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Topic: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Here it is, folks, the much-anticipated sequel to RPG-Superhumans!

Here’s the rules before we begin:

No all-powerful characters. Please.

You can have any character you want. He or she can be a hero, villain, or neutral, and have one big power or several smaller ones.

Be consistent. If somebody blows up a building, don't be attacking it in your next post.

You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound them...

You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

Let's have fun here, people.

Story overview:

A super villain by the name of Oni attempted to band together and organize all the super villains in the metropolitan Mission City. Despite help from the anti-human pyrokinetic lizardman named Flame, Voidhunter, a sinister schemer composed of shadow, and Oni’s right hand man, Jericho, who’s powers were straight out of The Matrix, Oni’s plan did not bear fruit. His plan was undone due to a group of superheroes who stumbled upon his plan before it was executed.

Haze, a telekinetic who tended to stay neutral between good and evil, Starbright, Haze’s solar powered cousin, the shape shifting metal man Chromium, Vandal, a vengeful telepath, Frost, who’s name explains his powers, the equally eponymous Sunburn, lumbering strong man Acero, Darklight, Voidhunter’s arch nemesis and actual brother, Desedemona, a spectral soul eater, and her soon-to-be lover, Jack, a weapon-toting ragamuffin who could mimic any action or fighting style after witnessing it once, were all instrumental in undoing Oni’s scheme. However, the one who truly spelled the villain’s downfall was Harry the barman, who’s powers of superpower-mimicry and shape shifting were a secret even to Oni. Harry proved his worth by tearing Starbright in half, framing all the heroes for inexcusable crimes,  and escaping by possessing the body of a policeman.

In the name of self-preservation, Oni, Jericho, and Flame were forced to team up with the heroes to defeat Harry, and Voidhunter decided to take advantage of the situation to finally kill his nemesis Darklight.

At the same time, Drakeus, a feral demon from the pits of hell, had been let loose on earth to wreak havoc in the name of Lucipher. He and Jack quickly became great foes, and Drakeus made it his mission to kill the hero.

In a heated final battle, a mutated monstrous Harry is killed by Haze and his bestial soul in condemned to hell by Desdemona. Drakeus, unable to defeat his enemies, is brought back to hell by his superiors, who are not happy with his lackluster performance.

Amidst all this madness, Oni’s legs are ripped off by Harry and Darklight sacrifices himself to end Voidhunter. The two are wiped from existence in a brilliant flash of light, and their bodies are nowhere to be found. They end up spirited away to a limbo dimension, where they are free to battle each other for all eternity.

Chromium, Haze, Vandal, Jack, Frost, and Sunburn join together and form a new super team called Andromeda and vow to clear their names of the crimes Harry framed them for.

Jericho and Oni are last seen driving away from Mission City, uncomfortable with being heroes, and planning to “start fresh”. Flame, uncomfortable working in any kind of group, wanders away alone.


The heroes, after several tense encounters with the law, are able to coerce the government to research the crimes laid before them.


The investigation reveals the heroes are in fact innocent, and they begin to operate publicly with huge public approval. Plans to crackdown on super crime are quickly begun. A super-villain gang war in the town of Driftwood causes the heroes to propose something called the Darklight Act


The Darklight Act passes through Congress, stating that all super villains are to be rounded up, have their powers suppressed and imprisoned in special holding facilities designed to contain them.

By the end of the year, the prisons are a roaring success and super-crime is at an all-time low.

Andromeda quickly becomes a world-famous super team, and begin to police super-crime world-wide, although they are still based in Mission City.


Oni and Jericho remain uncaptured and seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Flame, apart from some amateur home video and Bigfoot-esque photos, seems to have disappeared as well.

A public relations disaster occurs when a fatal gas leak is discovered too late in one of the super villain prisons. The body count is in the hundreds.

Later that year, disaster occurs  when The Kremlin in Russia is destroyed when dozens of bolts of lightning inexplicably strike the Kremlin during an unexpected thunderstorm. Amidst the chaos, several bombs are detonated and the Kremlin is destroyed.

