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Someone mentioned on the Karen Traviss Yahoo Groups page the other day about some new Star Wars Legacy miniatures that are coming out that encompass a lot of the Expanded Universe.  I looked around and found a thread that had some pics from the recently released poster with some of the new miniatures coming out and there are a few familiar faces in there. … fault.aspx

Enjoy trying to find these little goodies.  I'll see about getting some better pics later.  Have a good one.

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Re: Star Wars Legacy Mandalorian Miniatures

Another Boba Fett miniature?? He's been released in almost every wave now... (not that its a bad thing of course...) smile

As seen on YouTube: [url][/url] or [url][/url]

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Awesome, I'm reading the Republic Commando books at the mo (awesome books!!) and the one at the top in gold armour MUST be Kal Skirata. Sweeeeeet big_smile

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