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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Adrian passed by the city hall.  There seemed to be a commotion coming from within.  He silently slipped in the lobby just in time to see a man covered in fire burn a chair, but then get shot at by a soldier.  The soldier picked up a chair and beat the man shoving his arm into a water cooler.

"Y...you..son of--" The lead soldier shoved his sidearm into the man's mouth and blew his brains out.  Adrian didn't even flinch. 

"We all saw that, right?  We all saw me attempt to apprehend this mutant, who upon realizing defeat, stole my service revolver and shot himself. We all saw that, right?!?"

"Yes sir."  The soldiers shifted uncomfortably.

"Good. Now let's clean this mess up. Gonna be a hell of a lot paper work to fill out on this one."

One of the soldiers turned and saw Adrian. 

"Sir!  We have a civ witness."

The silver-haired man whipped around to face Adrian.  "Identify yourself."

"Adrian.  Sir."  He struck a military pose.

"Army eh?"

"Yes sir.  Navy Seal."

"As I said to the others.  You didn't see anything."

"Did you have to kill the mutant sir?"

The man's eyes darkened.  "What a stupid question.  Of course I did.  All mutants are to be shot on spot.  They are a menace to society and they must be stopped.  Now please leave."

Adrian turned around and made his way out the door.  One of the soldiers spoke to the silver haired man.

"Sir.  While you were talking I patched his the helmet cam through to command.  They have confirmed he's a mutie.  Powers unknown."

Adrian cursed and sprinted out the door only to run smack into a crowd of mutants.  He saw a military man at the head of the crowd mowing down mutants.  Senseless slaughter.  Drawing on his wells on energy he fired a concussive blast at the man.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

"Mutant scum!" Noah yelled at the one called Adrian! "You're invading my office! You"re invading my LIFE!"

Noah fired a rain of bullets at the mutant who dodged them with ease by somersaulting and flipping through the air.

"What the--?"

"Chief, what's the situation?" Squint, Noah's right hand man popped up, heavy artillery at the ready.

"There you are, Squint! I need you to kill that twinkle-toed mutant ASAP! Lethal force approved and advised!"

"Sir, yes sir!"

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Abaddon(James) Watched the fight rage near city hall. He didnt think he would join in. "This looks like its going to get mes-" He shut up as a shot whizzed past him. At first he thought it was just a stray bullet, but then another grazed his arm. He dived down ward, landing silently behind a group of soldiers. One of them turned. "..the fu-" He was cut off by the steel of Abbadon's katana.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Skyler was currently in the form of a military man. She’d killed him when he’d attempted to extinguish her worthless mutant life. She had decided he was the one needing extinguishing. She’d made her way towards the crowd of mutants that were being eradicated.

She recognised Adrian and grabbed him by the arm. She shifted her face into its normal form. “Don’t shoot as the militia don’t know you’re a mutant, we can use that to our advantage.”

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Adrian smiled at Skyler.  "My aren't you looking fabulous today."  She smirked as she changed back to the soldier. 

"You take what you get.  I think we need to get out of here.  The media will be here soon and I don't think you want your face broadcasted more than it is.  By the way your mugshot looked particularly handsome."

"Don't I always look dashing?"

She...er...he  laughed this.  "We'll exchange banter later.  Right now I want to get out of here.  This will turn into a slaughter.  The riot police are already arriving."  Adrian looked over at the head of the crowd and saw the police forming a barricade. 

"Apres-vous madame."

He followed her through the mutant crowd and ran towards the barricade.

"Help!"  She screamed still as the soldier, "Some mutant is trying to kill us!  Let us through!"

Obidiently they parted and Adrian and Skyler dashed through.  After they were out of earshot of the troops Adrian faced her.  "So, do we go and take a few humans out, or find some place to lay low?"

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Skyler shifted back into her normal form sans the purple skin and hair. She made the hair a strawberry blonde and the skin pale. “Okay sweetheart I say you go to the roof and play sniper. I’m going play Shifter.” She said with a grin. Shifter was when she continually changed form and generally got rid of people as stealthily as possible.