While Andromeda is able to determine that a superhuman was responsible for the Kremlin attack ,they are unable to capture the culprit.

By the end of the year, the Sydney Opera, Big Ben, and the Sphinx have all met fates similar to the Kremlin.


New York City

“Jeez. More frikkin’ rain.” Chet the security guard groaned, sipping from his coffee mug. 16 years working on security detail at the Statue of Liberty and he was still working security cams. His new partner Al, who’d been working there all of three weeks was staring at the cams, clearly bored out of his mind.



“Some hobo’s trying to sleep on the stairwell and everyone else’s dealing with the kids from the preschool. You wanna deal with him or should I?”

“I’ll do it.”

“K. Don’t be gone too long. You never know what exciting thing might happen next.”

“Please, the most action we ever get is field trips and homeless codgers, and all these electrical problems we been havin‘ lately.”

“Better than bein’ a homeless codger.”

“True enough.”

Al swiveled in his chair as Chet exited the office.

“Three…” He mumbled to himself, checking his watch while Chet dealt with the conveniently placed hobo. “Two…”

BZZZAAAATTT!!! Amidst the hail of rain, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck the Statue of Liberty, shorting out its power.

“Right on cue.” Al felt around in the darkness of the office for his duffel bag he’d brought to work. Sifting through the spare clothes and water bottles, he found what he was looking for: A special type of explosive that blended in with its surroundings once attached to something. Several of them were already scattered around the statue at various spots. After placing the bomb under the desk, “Al” quickly opened the door of the office and scuttled out.

BZZZAAAAATTTT!!! Another burst of lighting struck the Statue, shattering the Torch she carried.

BADOOOOOOOOOOM!!! As soon as lightning struck the torch, a massive explosion blew Lady Liberty’s entire arm off as debris cascaded into the water below.

“Aaaaaaaand there’s the bombs.” Al chuckled to himself as the Statue of Liberty erupted into flame with lightning raining down like wrath from God.

“Al? AL!?! What the #$%^ is going on?!?!” Chet had evidently noticed the situation.

“Oh that? Well, evidently the Statue of Liberty is being bombed.” Al said, not bothering to state any more of the obvious. He pulled out a big red button from his jacket pocket.

“Say hi to the wife for me, Chet.” Al pressed the big red button and appeared to be beamed up, Star Trek style.

Meanwhile, high in the air

“Hahaha! Eat that, Lady Liberty! Lightning never strikes twice, it strikes 50 times! Gahaha!”

Alastor cackled as he hovered in the air, invisible to the rest of the world thanks to the cloaker his boss gave him, and fired bolts of lighting at the landmark below. He loved his job.

When the job was done, and the statue of Liberty was a smoking pile of rubble, he descended from the air and flew back to the airship home base, which was hovering over Times Square, also cloaked from the civilians below. He landed on the hull, able to see it thanks to his visor he wore that allowed him to see things cloaked with the technology that cloaked him. He entered the ship.

“Where are ya, boss man?” Alastor asked, looking for his employer.

“Right here, Alastor.” Al said, having changed from security guard uniform to a Canary Yellow three-piece suit and a turquoise tie.

“Uh, what are you wearing?”

“You don’t like it? I thought it was rather fetching.”

“Yeah, what kind of dog fetched it?”

“Hilarious. Down to the point, nice job on the statue.”

“Ya know, for some reason I liked blowing up that one more than any of the other ones. Why do ya think that is?”

“Couldn’t tell you.” Al brushed his fingernails on his suit lazily. “So anyway, next I think we should head to… Mission City.”

“Getting’ homesick, Al--”

“You know not to call me that.” Al stopped his partner.

“You wanna go back to being called r--”

“You know what to call me.”

“Fine, Mr.Anasazi..” Alastor rolled his eyes, considering his boss’s nickname to be foolish.

“That’s better. Alright crew, let’s spur this Iron Sky-Pony on! To Mission City!”

“To Mission City!” The crew, mostly seemingly average people stationed a computers, echoed. The airship swiveled around, unseen to everyone in the world, and moved towards Mission City.

