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Topic: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

This RPG is based on the game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  After much debate, I’VE DECIDED TO LEAVE THE GAME TOTALLY OPEN ENDED for the time being.  There is NO MAIN QUEST, at least not at this time.  One might develop later, but for right now, ONLY MINI-QUESTS supplied by me and the Guild leaders are available.  There is no limit on just how big the mini-quests may become, but THERE IS NO ONE QUEST THAT ENDS THIS RPG WHEN COMPLETED.  I’m hoping for an RPG that doesn’t have to die.  It can last as long as someone wants to play it or is able to come back to life with a new quest/idea. 

For those who have never played, the Elder scrolls games are VAGUELY similar to the Lord of the Rings movies, in that they are both fantasy stories **ie trolls, orcs, elves, magic, and the like** and both are in an Medieval type setting **ie no guns or modern conveniences; only swords, axes, maces, shields, and everybody wears armor and rides horses (if they can afford them   wink )**   

For a rundown of the Elder Scrolls storyline, check this: http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Storyline

and this:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Lore  It’s a lot of reading I know, but these links give you a pretty good back story on the whole thing.  Take what you can absorb; no big deal.

For a list of playable species, see here:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Race  * Click on a race to get a description and a rough picture. *AND also please only choose from the ‘Playable races’ if you wish to create a character without asking for anybody’s permission.  If you wish to use one of the ‘Non-playable races’ or you want to try to play as a creature, that is acceptable, BUT PLEASE  PM ME AND CLEAR IT FIRST. ** If you are not sure what species/races are acceptable feel free to PM me and ask

For a list of the game’s pre-created classes, see here:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Class  *simply click on a class you believe suits you to see it’s major attributes and skills* Please remember this link if you want to know what a character’s Attributes and/or Skills are if a player only posts the name of his class.  Providing this information in the ‘Class’ section of your Character sheet is helpful, but optional for those who choose a pre-created class.  HOWEVER, I do ask everyone to list UP TO THREE  skills that are YOUR MOST POWERFUL.  All your seven major skills are good, but choosing skills that are more powerful allows you to ‘level up’ your character here in the beginning for you who are playing more experienced characters.  For those playing very young characters, it would be more realistic if you do not choose any ‘Most Powerful Skills,’ but it’s up to you 

Custom classes are welcome; just go to this link:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Skill     List TWO major attributes *in the bold: ie Strength, Luck, Fortitude, etc.* and SEVEN major skills in the ‘Class’ section of your character sheet *I provide one below; feel free to edit it to fit your character*  And just like those who choose a pre-generated class, YOU MAY LIST UP TO THREE SKILLS THAT ARE YOUR ‘MOST POWERFUL’ if you wish to have a ‘leveled’ character.

I DO NOT expect you to keep track of attributes OR skills for battles.  I only ask that you provide this information to give others an idea of your character’s abilities, combat style, AND to keep all the character’s in a relativly equal footing *ie helps prevent God moding.*  If it is hard for you to understand this form of character set-up, a more general description is acceptable, or I can help you to create a more Oblivion style class/character if you wish, just PM me.

Armor and weapons from the game can be found here:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Armor     
and here:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Weapons    respectively.  Simply click on an armor or weapon type *ie Daedric, Steel, Glass, etc.* for a full description and a picture of the collection.   

Madness and Amber ore based weapons and armor are NOT available in this RPG, as they only come from the Shivering Isles.  As the gate there is closed in this RPG, please use another type of armor and weapons. 

*NOTE 2*
For those who haven’t played, armor in Oblivion IS available in pieces.  Therefore, you ARE allowed to mix and match different kinds of armor *ie, you are NOT limited to the full set as shown in the pictures on the site I link to*    I am also allowing players to do MORE then is allowed in the game with armor/clothing, in that I am allowing you to have armor *though keep I light; want this MORE real, not less* under cloaks and shirts and the like.  Another mod I am making is that I am allowing YOU to mod the armor from the game.  You may create lighter, shirt-like sets of light armor, taller or shorter versions, and such.  Simply say which kind of armor you are using *again, ie Chainmail, Ebony, Mithril, etc.* and descibe what how it’s different from it’s in-game counterpart 

*NOTE 3* 
PLEASE try to keep the amount of DAEDRIC WEAPONS AND ARMOR LIMITED   I know in the later levels of the game it’s everywhere, AND I understand how hard it is to limit it from your characters as it’s just so neat looking, but keep in mind that it would really be in short supply.  Think of the game being at about level 18; Ebony is around, but not overly plentiful either; just sprinkle in some Daedric.  Any that was recovered by the Imperial Legion during the Oblivion Crisis would have been confiscated and sealed away or destroyed.  There would have been an amount of it that filtered out to the masses, but PLEASE DON’T over use it  If you wish to go on hunts for it *ie you hear a rumor in a tavern in the Imperial City that an NPC Maurauder Chief has a Daedric Claymore, so you recruit some friends to go after it, making your own mini-quest* that is fine; just try to make it interesting and long *ie no one post hunts that you repeat until you have a full set*

*NOTE 4*
Medieval style and other edged weapons THAT ARE NOT IN OBLIVION BUT WOULD BE FITTING ARE WELCOME *ie spears and the like*; just describe them in some detail or provide a link to a picture of what you want.     

*NOTE 5*
DO NOT worry too much about weapon ratings from the game.  It goes without saying that a Daedric Longsword is better then an Iron one, but there is really no way to gage that in the setting of a written RPG.  Therefore, consider all weapons ROUGHLY equel,  *ie a sharp Iron Dagger can kill you as fast as a Ebony Battle axe if it hits you in the right place.* I simply ask that you try to use common sense in situations where high-end material comes in contact with low-end.  Armor is a little different, depending on how much you are wearing and what kind.  No God-Moding, so even if you are wearing a full set of Daedric Heavy Armor *I’m hoping NOT to see this early in the game, as you would be pretty safe if you have a decent Heavy Armor skill; if not, you probably would have a hard time even moving* you would still have to be vulnerable.

For a list of spells and magic schools, see here:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Spells   I DO NOT expect you to use the EXACT terminology for spells in this RPG.  I provide this link ONLY to show those who have never played Oblivion what sort of magic is used and to give general idea of how it works in this setting.  You may use the exact terms if you wish, but simple references like “Drakus launched a powerful ice spell at the Minotaur” or “Draukus’s gloved hand gripped the bandit from behind and a surge of electricity ran into the enemy” are fine

Here is a list of creatures/enemies in the game:  http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Bestiary   Please DISREGARD the creatures/enemies in the Shivering Isles list, as that add-on does not affect this RPG.  Also, the Daedra and Dremora are creatures of Oblivion, and can only be seen in this RPG if summoned by a high level Mage or if seen in one of the FEW caves where Daedra exist.  If you wish to play as a creature *AND IF I clear your request via PM/chat/other; and I probably will IF you have a solid idea on how such a character can be effective in this RPG* remember that you WILL BE CONSIDERED AN OUTCAST/ENEMY by all NPC’s in AND out of cities *so no strutting into the Arena District to see how you favorite gladiator is doing if you’re a Land Dreugh   tongue *

Now for the Story

The setting is 3 years after the conclusion of the game’s main quest, and works by assuming that a anonomous character completed the main quest and has moved on to Hammerfell.  During and after the time the main quest was being completed, other characters *A_A, Sev, and the other Guild leaders*  were completing the other major quests *ie the Fighters Guild quest, Mages Guild quest, etc.* and new characters are making their presence known now.   If you didn’t know, ***SPOILER*** Martin joins his ancestors at the end of the main quest, leaving no heir to the Imperial Thrown.  Chancellor Ocato and the Elder Council now lead Tamriel.   However, Martin DID restore the magical barrier between the real world and Oblivion, so there are no more Daedra running around then there already where.  Kvatch is being re-built, but the efforts are being hampered by bandits and Marauders attacking the supply caravans.