Adrian grinned, “Why do I always have to play sniper?”

“Cause you couldn’t shift to save yourself,” she said with a cheeky grin. “The tally starts when I hit the ground. You better not cheat.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it babe,” Adrian smirked.

“I remain sceptical,” Skyler said as she departed. She shifted so her form was more heavy set and her features broader. She found a human guard hanging back from the rest of the militia and smacked his head hard into the wall. “Sorry sweetie but it’s nap time,” she said as she shifted into his form.

She walked up to the line of other militia and saw a soldier opposite shoot a mutant. She rewarded the soldier with a matching wound. He went down holding his leg. The soldier beside her opened his mouth to expose her but he suddenly dropped next her screaming. Skyler touched the brim of her hat as she acknowledged Adrian’s hit. “Sniper!” she shouted in the male soldier’s voice.

Skyler shot another soldier in the foot. One of the mutants saw her and Skyler shifted her skin to its purple tone for a moment so the other mutant would know what she was. He nodded in understanding and grabbed the hand of his friend and ran passed Skyler’s turned back.

Skyler pivoted behind a tree and shifted back into the strawberry blonde woman. Some of the soldiers ran after the mutants but Skyler stepped in their way, “They touched my belly! My unborn baby might be contaminated! You’ve got to help me!” Skyler had to stop herself from grinning, as she loved playing the hysterical woman. She managed to hold off three of the soldiers as they tried to calm and reassure her. “I should have an abortion. I don’t want to give birth to an abomination! Wah!”

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Adrian chuckled to himself.  Quite the actress she was.  He took out the 3 soldiers all around her in quick succession.  She went about her business shifting into riot gear and out before anyone could even notice while he went about his. 

"5."  He aimed at another and squeezed the trigger.

"6."  He aimed at another one.  Missed.

"Darn."  This would be so much easier if he had his M82 with him.  Quickly he lined up the next shot and took him out at the body.

"7."  This was turning out to be fun.  He was about to take out another when Skyler slit his throat from behind. 

"Touche."  He noticed the mutants were getting restless.  One of them charged and was shot down.  That was the catalyst.  The rest broke rank and charged.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Here's Skyler:

Skyler realised she was losing the body count, although she was scoring those who she'd taken out with non-lethal means. In the form of a soldier she took out another four soldiers and was now on equal ground with Adrian she flashed a smile at him and she shifted into a winged mutant. She picked up a soldier by his shirt collar and threw him at another two soldiers, "Strike!" she shouted as she bowled them over.

"I'm up to 10, Loverboy." She shouted in Adrian's general directions before dropping to the ground, pivoting behind a car and turning back into a soldier.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

"8.  Loverboy?  To be a loverboy don't I need a lovergal?"

She flew up again.  "Only in your dreams."

He shurgged.  "Worth a try."

A singl soldier took the time to look up in the sky.

"Sir!  The sniper is on the ro-"

Adrian didn't let him finish his sentence.  He swung the rifle aimed and shot in one fluid motion. 

"Like poetry eh Adrian?  Well I'm gunna go back-"  A hail of bullets cut her short.  He flew over to the edge and shifted into her true form laying low.

"Someone's gotten sloppy Adrian.  You drew attention to us."

"Me?  Well Miss, I wasn't the one sitting around make small talk while a fight was going on below us."

"I believ it was you who initiated conver-"

"Hold that thought.  I just had a brilliant idea."  Skyler began opening her mouth to say a retort but Adrian cut her of again.