Name: Alastor
Affiliation: Villain
Gender: Male
Powers: Can fly and control lightning also carries a scimitar that he's quite handy with.
Personality: Is incredibly nihilistic, psychotic,  and sinister, basically think if The Joker had lightning powers. Voice sounds like its crackling with electricity.
Appearance: Wears a dark purple body armor suit that is bullet proof and contains some hidden weaponry. Nothing fancy, just some Predator-esque blades here and there. Wears a helmet that has large capricine devil horns on the front and a visor that lets him detect cloaked things.

Character: Mr. Anasazi
Affiliation: Villain
Age: 41
Personality: Calm, clean cut, cool under pressure, extremely methodical, tactically brilliant, dry sense of humor.
Appearance: Stands 5’11, wears the aforementioned hideous suit. He is completely bald but sports an impressive goatee and five o‘clock shadow.
Powers: superhuman strength, can lift about 1 ton max, incredible durability, telescopic limbs  ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_Man ), can emit energy blasts from the palms of his hands, breath fire in short bursts, and carries all sorts of gizmos that do various things with him, such as the 'big red button' that teleports him back to Leviathan.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

gender: Male
powers: Can fly, push objects with hand and has unlimited razors which he throws at anyone who goes by " enemy "
Personality: Is Alastors friend and closest guard. He wears a suit full of rocks which he drops overhead in the sky to destroy stuff.

Gerrrx heard that Alastor was going to blow up New York. He ordered a taxi from Scotland, to the nearest airport. He had to see the place being destroyed! He would kill the taxi man later, with a razor. Foolish people he thought.......

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Name: Flame (real name unknown, though he has memories of being called John)
  Affiliation: neutral.
  Age: Unknown, estimated between 24 and 30
  Apearance: (think argonian from elderscrolls IV oblivion) 6'0" covered in dark grey/light tan scales.  Black pants, with green "fire" pattern on the outer legs. yellowish snake-like eyes
  Personality: Harsh, and quck to act, however, can and will be a loyal ally to those he calls "freind"
  Powers: Pyrokinetic, is telepathic, can hear expecialy "loud" thoughts and can read minds/"talk" to people Can usually sense people around him, unless they are say shielded, have a mental wall. Can fly.

Flame crouched on the roof, the rain pouring down around him. Nothing had changed. The people still feared him, but now, they had many more people to catch him. It had been five years since they had killed that...thing in the warehouse, the others had not seen him since. He had, however, seen them. Many of them were out at night, attempting to lead normal lives. He would see them, and sometimes follow them, using the rooftops as they used the sidewalks. He had even seen some of them with others once or twice. There was a bolt of lightning, and he was momentarily illuminated. He closed his eyes and continued to crouch on the rooftop.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Gerrrx got up, he flicked the disk into the mans neck. He slumped forward. " Why dont they ask for ID? " he thought. He had no intention to kill the aeroplane pilot. Just ones who.....got in his way. He got out and walked towards the airport, not even looking back........

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

"-never-the-less, the statue has been destroyed. It was done so in the same manner as all the other monuments and once again, we have no leads. No clues. Nothing we can use to point us in any direction. We can not allow this...super-terroism to continue to frighten our people and ruin iconic monuments that mean so much to this country." Said the President of the United States to Secretary of Defense and a man in a black cloak sitting in front of him. They were in the Oval Office. The president sat at his desk, the Secretary and the cloaked man in the two chairs opposite the desk.

The president was briefing them on the recent attack on the Satue of Liberty. This terroism of destroying iconic landmarks had been going on for some time, and yet nothing could be said about the culprits. Then again, the government hadn't done too much about it either. Since the president considered it "Super-terroism" he felt the problem should be placed upon the "Superheroes". And so, the blame fell upon...Chromium.

He really did feel uncomfortable in the office listening to the president. When it came to these things, he just wanted to feel important and keep on talking while Andromeda dealt with all of the dirty work and he still got some of the credit. The secretary of Defense had zoned out long ago...as he knew he didnt have to do anything.

