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Shift decided he couldn't be of any use here. He got back in his car and began to drive back to the tower. He found himself taking a turn he didn't need to. He wanted to see if Chink was still at the restaurant, or walking back to the tower. He drove by, he didn't see her in there, so he made his way back to the base.

He clicked on the radio, and turned it up as one of his favorite songs began to play. He pulled into the parking garage and turned off his car, stepping out and locking it. He got into the elevator and went up. He walked past the control center, Chink wasn't there, he wanted to apologize to her for leaving, but if she was in her room he would wait until tomorrow. He passed the couch, where Vandal was apparently trying to deal with her headache by sleeping it off.

He reached his room and shifted through the door.  Chink was sitting on the edge of his looking a blank piece of purple paper, with a pen in her hand. "Hey." He said quietly.

Chink jumped and looked over, blushing slightly. "I..I was-"

Shift walked over and sat down next to her. "I'm sorry about leaving."

"Its ok." Chink said. "I'm sorry I was taking it out on you. You didn't do anything."

Shift looked over at her and smiled slightly."You don't need to be, you were upset."

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Burnout found that Jack simply ignored him. Meanwhile, the woman stil stared into teh globes, which began to swirl faster, casting a kaleidoscope of bright light and pitch darknes around.

"What is it, Dessie? What do you see?"  At the last bit, Jack's vice took on a bit of a Darth Vader-esque tone and sound.

"The globe is the key."

"Come again?"  Burnout was confused.

"The globe. It acts as the doorway for the plane where they are.  I can get no sense of them her, but near the globe, I can feel their souls.  If I touch the globe, their essence practically screams out."

"So.  Ol' lightbulb and shadow got sucked into a tiny little bouncy ball?  How did they fit?"

Dessie shrugged at Jack's question. "Alternate planes are strange.  Their entrances can be either bigger than would be pysically possible, or smaller."

"So, would you be able to pull them outa there?"  Burnout was getting his hopes up again.

"I believe so.  But, I would need a spirit anchor on this plane."

"So you want us to throw you in an ocean tied to an anchor?  How does that make any sense."

Burnout couldn't resist; "This coming from Jack?  Wow."

As Jack glared fit to kill at Burnout, Dessy seemed to reach her hand into the sphere and close her eyes.

"A spirit anchor," she explained, "is someone who is very close to me. Someone I love, and who loves me."

Burnout stepped back, palms in the air. "She's your girlfriend, Jack."  Jack walked tentatively over to Desie, who instructed him to grab hold of her left arm. He did so, and Dessie began to grow immaterial. As she left Earth, and entered the realm inside the globe, the colours began to change, and Burnout and Jack were able to se the realm through Dessie's eyes. Soon, all that was left was Jack holding onto an arm that vanished into a globe of light.

Through the window of the globe, they were able to see what Dessie saw, and what she saw was nothing short of astonishing. There before her towered two gigantic figures, one of shadow and one of light, dueling with blades of enormous size.  Their appearances did little to deceive one who saw into their souls. The titan of ligth was Darklight, she saw, and the titan of shadow was Voidhunter, her target.  However, having been through the whole "collect Void's soul" thing before, she knew that to take Void's soul was to steal Darklight's as well. EVn so, at the very least, he had to try and get them back to the mortal plane.

She felt the tug of this plane pulling on her, and was glad of Jack's grasp on her arm, keeping her from drifting into this plane herself. She walked over to Void, and grabbed a fistful of his essence, which caught both Darklight and his attention. She yelled for Jack to pull her out, and began to materialize back on Earth, keeping hold of Voidhunter, who began to writhe and scream.

It felt like she was being torn in two, but she finally poped back into existance, landing bside Jack, who quickly helped her up, and checked to se if she was okay. Burnout, in the meantime, was more concerned with the tagalong figure.  Voidhiunter did not lok like his titan form, but he was most assuredly there

As if that wasn't enough, a flash of light was blasted from the globe, and Darklight stood there, in his gold and black costume.  Both he and Void appeared to be disoriented. Dessie spoke up from beside Jack.

"The evil soul in Void is his power. If I can steal that, he and Darklight can live."

"Well, than do that, before big dark and crepy over there decides he wants to kill everything in sight." Burnout's patience was being stretched thin, and he was begining to get worried.  Void had had a nasty reputation for being a remoreless killer.