For those familiar with the Shivering Isles add-on pack, there is a new Prince of Madness *another anonymous hero/villain* and the portal to the Shivering Isles has closed. 

My primary theme for this RPG is that the main quest and all the secondary quests from the game *ie Mages Guild quest, Fighters Guild quest, etc.* were proceeding simultaneously.  While an anonymous character did the main quest, Sev was becoming the Arch-Mage and A_A was killing his way into the Black Hand.  Also, I want a setting that is MORE real then the game.  If you have a low Marksman rating, it still doesn’t take seventy five arrows to kill an Imperial Horseman   *yeah, I been there* Just use common sense in those situations; your Marksman level si low, therefore you would have a difficult time hitting a Legionary in his weak spots.  But if you get REALLY lucky and send an arrow into his face, you got him in one shot *please try to keep such luck in check*        

Available factions/guilds that you may join are the Fighter’s Guild, the Mages Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves Guild, the Knights of the Nine, the Blades, Lord Revan’s custom guild the Knight’s Templar *which is based in the up-loadable Battle Horn Castle,* and my custom Vampire and Barbarian Clans.  Other groups from the game not mentioned here should be cleared with me first.

Some members of the BFFC have been supporting my efforts to create this RPG, and being in my opinion good RPer’s, they have been allowed to reserve Guild Head positions of their choosing.  These leaders are:     

Adeptus_Astartes is the Listener of the Black Hand *leader of the Dark Brotherhood, the game’s assassins guild,*

Sev Fett is the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild *leader of the game’s guild for magic users*

Valthonin is the Knight of the Nine

And as stated above, Lord Revan leads the custom guild Knights Templar, which is a little like Blackwood company; they aren’t quite so picky as the Fighters Guild about the contracts they take, though drugs are not involved like in Blackwood............that I know of    tongue   

And I personally lead a Vampire and a Barbarian Clan  *with my two characters, respectively.*

Leadership of the other guilds is available.  HOWEVER, you must please clear with me if you want one of these roles.  The guild heads in this RPG are given a great deal of autonomy, and have a relatively free hand in dealing with their guilds.  Therefore, I want those who have the time to devote to his/her guild/faction, and only those who are good enough RPer’s that everyone in their guild/faction totally understands them. 

Custom Guilds/Factions like mine and Lord Revan’s are welcome, HOWEVER, again, please clear them with me before introducing them. 

IF you wish to JOIN a Guild/Faction,  PM  IT’S  LEADER   For those factions currently without a leader,  PM  ME about joining.  I will post anonymously as the leader for those leaderless guilds until someone steps up for the job  *or I will create a character that I will allow to be killed off when a new leader is chosen..................hear that, A_A?   big_smile .*

Also, independent adventurers are MORE THEN WELCOME  Joining a Guild/Faction is NOT REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION.  The role of independent adventurer is the heart of the Elder Scrolls games, and I don’t want to destroy that here in the RPG devoted to it.  Feel free to attempt to compete against the Guilds as they create their own quests, and also feel free to create your own quests **AFTER clearing them with ME, please** so that the Guilds may compete against you in the same way.

You may have up to 2 characters under your control

No God moding  *God-Moding is the reason for the complicated class setup; I’m hoping that using the game-based class creation will keep everyone on a roughly equel footing.  For those NOT using the game-style character class setup, DON’T GOD-MOD *   

No killing other people’s characters without their permission *Killing creatures/NPCs you create is fine and encouraged   big_smile *

Nothing from the Shivering Isles quest in this RPG.  If you have a character or something connected to that quest that you feel could be part of this RPG, please clear it with me before posting it

If you are a Guild/Faction LEADER, the rules are simple: Create mini-quests for you Guild mates *Guild leaders ARE NOT required to clear with me each and every quest they wish to create.  You have your position because I trust you to come up with fun and well thought out quests on your own*  or join quests created by others.  I also require from you detailed posts so that all understand your intentions.  Other then that, your Guild is your own; I do not intend to interfere unless asked or a problem arises that requires my attention.  I’m giving you near total freedom with hopes that this spurs diversity and added creativity in the RPG by not limiting it’s scope of play to whatever I have in mind.  If at some point you wish to retire at leader of a Guild, PM me and we will discuss how it shall be done

If you are IN a Guild/Faction, follow the instructions of you Guild/Faction leader   If you don’t like what they tell you to do, quit them and go another way.  As stated above, the Guild leaders have near total control over their Guilds, and therefore have my permission to punish/banish disobedient Guild/Faction followers in any way they see fit.

If you are independent, have fun    big_smile

ONLY ONE DAEDRIC QUEST ITEM/UNIQUE ITEM PER PLAYER, and that’s until they’re all gone.  Some of those who joined this RPG before it was posted have reserved their item: Lord Revan has Boethia’s Goldbrand  *yes, sorry Oblivion addicts, but Goldbrand is taken   sad *, A_A has Umbra from the Clavicus Vile quest  *Not really a Daedric item, I know, but unique; the mask of Clavicus Vile is still available for anybody who wants it,*  while my Barbarian character has Hircine’s gift, the Savior’s Hide.  The remaining Daedric/Unique items are still available, so get what you want before somebody else grabs it* mini-quest with the goal of acquiring one of these items is encouraged*

Everybody, Have Fun  big_smile

*ok, end of stupid rules..........CHARACTER TIME    tongue *


Character Sheet *this of course may be altered to fit your character*




AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: *if leader or in a Guild/Faction, note it here.  If you are creating a custom Guild/Faction, give a detailed description of what it does and where it’s based; more then one base/hideout is fine*

CLASS:*It is helpful if you specify what your attributes/skills are even if you using a pre-created class from the game.  Also, list up to three highest skills as your ‘Most Powerful’*ie “Most Powerful skills are Destruction, Blade, and Heavy Armor—other Major skills are.......etc.**

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: *describe your character’s preferred combat methods and any skills not available in the game*

MAGIC ABILITIES: *Give a general list of powers/spells.  Listing exact spells from the game is not necessary*




Well, that’s it from me.  I hope all enjoy.  If there are ANY QUESTIONS, always feel free to PM me.  For questions directed at a specific Guild/Faction, contact me or its leader


*Now for my characters; feel free to use them as reference if you didn’t understand something above in the character creation process I outlined* 

*My First Character

NAME: Drakus


AGE: 27

AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: Leader of Clan Drakus, a Marauder-like clan.   Will fight anybody who gets in their way, but they do have an honor code, like not killing the helpless and such *think my posts on Mando culture; live for war/battle and the honor gained from it* Home base is Belletor's  Mine that has been connected with a tunnel to the buried fort Dasek Moore *both are located at the turn-off toward Kvatch*,  but will often travel away from there and stay in the hiding places of other Marauders or bandits that they raid *though we will on occasion raid towns and caravans on the roads, hunting other Marauders and Bandits for their food and new weapons is what we do the most of*