"Very well, Mr.President." Said Chromium in his metallic tang that reverberated in their ears. "Andromeda will begin a full search of New York and the remains of the statue for any leads or clues. We may be able to find something. We will also see to it that we search through our databanks for any villains at large that could be capable of these kinds of destructive powers."

The President smiled. As predicted, Andromeda would take care of everything. The three stood and shook hands, the president thanking Chromium for his efforts. Chromium nodded and slid his silver hand out of the Presidents grasp and walked out of the office.

Name: Chromium (real name: Tanis Jones)
Affiliation: Hero
Gender: Male
Powers: Flight, can morph his metallic body into any shape and most sizes.
Personality: Serious most of the time. Talks when necessary. Seems to be a very somber person, yet in truth he is not.
Appearance: When not in human form, Chromium wears his black cloak over his silver skin. His eyes are of pure white light and have no pupils. He has no hair in his metallic form. Think silver surfer, but more silver, no board, and a cloak. Usually seen smoking a pipe in his leisure.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Character: Haze (Real Name: Kaylene West)
Affiliation: Hero
Age: 32
Appearance: Attractive, athletic brunette. She wears a dark orange body-glove with chocolate brown vest and flowing mini skirt, also has matching knee-high leather boots.
Personality: Intense yet has moments of dry humour and wit. She has chosen to be a hero although she isn't blind to the mutant hate that still lurks in society.
Powers: Telekinetic and can create "psy-blades" with her mind (I'm basically modeling her from Psylocke of the Xmen, though some of her powers are slightly different: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psylocke )

Character: Vandal (Real Name: Candice Newcombe)
Affiliation: Hero
Age: 29
Appearance: Average height, petite female. Wears black slacks, grey t-shirt and black hoodie. Has black hair and bright red fringe.
Powers: Telepathic - can read other's thoughts if she concentrates, can speak directly into other's minds and project fake images into their mind if she wishes. Can also levitate at will.

Haze and Vandal were out hunting. They'd heard the news but they had a small time mutant villain to pursue. His name was Marsh and his power was to morph through things. Lately he'd been doing pretty well at robbing banks.

Haze and Vandal stood on a roof top as they waited for Marsh to emerge from the bank once more. You know we really shouldn't bother with this guy. Vandal complained as she voiced her thoughts directly into Haze's mind.

I guess, but you know what these super villains are like, they'd probably recruit ol' Marsh if we don't get him. Haze pointed out.

Vandal nodded but still didn't look impressed. The two women were now friends despite their first meeting. Vandal had thought that Haze had been one of Oni's partners and had gone in ready to flatten anyone in her way.

Haze tilted her head as she watched Marsh start to morph back through the wall, It's playtime.

Vandal grinned and levitated over the side of the building. Haze quickly took over and used her telekinesis to assist Vandal to the ground a lot quicker. Haze had also learned a few tricks over the last five years. She was able to lower herself to the ground now. But initially she waited as Vandal made the first move. Haze wondered if Frost would show up, he was rather protective of Vandal afterall.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Flame's eyes snapped open, someone was close. Someone he knew, or used to know. There was someone else as well, but their signatures were just a shadow of a memory, things he had tried to forget. There was a large chance he was mistaken, confusing the signature with that of someone else. But he had to know. He jumped into the air. Now airborne, he made his way towards the signature.

A few moments later he found himself over the area, and let himself drop. He landed a wash of psychic energy sweeping across the ground in the alley raising a gray cloud of smoke and dust. As it cleared he looked up.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Name: Jack
Age: 28
Affiliation: Heroes
Appearance:  Blonde hair, blue eyes.  Think Captain America without his mask.  Works out often so is quite muscular.  Wears a black trench coat loaded with all sorts of weapons underneath, from knives, to grenades.  Versed in long-range and melee (but especially loves melee).  Main melee is smaller katana with wakizashi in other hand.
Personality:  Friendly and jovial.  Talks a lot.  Even while fighting.  Some swear he has defeated some with his voice alone.  He will make really bad jokes while fighting and go on and on about the most random things. 
Powers:  Has the ability to imitate any fighting style after watching it once.  This is still not known as a mutant power or an intellectual thing.  But as he has a larger healing factor than Superhumans.  A shot to the head would render him unconscious.  But he would heal.  Heart is still fatal.  And poison.  So it is assumed that he is in fact a mutant. 
History:  Son of two deceased superheroes.  They were brutally murdered when he was 15 by what he thinks is a super-villain.

