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Topic: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Right, so my last attempt at an RPG has gone kaput. So, I decided to make this. This is a battle between humans and mutants in new York City. Here's a basic story outline:

2020: A new race of humans has emerged to the public: the mutant race. These superior humanoids have been living in the dark for the past four decades. While most of the 'normal' people have become prejudiced, there are those who help. Some mutants are self-hating. It's basically like back in the 1960's with the Civil Rights issue. However, a few mutant uprisings have occurred, and the state militia has taken action against all mutants in New York.

Character Name:
Alliance: (Mutant, Militia, or Human- can be on side of militia or mutants)
Weapons: (if militia or human)
Power(s): (for mutants only, no more than a max of 4 powers)

1. Follow all BFFC rules.
2. No god-moding, or we will eat your brains.
3. Be realistic (AKA you can't get hit and then instantly jump up).
4. If you wish to have more than one character, you may do so. Max of 3 characters per poster.
5. Have fun!

Character: Zayne Carrick
Alliance: Mutant
Age: 16
Powers: Telekinetic energy/telepathic, invisibility, regeneration
Description: Umm, click on the link.
Personality: Living proof that the Force has a 'sense of humor'.

It was 10:30 PM. The militia would be making another trip anytime soon, and Zayne knew he'd probably be caught this time. Bad luck tended to go his way. Tanks, guns, and all sorts of weaponry.

"Crap, they're coming."

Even though he had powers that would easily take out the entire militia, Zayne just felt like he'd be captured.

"Sir, we haven't checked here yet."
"Then get a move on it!"
"Yes, sir!"

The two soldiers advanced their way towards Zayne's hiding spot, which had managed to save his life the past three  'street sweeps'.

"Hey, what is that?"
"Looks like a kid to me. Son, just what the ruddy hell are you doing there?"

Zayne frustrated.

"I don't know, the sweeps got me a bit scared, so I hid."

The two soldiers looked at the kid, who was dirty, and in fact, hiding in a dumpster.

"Damn, kid. Had you come out earlier, you coulda been home now."

"That's just the thing sir."


"My home is what you're after."

"Holy crap! He's one of em! Get him!"

Too late for the soldiers. Not only had Zayne telekenetically pushed them back, but he had gone invisible and was running now.

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Character Name: Skyler Davis
Alliance: Mutant
Age: 26
Weapons: Whatever comes to hand
Power(s): Shapeshifter and telekinetic
Description: In her true form Skyler skin is tinted with a faint purple. Her hair is a darker shade of purple and her eyes are a sparkling sky blue. She often changes her form so her skin looks like a normal human's and her hair is a vibrant red.
Personality: Has a strong distrust of humans but wants to fit in. She feels that her fellow mutants are often kindred spirits and tries to support them whenever possible. She often works as a spy.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

(Ok here we go......)

Name: James Shepard
'Name': Abaddon
Species: Mutant (?)
Age: 23
Weapons: Staff. A katana that i forgot to put in the hero machine thingy
Powers:Flight, Strenght, Has Incredible agility/speed. Slightly Telepathic, can speak to anyone, but cant hear someones thoughts unless he knows them well or they let him in
Discription:  Go to
http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/hero … chine2.asp


Lower the headband so it covers his eyes and you have him ((To get the code just tripple click, copy, go to the Hero Macine click on the 'load' button paste and take out every thing else.))

Personality: Tries to help people when he can, though the people he saved usualy run when they see him. Longs to fit in.

James crouched on the steeple, he was at the very top. The steeple gave a pretty good view of the entire district. A storm began to make its way into the city, within seconds he was soaked. Lightning flashed  around him, lighting the area in quick pulses. He leapt from the steeple, his wings unfolding behind him. Soon he was above an old hous, its roof was practically gone. He landed in the attic and made his way to the basement. he lifted a small metal dish that was hidden under a large crate. he climbed down, closing it behind him. He found himself in a hallway, lit by torches, he began to follow it, reaching behind his head and pulling the blind fold from his face. He wore the blind fold because his eyes tended to disturb people, even mutants. They were blank, greyish orbs with no visible iris or pupil, he was not blind though, even wearing the blind fold he could see. He stepped into a room and placed his blindfold on a small table. He had rather good acomidations considering his situation. He had a table, some chairs, plenty of books, a nice bed, and runing water. He walked over to the bed and got in, lieing on his stomach, as his wings made it very uncomfortable to do otherwise. Within moments he was asleep

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Character: Copyright Infringement. Seriously man, you just like stole my idea of a follow up twenty years after Superhumans.