CLASS: BattleMaster — ATTRIBUTES; Strength and Agility — MOST POWERFUL SKILLS; Blade, Blunt, Marksman — OTHER MAJOR SKILLS— Block, Hand-to-Hand, Armorer, and Destruction

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Master of any weapon/killing machine; Brute force tactics with Blade or Blunt usually, but good enough at stealth to keep unseen with his bow, as well

MAGIC ABILITIES: Ignorant of most magic with the exception of Destruction, with his typical Nordic strength against Frost attacks as well as a full range of excellent Frost attack spells; also good with Shock spells; Knows a few healing spells, but only good enough to heal minor wounds or to keep himself moving until he can be cared for by a good healer

WEAPONS: Carries a HUGE black steel Claymore with a strong Ice enchantment strapped to his back; an Ebony bow with steel arrows also on his back ; a Daedric long sword strapped to his left side; two Steel War Axes in his belt, one like the standard in-game war-axe, the other a Viking style 'bearded' axe; and a large Bowie knife with a drain strength enchantment in his left boot *will post a picture later of the knife if I can*   

ARMOR/APPEARANCE:  http://cid-086a971ab6dab929.spaces.live … AB929!247/

Walking arsenal with all his weapons; Wears ‘Drakus’s War Helm,’ an Imperial Horseman’s helmet with a shield spell; Wears the Saviors Hide, the Daedric gift of Hircine, a leather vest with a strong resist magic enchantment; Wears Orcish armor gauntlets and boots, the Gauntlets with a strong strength enchantment; Uses a Orcish shield that is larger in diameter then normal versions and which has a large leather loop that he uses to sling it over back when both hands are needed for a task;  Also wears a rough pair of huntsman’s pants

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Was born a Berserker in the wild northern frontiers of Skyrim; was captured as an infant by Imperial Legionaries and sent to Cyrodiil as little more then a slave; worked as a blacksmith’s assistant for years in terrible conditions as a child; at the age of 14, killed his ‘family’ and escaped into the wilds; killed a marauder and took his weapons and armor, and thus beginning his life as a raider; now leads a small Clan of fellow ex-slaves and other similar fellows; Follows a code of conduct — no killing the helpless, kill with honor, *see my posts about my opinion of Mando culture/Spartan-like*   Cold in behavior and manner to most.   


*My Second Character

NAME: Ralin Vahkure

SPECIES AND GENDER: Male Vampire; claims to those brave enough to ask his race before he was ‘turned’ that he was an Imperial, but he’s taller and has different features then most, leading some to think he may be something else..........

AGE: Unknown, but has been leading his Clan for several hundred years

AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: Leads the Vampire faction ‘Crimson Moon Clan;’ One of the ruling Vampire Houses of Cyrodiil; Main base is in a Ayleid ruin buried under the city of Chorrol *not in-game, but created by me *so yes, creating your own bases/hideouts is fine big_smile ; accessible from the basement of the house for sale in Chorral  *again, a mod by me for this RPG,*  and from the Bandit hideout/mine Crumbling Mine (when the Bandits were nice enough to dig us a second way out of the city, we invited them to dinner  big_smile ), an Ayleid ruin that is much nicer then most that are in-game — much more lighting, repairs to the structure, and so on;* and we have a secret base/sanctuary in the Add-On home of Deepscorn Hollow

CLASS: VampireLord:  ATTRIBUTES: Strength, Intelligence —  MOST POWERFUL SKILLS:  Blade, Destruction, and Speechcraft;  OTHER MAJOR SKILLS: Heavy Armor, Illusion, Conjuration, and Acrobatics

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Ancient Vampire, with all the benefits that go with it *ie enhanced strength, speed, and willpower, with the full selection of Vampire powers— ability to detect heat from living creatures and Vampiric powers of seduction.*   All put together, a very graceful and deadly opponent.       

MAGIC ABILITIES: Very powerful With all forms of Destruction, especially Shock and Fire; Excellent at Chamaeleon and Invisibility spells; Can summon several Daedric beasts; has an above average ability to heal himself

WEAPONS: Ebony Longsword with a very powerful enchantment that combines the destructive powers of Ice and Shock; and a Fine Steel Dagger

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: http://cid-086a971ab6dab929.spaces.live … lideshow=0
Usually wears simple black robes and hood; When going into battle, he wears a Daedric helmet, Guantlets, and Grieves; with a Blade’s Cuirass *taken many years ago from an untold run-in with the Emperor’s guards*  and Ebony Boots

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Has been the leader of the ‘Crimson Moon Clan’ for longer then any other Vampire has been a member; Is a leader of high standing in the Vampire High Council; some tales that have filtered down through the Clan claim that he was never mortal, that he is not even of the mortal realm; Does not consider himself evil, will do anything for his Clan *Vampires; often at the expense of the mortal races, but includes the ‘removal’ of fellow Vampires if necessary, even members of his own Clan if he believes they are becoming a threat to the Clan’s anonymity/power;*   Closely follows the dictate that Cyrodiilic Vampires should remain hidden and behind the scenes, and that they should never kill their pray unless necessary to preserve their secrecy;  VERY manipulating of all those around him; A master of playing with others minds for his own ends; Can be flattering, diplomatic, or violently forceful whenever the situation calls for it

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Character sheet for Terra

NAME: Xanaan
SPECIES AND GENDER: Dark Elf (Dunmer), female
AGE: 20


CLASS: Ranger

MAJOR ATTRIBUTES: Intelligence+, Agility+
3 MOST POWERFUL MAJOR SKILLS: Marksman, Destruction, Conjuration
OTHER MAJOR SKILLS: Alchemy, Restoration, Sneak, Light Armor

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Expert marksman, she can attack from a long distance while remaining unseen. She'll rarely miss her target.

MAGIC ABILITIES: Conjuration, destruction and restoration. Some knowledge for alchemy.

Conjuration: Can summon zombies, and some other undead creatures
Destruction: Can cast strong ice spells, and some other elemental spells
Restoration: Knows basic healing spells, can cure disease, paralysis and poison
Alchemy: Can mix/recognize a certain number of poisons

WEAPONS: Daedric bow with Daedric arrows, Daedric dagger

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: long black hair - tied, red eyes, deep red leather overshirt with hood, over a thigh length light mithril chain mail, leather Greaves, knee high leather boots.


SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Tends to be suspicious and distant towards strangers. Not a very social creature, will most of the time remain silent and away from groups. Faithful and ready to die for the rare persons that are in her trust, will usually accept only one steady companion. Knowledgeable and skilful of her hands, will help when needed.

Drakus saved her from a critical situation when she was 14. She has been tagging along closely with him since then. No one really knows what happened, and she won't be the one to tell.

Cast iron and treadmills? Oh yes. Still sculpting me to what I really want to be, and I love it. :)

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Name: Nazg Sindarin

Species and Gender: Male Dark Elf. 

Age: 30 (One of the youngest Arch-mages ever)

Affiliation/Occupation: Arch-mage.

Class: Lifetaker.  ATTRIBUTES - Strength, WillpowerHIGHEST SKILLS - in Destruction, Blade, Conjuration (More on this later)  Other skills are Heavy Armor, Restoration, mysticism, Speechcraft. 