Jack sat flopped down on the couch in the oval office.  He was idly going through his weapons new and old.  Listening to Chromium make small talk with the president wasn't his favourite thing to do.  Beauty and Beast had already been cleaned.  Since the Drakeus incident Jack had acquired a few new weapons.  Hehad some Desert Eagles stowed away.  And he had taken a liking to Jericho's M82.  So he purchased one of his own.  And a nice G36.  Such were the advantages of a big fat government salary.  After they had been briefed Jack got up and shook the president's hand.  He followed Chromium out.

"So Lady Liberty bit the dust?"

"Right now she is dust."

"Well sorry.  I always thought the dress was kind of tacky."

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Name: James Barrett (a.k.a. Jericho)
Affiliation: Villian
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Appearance: <-
Personality: Calm, seemingly emotionless, thinks very tactically and mathematically, fiercly loyal.
Powers: Think along the lines of Neo and Agent Smith from the Matrix movies.
Weapon: 24k Gold Plated .50AE Desert Eagle

((I hope you guys laugh.))

Name: Eleanor (a.k.a. 1967 Shelby GT500)
Affiliation: Jericho
Age: 53
Gender: Automobile
Appearance: http://www.automotoportal.com/media/ima … 1.6_mn.jpg
Personality: Very tempermental sometimes: will stall or die when needed to make quick getaway.
Powers: The ability to go really fast, sheer awsomeness.
Weapon: 725hp 482ci Supercharged V8

(( *VROOM! VROOM!* ))

"This IS my signature."

Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Haze was preparing to join Vandal when something made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. There was the sound of a thump and smoke wafted up the side of the building which Haze stood on. She was not about to stick her head over the edge to have a look. Perhaps Marsh had back up.

Haze immediately lowered herself to the ground to back up Vandal. Vandal was already messing with Marsh's head. Haze was thankful that she was on the telepath's good side. We've got company, Haze voiced to Vandal.

I know, I believe it's an old acquaintance of yours. Vandal told as she tweaked Marsh's mind so he walked back into the bank and returned the money.

"Acquaintance?" Haze said out loud.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Flame stepped from the alley, he had been right, it was who he thought it was. Haze looked very surprised to see him, though Flame couldn't blame her, it had been five years and she probably thought he had been killed or captured. She apparently underestimated his ability to stay hidden and evade capture. Vandal was busy interrogating someone. If she noticed the pyrokinetic lizard-person she didn't show any sign of it.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

((Sorry Darklight and Void fans...if ther're any out there...they aren't here yet...but maybe they will return sometime))

Name: Samuel Raser, AKA Burnout
Age: 25


Powers: He has super speed, and can go up to speeds above Mach One.  His body is conditioned to stand the impact shock of his feet hitting the ground 200 times per second, and he is able to react to stimuli while traveling at maximum speeds.  His bones are more durable than humans', and can stand far more pressure.
Personality: He is energetic, and enjoys being a good guy.  Quirky, likes a good joke.
History: Worked with Darklight briefly in his past, along with Sunburn, and has briefly met Jack.  He ended up going solo, and has skittered around the fringes of the law a few times, although he often helps the commoners.

Burnout was traveling down the highway.  Things had gone....sour back home, and he thought it was past time to relocate.  So that was what he was doing.  As he whipped past a sign that read: Mission City, 150 miles.  Behind his flight goggles, Burnout smiled.  That would take him a couple minutes or so.  He picked up the pace, and began to sprint for the city.  Some random animals along the side of the road stopped what they were doing and stared in confusion after the silver and orange blur that shot past them.