Ph34r wrote:

((Since you guys keep wondering about whether or not there will be a sequel, I guess I may as well spill it...










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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

(alright then i changed it, so now this takes place in new york.)

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

((Thanks. Sorry if I came off control freak-ish.))

Character: Noah Thaddeus Ross.
Species: Militia
Age: 47
Weapons: prime weapon is one uzi, has a pistol or two hidden in various places on his uniform for easy access and surprise attacks. Also hides a Rambo-esque bowie knife in the heel of one of his boots.

Description: stands 6'2'', peak physical condition, incredibly muscular, especially considering his age. Wears army fatigues that display his highly decorated career as a soldier of the state militia. Is now commanding officer of the organization. Has a bushy mustache and silver hair, and cold blue eyes that look into your soul.

Personality: Has a great disgust for mutants and would like nothing more than to see them rounded up in Concentration Camps. His wife and daughter were killed in a mutant riot, and he intends to make them all pay. Will go to any lengths to put an end to the mutant "menace".

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Zayne entered an abandoned building. Looking around, he realized where he was. Buildings like these were once havens for mutants that didn't want to be found, they also doubled as the ideal place for any drug deal. He once stayed here for two weeks when he was 13, after the sweeps had begun. The building had changed in the last three years, it was mostly destroyed, there was no way to get upstairs unless you could fly or super jump, the roof was pretty much an empty hole, and another hole in the main floor where Zayne stood led to the basement. There it was that Zayne realized there was a man below, snoring. Peering over the edge of the floor, Zayne noticed that he was in a bed. Unfortunately, the floor gave away, and Zayne fell down to the basement.

"Damn floor."

The sleeping man awoke, and jumped at Zayne's throat.

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

((He was in the basement when he opened the 'door' and went into his house thingy, if you mean my character that is))

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

((Okay so does this mean we aren't doing superhumans?  Because I'm really looking forward to it and I have quite a few ideas.))

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

((We're doing the superhumans sequel soon, it's just there's that half-sequel going on at http://swrpg.boomp.com/viewtopic.php?t= … orum=swrpg and I'm gonna let that get a little more underway before I start it. Semper Fi, patience is a virtue.))

Commander Noah T. Ross sat at his desk in his office in City Hall. A file on a newly captured mutant was open on his desk.

Noah looked at the photo of the prisoner. It was a little german boy, surely no older than 9. The file said he somehow sucked the oxygen out of the air and killed his entire preschool class.

"Damn it..." Noah muttered. "It's getting to the children..."

He kept reading, going on to learn the boy was being heavily sedated in one of the prisons made specially for the mutants.

"Commander!" A soldier burst in Noah's office.

"What is it, Newman?" Noah barked, his hand on his gun holster.

"We've got a bit of a problem. It's one of them, sir, a mutant, we caught him during the sweep and he came pretty quietly but--" the soldier was cut off by the sound of a small explosion and a jet of flame illuminated the hallway behind Newman.

"What happened?"

"When he got here, he set himself on fire, melted the cuffs, he's gonna burn down the building!" 

Ross picked up his tranq gun that was laying on the desk next to the file. He didn't like to use the tranqs, good old lead slugs were more efficient, but there was protocol from higher authority to be followed.

"Leave it to me."

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Character Name:aegob
Alliance:mutants and is a mutant
Weapons: long sword and a dagger
Power(s): turns on fire (can shoot it out him) x-ray vision, regeration, can leap buildings
Description:short blond hair, tall, muscular, green eyes,
Personality: wants humans and mutants to live together, will give his life to save innocents, helps people alot,

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

This was bad. James slamed the kid's head against the wall, knocking him out. He would need to leave now, this was bad, he had lived here for three years, he had made the chairs himself, and all the books were his. He didnt have time to take them, he grabbed his sword, staff, and blind fold and ran.

(( I didnt intend for his place of residence to be one that is accessible to anyone.))

