Re: I feel weird.

What, I mean is, that in America , some things are allowed. Britain is different.

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Re: I feel weird.

I know that assault is assault regardless of where you are. Your right to personal physical safety and your right to not get beaten up are the same regardless of country. Its part of the Geneva Convention.

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Re: I feel weird.

Why he takes you down?

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Re: I feel weird.

Yes he must have a reason

Re: I feel weird.

I am sorry that you do not feel that you have any friends.

Is there anything that you like doing that could get out and about to meet new people?

Is there someone you can tell about the bullying.

I really think you need to get it sorted out and get it sorted soon. It is having a really bad effect on your confidence so it need to get resolved as soon as possible.

Good luck.

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Re: I feel weird.

Right, that's it!

No more, talking about me feeling this way! neutral

1. My mum has already said, you guys have heard enough. You want me to feel happy on here, not sad.

2. I am alright now.


Thank you

* Close the topic, please *

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Re: I feel weird.

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Re: I feel weird.

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You'll be right Green, you're a friend to us all here wink

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