Mission City, here I come... He thought

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Gerrrx sat in the 1st class aeroplane. He sipped a small brandy. He enjoyed toying with it it his fingers. He lay back and smiled. He was going to enjoy this flight. He wouldn't kill unless needing so........

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

((He's back.....))
Character:  Sunburn
Afiiliation:  Heroes
Apperance:  Black and orange costume, red eye pieces, and symbol
Age:  Early 20's
Personality:  Usually energetic, uses sarcasm constantly.
Powers:  He can create and manipulate fire (think johnny storm from fantastic four) he is tied to the sun so old age cannot take him, but can die through unnatural causes (blades, bullets, etc.)

Sunburn flew on his usual patrol route, clearly bored.  There wasn't much happening in the city these days, not after Oni and company plotted against all of the super-heroes.  But something flickered out of the corner of his eye.... turning toward the object, it seemed to be a silver and orange blur zipping down the highway.... *wow, now that's something you don't see everyday!* Sunburn thought as he went to investigate...

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

"So what now?" Jack said as they strode through the White House. They were a usual sight by now.

"First, we go back to head quarters. We must inform the team there to begin looking through the databases for super's currently in use of lightning powers." Chromium resonds as they turn a corner and head for the exit.

'Ok and then what? Then we go to the remains of the statue and look for any clues the government couldn't find."

Jack nodded and they walked out the back doors of the White House. They walk onto a second helipad next to the one where the Presidents helicopter was. Jack stands on the edge of the helipad and Chromium walks onto the center. He takes off his cloak and tosses it to Jack.

Chromium takes a deep breath and his body begins to change. It begins to grow and morph into a larger shape. After a few more moments of silver exploding from his body, Chromium is now sitting in the pilots seat of a silver F-22 Raptor. Jack walks onto the pad and Chromium opens the silvery cockpit glass. Jack walks into the custom, extra seat behind Chromium and the jet takes off vertically and screams into the sky.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Mr.Anasazi and Alastor were aboard Leviathan as the grand airship sped towards Mission City.

"Just got a call from Gerrx. He's takin the redeye from Scotland to our destination so we can meet him there." Alastor told his boss, his voice seeming to crackle with electricity.

"Great. Like I need the sycophant messing with my business."

"Come on, man, he's a good guy and--"

"Alastor, if he was a good guy, you'd've killed him 5 seocnds after you met him in Singapore that time."

"Yeah, guess so. But you know what I mean. Besides, if I gotta put up with Jericho, you gotta put up with my friend."

"What's wrong with Jericho?"

"He named his car! And he's got those shifty eyes and he wears those matrix sunglasses all the time to can't tell what he's looking at and--."

"Oh 'come one, man, he's a good guy'." Mr.Anasazi snapped, mimicking Alastor's livewire voice.

Alastor merely pouted.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Jack shifted uncomfortably.  He watched as the scenery streaked by.

"You know what?  No matter how many times I do this I'll never be comfortable.  Who knows where I'm sitting!  It could be a hand, a foot or maybe a-"

"Don't even there."

"Right.  Awkward moments equal bad.  Gotcha."

Jack idly twidled his thumbs as the Raptor tore across the skies.  It wasn't as if he had anything else to do.  The pilot in the font seat just sat there looking around.  It was still creepy. 

"So how are you and Haze doing?  Me and you have been busy lately searching for the culprit.  It's been several months since we talked to her last."

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

“Flame?” Haze said with surprise. She’d suspected he’d still been alive but had never truly been sure.

“Yeah it’s me,” Flame replied.

“What happened to you?” Haze said, then voiced into his mind I was worried about you. You just disappeared.

Flame shrugged, I didn’t seem to fit into the picture.

Haze’s brow furrowed in confusion. There had always been a place for Flame at least where she was concerned. She had a soft spot for the lizard-man. You didn’t stay around long enough to even try it. Where did you go?

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

I was here, mostly, but I decided to leave a few years back. I decided to come back though, I like it here better, not as violent.