Physical Abilities: Is an expert at combining swordsmanship and Destruction. He uses then both almost equally which upsets many traditional Mages who do not believe in weapons.  But depending on the battle he may see it fit to use one or the other. 

Magic Abilities: As I said skilled in Destruction.  Excellent conjuror.  But has let the skill of summoning slip away a bit…

Weapons: Summons a full set of daedric armor when fighting minus the helmet.  He always carries an ebony long sword with a high shock enchantment with him.

Personality:  As I said before he is very charismatic.  He is kind when needed but when need be he is willing to dispense some tough justice.   Tries to be a good as leader as possible.  He rose to the ranks steadily.  When the last Arch-Mage retired he was the obvious choice.  After exploring his quarters he found a secret closet where he found his Ebony Blade and Daedric Armor (Which he summons).

Apearance:  Wears Arch-Mages robe.  Has the necromancer's amulet and made his own ring to offset the drain Strength and Endurance.  But the Amulet is hidden.  He is 6' 4".

Nazg slowly crept out from under the covers.  He was ready for another day at the Mages Guild.  He shrugged on his Arch Mage robes and made his way to the desk.  What was up for today?  Lectures for the new recruits.  Fun.  The topic was Necromancy.  Inwardly he winced.  He had a lot to say about that.  Whenever teaching he would try to stay Neutral.  No need to force his beliefs.  He made his way down the steps and into the courtyard.  Seeing the crowd gathering he adressed them.

"Hello. Everyone.  I am Arch-Mage Sindarin.  Today's topic is necromancy..."

[i]Like I told your captain, the orphange attacked me.  It was self-defense.[/i]  -Richard the Warlock  [url]http://archive.lfgcomic.com/lfg0002.gif[/url]

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

NAME: Drac Fadeknife


AGE: 34


CLASS: Assassin

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: About the equivalent of a man who engages in intensive physical exercise.  He is skilled in Blade, Sneak, Illusion, and Light Armour attributes.

MAGIC ABILITIES: ((Research pending))

WEAPONS: Elven dagger, and Elven shortsword

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: Leather armour (Similar to the Shrouded Armour of the Black Hand), complete with a black hood.  He has sandy blond hair, and deep green eyes, that have seen too much.

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Drac is a quiet man, and cold as the ancestral land of the Nords.  He was an assassin for the Morag Tong in the province of Morrowind, until recently....


Donovan Trantley looked around.  He was inside a dimly lit inn, dubbed the Inn of Ill Omen.  He had been traveling for many days, and had left the dangers of Morrowind for the security of Cyrodiil.  Today marked the end of his exodus, and the beginning of his new life.  With a satisfied smile, he waved the owner of the establishment over, and asked for some mead, which he drank voraciously.  It had been late when he had arrived, and the night was well on, with the other patrons having already retired for the night. 

Feeling the weariness of his many days of traveling, he, too, decided that he should rest, and conserve his strength.  He sighed, and stood, stretching his arms and legs as he did so.  Donovan then climbed the stairs to his chambers, and flopped onto the bed with a relaxed sigh.  He shut his eyes, and fell into the oblivion of sleep, unaware of the stranger who had entered the inn below, exiting the cold night, and entering the dim inn.

The stranger exchanged words with the confused proprietor, and paid him for his information.  He then pulled the hood that covered his face back, to expose his weathered features, and sad green eyes to the flickering firelight.  He too had been traveling, also leaving Morrowind for Cyrodiil.  And his journey ended here.  He climbed the stairs, making no more sound than a falling feather as he walked across the wooden steps.  Silently, he drew his dagger, and stalked into the locked room that the owner had indicated, using a lockpick to allow him access.  There he was, the scum.  the stranger walked over to the sleeping form, and glared at him.  If looks could kill...

He shook the sleeping form until Donovan awoke.  The man looked around in a daze, until his eyes fell across the furiously burning eyes of the Nord before him.  He sat up in shock and looked franticly for a way to escape.

"Wha-what are y-you doing here?"  His voice shook with fear.

"Oh.  Surprised to see me, Donovan?"  The stranger's voice was cold as ice.

"You-you're supposed to be...to be..."

"Dead?  No.  Luckily I managed to escape the Tong's prison, and the executioner.  No thanks to you."

"Look, this is all one big misunder-"

"No, it isn't.  You were the one to frame me for your kill.  You killed one not marked for execution, and you refused to turn yourself in, and laid the blame at my feet.  All because you wanted my position.  And, after I was slated for death, you fled Morrowind, lest they realize the truth."

"No, you've got it all wrong."  Donovan's voice lacked conviction.  His was the voice of the man walking to his death.

"Oh no, I have it all correct, Donovan.  You wanted my status, and cheated both the law and death to get it, and then fled justice.  Well, justice caught up to you."

Donovan yanked out an Iron Dagger from beneath his pillow and lunged at the stranger, fury etched across his pale face.  The stranger ducked beneath the blow, and struck Donovan's hand with his elbow, sending the dagger clattering across the floor.  His own Elven dagger flashed up, and buried itself in Donovan's throat.  He held it there until he was certain that Donovan was dead before withdrawing it, cleaning it, and sheathing it.  He then put his hood back up, and left the inn through the window.  His life in Morrowind had died, thanks to Donovan.  Now, here in Cyrodiil, his new life could begin...

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Name: Thonus Kregor
Species, gender: Dunmer(Dark elf) Male

Affiliation:Dark Brotherhood

Class: Dark Assassin
Major Atributes:Endurance, Agility
3Most Powerfull Skills: Blade, Sneak, Heavy Armor
Others:Security, Acrobatics, Athletics, Speechcraft

Physical Abilities: Prefers to sneak up on his targets, but will attack head on if needed. A skilled swordsman, and mediocer archer, has slight skill in destruction, but not much.

Weapons: Umbra, Glass Scimitar. Glass bow with silver arrows. throwing knives.
((But blue with red eyes))
2.5b5*m1*Thonus Kregor*Hair:Standard,fraBlank,202020,202020,100,100,23,Eyebrows:Expansion1,eyebrows4,313131,FFFFFF,100,100,21,Eyes:Standard,plain1,DC0028,94ABD7,100,100,20,Nose:Expansion1,thinslant,94ABD7,FFFFFF,100,100,24,Mouth:Standard,fangs,94ABD7,FFFFFF,100,100,18,Beard:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,27,Ears:Standard,elf1,94ABD7,94ABD7,100,100,19,Skin:Standard,fraBlank,94ABD7,94ABD7,100,100,6,Mask:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,22,Headgear:Fantasy,cowl2,312829,202020,100,100,29,Undershirt:Standard,midsleeve,312829,312829,100,100,7,Overshirt:Blouses,tunictank,312829,6A0108,100,100,8,Coat:FantasyCommon,openrobe,202020,312829,100,100,26,RightGlove:Standard,longsleeve,6A0108,312829,100,100,17,LeftGlove:Standard,wrap,5A3410,5A3410,100,100,16,Insignia:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,9,Neckwear:Standard,Shoufa,312829,181818,100,100,25,Belt:Standard,bandolier,5A3410,848484,100,100,15,Leggings:Expansion1,checks,53453A,724D21,100,100,10,Overleggings:Standard,plaindagger,7A7500,848484,100,100,11,Pants:Standard,longcloth,312829,6A0108,100,100,14,RightFoot:Expansion1,sandal,312829,5A3410,100,100,13,LeftFoot:Expansion1,sandal,312829,5A3410,100,100,12,Back:Standard,persian-right,312829,6A0108,100,100,3,Wings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,4,Tail:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,5,Aura:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,2,Companion:Standard,wolf,313131,BDBDBD,100,100,31,Background:Fantasy,volcano,53453A,015519,100,100,1,RightHand:Ranged,composite,312829,7A7500,100,100,30,LeftHand:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,28,#

has a 'rouge knot' for hair.
Wears Deadric armor, (Only chest peice and boots, Glass armor for leggings and Orcish gloves) Deadric chest piece is 'short sleeved' only going to the mid bicep

Short Backstory: Viscious and sometimes considered blood thristy or evil, Thonus has been the Listener of the Black Hand for almost three years. His past is vauge, and those who have delved deep into his families history have been met with various 'acidents'. It is known that there was a situation with his family when he was 16 years old.

