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First of all Bats wishes everyone A Merry Xmas  and a Happy New Year
my Xmas this year will be very quiet this year so I'll be going down to this
lovely place called Little Bay,,and just PIG -OUT,,it's a lovely cool area
So it will sort of be a Noah's Arch Xmas as Kangaroos,etc are there

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(Dang, you kinda beat me, was going to do a...nvm)

Its nice here, Im going to have a good time i think.

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Re: Your Xmas Plans

Kickin back with my family and watch my 20 month old son stack his new bike, put my new bindings on my snowboard and then chill out with a bottle of Glenfiddich Special Reserve. All with a view of Mt. Fuji from my living room! Life Sucks Man!!!!

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Most of mine will involve traveling. Firstly an hour north to see Dad's side of the family for lunch. Then three hours drive south to see Mum's side of the family. Then we're going another three hours drive on Boxing Day to see Brendan's side of the family. Ah joy.

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I am going to the Seattle area to visit my cousins and aunt. So mine will involve traveling too, across the US continent.  It will be a simple holiday just visiting family I haven't seen in years or in some cases never met!

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Went to Barstow to ride the dirtbikes!! t was sooooo cold that day. About 35 degrees or so.

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Next time please spell out Christ