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

I'm running i had been shot and barely got away. I would survive and the bleeding had already slowed because of my regeneration but i needed to take shelter. I run out of the alley and see a abandoned factory. There's factories all on this street but there all abandoned. I live in the basement of this one. I walk in and got to the basement. I made a fire pit, a few chairs, and  a table. I had found a old bed. I sit on a chair next to the firepit and start to remove the bullet. When I do i feel a sharp pain. I have bottles of water over in the corner. I take one and pour some water onto  the blood to wash it away. I rip one of the shirts I found and tie it over the wound. I hadn't killed the man who shot me. I don't like killing people. It's a last resort to me. I want humans and mutants to live together and killing people doesn't help.

chuck norris once put his finger in the air and said "bang" and a plane crashed but but boba fett once tapped on something and 3 capital ships crashed.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Character Name: John Drakus
Alliance: Mutant
Age: 25
Power(s): Can control Electricity *ie Force Lightning*; electrocution only heals and makes him stronger; very dangerous in rain/water, even to allies if they are too close;  Very high strength;  Higher then normal intelligence/born leader
Weapons: Caries a pair of black and silver 1911 Colt .45 autos, with extended slides and laser sights strapped to his hips

Description: http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/hero … chine2.asp

copy this code and past in into the HeroMachine’s load window


*if I did this wrong, or for those who can’t see this for other reasons *like me sad * I have long’ish black hair, very strong and lean build, black double-breasted shirt under a black leather trench-coat, a black mask that covers the lower half of his face, and slick black shades to cover his only visable non-human trait-his nearly glowing blue eyes* 

Personality: Very cold and commanding, except to those rare few who can get close; Parents were murdered because of him when he was 9, has hated humans ever since; turned to crime to make his living, but only against humans; seeks to lead a full resistance against human rule   

John stepped out of his black GTO.  It was raining harder now in the abandoned industrial park..  He’d long since gotten used to the ‘fuzzy’ sensation that water gave him.

Kicking in a locked door to one of the larger facilities, he strode in.   

This is a good spot, he thought as he began to inspect the inside of one of the buildings.  It was filthy, but he’s lived in worse.  At least the roof and construction were still in good shape. 

This will be my home now; and home to any that will follow me against the human scum.

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Character Name: Arista Jamieson
Alliance: Mutant
Age: 22
Weapons:  Blades and axes
Power(s):  Secretes poison from the splotches on her skin at will. Has extreme strength and some healing ability.
Description: 2.5b5*f1*Arista*Hair:Feminine,horned,FFF764,FFFFFF,100,100,23,Eyebrows:Expansion1,thinmean,FFF701,A66900,100,100,21,Eyes:Expansion1,cyclops,9482B6,9482B6,100,100,20,Nose:Standard,ring1,940018,FFF764,100,100,27,Mouth:Standard,line2,F79D9C,EF6972,100,100,18,Beard:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,26,Ears:Standard,mule,940018,F79D9C,100,100,19,Skin:,spots,940018,F0689A,100,100,6,Mask:Expansion1,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,22,Headgear:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,29,Undershirt:Bustiers,plainhalf,F79E72,EE694A,100,100,7,Overshirt:Standard,downchevron,FFFFFF,DDDDDD,100,100,8,Coat:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,25,RightGlove:Standard,wrap,EE694A,F8B684,100,100,17,LeftGlove:Standard,wrap,EE694A,F79652,100,100,16,Insignia:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,9,Neckwear:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,24,Belt:Expansion1,doubleWrap,5A3410,BDBDBD,100,100,15,Leggings:Standard,capris,F79E72,EE694A,100,100,10,Overleggings:Briefs,splitmid,FFFFFF,E7E7E7,100,100,11,Pants:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,14,RightFoot:Standard,coolats,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,13,LeftFoot:Standard,coolats,FFFFFF,BDBDBD,100,100,12,Back:Standard,shortcape,FFFFFF,DDDDDD,100,100,3,Wings:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,4,Tail:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,5,Aura:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,2,Companion:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,31,Background:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,1,RightHand:Standard,woodaxe,BDBDBD,8D6531,100,100,30,LeftHand:Blades,plaindagger,9C9C9C,724D21,100,100,28,#
Personality: Deep distrust of humans. Her odd appearance has made her seek shelter in the underground. She has met many other mutants this way and formed strong alliances.