Thonus stepped from his room. He looked at one of the newer assassins wander about almost aimlessly. He had a list of contracts, and he had one that he thought the new assassin could deal with. He stepped upward and ran through a quick breifing. The assassin, a young male Imperial looked up quickly, he apparently was eager to serve. Full of ambition. "Go now, and bring honor to the Night Mother." The man ran off quickly, ready to kill. Thonus stepped back into his room, scratching the large black wolf that was gnawing hapilly on a bone behind the ears. The wolf made an odd happy snoring sound, and closed his eyes. Thonus grinned and pulled a book from a shelf. He opend it, and began to read.

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Name: Lord Arkes Draco

Species: Argonian

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Occupation: Guild Head of The Knight's Templar of True Horn & Lord of Battlehorn Castle

Class: Custom Class: Templar Knight

Attributes: Willpower, Endurance

Major Skills: Blade, Heavy Armor, Destruction, Restoration, Mysticism, Alteration, Speechcraft

Magic Abilities: Most used spells are: Paralysis, Shock, Fire, Remote Manipulation

Master Skills: Blade, Heavy Armor, Destruction

Weapon: Goldbrand

Armor: Full Ebony Armor (Cuirass, Gauntlets, Greaves, Boots. No Helmet or Shield)

Personality: Very hospitible and generous, but can also be very manipulative. He does have somewhat of a temper, and dispises the Kajiit with all his soul.

((Will add more later.))

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

NAME: Sonuth Lightbringer

SPECIES AND GENDER: Imperial Male (though it is likely his mother or father was some type of elf)

AGE: 38

CLASS: Custom Class: Crusader
Most powerful attributes: Strength, Speed, Endurance
Major skills: Blade, Block, Heavy Armor,
Minor skills: Melee comabt, Speech craft, Athletics, Armorer, Blunt, Restoration, Illusion

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Has a very aggresive blade style, which is very straight forward and lacking subtality. Most duels with him last less than a minute. Also has a good understanding of martial arts. (aggresive ones)

MAGIC ABILITIES: Basic healing spells, Spells to instill others with hope and strength, when faced against hopeless situations, also has a number of spells increasing his own physical and mental prowess

WEAPONS: Glass Long sword (enchanted with a spell for lasting shapness and durability) Glass Longsword (not enchanted), Glass shortsword

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: A very large man in stature, Sothus stands at 6 feet, 7 inches, and has incredible strength. Blue eyes, Short blond hair, and an angelic elvish face. His armor is mostly glass type, but has dwarven gauntlets with a strength spell. His helm roughly resembles an imperial gaurds, but is golden and silver.

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Raised by the Churches of the Nine to be a Crusasder against evil and the unjust, Sonuth lost his family before he was four to a band of lesser vampires. The reason they spared the child is unknown, however it may be there races undoing....A band of traveling monks found the boy and raised him in a monestary intill he was 13. At which time he was found to have exceptional skill with a blade, and the Head of the Church of the Nine took interest in the boy and trained him to be a Crusader of the Church. He is now traveling accros Cryrodill amassing an army in which to drive out Vampires, Goblins and all creatures of the dark. His name was unknown so the Church renamed him: Sothus Lightbringer, in hopes of what he might accompish in the future. Sothus is very gentle and kind to all good and peace loving people, but will act very quickly if there actions are tainted with evil.

[i]"Sir, Finishing this Cake."[/i]

Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

((By the way my lecture will lead into a quest.  You can be either a newb sitting in, or a passing older member if you wish to join.))

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

NAME: Lord Valthonin Lenthinard (Yayyy i get to use the name)

SPECIES AND GENDER: Human Male (He isn't exactly from any of the regions around...his lineage and backstory will be his main quest.)

AGE:41 (or is he..mwahahaha!!!)

AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: Leader of the Knights of the Nine

CLASS: custom class: Paladin: Valthonin is basically a Paladin type character for those who know what they are. MAJOR SKILLS:Blade(swordfighting i guess right?), Heavy Armor and Healing magic OTHER STRONG SKILLS: some lightning magic, blunt,  expert combat skill, protection spells and aura's, and turn undead and other little paladin spells

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: He is an expert sword fighter and prefer's either sword and shield or two handed sword combat. He also makes good use of his skills with hammers or maces. He is basically a Knight in shining armor.

MAGIC ABILITIES:He has all sorts of aura's against every school of magic that aid in protection of himself and his allies, he can cast lightning spells, undead stand no chance against him since he can turn them (basically, either they explode or run in fear...im serious) and he casts some Light magic, like sun ray or whatever. He probably wont use magic too much. He prefer's swords.

WEAPONS and ARMOR/APPEARANCE: http://oblivion.gamewikis.org/wiki/Reli … e_Crusader
Thats all of it, i guess, since he's the leader, you can imagine the armor with gold trim and a tad more ornate. He looks like the little picture on the right and the stats for the weapons are there. The heavy armor set, the light set is for the other knights of the guild who have proven themselves. He currently uses the sword and shield and has the mace on his belt...however...a certain two handed sword should be making an appearance soon.

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Valthonin's past is shrouded in mystery since he never really speaks of it with anyone. This causes many to wonder as to how he was able to single handedly restore the Knights of the Nine to their former glory and lead them so well. As of right now, no one knows his lineage so they believe he may be an orphan or run away from a distant land. Even more far fetched stories are told... yet only Valthonin himself knows how he ended up in this place.

He is a righteous man and is kind to the innocent and good yet is harsh on the cruel and evil. He is a man of truth and justice and seeks to crush all the evil pressence in the land with the help of the Nine. He is very charismatic, yet rarely takes his helmet off. Very few know how his face looks...


(Will post his intro later)

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Drakus opened his eyes.  Looking over his shoulder, Xanaan continued to sleep peacefully on her side, her back to him.  Her light blue shoulder and black hair were all he could see.  As she breathed softly, he thought back to when he first met her.  A skinny young thing barely 15 if that, she tried to kill him when he found her.  Since that moment, she was rarely far from his side.  In their first few years, he taught her all he could about the fields of killing that most interested her............. mastery of the bow and Destruction magic.  Her skills in both surpassed his in an amazingly short time, especially with magic.   

Never thought we’d be here with her like this he thought.  In the last year, their relationship had changed from that of Clan leader and faithful learner to something much more.  Though as close as they had become, she had never told him what circumstances had put her in the terrible situation he’s found her in.  All he knew what that her family was all dead, and that she had wandered from place to place until she’d found her way from Morrowind into Cyrodiil.  Drakus respected her decision not to bring back all the dark moments of her life by recounting them to him, but pained him to know she must have suffered much in those early years before they met...................perhaps even more then he had in his own younger years.

