loyal to his own family, Mandalorians, then who ever pays best. Former Republic Commando, trained by Skirata, and is loyal to Jedi, because one saved his life on Geonosis.

Rank: none/unknown


Current Homeplanet: Mandalore

Force-Sensitive?: No


Personality: Fun loving, yet serious. Excellent warrior, tells lots of jokes. Very Loyal.

Detailed History: Father Kal Skirata, trained on Kamino. His squad brothers killed by clones when they refused to kill a Jedi Knight. He fled to Mandalore where Skirata and hs sons lived. Got his own armor, and eventually learned of Jedi hiding on Taris. He set out to find them and help them in any way possible.
Fears : Little, mainly family members dying.

Strengths : Excellent pilot, fierce fighter. Highly intelligent, good code cracker, other hunting and soldiering skills.

Weaknesses : Hates tight places and zero g.

Likes: Fighting and hunting, loves flying, spending time with his large family.

Dislikes: Politics, cloning, Empire.


Facial Appearance: this is the template; what Jango fett, his cloning template, looked likel. he'll look younger. pic

Clothing: Armor: Red Mandalorian Armor with one gold shoulder piece and one grey one (both for his brothers): see this:

Build: normal height, very strong, average weight, *above*

Marks/Scars: no overly distinctive ones, but normal ones for any mercenary or bounty hunter


Weapons : Verpine Shatter Gun--projectile weapon, uses electromagnetic propulsion, absolutely silent, excellent sniper weapon. Knives sheathed in belt, can throw them very well. Also, Mandalorian Saber, ceremonial but functional. Various blasters and explosives.

Starship: Custom Kaut Drive Yards small starship, Name "Partaylir", mando'a for "Remember", another reference to his brothers.

Body Accessories: Standard Mando armor, red. Gauntlet vibroblade in right guantlet, flamethrower in left, poison dart shooter in right. Whipcord also on right. Mini-rocket launcher also on left guantlet. Jetpack: for certain mission, yes. Often missile launcher on jetpack.

Armor of Mandalorian Beskar--nearly impossible to penetrate, incredibly hard yet light, Mando helmet, highly upgraded HUD.

Role in story: He will track down and join the Jedi, in order to help them in anyway possible.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Ralin sat back in the dark booth of the bar.  His drink sat before him, as usual untouched.  He didn’t drink, but it kept him on the good side of the barkeep and the waitresses.  Such a thing was hard to do with his appearance.  The T-shaped visor of his ancient Arkanian Blinder mask glowed a gold color in the darkness of the booth from under his hood.  As much as he was trying to avoid the Empire, he refused to submit to it.  His pair of lightsabers still boldly hung from his belt, and his Jedi robe could still be seen under his dark cloak. 

The bar was ideal for gathering information from around the galaxy.  It was a fairly popular hangout for the spacers who passed through Taris’s nearby space port, much like a small cantina Ralin had passed through once on Tatooine.  It was also close to the hangers, just in case he needed to leave the planet in a hurry. 

Ralin’s visor turned toward the entrance as a Kiffar female entered the bar.  She was dressed as a typical Tarision, but Ralin sensed her Force powers.  He immediately shielded himself, but he wasn’t sure if he’d done so in time.  She paused and looked around the bar for a moment, then continued to the bartender.  “I was wondering if you know anybody who’s hiring freighter pilots?” she asked.

Hiring out as a freighter pilot?  Doesn’t sound like one of the Emperor’s Force Adepts, but you never know.  I should watch this one……

*This ok Net?  I can edit you out if you have other plans*

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Verd hoverd in Partaylir on the edge of the Mandalore system. He was about to set off to Taris, but first he had one last thing to do. He had never had time to fully honor his brothers after their deaths. Now he would do so as best he could

"Ni Partaylir ner vode." He said. "I will remember you." He touched his shoulder piece."And avenge you."

He turned his ship around, and hit the thrusters.


ooc:sorry for the length, have to go

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

didnt think ralin was one of the jedi though he was his own character as usual tongue sorry

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

umm....there are already 4 jedi, and they haven't fully linked up yet. 4 knights, and one dark Jedi.

the four knights are net, Si, V_M, and Ralin.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

(Dark Jedi ftw!)

Flying through space as usual, Zylus sensed the Force coming from three locations in the galaxy: just South of the Rishi Maze, North-east of Coruscant, though he was unable to determine the planet, and way out in Nal Hutta space.

Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Werda Verd wrote:

umm....there are already 4 jedi, and they haven't fully linked up yet. 4 knights, and one dark Jedi.

the four knights are net, Si, V_M, and Ralin.

*Not sure if I count, as I'm a Gray Jedi; what do you think Net?  But Nigzy, I posted Net walking into the bar where I am.  Which do you want to go with Net?  I don't really care either way, Nigzy or I *or both* can edit depending on what you want to do.  Will wait for you to post.