Dessie stood, walked to the dazed Voidhunter, and breathed in. It semed the liquid shadow essence began to flow off of him, and into her mouth.  Darkligth, beside them, cried out as a wave of light left his body and was also consumed by her.  The mixture of light and dark that she consumed then blasted out of her mouth, and fled to the underworld.  Before her sat two completely normal humans.

"That should count as one soul a la Void. I wonder what that would taste like....maybe a slight touch of chicken, with a dash of apocolocyntosis" Jack quipped.

Burnout spoke up "What the heck is that?"

"The ability to turn people into pumpkins. Doesn't everyone know that?"

Burnout didn't reply.  Jack paid him no mind, and turned his attention back to Dessie.

"What now?"

"Well, along with their powers being mising, I have also stolen select memories.  Darklight's old psychotic urges, and Void's killing sprees."

"No, I meant, what happens to you?"  Jack clarified.

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"That doesn't cut it. I shouldn't have taken my anger out on you." She paused as she reached for the rose. "I got this as part of my apology." She said as she handed him the rose.

Shift looked completely surprised. He looked at the rose in its clear container and seemed to have lost the ability to speak.

"Oh I brought your leftovers back in case you were still hungry. They're in the fridge." Chink told.

Shift looked up at her but still seemed lost for words.

"How did things go at the fire?" Chink asked in attempt to get Shift to speak.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Alastor was finally free. A little frozen on the inside still, but mostly free. He shook himself thoroughly, drying to dry off from the water all over him. He stood in a large puddle of melted ice.

"I'm back, baby! " He yelled, hovering in the air and casting an electric field over himself which crackled loudly.

Suddenly, the door to the boiler room swung open, and Mr. Anasazi entered.

"Alastor, you've got some 'splaining to do." He walked up to Alastor and backhanded him accross the face.

"Thanks to your loose trigger finger, and that little psycho you call a friend, the heroes know about us FAR too early. They shouldn't have known about us for a LONG time."

He slapped Alastor once more.

"There has to be some restitution, Alastor, you've got to learn. From now on, you're on lockdown except for missions. Which means no free time to run around and kill random people unless I tell you to."



"Also, you and Gerrrx are, how do I put this, breaking up, so to speak. No more hanging around with your drinking buddy anymore. He's a madman and a bad influence!"

"You can't--"


"Yes! Yes I can, Alastor! This is my ship, my rules! Now I know you think I'm being unreasonable, but this is for your own good."

Alastor said nothing.

"Now...I got this for you." Anasazi removed what looked like a small black lego block and jammed it in the back of Alastor's neck.

"What is THAT supposed to be?"

"Negative reinforcement, Alastor."

"Is it a shock collar, you know I'm immune to shock collars."

"no..." Anasazi whispered in Alastor's ear. "It's much much worse."

Anasazi turned around, opened the boiler room door, and motioned for Alastor to come with him.

"Now come on, I've got a mission I need your help on."

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

“No, I meant, what happens to you?” Jack clarified.

Desdemona opened her mouth to answer him however she stopped as she saw a dark cloud bloom before her. It swirled and grew into a dark cloaked figure that only she could see. Death had come to pay a visit. Desdemona bowed immediately, “My Lord.”

Jack stared at her puzzled, “You don’t have to call me that.”

Desdemona stayed low until her master spoke, “You have given me the essence of Voidhunter and Darklight. This is not what you were sent here to retrieve, however I see it fit that you have completed your quota.”

Desdemona didn’t answer so she waited for Death to continue.

“Dessie, you can get up.” Jack said as he moved towards her. His hand reached for her arm but once again she was intangible.

“She’s as bigger freak as you,” Burnout said with an amused chuckle.

“Rise Desdemona,” Death commanded. Desdemona complied. “You have completed more than just your initial quota, this was part of our deal for you to return to the human world. Since you have exceeded your quota I will allow you to take three of your powers into the human world. However do not forget that you are still bound by my law.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Desdemona answered with a bowed head.

“Dessie, you’re freaking me out here,” Jack said looking at her like she was loosing it.

Death looked upon the two mortals, “Explain to them.”