"Please refrain from commenting.  I get my genius moments here and there."  After the flying concrete and whizzing bullets died down he got up a sprinted for a antennae.  Ripping it out of the ground he grabbed a wire and tore it open.  Instead of receiving an electrical shock he felt the energy being transfered into him.  It felt good.  Turning to the soldiers down below he released a continuous blast of energy that tore through their ranks causing them to scatter.  The mutants who finally saw their escape made a break for it.  Skyler stood up and used some of her telekinetics to keep the soldiers at bay.  Adrian was sure he was burnin energy faster than he was taking it in.  Stoping his energy blast he collapsed to the ground still holding onto the cable.

"That took a lot out of me.  Phew."

"Ah so the al mighty Adrian falls.  Well I say we get out of here before they come to investigate.  Care for a ride?  She shifted into a winged mutant again and pulled him up to his feet.  She picked him off the ground and made her way off into the distance.
"So where to fearless leader? "  she asked him.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Designation: CyberReasearch Division Autonomous Terminator No.1
Alliance: Human/Military
Age: Less than 1 year since acivation
Weapons: Desert Eagle .50AE, Barrett M82A1 Sniper Rifle, M90 Automatic Shotgun, P90 SMG with silencer, laser sight, and modified fire rate, numerous other weaponry in the trunk of his car
Vehicle: Black 1970 Dodge Charger (Fast and the Furious)
Personality: (Think T-800 Model 101 from T2)

2.5b5*m1*CyberResearch Division AT1*Hair:Standard,messy1,53453A,000000,100,100,23,Eyebrows:Standard,eyebrows4,53453A,FFFFFF,100,100,21,Eyes:Faces,face17,5A3410,FFD08C,100,100,20,Nose:Standard,thinhook,FFD08C,FFFFFF,100,100,28,Mouth:Expansion1,fraBlank,EE694A,EE694A,100,100,18,Beard:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,27,Ears:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,19,Skin:Standard,fraBlank,F8B684,FFD08C,100,100,7,Mask:Glasses,blues,181818,000000,100,100,22,Headgear:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,30,Undershirt:Expansion1,Tshirt,A6A6A6,8C8C8C,100,100,8,Overshirt:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,9,Coat:ModernCasual,leatherjacket,313131,000000,100,100,26,RightGlove:Standard,plain,313131,000000,100,100,17,LeftGlove:Standard,wrap,000000,313131,100,100,16,Insignia:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,10,Neckwear:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,24,Belt:Standard,wrap,070707,FFFFFF,100,100,25,Leggings:Expansion1,loincloth,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,11,Overleggings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,12,Pants:Standard,slacks,313131,000000,100,100,15,RightFoot:Expansion1,hikingboot,313131,000000,100,100,14,LeftFoot:Expansion1,hikingboot,313131,000000,100,100,13,Back:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,4,Wings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,5,Tail:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,6,Aura:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,3,Companion:BigWeapons,fraBlank,070707,848484,100,100,2,Background:Standard,fraBlank,fffaf7,313131,100,100,1,RightHand:Miscellaneous,duffel,202020,181818,100,100,31,LeftHand:Firearms,fraBlank,313131,070707,100,100,29,#

http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/hero … chine2.asp

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

“You’re flying,” Adrian said in response.

“Admit it, you don’t know where you are and you won’t stop for directions.” Skyler teased.

“As a man my sense of direction is impeccable,” Adrian retorted.

“Sure it is,” Skyler said in response. “Admit it, you’re geographically embarrassed.”

“I admit nothing,” Adrian teased.

Skyler smiled at him, banter was so much fun. She decided to land at the back of her favourite café. “Okay here we are, Lola’s Café. Best food around.”

Adrian dusted himself off, “I know.”

Skyler laughed at him and extended her arm as she shifted back into her normal form. This time however she was a redhead with lightly freckled skin. “Now I believe I got more points so you get to buy lunch.”

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Arista decided to go top side. She lifted the heavy grating and heard shouts around her. At first she thought it was because of her appearance but it seemed it was not. Gunfire was sounding and screaming followed. Arista climbed out of the underground and replaced the grate.