Arista shuffled her way through the storm water drain. She was searching for a mutant child that had gone missing. Chances were he’d gone above ground. Arista was hesitant in going to the surface during the day, as she was too different to the humans above to blend in during the sunlit hours. Instead she’d wait for night and make her way through the more populated areas.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Name: Derek "Dirk" Sanchez
"Real" Name: Blackout
Age: 26
Appearance: 2.5b5*m1*Blackout*Hair:Expansion1,bowlcut,4B4B4B,4B4B4B,100,100,21,Eyebrows:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,19,Eyes:Standard,blank1,FF0000,DDDDDD,100,100,18,Nose:Standard,slash,000000,000000,100,100,25,Mouth:Standard,clenched,202020,202020,100,100,29,Beard:Expansion1,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,24,Ears:Expansion1,fraBlank,B2B2B2,313131,100,100,22,Skin:Expansion1,fraBlank,181818,FFFFFF,100,100,6,Mask:Expansion1,fraBlank,B2B2B2,313131,100,100,20,Headgear:Expansion1,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,27,Undershirt:Expansion1,gloved,101C42,014574,100,100,7,Overshirt:Expansion1,upchevron,101C42,313131,100,100,8,Coat:Expansion1,fraBlank,B2B2B2,313131,100,100,28,RightGlove:Expansion1,taped,8D6531,8D6531,100,100,17,LeftGlove:Expansion1,taped,8D6531,8D6531,100,100,16,Insignia:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,9,Neckwear:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,23,Belt:Standard,x,014574,724D21,100,100,15,Leggings:Expansion1,stockings,014574,005572,100,100,10,Overleggings:Expansion1,shorts,002C53,313131,100,100,11,Pants:Expansion1,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,14,RightFoot:Expansion1,ringboot,101C42,000000,100,100,13,LeftFoot:Expansion1,ringboot,101C42,000000,100,100,12,Back:Expansion1,sabre,B2B2B2,313131,100,100,5,Wings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,3,Tail:Expansion1,fox,181818,202020,100,100,4,Aura:Standard,forcefield,313131,4B4B4B,100,100,2,Companion:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,31,Background:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,1,RightHand:Blades,persian,B2B2B2,313131,100,100,30,LeftHand:Blades,persian,B2B2B2,313131,100,100,26,#

Personality: Due to his unique appearance, he is commonly hated or feared by humans.  Therefore, he tends to lean toward a lone wolf sort of lifestyle.  He also despises his appearance, and the loathing it inspires in humanity.  Therefore, he will usually put himself in very dangerous, combat-heavy situations to punish himself for being as he is.
Powers: He can drain the light out of a small area, and can adhere to any surface.  While these alonemay not be particulary powerful, he is a master bladesman, and uses his prehensile tail to wield a third blade in times of duress.

Blackout stared over the city, the night breeze throwing the hir out of his face.  The city was at war, he knew, and the time had come.  Humans had gotten sick of the mutants, and were rising up against a minority.  He would have to either hide or fight.  Feeling the weight of his triple swords on his back, he knew his answer.  He would fight, or die trying.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

It must've been an hour or two before Zayne woke up. His head was throbbing in the back, probably bleeding. The winged man was gone. The next sweep was just passing by, and Zayne already felt as if he was going to be discovered again. Surprisingly, he wasn't. He got up, out of the basement, and headed out of the building. The rain was still coming down, but it made his head feel better.

While walking down the street, Zayne heard what sounded like gunfire. It was probably another battle between a mutant and militiaman. Turning invisible, Zayne went on ahead to see what was going on. There were two militiamen firing upon three mutants, who were all on the other side of a building. Using his telekinetic powers, the soldiers fell back, and slammed into the wall, instantly being knocked out.

"Damn militia."

The three mutants saw Zayne, gave him an expression of thanks, and left.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Name:  Syphon
Real Name: Adrian
Age: 527  (Appears to bein late 20's/ early 30's)
http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/hero … chine2.asp


You know the drill.

Weapons:  Don't know what to call it so it is a M4A1 SOPMOD.  At his home he has a cache of many other weapons including the Barrett M82A1 .50 cal, some MP5 and some demolition equipment.  Not really a weapo but wears a type IV Ballistics vest.  Which protects from .30 cal and lower.
Powers:  Bishop from X-men.  Hsa the ability to absorb all energy based things that come into contact with his body.  Includes electricity, nuclear, plasma, kinetic (all sorts of concussive force.  Bullets can hurt him but the force he absorbs and turns to energy) etc.  He can release it in a pink energy blast of his own.  The reason he is so old is that he also capable of stealing people's soul energy.  It rejuvinates him and keeps him healthy.  It also is his way of healing.  He does this as little as possible.  Stealing the soul requires direct contact with skin.  He does have a store of energy in his body but if he uses it all he will kill himself.  He does not need to eat as he can change the stored energy to nourishment. 
Abilities:  Served in World War I, II, and just came back from trained as a Seal before he went to Iraq.  So he has advanced military training in hand-to-hand, sniper (and stealth comes with it), demoltions, and close quarters combat.
Brief History  (Last 5 years):  Instead of being received a hero, he was received as a mutant as one soldier observed him using his powers while fighting.  Looks to find a compromise between humans and mutants.