Easing out of bed, he grabbed a few things and walked up the stone steps without waking her.  Pulling on his pants and armored boots and slipping his war-axe into his belt, Drakus headed off to see his own mentor.

*Will expand on this and post for my Vampire later, gotta run.  Creating your own named NPCs is ok, but just don’t use them so much that they become a 3rd or 4th character*

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Drac awoke from the cold stone that had served as his bed the night before, and rose, making sure to draw his hood in the meantime.  it was morning, and already the town had come alive.  Beggars slunk along the streets, and townsfolk went about their business.  He surveyed the surroundings, and then walked away down the streets.  His life before had been one of killing and dealing death.  He knew that he was not cut out for the life of a noble hero.  And even such a place as peaceful Cyrodiil must have some people who needed things done for them...discreetly.  He would just have to find the sort of people who accepted those sort of assignments.  He left the town, and began walking down the roads, following the roadsigns to the Imperial City.  Maybe there he would find some sort of clue as to where he could find those who cloaked themselves in shadows and deception.  It was there that he could find those who called themselves assassins.

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Thonus stood up, setting the book aside. He wanted to leave, go see the Imperial City, since his induction as Listener of the Black Hand he had not been sent on missions, and he missed the travel. Akvar, his wolf, stood, looking upward.  Thonus ducked down, ruffeling the wolf's fur. "I'm going to go away for a bit, ok? I'll be back in a few days." Thonus stepped up to a 'statue' in his room, and lifted the ornate armor from it, he put on his armor, then put a hooded cloak on over it. He took his weapons and made his way to the secret entrance. He climed upward, pulling the mask over the lower half of his face up a little more.

He had made his Black Waterside Stables, and picked up his horse, Shadowmere. She had been armored, the armor appeared to be Deadric.. It had tatered black cloth hanging from the sides. He had been heading to the Imperial City, though there was another reason why he had left. There was a man in Anvil, an man who needed to die. But first, he had recived word that he needed to speak to the Night Mother. He climbed onto his horse, and rode off, headed to Bravil

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

NAME: Linnea


CLASS: Knight   MAJOR SKILLS: Blade- sword play. Has minor in using blunt- axe. Very Strong Hand to Hand fighting skills. Speechcraft. Likes to take advantage that she is a woman in a mans world.



Bustier is a flexble armor peice as is the skirting. Prefers flexabily and agility in combat over heavy armors.

Weapons: Sword... double handed hilt. Light but sharp alloy. Hands, feet and whatever on her personage that seems to fit at the time. Uses this to best advantage even when using a metal weapon.

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Thonus stood before the statue, and the Night Mother spoke to him. "There is a rouge assassin in the Imperial City. He was once Morag Tong, of your homeland, and he would make a wonderful....'asset' to the brotherhood. Find him, and bring him in. He is a Nord, by the name of Drac Fadeknife" Thonus opend his eyes and turned, headed back to Shadomere. He then made his way to the Imperial City, making exelent time.

    Soon enough, he stood inside the gates. He aproached a beggar, pulling a smal amount of coins from his belt. "There is a Nord in the city, he has not been here long, he may be trying to keep a low profile. Have you seen him?" The beggar looked at Thonus nervously, then at the gold in his hand. He told Thonus where he had seen him, and Thonus let the coin drop into the beggar's hand. He headed off, looking for the assassin.

((If you have anyproblems with this MA, i can edit))

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

The morning mist crept slowly through out the Priory of the Nine. The white fog lathered the stable, chapel, and keep of the priory. The sun had just risen, a golden blanket of light mixing with the fog.

It was early enough that the squires had not yet awoken to tend to the priory chores, yet late enough that the birds were filling the air with their delightful tunes. The air was crisp, and not heavy or damp. T'was indeed a beautiful morning.

Valthonin stood upon the battlements of the keep's tallest tower, where his chambers resided. He did not have his armor on, it was too early. He wanted to savor the freedom of his crimson robes wrapped around him for the time being.

No one was awake at this time, so he did not feel the need to wear his helmet to hid his face. It was not hideous or disfigured, yet it was.... different. On the contrary, it was quite prominent. However, there were certain features that would make people question his human blood.

Valthonin rasied his nose to the air. The flowers planted at the main gate were blossoming. Their sweet fragrance perfumed the air and eased Valthonin's tension. Valthonin breathed deeply and watched the sun rise higher and the mist begin to fade. He could hear the early rising squires begin their work in the stables. Taking a last look at the rising sun and a final deep intake of the flowers' sweet scent, Valthonin walked from the battlements and down the spiral staircase to his main chambers.

He walked up to his bed and tossed his robes on them. He turned and looked at the complete set of the Relics of the Crusader...his pride and joy. His persona. His bulwark. He walked up tot he armor stand that held the armor set. He suited up, sliding the helmet into place last. The familiar sound of his breath against the metal helm set him at ease.

He hung the Mace of the Crusader to his belt and the Sword of the Crusader in the sheath already on the belt. He picked up the Shield of the Crusader and slung it on his arm. He made sure all the straps were set, and everything in place, then he left his chambers.

Valthonin closed and locked his chamber doors and headed for the War Room to brief his Knights. This would be a busy month... for there was trouble afoot....

(Yes I changed the Priory outlay Ralin, if thats ok with you of course.)

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

NAME: M'aiq



CLASS: Thief --- Major Skills : Sneak, Security, and Acrobatics.

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Head to head combat is not M'aiq's preferred fighting style, actually he prefers to avoid all conflict if possible. His amazing stealth abilties allow him to stay hidden from sight and can easily disapear if given the chance.   

MAGIC ABILITIES: M'aiq is not a fan of the magical arts, believing the witchcraft to be only for those who cannot survive on their own abilities. Many believe however that he uses invisiblity spells to aid his profession, but this is just speculation.

WEAPONS: M'aiq may not like to sully his hands in the blood of others, but he knows that there is a time when such deeds are necessary. He carries with him a small silver dagger and a black bow. The bow he uses more often to fire arrows with ropes attatched to aid him in scaling walls. He is an average shot with it, and is much better when firing undetected.

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: M'aiq is a slightly short dark furred Khajiit. His physical stature is slim, with his strength in his legs for sprinting and jumping. He wears black leather armor with a black hood similar to that warn by the Dark Brotherhood. His boots are fur to keep the sound of his footsteps silent.

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: M'aiq was once a stout follower of the Mad God Sheogorath. His profession, clothing, and lifestyle were all in accord with Sheogorath's wishes. He completed job after job stealing family treasures, house deeds, and any other trinket the mad god believed would cause chaos. M'aiq believed fully in the cause and so his mind was slightly bent from the teachings of the mad god. His technique grew and grew until he was soon considered the second greatest thief in the land, behind the Gray Fox. Earning him the parody-like title of Black Wolf. The Gray Fox however soon became more legend than man, and most believed he wasn't real at all. M'aiq wanted to use this to his advantage, but tragedy befell him before he could act. Sheogorath stopped communicating with him around the time that the followers of Jyggalag started to grow more numerous. Rumors spread of a successor to the throne of madness, but M'aiq threw himself into greater isolation. It was not until his name was out of the mind of the citizens, and only faint whispers of Black Wolf sighting were heard did he once more step into the world of thievery.