Desdemona turned to Jack, “There are many things I can see beyond the human world that you can not see since you are mortal. Death stands before me and I must show him respect.”

Jack and Burnout’s jaws dropped. “Oh okay,” Jack replied as he looked at Burnout.

“What powers do you wish to retain?” Death asked Desdemona.

“Flight, the ability to become tangible or intangible and the ability to use underworld energy,” Desdemona requested.

“I cannot grant you the ability to become tangible or intangible, as that is a soul eater’s trait. You must choose something else.” Death informed her.

Desdemona thought for a moment then turned to Jack. “You heal fast don’t you?”

“Yes, but it’d be nicer if it was faster. Um why do you ask?” Jack said thinking this a very weird situation to be in.

“Death has granted me the choice of three powers in my human state. I was choosing what I want.” Desdemona informed him.

“Extremely rapid healing ability,” Jack said forcefully, he wanted his Dessie to be safe.

“Very well then, my last choice is extremely rapid healing ability,” Desdemona stated to Death.

“Very well then,” Death said as a shadow like hand moved from under the flowing robes. Desdemona was raised into the air. She closed her eyes and heat intensified, light consumed dark until she felt as though she burnt with the power of the sun. Then she was gently placed upon the ground.

Her hands felt the textures of the pavement beneath them. She felt the temperature of the weather on her skin. She felt her heart beating, her chest moving with each breath. Then she felt emotions, strong and powerful. She opened her eyes to look up at Jack and felt such and overwhelming sense of longing that she knew she’s made the right decision to seek him out. She stood on wobbly legs, “Jack I’m human.”

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Shift was confused. He looked down at the rose Chink had just handed him. He tried to say something, but he couldn't get any sound to form. "Oh, and I brought your leftovers back in case you were still hungry. They're in the fridge." she told. Shift looked up at her, but he was still having trouble figuring out what he was going to say, let alone what he was thinking right now. "How did things go at the fire?" It took Shift a moment to figure out what she was talking about. "Oh, uh, yeah. I couldn't really do anything, so I left. The others seemed to have it under control."

"Who was there?"

"I only saw Chromium, Haze, and Frost. There might have been others though."


Flame landed on a roof near the fire. He could see some of the others, but the light made it slightly difficult to identify them. He could see Haze clearly though. Flame stood on the roof, trying to decide if he should go and talk to the others.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Chink actually chuckled, “See you didn’t need to go rushing off from your meal.”

Shift rubbed the back of his neck, “I guess so. But still I wasn’t sure who’d show up.”

“Hopefully the Fire Brigade,” Chink replied as she folded the purple piece of paper.

Shift shrugged, “They hadn’t got there yet.”

“They’re probably there now. I guess we should see if I can find anything useful about it via the Control Centre,” Chink said as she stood up, “Wanna come?”

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"so..why are we coming back down here?" Alastor asked, annoyed. He and Mr. Anasazi were standing atop a roof, looking at a blazing gas station.

"W'ere trying to find Jericho so we can catch the big blue monster and recruit it to our cause."


"Satelite feed caught Jericho pulling out of here before the fire."

"but he's not here anymore, so why are we here?"

"To get on the trail. May aswell start att he beginning. Also, I hoped I'd see an old friend, but I guess I was mistaken. Anyway, Let's go."

And with that, they left.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

So, 'Scales' just leaves me to do the grunt work, huh? Great...what do I say to a big angry, destructive mutant? Hey, ummm...big scary guy, wanna join our super villain team? What if he wants to eat me? Awww, man...that would suck, real bad...At least I get to drive this sweet ride before I get mauled by big and...wait...What's this guy look like, anyway? They didn't exactly give me an accurate description, here...

The Camaro sped towards the outskirts of Mission City. As he turned onto the road that bordered the forest, he looked out for a rampaging mutant.

...Awww, man...this guy could look like anything...Is he tall, short, blue, red, green?...maybe he doesn't even look human... Lightshow pulled the vehicle over and decided looking for the guy was going to be hopeless.

Only one way to do this right...gotta make him come to me... Lightshow stepped out of the parked Camaro, and turned on his IPod. He turned up the volume to maximum setting in both the IPod and the seperate volume control on his headphones. As System of a Down's "Deer Dance," flooded his ears, he closed his eyes...