As Adrian walked the streets he peered at the mutant list scrolling through the news channels.  After about 5 minutes he saw his face.  Adrian sighed and continued on.  Back in World War II he was respected because he saved lives with his abilites.  Now everyone views him as a monster.  What made things change?

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

I decide to go asleep. I get into my bed and fall asleep.

In the morning 5:00am
I decide to go out and try to find something to eat. I get out of bed and get a coat on that will conceal my face. I go onto the first floor and use my x-ray vision to see who's on the face. I go onto the street. It's dark and no one will know i'm a mutant. I move down the street. I know a guy who sometimes helps mutant by feeding them and I decide to go there to get some breakfast.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

James landed on the roof. There were men below him. Soldiers. They were armed with guns, and melee weapons, as most of the mutants were skilled in close combat. The weapons were stun batons, they wanted their targets alive. One looked up. "Mutant!" He yelled, pointing. The others took aim. James dived forward, he could out distance and loose them easily. A sharp pain exploded in his side as one of the soldiers fired. He fel to the ground, the soldiers drawing their stun batons and activating them quickly. Jamed looked up at them with blindfolded eyes, reaching for the staff on his back. They were close enough. He pulled it put qickly and hit the first in the face with it, the blow knocked him out. The second was doubled over by a smack to the gut, and taken down when the staff hit the back of his head with a loud crack. The third put up his M16, blocking a blow. James spun in and disarmed the soldier, who jumped back and drew a sword. James swore inwardly and quickly replaced his staff and drew the katana that was in a reversed sheath (upside down) on his back. He slashed quickly, the soldier blocking expertly.  The man slashed, he was fast, but James was much faster. James dodged and grabbed the man's arm. James pulled him forward and placed the katana against the mans throat and ran it across quickly, severing the soldiers jugular. He stepped back, the adrenaline was wearing off, and he could feel the pain much more now. He needed to find somewhere to rest.

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Running as fast as he could, Zayne fled towards the battle. Peeking from behind a corner, he saw a winged man fighting several soldiers, then running off. Following invisibly, Zayne saw the man take off into the skies. In his disappointment, he let off his invisibility.

"Damn it! I wanted to question him.."

There were a few soldiers from the battle, and they instantly pointed their weapons at Zayne.

"Turn around kid! And put your hands behind your head!"

Turning around, Zayne had a smile on his face as the soldiers closed in. One of them was from the previous night, at his dumpster incident.

"What's so funny, punk?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing really," Zayne continued to hold a smirk on his face.

The soldier did a double-take, but Zayne had seemingly vanished.

"Christ, it's that one I was telling you about, Frank! The invisible one!"

"It's a bit too late for that Jerry, he's probably in the next universe, the lot of freaks."

Zayne still had a smirk on his face.

"Actually, Frank and Jerry, I'm right here!" and Zayne seemed to appear from nowhere and thrusting out his hands, Frank, Jerry and the other soldiers were sent into a bank, breaking all the glass of the doors and nearby windows. Running into the building across the street, but slowly closing the door, Zayne watched, without his invisibility, through the window as the soldiers got up and went off elsewhere.

Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Noah stormed into the lobby of New York city hall. A man, average height, appearing to be in his mid-20's, hovered in the air, his body covered in crimson flame. The charred remains of his clothes and a melted pair of handcuffs were on the floor below him.

"Die, human scum! Make way for your genetic superiors!" The mutant barked, tossing sparks of flame all around the room, trying to hit as many humans as possible.

Noah took cover from a curtain of flame by crouching behind an overturned desk,  rising up just enough to get a shot in at the mutant. He pulled the trigger of his service revolver, and was annoyed to watch the mutant burn the bullet in mid-air.

"Is that all you got, you silver-haired sapien! It's a wonder you racist $%#&'s lasted this long without nuking yourselves! It's a wonder how we haven't exterminated you ALL yet! But we will, we sure as hell will! We're mother nature's way of weeding out you runts from the genetic litter. I't evolution, baby!'