---Ralin Out*

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Skree'kesh the Blue entered the small cantina and walked over to the bar. He kept himself closed off in the force as best he could. He knew he was no longer interested in the Jedi Order anyway. They had too many rules for his taste. Not that he hated Jedi, he just felt that their involvement in Republic politics was definitely their undoing. Since his near fatal encounter with Vader while changing transports on Kashyyk, he'd kept himself closed off in the force as best he could. It was difficult at first, but not impossible. He had made a habit of balancing his Jedi life with a civillian life, feeling a good balance was crucial to being true to his free nature. Of course the Council had frowned upon it, but he hadn't cared. He knew he'd serve the will of the Force better on his own path.

On Taris, he'd manage to hire himself out as a bounty hunter for local law enforcement under another identity. He was here now looking at the boards. He noticed a cloaked and hooded figure checking out a local Togrutan...

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Lightyears later, Partaylir and its sole occupant dropped out of hyperspace. Verd scanned his sensors. Taris didn't bother incoming traffic much, and he was soon dropping through the atmosphere. He landed in the main city, renting a berth by the week, and locked his ship down. Now it wouldn't let anyone in that didn't have a code, a microchip, and his DNA. He exited the hangars and entered the market. Life bustled everywhere, with species varying from humans, to Twi'leks and Gotals, to a rough group consisting of a Trandoshan and a couple of Barabels. Several grubby Jawas scattered in front of him as he walked through the stalls. Merchants pushed forwards, offering him many items, but faded back as his hand drifted to the knife at his belt. He saw a local bar, and followed a Rodian inside.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

To answer a few questions, we’ll leave it as Taris as I’m sure it was probably rebuilt some time after the original KOTOR. There’s a fairly big gap between KOTOR time and Order 66.

I think Ralin can be counted as a Jedi. I never specified if they were still with the Jedi Order at the time of Order 66, I’m sure Vader would be hunting any skilled Force sensitives.


Nexia was disappointed when the bartender shrugged, “Jobs as freighter pilots are few and far between at the moment. Now passenger transporters around the local districts are in demand.”

Nexia wrinkled her nose at the idea. She really didn’t want to be exposed to too many different people. She was trying to lay low. But sometimes being out in the open was a way to hide. Nexia felt something at that moment, she’d sensed something as she’d entered the bar but it had disappeared. “I think I’ll pass on the passenger transporter job. But thanks anyway.”

Nexia turned around and scanned the bar as subtly as she could. The bar was relatively empty for this time of the day. A man sat in a black cloak and for a moment Nexia found herself hoping it was another Jedi. That hope soon waned when the man looked at her piercingly. Nexia smiled weakly then looked away. Taris was certainly less than friendly.

“You going to order?” The bartender asked with a brisk tone.

“Yeah, give me a Sullustian special.” Nexia said as she moved to a corner booth. Through habit she sat with her back to the wall.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Name: Falleer
Species: Noghri
Description: Dark crimson skin, Blue/black armor, equipped with a verpine sniper rifle and an assortment of 6 knives, his ship is the Itinerant Star which is a modified S40K Phoenix Hawk-class light pinnace. He is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and relies mostly on his knives, although he is a skilled sniper.

(Sorry, I'll post something later.)

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Verd walked straight up to the bar. He slid a ten cred coin across the counter. "Just a glass of muja juice."

"Pretty tame for a Mandalorian, aint it."

Verd stared at the bartender. "I'm feeling calm at the moment. Don't change my disposition."

"Al--alright. One muja coming right up." 

"Thank you." Verd found a seat in a corner booth, where he could see the whole resturant. He saw the Rodian he'd followed in, a Togruta female, a being with a T-shaped mask that glowed gold, a few human males, and a wookie. He noticed the air of confidence projected by the masked man, and the fact that he openly wore lightsabers. Well, his mission was going well. One Jedi found already. He extended a straw from his helmet and took a sip of juice.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

The bar was filling up.  First the Jedi Kiffar, then a blue skinned Rodian packing a pair of Westar light blasters walked in.  Ralin couldn’t sense anything from the alien, and that bothered him.  Powerful at mind manipulation, he could always sense SOMETHING from a sentient creature……..unless they’re a Force user masking their presence.

Another Force user……..interesting.  Ralin had been covering his lightsabers with his cloak, but moved the obstruction so that his hands were clear to summon the weapons at a second’s notice.  You don’t have the look of the Order about you at all, meaning you’ve abandoned the Order, you’re another of the few surviving Gray Jedi in the galaxy……..or you have turned hunter and work for Palpatine.

A moment after moving his cloak from over his hip, a fully armored Mandalorian strode into the establishment.  He never looked at any of the other patrons directly, but Drakus sensed his scanning the room, and also felt his…….satisfaction?  There is someone here he’s looking for, and seems to have found him.  Another bounty hunter, I must be cautious; if he and the Rodian are working together, this will be difficult.