Circumventing circuses
Lamenting in protest
To visible police
Presence sponsored fear

...he felt the music spike the heat in his body, and relished the feel of warmth flowing through him, as his skin swirled dark blue, like colors in a lava lamp...

Battalions of riot police
With rubber bullet kisses the tongue
Baton courtesy
Service with a smile

...the warmth flowed down to his toes, and he felt it grow hotter, until the air around him crackeled and stank of ozone...

Beyond the Staples Center you can see America
With its tired, poor, avenging disgrace
Peaceful, loving youth against the brutality
Of plastic existence

...he sighed deeply, as he focused on the energy, converting it to bioelctricity, embraced it until he and the music were one...

Pushing little children
With their fully automatics
They like to push the weak around
Pushing little children
With their fully automatics
They like to push the weak around

Round, round
...his body was energy and energy was him, as he opened his eyes, and saw how he shone like a beacon, writhed in the lightning of his own bodies power, and rose up into the sky, flying low to find the one called Atma...

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Shift grinned. "Sure." He got up and opened the door, following Chink out and closing the door behind himself. They walked down the hall chatting quietly. Shift found himself inching closer to Chink. She either didn't notice or didn't care, though. A moment later they were at the Control Center, which was still surprisingly empty. Shift sat down next to Chink, and logged on, whistling the opening song from The Price Is Right.

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Chink got into the zone as her fingers skimmed across the keyboard before her. She viewed maps of the area around the Gas Station and checked for any survience systems. She found a street cam nearby and quickly accessed its recording. She smiled as she saw a dark car pull up and then pull away from the Gas Station only minutes before it ignited. "I've got something," Chink commented.

Shift moved his chair over and checked out her screen, "I've got the plates: 2JR1424. I'm sure we've got it on record."

Chink and Shift both ran searches but it was Shift who found it first, "Seems that car belongs to our long absent friend Jericho."

"Jericho? I don't think I've heard of him." Chink replied.

"He's the one that Vandal curses in her sleep," Shift reminded her.

As if on cue Vandal walked into the room and yawned then saw the name Jericho on Shift's monitor. "Where is he?"

Shift swallowed, "Ah last spotted near that Gas Station fire."

Vandal sneered, "Excuse me but I've got some butt to kick."

Chink stood up, "Should we go with her?"

Shift laughed, "In the mood she's in, I'd stay well clear."

"Point taken," Chink replied. "Hey I've moved to the live feed, Flame is there with Haze, Chromium and Frost. Oh and look the Fire Brigade has finally turned up."

"They took their time," Shift commented.

"Can't rush these things it would seem. I wonder why Flame's there," Chink said as she magnified the image.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Shift looked at the picture of the lizard-man. "Isn't he that guy from that home-video?"

Chink nodded. "Yeah he is, that was all over the news a while back." 

Shift stood up. "I'm going to take a walk around the floor, do you mind?"

"No, its fine."

"Ok, I'll be back in a sec."

Shift stepped out of the control center, turning a corner and walking down the hallway. He stopped by one of the windows and looked out. It was starting to get a little darker, the setting sun tinted the sky and ocean red. A cloud moved partially in front of the sun, casting a shadow over the street below.


Flame watched the fire die, it was still there though. He took control of it, shaping it for just a moment. On the street he saw Haze quickly do a double take, the fire had moved in a way that just wasn't normal. Flame stepped back, watching the fire slowly burn out.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Vandal hit the pavement at a full run. She didn’t bother with a car, the Gas Station wasn’t that far away and Vandal liked to stay fit. She made her way to the street she’d seen the Charger go down just before the camera lost sight of it. She had Jericho’s number plate ID burned into her memory: 2JR1424.

Vandal slowed her pace and started looking around. She didn’t just search the surroundings. She also searched people’s minds looking for clues. She found the fainted flicker of memory from a street vendor, as he had been bored and noticed the car. The Charger had turned left.

Increasing her pace Vandal moved in that direction. Her mind reached out and then she felt the familiar vibes of Jericho. She touched his mind briefly but did not want him to know that she’d located him.

Vandal stalked her way towards Jericho and found him leaning against a guard rail as he bit into a sandwich. Vandal prepared to pounce when she heard Haze in her mind, What are you doing?