Noah ducked and rolled around the room, dodging the unclad mutant's fireballs all throughout the rant. He picked up a splintered piece of wood from a destroyed chair, and barrel rooled around the room some more to get the mutant's attention and get him to have his fiery back facing the water cooler.

When the mutant was aligned, Noah hurled the wood at the mutant's head, following the chair-leg with 3 squeezes of the trigger aimed at the mutant's abdomen. The enemy stopped the wood mid-air, but could not stop the unexpected bullets. He increased the heat surrounding his body, preventing a fatal wound, but the force and inertia from the bullets still caused him great pain and his flames temporariyl died.

Noah knew he didn't have much time, so he picked up another chair piece, sprinted over to the mutant, and clocked him on the head before the flames reignited. Again and again Noah struck, before grabbing the mutant's arm and tossing him into the water cooler, shattering it and covering the mutant in water.

"Y...you..son of--" The mutant began, but not before Noah grabbed his throat, thrust him against a wall, placed the service revolver in the mutant's mouth, and fired once.

Noah dropped the body, looking at the surviving soldiers standing around, since any non-military personell was either evacuated or dead.

"We all saw that, right?" Noah barked. "We all saw me attempt to aprehend this mutant, who upon realizing defeat, stole my service revolver and shot himself. We all saw that, right?!?" He snarled, his statement more a command than a question.

"Yes sir." All the soldiers said in unison, unquestioning.

"Good. Now let's clean this mess up. Gonna be a hell of a lot paper work to fill out on this one."

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

((Ok if it's 2020 does Earth have energy-based weapons?))

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

Character: Shawn Arain "Flip"
Alliance: Mutant
Age: 21
Power(s): Has super enhanced agility. This entails rapid reflexes, extreme coordination, lean muscle build, incredible speed, and a masterful control of his body. He is an accomplished acrobat, thus his nickname, "Flip." He also has pinpoint accuracy with any type of projectile, be it dart, bullet, or baseball. Is also creepily stealthy.
Description: (And a sudden HeroMachine craze swept across the boards at BFFC)

http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/hero … chine2.asp


Without Mask:


He only wears his mask and gun on his thigh when he is in danger or expecting confrontation, otherwise, he poses as human with his equipment in his jacket pockets, which he zips up.

Personality: Seems totally oblivious to the gravity of situations, as he will make jokes or ignore negativity in any circumstance (Think Al from Sahara). Is sometimes narrow-minded.

Flip was "flipping" across the society in his daily limber-up routine, when he saw a kid pop out of nowhere, and through some invisible force, push a group of soldiers through the windows of a bank, then retreat into a building. Well, you don't see that every day... he thought. Then again, not seeing seomthing every day had a totally different meaning than it did about 15 years ago. Random and incredible occurrences did happen every day, but they were so varied and sometimes disturbingly different, that you really don't see the same thing every day. Flip, now silently slipping through a window a floor above the kid with skills, he made his way down, creeping up on him, covering his mouth to avoid attention, then introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Shawn, but you can call me Flip. Nice job on those soldiers by the way."

"Mmmfhmmfmmhmmm. Fannnnks. UMmmmm."

"Oh, sorry." said Flip, realizing he had his hand still on the kid's mouth.

"Thanks, I'm Zayne. Ummm, not to be rude, but you are a mutant, right? You can't be too careful."

In a flash, Flip had grabbed Zayne's shoulders, flipped himself over him, landed behind Zayne on both feet, than relocated in front Zayne, all within the span of about a second and a half.

"Okaaay, I believe you. Nice to meet you Flip."

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Re: Mutant Hunt - RPG

(no sev, we're unfortunately still lacking that technology. we stick with good ol' fashioned bullets. this is still like another four years before the first proposed moonbase is gonna really be in the works.)

(and since we only have one current member of the militia, i'll make a second profile to help Ph34r in the onslaughter.)

Character: Alek "Squint" Squinquargesimus
Alliance: Militia
Age: 28
Weapons: Pocket knife, sawed-off shotgun, standard assault rifle (with extra 20 clips)
Description: is the dude like right under Ph34r's character. always calls Ph34r's character (sorry i forgot name lol) 'Chief'.
Personality: total badass dude.

"Squint, report to city hall."

"Right-o, chief."

Squint jumped onto his bike, and pulled out his shotgun as he drove down the road. City Hall, let's see... a right at 23rd and 5th... left onto 34th... ahh, City Hall.

There was a storm of mutants all over the front of City Hall. Shotgun in the left, rifle in the right, and the bullets flew.