Recent rumors say that he is searching for the boots of Springheel Jack. Those with their ears deep in the darkness have also recently been said to gain, "a little help from a friendly wolf."

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

here's what I have so far...

NAME: Var'ryk Warbrynger
SPECIES & GENDER: Male Orsimer
AGE: 18
CLASS: Apprentice Battlemage.
ATTRIBUTES : Strength & Endurance
HIGHEST SKILLS -  Blade, Blunt*, Block*, Heavy Armor, HTH, Armorer, Destruction*, (*MOST POWERFUL SKILLS.)
PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Mastery of heavy blade and blunt weapons.
MAGICAL ABILITIES: Basics of each: Enchantment of items, Destruction based spells, Conjuring of Bound Ebony Battle Axe and Custom Orcish armor, Mysticism
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Berserk, greater power, Resist Magicka 25%
WEAPONS: Ebony Battle Axe with Disintegration enchantment, Fine steel knife with Drain enchantment.
ARMOR: Customized Orcish Armor, looks like the armor shown in the picture. It is Bound to him by Conjuring spell.
PERSONALITY: Raised by his master in the art of magics and combat, he is unlike the rest of his orc brethren. He is kind to most but when need be he is willing to be tough in the name of justice. In combat, he allows himself to manifest his more Orcish tendencies.He looks up to his master and sees his role as a Battlemage as one necessary for keeping peace in the world.
APPEARANCE: 6'7" Dark green skinned orc with custom armor and robes of his class.

*NOTE: I ok'd this with RD under the condition that I told everyone that this is a 'concept pic', VAR'RYK *and all other orcs* have a slightly more human build.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________"Hello. Everyone.  I am Arch-Mage Sindarin.  Today's topic is necromancy..."

<Necromancy? He-he...and Master Sindarin thought the Guild would have a tough time teaching interesting enough lectures...>Var'ryk thought to himself, as he sat among his fellow students and some new recruits in the Mage Guild's courtyard.

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

As Nazg droned on about the dangers of Necromancy he began summing everyone in the crowd.  Some of these people looked promising. 

After an hour he closed up the lecture.

"All right.  Before you go I have a job for a select few of you.  4 of you will accompany myself to Nenyond Twyll an Ayleid ruin about an hours walk from here (that's just a guess, not sure distance to time).  I have been told that some necromancers are trying to ressurect their dead cult."  Some members chuckled.  Nazg continued on.

"We need to quell this.  They cannot continue on unchecked.  We must go and stop them."

Immediately some suck-ups straightened up wiping the drool off of the corner of their mouths an smoothing their robes.

Nazg pointed to a female Breton. "Rank?"


"What's your name?"

"Anya Herrick."

"Good.  You are coming."  Nazag eyed the audience.  He pointed to a male Orc.


"Apprentice.  My name is Var'ryk."

"You look stout. You are coming."  Nazg sifted through the rest and chose a Male High Elf Journeyman, and a small Female Dark Elf Warlock named Llathala Alor.

"Prepare yourselves.  We depart at noon.  You have 2 hours to gather all you need."  Nazg hung around to clear up any questions anyone had about the lecture or the upcoming quest.

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

Drac was leaning against the side of a narrow side-street, with a slight smirk on his face.  Beggars would take money for anything, and were especially useful for information.  Such as that of one beggar having spotted another talking with an outsider who was looking for a stranger who was keepign a low profile.  Now, given the fact that he ahd just arrived, and the whole event of the previous night, Drac had no doubt who this man was looking for.  And that was interesting.  Due to the very subtle nature of the whole search, and the dubious fact that only one person had informed him of this led him to several conclusions.  One; the beggar could have been lying for money.  Two; this person was very adept at keeping himself unseen.  Or three; there was more going on here than at first became apparent.

He sighed, and pushed off from the stone wall, and slinked down the side-street, keeping a very watchful eye on his surroundings.  He had heard that the Feed Bag provided adequate meals, as well as being inexpensive.  Keeping his twin weapons hidden, he stalked through the city, towards his first comfortable meal in weeks.

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

"-and so, basically, the Priory is now secured." Valthonin said. His knights nodded and pumped their fists in accomplishment. After Valthonin restored the Knights of the Nine, their Headquarters in the Priory and the surrounding lands were still populated with beasts and bandits. After 1 month long campaign, they had cleared the lands.

"Now that we have a stable base of operations, we must now look onward and to the West where the plea for help has sounded. The land to the West has always been a breeding ground for bandits that prey on the trade caravans, assassins murdering city officials, and all kinds of foul beasts that still stalk the surrounding hills and caves. It has now become our mission to protect the innocents of that area from these threats."

(This is where Valthonin presents a new mission to his men. If anyone had something in mind incorperating their own characters then say so now. if not ill just make a quest of my own.)

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

NAME: Una Elerant


AGE: 28

AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: Scout victim of peer pressure.

CLASS: Scout

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Athletic and Light Armour.


WEAPONS: Short Sword

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: Wears light armour including chest, shoulder and thigh plates. She is tall and blonde with great teeth.

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: Will make it up as I go since Sev is so damn impatient.

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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: After the Oblivion Crisis

*Posting for the leaderless guilds here.  If this  *like my opening post  tongue * is too long, just find the Guild you are interested in and read about them; posting here for the Fighters Guild, Thieves Guild, and the Blades

For the Fighters Guild and the Thieves Guild, I am writing that the current *or former* NPC leader HAS completed the in-game quest, therefore YOUR character, IF you wish to become the Guild leader, may come up with your own backstory  *ie, you are not limited to the events of the in-game quest on how you reach the top, you can make up your own story.*   Mini quests of your own creation to become a Guild leader is encouraged, I only ask that you please clear the basic story of the quest with me via PM or in the chat   smile If there are any other factions in the game, or if you wish to create a new one, feel free to PM me and clear it

Fighters Guild

I’m too old for this nonsense thought Modryn Oreyn.  He had made plans to kick back in his old age......................old for his profession, anyway.  It’s easy being a right hand man to a strong Guild leader.  Just tell others what to do, kick butt of any young recruits that are hard of hearing, and let others do the real work, while the Guild Master handles the real horror of the job......................paperwork.................. and dealing with all the unhappy clients or angry bureaucrats that come up from the Imperial City whenever a contract goes wrong.................Something that’s been happening more and more these last two years Modryn thought with a grimace.

And then, my job isn’t the same anymore  Standing from the Guild Master’s desk in the loft-like office in the Chorral Fighters Guild-Hall, Modryn walked to the railing and watched a couple of the newer Guild rats chatting among themselves.  Just a few short years ago, he’d have gone down there and broken up their little social gathering, but he wasn’t up for it anymore.  Since Waardok had taken the leadership of the Guild, things had changed.  Now it was all on Modryn to do the administrative work for the Guild, something he loathed AND was totally unqualified for......................but then again, Warrdok was probably even less able to handle it. The difference was he was the Guild Master, and HE had the authority to say which of the two had to do it, leaving Waardok to go on missions like he was a simple Warder rank and not the Guild Master

But, a far worse thing was happening to the Gild since Waardok had become the Master then Modryn’s hate for paperwork............................ the Guild’s reputation was slipping...................and badly.  Gradually at first, but more as time passed.  Sure............Warrdok was still a great warrior, one of the best Modryn had ever seen, and all the missions he led went perfectly as they always had.  But it wasn’t enough.  He needed to be a leader, not just a warrior.  Without proper leadership, a Guild is little more then a gang of rabble, and it’s starting to show. And at the rate he’s leading missions, we won’t have a Guild Master much longer anyway.  He can’t keep taking so many contracts personally and live long.  Then where will we be?  *sigh* I’ll never take the role of Guild Master, if that’s what he has in mind...............if he’s even considered the possibility that he CAN be killed 

He’d tried to talk Vilena Donton into rejoining the Guild as an advisor to Warrdok....................or as ANYTHING, in case Waardok got himself killed.  But she was enjoying the peace of retirement, and she could never get her heart back into the Guild after the death of her son.  There were a couple members who showed some promise as leaders, but he hoped he didn’t have to discover if they were up to being Master anytime soon.