What do you mean?

I ran into some people. Hows it been going here?

It's been good here, I've traveled a lot. You should have stayed here, people here are more accepting now.

Flame didn't exactly know why he had left. He assumed it was because of how people generally reacted to him, but there were times when he had wondered if that was why he had not decided to stay with the others. He remembered leaving, when the others were not looking he had simply walked away. He wondered what would be different if he had stayed, but there was nothing he could do to change it.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Haze wasn't really sure what more she could say at the moment. Besides she was supposed to be backing up Vandal. Although Vandal seemed to have everything in hand.

"Hey Haze, our friend here has the sudden urge to confess his sins to the cops." Vandal said with a smirk.

"I'm glad I'm on her good side," Haze said with a smile towards Flame.

Flame winced as he saw Vandal, obviously he remembered her.

"Do you want to stop by for coffee or something? It'd be nice to catch up," Haze offered.

Haze suddenly heard Vandal's voice in her head, Chromium will be ticked if he knows your wanting to go out for coffee with lizard man.

Chromium is yet to put a ring on this finger, so I can damn well do coffee with Flame if I want. Haze voiced back in response.

Vandal grinned obviously happy with the bite she'd gotten.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Chromium ignored the question.

"We're going to make a quick stop before we head back to HQ." Chromium says and the jet banks to the left.

"Where to?" Jack asks as he holds back his vomit.

"Vandal and Haze should be done by now. I'll look around Mission City and find them, they need a ride back to HQ."

Chromium's jet screamed through the sky and arrived at Mission City. It flew through the sky scrapers with unnatural ease that only Chromium's mind powered jet could do. Jack was having a hard time...

After a few moments Chromium spotted Haze and Vandal exiting the Police Station. They waved him down and the jet halted in mid air and eased down to the gorund. When it landed, it morphed again into the bigger jet that Chromium frequently used to transport the team. The side door opened and a ramp extended to the bottom stairs of the Police Station. Some people watched in wonder, yet this had become a usual in Mission City.

Haze and Vandal walked in and Vandal took a seat behind Jack. He moved up and slapped Jack gently on the cheek a few times.

"Suck it up, Jacky." She said laughing after noticing his green face.

Haze walked up to Chromium and Chromium looked up at her from his pilots seat. She moved in gracefully and planted a kiss on his lips. She had already gotten used to the sleek, metal lips. They both showed a light smile to each other and Haze took a seat.

The Jet burst into the air and headed for the tall, glass tower that rose into the air above Mission City...Andromeda HQ.

The jet landed on the large helipad atop the tall glass tower and the passengers walked off the Jet. Chromium morphed back into humanoid form and Jack handed him his cloak once more. Chromium threw it on as they walked into the building from the roof entrance.

"So? What now?" Haze asked Chromium as they walked through the elaborate building.

"Allen (the president) briefed me on the attack. It was lightning based. We need to find all lightning users at large." Chromium responded

"The database?" Haze asked

"Precisely." Chromium answered as he pulled a pipe from seemingly no where and stuck it into his mouth.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

It was early, and the mist had grown thick around Barrett Estate in the Appalachian Mountains. James sat out on the balcony drinking coffee, enjoying the fresh mountain air. It had been a while since he was home long enough to enjoy it all, and relax. It seemed as if he had just reached that point of peace...until his phone rang.

"...What the hell..." James sighed as reached over the table and picked up the small phone and put it around his ear. "Yeah?......Oh hey bossman, haven't heard from you in a while......Yeah......Going back where?.....You're joking......Alright, I'll be there......Yes I can get there myself......Yeah......Okay, you too......Bye."

James finished his coffee and went back into the house, making his way to the Master Suite. He pulled a trunk out from under the bed and opened it up, smiling at it's contents. He changed his clothes, putting on the jacket and glasses, thus, becoming Jericho once again. He grabbed the Gold Desert Eagle from the dresser drawer and some extra clips, then headed down to the garage.