She moved to the shadows and made her way quietly to where she heard the noise. It suddenly went quiet. She peered around the corner and was pleasantly surprised when she saw James. “Hello there stranger,” she said with a smile.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

What a mess thought John as he stepped out of his black GTO near the Town Hall. Guess I missed all the fun.

But fun wasn’t on his mind just this moment.  Turning away from the carnage that was the recent battle, John stepped into the bank he’d pulled in front of; it’s alarm still ringing.  The windows were smashed in, and there was some blood in the shards on the floor. 

Stepping into the vault, he found where it had come from.  Several guardsman where looting the pile of cash, and one had cut his arm in the glass. Someone threw you in, and you decided you liked where you landed, huh?  

“This is the best idea you ever had, Frank,” one said to another as the piled the bundles of money into their sea-bags.

“I had the idea first, Frank.”  Before they could turn, electric arcs beamed from Drakus’s fingertips. 

“Thanks for bagging all this for me boys” said John as he stepping around their smoking bodies and walked out the door.

This is a good start.  I can really fix up my base and outfit any volunteers with this load.  Two down, and three more to go; my what profit there is in confusing times he thought with a grin.

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Blackout heard the mobs shouts from his home even at the distance that they came from.  He heard the gunfire, and the subsequent shrieks.  He knew that the humans were tiring rapidly of mutants and had most likely opened fire at the prtestors; that's how it always worked.  He sighed, and then walked to the edge of the cathedral roof upon which he had perched, and stepped off.  His foot went over the edge and clung to the side effortlessly, and he began literally walking down the side of the wall, as if it was a simple sidewalk.

Once he reached the ground, he looked around at the streets nearby.  Humans were milling about, some feigning indifference, and others openly worried.  Their were mutants too, almost every one trying to make themselves invisible, and avoid the humans' detection.  Blackout snarled.  Mutants shouldn't have to hide, or fight to survive, they should be allowed to live normal lives beside humans.  That was an idealistic thought, he knew, for mutants like him, whose mutations were painfully obvious never would be accepted into society.  As he mulled about this recurring topic in his mind, he noticed something.  Two humans armed with steel bars and a pistol were hounding a mutant with horns on his head into a corner.

"We don't need muties like you spoiling our fair city.  Your kind oughtta be purged."

They raised their weapons overhead, to strike and shoot the helpless mutant.  And then, everything went black, as the light was drained away from their general location.

"What the...This is your doing mutie.  I toldja we should've killed him without the speech!"

That was all they had time to say, as a shadowy creature with a tail that looked like a devil's leaped off of teh side of the wall, eyes glowing the colour of blood, and two swords spinning in the blackness, unseen by their eyes.  Blackout darted to one side, and slit the throat of one of the thugs, while simultaneously knocking the pipe out of the second one's hand, following up with a thrust to the heart, Blackout's blade easily slipping between the ribs.  With a fllourish, he twirled the blades, cleaned them of the humans' blood, and sheathed them.  This all happened within the space of forty-five seconds.  And then he left, leaping up the side of the building, and running along the wall, allowing light to return to the location of the planned mugging, leaving a very confused mutant in his wake.

Things like this served as constant reminders to the futility of trying to blend and co-exist with humans.  He did not believe mutants to be the superior race, but nether did he view them as inferior.  They were simply different, and humanity hated what as not the norm, they hated what was different, and what they did not understand.  He walked off, trying to find some quiet place to plan his next few moves.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

"That last bit counted at least as 20."  He muttered under his breath.  He led her to the booth right next to the window by the entrance.

"Why here."

He tapped his head.  "Seal training.  Fastest way to the exit."

"So you say a Navy Seal?  How old are you anyway?  Don't you have to be at least 30 to become a seal."

"30 is the limit.  I'm old enough.  Age is irrelevant."

She punched his arm, "I believe it is the females that are hestitant to tell their age.  So you have to be under 30..."

He laughed.  "I'll tell you later.  You remember where we met?  I believe we hit it off right away."