Hunting that scumbag, Jericho. Vandal replied, eager to get on with it.

Do you want some back up? Haze asked.

No I think I can rip out his spine on my own, Vandal said darkly.

I’m coming, Haze informed her.

Vandal didn’t bother answering, instead she drew her dagger and slank her way behind Jericho.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

It was heavenly...Pastrami, Salami, Swiss and Provalone sandwich, topped with green leaf lettuce, yellow tomatos, and a hint of peppercorn sauce. Jericho was 3/4ths finished, when the he bit into the last bite and the contents fell out onto the grass.
"Ah damnit.." Jericho bent down and picked the meat up and just threw it over his shoulder, quite annoyed. He walked back around to the driver's side of the car and proceeded to open the door, when he saw something in the side view mirror. He turned just in time to see a knife coming at him.
"Woah!" Jericho dodged to the side, Vandal missing his throat by mere inches.

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Jack laughed and scooped Desdemona up as she wobbled on her feet and nearly fell.  She looked at him and smiled bashfully.  He did the one thing that he had wanted to do for a long time.  He kissed her.  And this time it wasn't like kissing a piece of wood.  She returned it.  With a passion.  Burnout shook his head in disgust.

"Ugh.  Get a room.  Hey if you two would pry yourselves apart we have some people who need taking care of."  He motioned to Darklight and Void who were beginning to stir. 

Jack tore himself from the still smiling Desdemona and shrugged.

"I dunno.  Take them to a Andromeda HQ.  I have a date right now."

Desdemona perked up.  "After many years without food I could eat."

"Then say no more!  I know of a great cafe..."

Jack led her down the street holding hands as Burnout grabbed the two ex-supers and zoom off.  They finally came on the place.  The Greasy Burger.  The very place Desdemona had been with Jack before.

"Ah memories."

Jack strolled in and as usual Miriam was there busy with cleaning.

"Jack!  Been a long time!  All this super-hero business has made you forget my restaurant."

"Forget this place?!  Never.  This time it's special though.  I have a lady friend here with me-"

"Say no more.  This one is on the house.  Take a seat.  What will it be?"

"I'm going to have a steak tonight.  How about you Dessie?"

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

With the Fire Brigade’s arrival, Haze had immediately released her telekinetic hold. She figured that the firies would want something to play with. Haze looked up to see Flame, she had known he had arrived as soon as the fire had started to behave strangely. She was also familiar with his presence.

As she looked up she felt Chromium by move to her side. “Flame is here,” she told him.

Chromium looked up and gave a single friendly wave at Flame.

“Do you mind if I…” Haze started about to ask Chromium if he minded her having coffee with flame but she sensed Vandal near. Her anger was almost tangible and Haze was not that strong in the telepathy area.

Chromium watched her, “Mind what?”

Haze raised her hand to silence Chromium as she reached out with mind to find out what Vandal was up to. “Oh no,” she said out loud.

“What?” Chromium asked more insistently.

“Vandal’s found Jericho and she’s out for blood,” Haze informed him just as Frost wandered over.

“I thought she would have gotten over that broken leg years ago,” Frost commented with a shake of his head.

“Some things Vandal forgives, others she never does and never forgets.” Haze said as she started to move forward.

“You’re going after her?” Chromium asked as he followed her.

“She was talking about ripping out Jericho’s spine,” Haze said pointedly.

“Right,” Chromium said as he picked her up and launched into the sky, “Let’s find her quick smart.”

Frost stood with his hands on his hips, “Hey dudes I could have used a lift.”


“Stop moving so I can bleed you,” Vandal growled then she noticed the Pastrami on her shirt. She flicked it off with the edge of the knife and it hit Jericho in the face. “Why can’t you eat something that doesn’t stain?”

Jericho pulled a knife from somewhere on his person as he shook his head and the Pastrami landed on his tongue. “It’s supposed to go in your mouth, not on your shirt.”

“Neanderthal,” Vandal growled as she swiped at him again.

Jericho moved to avoid the blade but it sliced the cuff of his jacket. “Ruin my threads why don’t you?”

“That’s for the shirt,” Vandal snarled as the pair began to circle each other.

“What’s you problem anyway?” Jericho asked, truly bewildered as to why the female super was so intent on spilling his blood.