Shifting his eyes to the Kiffar, he began to think he should approach her.  They might be after her, though he doubted it.  But still, the Rodian might have felt her through the Force just as I did and followed her in here.  Then seeing me, he called in his armored friend for back-up.  Perhaps…..  The Mando didn’t seem happy for a combative reason, though it could be the same thing for them.  Hard to believe a Mando would be following a Rodian though, even one who is a Force user.  Perhaps he, and maybe not even the Rodian, isn’t hunting us at all; but I’ll take no chances.

Dropping a tip for the waitress on the table as he stood, he slowly walked toward the Kiffar while watching for a reaction from the other two.  As he walked, Ralin dropped his masking of the Force, which caught the attention of the Rodian.

Stepping up to the corner table, the Kiffar seemed surprised both at suddenly sensing a Force sensitive so close and then seeing his lightsabers boldly hanging from his belt, though she was trying to hide it.

“We may be in danger here” Ralin’s helmet altered voice nearly whispered.  “Perhaps we can help each other…”

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Skree'kesh the Blue was intrigued. He'd just stepped into the bar when he'd obviously attracted someone's attention. As he walked over to the local bounty boards he sensed a presence blossom in the force. He kept himself closed, his instinct screaming at him to remain hidden. His multifaceted eyes hadn't failed to notice the Mandalorian who'd followed him into the bar as well.

Echuta! Skree, you didn't just escape Darth Vader and his hunters to get yourself picked up by bounty hunters?

He tried not to make it obvious, but he glanced around as best he could,

Awwwwwww Echuta...It's a Mandalorian, alright. The cloaked guy is obviously the force user I felt. Are they working together? Are they after the girl? Or are they after me too? It can't be...they can't know I'm a force user too...can they?

Dropping a tip for the waitress on the table as he stood, the cloaked man slowly walked toward the Togrutan female.

He's making a move for the female...what do I do? Think Skree...think...

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

Name: Griffin
Race: Human / clone
Occupation: Clone commando
Age: N/A
Weapon: DC-15S carbine and two DC-17 sidearms and a sith sword givin to him from a jedi as a present for helping in the purge of the jedi temple
Appearance: wears black clone armor with a white shoulder pad with his rank on (sergeant major) also his t visor on his helmet has a tint of red, due to his customized HUD
History: as every clone commando Griffin was trained more extensivley in combat, specialisd in urban warfare. he was then put through the command initiative training scheme which was to help him with tactical decisions and leadership. he served under commander cody and then under anakin in the 'vaders fist's' with the purging of the jedi temple. he has no feelings nor emotions and is cold hearted. a ruthless soldier. assigned to hunt down the remainder of the jedi.

The republic cruiser 'deathbringer' orbited the planet taris. the republic army had been tipped off from some locals about force sensitive beings helping sometimes healing the sick. Griffin was one of the commando team which was sent to taris to investigate and 'destroy' these jedi. of course they would have to track them down, there numbers wernt given but there couldnt be to many.

Griffin stood at the bridge of the cruiser with his carbine slung over his shoulder and his helmet under his arm. he looked down at the planet, his mind empty, if he was in charge he would just bombard the planet from orbit. a lot safer and a lot noisier, the way he liked things. the republic gunships where being prepped for transport which gave the clone squad some time to themselves. most where on the VR range, killing the biggest bugs they could put in. the team had an obsession with killing bugs, they preferred them to humans, made more of a mess and noise when they died.
griffin spun on his heels and headed to the elevator. he would go and supervise the prepping of the transports himself, they where taking to long.

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Re: RPG - Jedi Purge: The Hunt for Survivors

((Ok, Can i be a sort of jedi but not quite a jedi? I'm going to post my character before i forget anyways.... if its not ok I can delete/edit)

Name: Kah'le
Race: Bothan
Gender: Male
Occupation: Grey Jedi (if ok)
Weapon: Red lightsaber (Die tradition DIE!!!!)  with hilt as long as his forearm. Is tuned to Kah'le, any darksider who picks it up is in for a nasty surprise (pop out blades, like on Blades sword in the movie Blade)
Powers: All of the main jedi ones, (Telekenetic, and the like) along side some darkside abilities (lightning, mind control, things like that) Has an odd power that allows him to drain the life force of others, but only through physical contact. The 'force absorb' allowing him to 'catch' blaster shots
Ship: Crimson Hawkbat Heavily modified YT-1760 freighter, two quad lasers mounted forward-facing, ion cannon/proton torpedo launcher mounted on 'chin' Turrets similar to those on the  Millennium Falcon on top and bottom, manned by wired in droids.
Appearance: … nNEGAS.jpg (replace red shirt with black) Can also be seen wearing robes like that of the jedi, but darker.
History: A man of unknown origins, was quite active during the Clone Wars. Was skilled in stealth missions. He helped the republic, but was independant from the Jedi Order. Order 66 was issued as he was on one such mission, he was presumed dead, though this was false. He discovered what had happened when he was observing an attack on a Separatist's base, he witnessed another knight,a close friend of his killed. He is now on Taris.
Personality: Has a cold outlook on life. Tries to calculate situations. Can socialize, is just wary of people he doesn't know.

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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