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Re: What would you collect?

I am going to start to collect Mega Bloks MAG. WARRIORS.

magnetic Death Knights that are mainly action figures and have about 17 pieces in each Death Knight set.

I currently have KRONOGUILD.

He is black and is equipped with a shield and a stun pike.

Here are his info facts on his metal card that tells you all about him.


( out of  blocks out of 12. )

Attack: ( out of blocks, coloured, red for attack, blue for defense )

Stun Pike: 10/12 - attack

Magna Crest: 6/12  - defense

Midnight armour: 6/12 - defense

Rapid Punch: 8/12 - attack

Iron tread: 3/12 - defense

Omen Shield: 6/12 - defense

( I got him today. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! £3.99 well spent! big_smile )

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Re: What would you collect?


I would like to collect SW comics and figures,but here's no any star wars shop. sad

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