There she sat, in all her glory, the 1967 Shelby G.T.500. Jericho slid his hand down the side over to the door handle, opened it, and got in.

"You take good care of me, I'll take good care of you." He turned the key, and she cranked right up.

Jericho put it in gear, and pulled out of the garage, and drove down the long, zig-zag country road to the highway.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Haze and Chromium made their way to the Control Centre where one of their newer team mates sat. The blonde bombshell, known only as Chink, sat busily working the multiple consoles before her.

“So Chink, what’s new?” Haze asked as she pulled up a chair beside the younger super.

Chink took a slip of her juice through a straw and sat back in her chair. “Oh the usual, much crime everywhere but hardly anything interesting.”

“What about the loss of well know monuments?” Chromium asked with a touch of annoyance.

Haze smiled slightly Chromium didn’t seem to have a lot of patience for Chink’s boredom levels.

Chink shrugged, “Well obviously it’s a lightening powerful super. I’ve already checked the databanks and narrowed down the suspects. I’ve got three good leads,” she said as she handed a piece of paper to Chromium with a list of names and last known addresses. “Have fun hunting,” she said as she returned to her consoles.

Haze stood and followed Chromium out, he had a disgusted look on his face, “You’d think she’d come out of that damn room and help us.”

Haze shrugged, “We’ve all got our strengths. Let her use hers to the best of her ability.”

Jack made his way towards them, “So what have we got?”

“Chink gave us a list. We’ve got three suspects.” Chromium informed him.

Haze noticed that Chink was quick to make her way towards them. She had obviously heard Jack’s voice. Haze had noticed that Chink tended to emerge from the Control Centre whenever Jack was around. He seemed oblivious to it, but then his heart belonged to someone else.

Haze moved to look over Chromium’s arm, “Ah I’ll take Blur,” Haze volunteered, she’d met him a couple of times and just like her he’d been one to sit on the fence. Chances were that he may have finally taken a side just as she had.

Jack laughed, “Haze and Blur? Seems appropriate.”

Haze shrugged, “Well he did ask me out once.”

Chromium raised a brow, “What did you do?”

“I decked him one,” Haze said with a satisfied grin.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Flame walked through the dark alleys. It was faster to fly, but sometimes he preferred to walk, it made him feel slightly normal. He had decided to walked with Haze to the police station, while they went in he had waited, he wasn't exactly comfortable with many people around him, especially when they were police. As they stepped out of the police station, minus a passenger, a silver jet touched down, increasing in size as a ramp extended downward. So apparently Chromium was fine. Before Haze stepped onto the ramp she looked his way and smiled slightly. As the jet lifted off Flame turned and walked away, melding into the darkness again.

Flame stopped infornt of an old building, he had used to use this as a home, it was odd that it hadn't been torn down or anything. It was still empty, and he stepped through the door, locking it behind him. The mat he had used as a bed was still here, he was tired, and he lied down and quickly fell asleep.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Character: Frost
Affiliation: Hero
Age: 29
Appearance: White winter camo, kind of a snowboarder dude. Wears retractable skate blades in his white combat boots
Personality: Surfer type, likes to joke around, and even though he comments a lot when fighting, he’s deadly accurate
Powers: Has the ability to conjure ice from moisture in the air. Also is an amazing sniper, and has a white camouflaged AIAWPM (Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Precision Marksman rifle) strapped to his back at all times

Frost had been sitting in the lounge of the Andromeda headquarters for an hour now, waiting for an update on the Statue of Liberty situation. He was bored of freezing people's drinks as practical jokes, although the incident when some poor dude had spilled it while Frost was freezing it was well... amusing. Frost looked up through the glass roof, seeing the clouds (I'm assuming it's daytime, I'll edit if it's not), Frost saw the F-22 Raptor that Chromium had perfected shapeshifting into fly up above. [i] Time to see some familiar faces [/i[ thought Frost... heading towards the landing pad. It took him a while to get there, and on the way he passed the Control Centre, where he caught a glance of his friends... "Hey dudes and dudettes... What's up?" he said, flashing a rogue grin at Vandal.

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