Going back to his..................the Master’s desk, Modryn sank back into the tax reports he needed to have sorted out by evening, and wondered why Waardok was late returning from his last contract....................

**For those interested in becoming the leader of the Fighters Guild, please PM me and we can set it.  For those who only want to join, PM me and I can set you up in a Guild hall**

Thieves Guild

Armond Christophe never thought he’d give a mission like this.

Standing in the courtyard where he’d given so many new recruits their trial mission, he looked upon the gathering of thieves.  The Gray Fox had done well these last few years.  Before, he had seemed to take less interest in Guild affaires, leaving more and more on the Doyens shoulders.  But since the disappearance of Baiden, one of the finest thieves to have graced the Guild, the Fox became a true Guild leader again.  Grooming better thieves, selecting better targets for theft, and stealing with a renewed vigor. 

But then, he took a mission that no one should have attempted.....................and paid for it. 

Armond never knew what the mission was, or what he was trying to steal.  The Gray Fox only said that it was in the Imperial Palace, and that he knew how to get in. And he did, to.  He actually made it inside the palace...................before he was trapped.  No one knew the details, but the report put out by the Imperial Legion was that a masked thief, “POSSIBLY” the man who some call the Gray Fox................they still don’t want to admit there was a Gray Fox, even after catching him...................and killing him Armond shook his head in slight amusement.................... and that he was killed while trying to escape. 

Searching his master’s room afterward for some clue on what to do, he found a note that seemed ages old, addressed to whoever the Guild’s leading Doyen was.  It said that if anything was to happen to him, the Guild must still go on.  A quest was to be undertaken, the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal must be recovered.  Whichever thief was skilled enough to do this, would be the Guild’s new leader, and would carry the title of Grey Fox.

As Armond recounted this message to the gathering of thieves, both longtime Guild-members, new recruits, and even outsiders who Armond had summoned to this gathering, he saw the hope and confidence in their eyes.  Every one thought he or she was good enough to become the next Gray Fox.................................I only hope the one who finds the Cowl truly is...................if any can recover it

**For those who wish to undertake the quest, PM me and we can discus a plan.  For those who only with to join, again, PM me and I can set you up in the Guild and help you get a back-story if you require help with it.**


What else can I do? Captain Steffan watched the empty courtyard of Cloud Ruler Temple from it’s forward battlements. 

In the last few months, the Blades had slipped even further since the death of Martin, that last Emperor.....................the last master of the Order of Blades. 

It had gone from horribly bad to worse when Grandmaster Jauffre died.  His leadership was missed.  Now the daily practice sessions and watch duties were being totally neglected.  Worse, some Blades were leaving the Order, something unheard of before.

Steffan had tried to fill the void left my Jauffre, but he was failing....................and he knew it.  But it was something he couldn’t help.  He refused to bow to the pressure being put on him by the two strongest demands for action forming within the order.

One wanted the Blades to become like the newly reformed Knights of the Nine and roam Cyrodiil as defenders of the Empire.  Another wanted to give their allegiance to Chancellor Ocato and the Elder Council, doing his biding as they had done for the Emperors of the past.     

But these were things Captain Steffan couldn’t accept.  His life was sworn to the Emperors or Cyrodiil.  If there were no more Emperors, he would wait until a new line of Emperors was created.  If that meant spending the rest of his life here waiting, so be it.  His life was dedicated to something higher then himself or any one mission.  If that thing was gone, then he would devote himself to his prayers, remembering his time in the service of the last Emperor, and staying ready if the time came for him to serve again. This it what they would want.......................I know it is

** One last time — For those who want to become the Grandmaster of the Blades, PM me so we can discuses what direction the Blades will move under your direction and how you will take over for Steffan.  If you just wish to become a Blade, PM me to be set up.  IF you wish to be a Blade who has left the order and are now independent, that is fine; no PM to me is necessary **   


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"Prepare yourselves.  We depart at noon.  You have 2 hours to gather all you need."

<Two hours?...> Var'ryk thought. That seemed like only a short amount of time. However this was an opportunity he knew he couldn't pass up. Since he'd completed the arduous task of constructing his Battlemage armor, he knew that it wouldn't be long before the Guild would ask him to undertake a quest of some sort. He'd never imagined questing under the Arch Mage Sindarin himself. Of all things he'd never imagined his first quest being against Necromancers.

He entered his quarters in the Guild Hall's residential section and began packing provisions for the trip, making a mental checklist of various potions, and poisons, his spellbook, and a few magical artifacts he'd collected over his time as a Guild apprentice. He spent time restoring the spells on his armor and weapon of choice, his trusted Warhammer.

<Necromancers...why'd it have to be necromancers?...>

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virulent_messiah wrote:

<Necromancers...why'd it have to be necromancers?...>

Yayyyyyyy!!!! Raiders of the Lost Ark quote!!!

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NAME: Lucifer

AGE: 23

AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: On nobody's side at the moment, will kill anyone in his way.

CLASS: Nightblade — ATTRIBUTES; Just like a Nightblade — MOST POWERFUL SKILLS; Blade, Destruction, Acrobatics — OTHER MAJOR SKILLS— Alteration, Athletics, Light Armor, Restoration

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Master of all weapons with blades, a heartless demon that's willing to kill anyone if nessesary; uses his alteration and blade skills well to assasinate target enemy without anyone knowing, only uses his destruction skills in emergency

MAGIC ABILITIES: Most magic aren't very effective on him because of his restoration skill, good with fire and shock magic, but doesn't know any healing spells.

WEAPONS: Wield dual Dremora katanas, he usually has more weapons with him just in case, but lost them lately for unknown reason.

ARMOR/APPEARANCE: Have his weapons with him everywhere (even when he's resting), wear black leather armor and boots. Because of his old appearance he has silver hair (see history).

SHORT HISTORY/PERSONALITY: A powerful Daedra since birth, almost as a god-like being to most Daedra even as an amateur when he was in his silver werewolf form. Later, he attempted to cross over to the mortal world for desire of destruction; he was seen by a powerful priest and nearly had himself killed. He used powerful dark magic and try to possess a human to escape, he possessed a baby of a pregnant woman. He tried to get rid of his mortal body when the child was born but had lost most of his powers. Knowing there is no way to retrieve his powers, he ran away from his 'family' and was captured by a Nightblade. The Nightblade used him as an experiment of a super-Nightblade, trying to create a superior, out-standing killing machine. After learning all skills of a Nightblade, he killed the man and ran away for freedom.

Note: Son of Meridia & $%#@  (Unknown, meaning I don't know at the moment, only Ralin knows)

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