"I think I was trying to hitch a train and I was in my true form.  You happened to be there.  I slugged you thinking you were some sort of guard."

"Good times."  The waiter came and placed 2 water in front of them.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Flip and Zayne walked by city hall.

"Whoa, ummm, I think something happened here." Zayne commented, looking at the strewn mass of mutant and human bodies.

"Yep, I think so. Let's go get some lunch." Flip said, wanting to leave before he got nauseous. "I know this great little cafe nearby. Best food around."

They walked until they reached Lola's Cafe, walking in and taking a seat by the window.

Zayne spoke first. "There are other mutants in here."

"How do you know?"

"I'm telepathic. One of them was, ummm. It's hard to explain. Okay, so you know when you talk to your self in your head?"

"Ummmm, yeah. Sure. Okay."

"Anyways, when you do that, your thoughts get really loud. So even though I'm trying to not listen, sometimes I can't help it. Anyhow, one of them did that, and he and his friend are mutants. And that's how I know."

"Nice. Soooo, where are they?"

"Over there at that table. The scary-looking army dude and the redhead."

"She's cute. Wanna go sit by 'em? Nice to meet other mutants."


Flip and Zayne walked over, pulling up two chairs.

"Hi there! How's it going?" Flip said genially, oblivious to the subverted attraction, and possibly the preference for privacy between the two.

Zayne however, remembered his manners. "I'm sorry, are we interupting anything?" Zayne said, influencing his chair without touching it in a subtle manner of proving he was a mutant.

The woman nodded in acknowledgement, asking, "What about him?"

Flip answered for Zayne. "Watch," he said, picking up a straw. He tore off a bit of a napkin, put it into his mouth, and rolled into a ball. A good ol' fashioned spitball. He took aim, then said through the straw, "Man in the corner, left ear." He shot the spitball with as little noise as possible at a distance over 30 feet, in a perfect trajectory, to the other side of the cafe. Sure enough, the man, disgusted, made a face and proceeded to remove the offending wad.

"Okay, we believe you. But how do you know that we're mutants?" Said the army guy.

Flip, looking like he was under suspicion, pointed at Zayne across his gut, like a child blaming a playmate.

"I'm a telepath," Zayne explained. "You were thinking loud," he said, talking to the army guy.

"Right," said the redhead. "Anyway, I'm Skyler, this is Adrian. I'm a shapeshifter, and he can suck energy from anything. And he likes weapons, he was in the military."

"I can see that." Flip quipped. "I'm Flip, this is Zayne, and you already knows what he does. Oh, he can move stuff with his mind, too. I'm an uber-acrobat, and I can shoot things pretty accurately.

"Nice to meet you, Flip, Zayne." Skyler said.

"Nice to meet you too, mademoiselle."

Zayne rolled his eyes. "Dude, you're hopeless."

"Shhh, can't you see I'm working here?" He turned to Skyler, "Did I mention I speak French? Most romantic language in the world..."

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Blackout arrived at the city square, and whisteld from the cover of a nearby alleyway.  Such a masscre, corpses were literally littering the ground, and the pavement had been painted a lovely red colour.  Such a waste.  This was living proof that mutants and humans could not co-exist.  He spat on the blood-stained pavement with disgust, and walked away.  He heard the sound of laughter drifting from a building nearby and sighed sadly.  That carefree life was never available for him.  It had been taken away twenty years ago.

The door burst open, and ten men with body armour rushed into the room.  The night air outside was crisp and clear, and the other families along the street completely ignored the events of this one house.  The mother was dragged into the street, and hanged from the streetlight, while the father was riddled with bullets from their automatic rifles.  No one paid attention to that six year old boy who watched all of this horror from the safety of his room, shrouded by shadows that he had made.  He watched both of his parents die, simply for being born different than the humans.  He watched the soldiers laugh heartily as they watched the boy's mother jerk and kick at the end of the noose.  The only two people who treated Derek with love and respect were murdered before his eyes, to the laughter of the murderers.  Since then, Derek had grown, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  He now understood exactly why his parents died, and why humanity hated him and his kind so much; they were the unknown, they were different.  This life-long lesson had been taught to him at the age of six.