“I still haven’t managed to pay you back for the broken leg,” Vandal informed him.

“But that was six years ago, haven’t you gotten over that yet?” Jericho said as he flicked the blade in his hand threateningly.

“Oh but it’s a turn I haven’t repaid in kind. Let me break your leg and we’ll call it even,” Vandal said relishing the thought.

“I like my legs how they are,” Jericho said in response as he moved to a lower position readying himself for battle.

“Well let’s see what other damage I can do,” Vandal said as she charged Jericho with maniacal rage.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Desdemona studied the menu as her tummy growled. The sensation was so unfamiliar, but then so was almost everything else.

A smile crept across Desdemona’s face as she thought of the kiss she’s shared with Jack. It had been so much better in human form. Her emotions had been so erratic and wild. She looked up at Jack from her menu and he was studying her.

“What are you smiling about?” He asked as he smiled back.

“I’ll tell you later,” Desdemona said and finally picked something from the menu. “Can I have a hamburger with pineapple and fries.”

The waitress took the menus and Desdemona didn’t know what to do with her hands. Jack fixed that by reach out to take them in his. “So what’s it like being human again?”

“I feel bombarded with sensations and emotions. It’s been so long since I’ve had them at full capacity.” Desdemona told as she looked at all the things around her.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Burnout brought the two de-powered people to Adnromeda headquarters.  While Darklight...erm, Nick, now, clearly remembered nothing of his psychotic past, he clearly remembered his days as a hero, and gieved over the loss of his powers.  Void, now going by Terry, coudn't remember anything, from childhood to now.  After dropping Terry off in a secure room in the headquarters (making sure to lock the door, and activate a special motion sensor outside, he turned his attention to Nick.

"So.  What are you going to do now?"

"I don't know.  I want to get back to the whole hero stuff.  But without my powers, I am a moderate hand to hand fighter at best."

"Well, is there anything else you can bring to the table?"

"I used to be pretty good with electronics, mechanics and other technology."

"Hm...hey, do you remember that guy you fought a while back?  Oni, I think his name was. He didn't seem to have any powers, but he had an uber tech-suit.  Do you think you could do a similar thing?  We could use someone with your experience in the field."

Nick looked interested.  "I might like that.  I'll get started ASAP."

"Right.  Just as a heads up,  new villain lady popped up recently, and gave me a killer headache.  She seemed to be able to control metal.  If she winds up going from nobody to a real pest, like Oni did, you might want to prepare for that."

"Point taken.  Thanks Burnout."

"No prob."

Burnout then turned and raced away, trying to find something to do to assuage his boredom.  He had a very fast attention span.  Meanwhile, Nick Tracyn signed into a room, and then began surfing the Internet from a borrowed computer, looking for the adequate pieces of hardware, and every now and then paying a visit to a nearby mechanic shop, and hardware stores.  In a couple of days, if all went well, he would be able to finish the super suit that he had envisioned so recently.  He could get back in the business after all....

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Blur sat in his cell certain that he'd been forgotten. He heard the sound of doors opening and closing. Blur got to his feet and walked to his own door. There was a window so he was able to look out. He saw Burnout walk passed but whatever he had been doing he'd completed.

Blur realised that Burnout hadn't even noticed him. "Great, I have been forgotten."

Blur had two options: 1. Stay in the cell until his backside was numb from waiting or 2. Turn to mist and get out.

Bored Blur decided to go for option two. In no time at all he was standing on the other side of the door. Curious, Blur wanted to know what Burnout had been up to. As Blur turned the corner, he took a peek to make sure Burnout had actually left. When he was certain that he had Blur moved down the opposite corridor. Most of the cells were empty but eventually Blur found one with a very disconcerted man sitting on the floor.

"What are you in for?" Blur asked.

The man scratched his head, "Lack of memory it would seem."

Blur nodded, "You got a name?"

"Terry," the man said as he studied his surroundings rather than the man questioning him.

Blur rubbed his chin, so the guy didn't have a super name. That got Blur even more interested, but once again he heard the sound of a door opening. Blur immediately turned to mist and returned to his cell. He'd find out more regarding Terry soon enough.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

M'Lure used her powers to fuse together the last two metal casing peices on the device she was working on. She had finished in record time, but even still the fact that she had worked uninterupted should have been unusual. She should have at least heard from Flame and "Lightshow". She was annoyed at Seth's additude, but she blamed herself for even offering him to be part of her plans. Well since she had finished this, she figured she would go and finish what she sent them to do. A needless show of force perhaps would most surely help the situation.

