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Topic: RPG: Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry

This RPG is based on the game [i]Devil May Cry[i/]. In the real actual game, the characters are almost close to god mode. So I have decided that YOU MAY NOT CHOOSE TO BE ANY OF THE CHARACTER IN THE GAME, but demons that existed in the plot such as Sparda (In case you don't know who the Dark Knight Sparda is, check this link:http://devilmaycry.wikia.com/wiki/The_Dark_Knight_Sparda) could be mentioned, but nobody can take the role as Sparda. Because nobody can play as the game characters, and the original game plot was around the main characters...THERE WILL BE NO MAIN QUEST. And there is no limit on just how big the mini-quests become as long as you don't blow up the world and force EVERYTHING to an end.

For those who have never played, the [i]Devil May Cry[i/] series is no where NEAR similar to the Lord of the Rings movies. Yes, they also use melee weapons such as swords, and Medieval-ish weapons...but it is a total different kind of fantasy story, they use weapons such as guns. Basically there are the devil and human race, and as for weapons they use magic, guns, sword styles, and devil arms (for those who never played the game, [i]Devil Arms are demonic, living weapons that are commonly the remnant of a defeated devil's soul or power.[i/] diffinition by the Devil May Cry Wiki) However, the concept is a little like hellgate: London, except they are devils instead of demons, and they are not as hard to kill.

For a rundown of the Devil May Cry storyline, check this link (Note: it will not be nessasary to know the story line because this RPG is different from the game and you don't need to know anything about the characters and this is about the plot of the first Devil May Cry game, check the other three if you wish): http://devilmaycry.wikia.com/wiki/Devil_May_Cry

Any species/races could be chosen in the game...devils, human, hybrids...and about weapons, I'll let you choose any kind of weapon except it must be appropriate and possible to wield. And say If you have a huge weapon like the Great Swords in the game MHF which is about the size of a human body then you probably can't do attack combos with it really quickly. Having devil arms are alright, you can either start with nothing or start off with one (you see, that's because nobody is very good at the beginning), with a maximum number of 5 devil arms just so there's no god moding. I'll let you start off with also 1 melee weapon, 1 fire arm (basically that means guns) and 3 sword styles. If you're the kind of person that thinks guns/fire arms are for one that's not a "True Warrior" like Vergil does, then you may Summoned Swords throughout the RPG instead (Don't know what Summoned Swords are? Just check the link: http://devilmaycry.wikia.com/wiki/Summoned_Swords

Like I said before, no all powerful characters and god moding

*NOTE 2*
You see, the truth is I have never played the game, but I just saw cool-looking screenshots and trailers. If there are some game pros at DMC1/2/3/4 and found that I have made some mistakes, please tell me.

*NOTE 3* 
Even items that are not in the game are welcomed, including edged weapons, devil arms, fire arms, etc...but as long as they are appropriate. If you don't exactly know if the weapon you want for your character is appropriate or not, pm me and we'll discuss about it.

*NOTE 4*
I don't think that there are actually values of material that your weapon is made of in the game. But you know, I can't be all that sure if I haven't played the game, I mean, I have researched about the game, but it's just that sometimes they don't tell you EVERYTHING you wanted to know. But even IF there are values for material, ignore it since it's hard to say which material is better than which in a written RPG

*NOTE 5*
No killing other people's characters without permission, but you can always wound them. Killing your own characters/NPCs are highly encouraged (just joking, you can kill your chacters, but don't create a new character and kill them on every post. That will be spamming)

*NOTE 6*

Here is are the lists for the devils that already existed in the game (You can make more unique ones through mini-quests) and the list of weapons that were in the game which is the second link:
http://devilmaycry.wikia.com/wiki/List_ … Devil_Arms

  Unlike in Hellgate: London, there's no big high tech community, so for now, we're on our own. Just for the fun of it, people can make a shop of just like Dante did called Devil May Cry in the story if you wish. Of course, you can name it anything you want. According to my researches, his shop helps people get rid of devils, tell me if I'm wrong.
Have fun people.

*Ok, here's my character, I'm using Dante's name but that's it, this is a total different Dante then in the story*

Name: Dante
Affiliation: Devil Hunter
Age: 19
Appearance: 5"11" when stood up straight, A red coat and black pants (like Dante's). Has black hair and eyes.
Race/Species: Half Devil
Personality: Fortunately, his personality is more to his human side, his devil side is only revealed during Devil Trigger. Likes challenging enemies by draging his left thumb across his neck in a throat-slitting motion.
Devil Arms: Ifrit
Weapon (the sword that guy is holding on, except with a line right from the center of where the blade beings to where it ends and the blade will be named Merciless): http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?P … 5974644271
Fire Arms: None
Special Moves/ Styles:
Exceed (An ultimate charge attack. When fully charged, Merciless unleashes crimson flames and energy around it. Exceed increases the attack power and distance of the sword, but drains Dante's energy quickly)
Doppelganger style (Initiate a dimensional light-rift to create a shadow version of yourself, losing control of your Doppelganger often happens.
Summoned Swords (Magically created blades that looks like force edge, has variety of ways to attack)

*Place left thumb on the right side of my neck and perform a throat-slitting motion* You're gonna die in seven days!