He gritted his teeth against the pain of the memory, and turned away from the laughing building tears blurring his vision, and trickling down his cheeks.  He turned and walked away, slipping like a shadow down an alleyway.  His five foot tail whipped behind him in agitation, and he had to take a moment to calm himself.  He needed something to eat.  And, knowing the situation as it stood, he could hardly walk right up and buy himself some food.  Spying a cozy looking cafe down the street, he smiled to himself.  He hoped they were ready for a temporary power blackout...

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Adrian mentally berated himself.  His telepathic blocks must be becoming weak.  He worked on putting them back up.  He turned to this new guy Flip who claimed he spoke perfect French.  When you live 527 years you pick up a few languages here and there.

"Allez sauter dans une flaque et avez un bain de boue.  ((Go jump in a pond and have a mud bath..))

Flip paused.  But he worked up his courage and answered, "Oui.  Oui."

Adrian laughed. 

"What?  What did you say?"

"I told you how smooth you are with the ladies."

"Ah oui! Bien sur.  You must have been speaking Canadian French.  That's why I couldn't understand.  I only speak the real French."  ((Props to Night for this))  He smiled at Skyler.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

"Damn." Noah grumbled. The riot at Town Hall had been quelled, but the mutant called Adrian had escaped.

"That coulda gone better." Squint popped off.

"Enough." Noah said, turning to Squint. The seriousness in his face could have silenced a storm.

"Sir.." A scientist suddenly approached Noah. "There's something we'd like to show you."



Noah, Squint, and the scientist had been taken to a safe research facility not far from Town Hall.

"sir, behind this door..." said a scientist, rapping his knuckles on a large steel door "...Is something we think you'll like."

"Why? Is it a pile of mutant corpses?" Noah asked impatiently.

"No...." The scientist replied. "...But it's programmed to make them."

The door slid open to reveal the greatest thing Noah had ver seen since the mutant threat began.

((That'd be your cue, Revan.))

"N-no sir... but it is

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Skyler couldn’t help but smile. She twitched her eyebrows at Adrian before turning to Flip. “Now I personally prefer to know what a man is saying to me, that way I know how to respond appropriately.” She moved closer so her face was mere inches from Flip’s. “Be it literal or physical,” she sat back with a cheeky grin. Oh how she loved to flirt.

She heard Adrian chuckle beside her. He knew that she loved flirting as much as banter. Hell she often mixed the two together.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

((Thank you big_smile))

"It's...well...May I introduce...the first...completely...autonomous Terminator. They just sent him here from DC a few hours ago, we were running some final system checks before we let him go to work."

"You mean this thing is a...machine?"

"Yes sir...do you remember that one movie?

"Yeah, yeah, I know. So, who does it the orders from?"

"The Secretary of Defense. We only have...limited control over his orders."

"Hmm, I see. Does it have a name?"

"He responds to A-T-One, sir."

"ATOne, what is your mission?"

"To purge the mutant threat to the United States citizens, government, and military personnel."

"I like the way this guy thinks, Bill."

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Character Name: Sal (people usually just refer to him as a bug)
Alliance: Mutants? (is usually friendlier to mutants, but will kill humans on sight)
Class: Mutant
Age: 19
Weapons: Claws, Teeth, Stinger: The Stinger is poisoned and will take effect almost immediately, bites are much less potent, and sometimes take days for the poison to take effect. There is no know cure.

Power(s): Flight, Great Strength, Wall crawling, Infect: this will join another human into a hivemind state with Sal, and they will also mutate into a bug like Sal as well, others that already mutants are Immune, but the poison will cause considerble pain for the next 10 hours. (20 hours for bites, but the pain is not as great) The more minds that are connected to Sal, the harder it is for him to control. Sal can not be killed enless all other infected humans are killed as well.