So M'Lure pulled back on her leather duster and went back out the way she came in. She had many different vechicles at her disposal, but the custom Charger she built was by far her favorite. So she slid inside behind the wheel again and sped off in the direction she told Flame to head.

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Terry was confused with the strange visitor, and his questions.  He was in here for memory loss, but there was something else, naggling at the back of his mind.  But what?


Nick stared at the heap of machinery before him. The acumulation had gone well so far, just a bit more to go...

----Burnout jogged leisurely through the streets, just looking for something to do.  A couple of thugs near an old cafe were mugging an old man.  Convenient.  But very common lately, what with the super-destruction-of-major-artifacts across the planet.  The one brandishing a knife and brass knuckles was the one of greater threat than the shaking gun-toting thug.  He raced between them in an orange and silver blur, stealing the gun from the one villain, and kicking the feet out from underneath the other one.  Before they could recover, he raced by again, clotheslining the shaking thug, and slamming the seated one into the ground, knocking them both unconscious.  He handed the old man his wallet back, and continued on his way, grinning.  Ah, the joy of beating the snot out of clueless idiot thugs...gotta love his job.  He continued on his run.

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Flame watched the others leave. They had seen him. He wondered if he should leave, but Vandal was near. She could find out. He looked down at the ground, wondering what he had done, a moment passed and he looked back up. He watched them go, standing on the roof and staring off into the distance.


Shift continued to stand there. The ocean was tinted a dark red color by the setting sun. It could almost have been blood. Shift blinked and when he opened his eyes the ocean was no longer water. He stared out at a sea of blood. He blinked again and it was gone. He decided to head back to the control center, where things were a bit more normal.

Shift chose to take a shortcut, he could walk through walls, why take the extra half minute? He grinned to himself, a bit of a plan forming in his mind. He cloaked, stepping through the wall into the control room. He quietly sat down in his chair and uncloaked. "I'm back, did I miss anything?"

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Hank was taking kind of long with the ride so Hathorne opened up the top to take a peek outside and they were right  out side of mission city.Hank slid the window and said to Hathorne,"hey buddy we have problem","what is it now".
"Well your probably going to like this its our next hit and maybe the best one yet ","just tell me who's out there","its Lightshow"."well at least this mission isn't a total loss,He can fly right so bust out the sniper".Hathorne came out of the back of the van and looked up at the glowing lightshow the mic in his ear went on and Hanks voice flowed through it,"hey buddy i'm going to park the van somewhere close", Hathorne brought the scope up to his eyes and said,"Hear you loud and clear".Hathorne loaded the gun and said,"easy as they come time to cash in",Hathorne let out a shot as the glowing lightshow stood still as the shot wised by him."I never miss twice",Hathorne loaded the gun as the aware lightshow gaced upon Hathorne.Lightshow flew down toward Hathorne, hathorne threw down the sniper and took out his dual desert eagles as hank said,"Hey buddy give me a status report","not good buddy.lightshow colided with Hathorne as hathorne started to bash lightshow with his guns.

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Chink nearly jumped out of her skin, she placed a hand on her chest, “I think you gave me a heart failure.”

Shift chuckled, “Sorry it wasn’t intended.”

Chink let out a steadying breath. “Okay I’ve been checking the other surveillance cameras in the area and found where Vandal best friend has got too. Unfortunately Vandal has found him too.”

“What do you mean by unfortunately?” Shift asked as he moved across to look at her monitor.

“As you can see Vandal and Jericho are in the process of trying to eliminate each other.” Chink pointed out.

“Do you think we should go help calm Vandal?” Shift asked.

Chink shook her head, “I don’t think we’d stand a chance.”

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

"Oh, crap." Anasazi sighed, closing his flip-phone that had just rang.

"What?" Aalstor asked, anxious to kill something.

"One of the watchers back at HQ caught some footage of Jeri goin' tete-a-tete with Vandal."

"And that's........bad?"

"Uh, yeah."

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