Description: Think this:  http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Geonosian1.jpg
But with larger jaws, claws, a stinger, bigger size, a darker color and a extra set of arms.

Personality: Hungry, Insane, Angry, Buglike, frustrated. Lost a large portion of his sanity, when he mutated during puberty.

Connected. Together. One.

These words were constantly repeated in Sals mind. They gave him comfort. Gave him something to live for, to care for: The others. Always in his mind. Forever. To a human this would be repulsive, but Sal wasnt human anylonger. He was something else completly...

The hive (aka: Sal) was currently praying on passerbyers in the streets. Eating them. There were only 3 bugs currently so Sal had an easy time of telling them what to do. During a lull in the hunting a rare memory came into the hives mind:

It was a bright sunny day in the city, it seemed even brighter because it was Sals birthday. Before he transforrmed. He was with his family: His Father, Mother, and little brother. Sal was opening presents in the living room. Rapping paper was flung everywere, by Sals little brother, excited by all the commotion he was to young to understand. The day before Sal had expirenced unexpected stomach aches, rashes and headaces among other things. But all that was forgoten in the excitment: of Sal Carmens 14th birthday. As Sals mother went to go get the cake and his father picked up the paper, Sal went to the bathroom for a moment,because he was suddenly feeling I'll again. He panted heavily as he looked into the mirror, and begain seeing chitin appearing on his skin. He vomited into the sink. He struggled out of the bathroom, calling feebly for his mother. As his mother appeared around the corner worried by her sons voice, Sal's wings has allready grown out of his back. She looked on in horror as her son changed before her eyes. Sal could feel nothing but pain in his body and......the desire to feed......then nothing. Sal could recall nothing more, but blurred (and bloody) images.....

The hive woke out of its slumber as two more humans came out into the street. Hunger became the dominate feeling in them. As the they took off heading for there meal. The 'meal' looked up in time to see them. They ran off away in the direction of a building called: Lola's Cafe.....

[i]"Sir, Finishing this Cake."[/i]

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Abaddon spun. At first he didn't recongnise who it was, just for a second though. It wasnt every day you saw some one with purple spots on them. He ducked into the alley quickly, as a few soldiers sprinted past, shouting.

"Do you ever actually talk?"  Arista asked, she wasnt used to him 'voiceing'

"No Where you headed?" James didnt see her much, she prefered to keep to the underground.

"Looking for a kid."

James sighed. "Could I get a discription? I might be able to find him."

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Flip gulped, and took a deep breath. "Al-alright," he shuddered, "English." He gulped again, recovering his thoughts. "And actions speak louder than words..." He grinned mischeviously. Then Flip noticed a weird thing... Adrian, rather than looking, acting, or even giving off a hint of jealousy, he grinned, almost fatherly . Flip wondered about this, and became curious as to what was going on in the soldier's mind.

Luke: Your overconfidence is your weakness. Palpatine: Your faith in your friends is yours... Luke: Faith in yo mama. Palpatine: What was that?

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

As Zayne and Flip sat down, Zayne started hearing voices again. But, these thoughts were louder than usual, and clearly were not that of Adrian or Skyler.

"Ow, damn that hurts!" Zayne had only realized that everyone in the Cafe was now staring at him, even the waiter.

"Uhh, fork stab."

The rest of the people returned to their business. Flip couldn't help but laugh.

"Fork stab? Ha, you're quick."

"I don't know who it was, but they seemed pretty angry."

"What did his voice sound like?" said Adrian.

"I don't know, kinda menacing and all tyrant-like. I could use a beer right now, it tends to make this stuff easy on me."

The other three stared at him. "Beer?" they all said in unison. Flip spoke out.

"Beer? Man, what are you, 16? You're a minor!"

"So what? It helps me. Just please get me something to drink at least, my head is throbbing with pain now."

"Ugh, alright kid. Oi Lola, I need a cold beer!"