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Okay I will be joining about 2 days

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Events were moving quickly.  The Mandalorian heavy fleet was slicing into the Peacekeeper flank in an effort of split the PK fleet and link up with the Rebel forces.  The element of surprise and faded, and massive waves of laser-cannon fire was blasting the lead elements of the Mando assault.  The goal was being accomplished, however, and the reduced pressure on the Rebel fleet was now allowing them to finally fight back the defenders. 

Ralin and the other quick strike squadron’s mission was now clear.  They had to link up with Starjammer’s flight and take the fight to the planet’s surface. 

“I’ve got him” crackled Fett’s voice through Ralin’s headset.  “He’s ahead of us, far side of those two PK cruisers.”  Boba’s ability to track a target in even the most hectic scenario again amazed Drakus.  He made a mental note to ask the famed hunter about where to find similar detection and tracking devices.

Ralin keyed his transmitter as he avoided a pair of TIEs.  “Defender squadron, this is Talon leader of Crusader flight.  We are approaching your sector.  We are ready to initiate phase three.  Over.”

“Copy that; initiating phase three.  Defender out.”

Angling his fighter toward the planet below, Ralin calculated a rough intercept course with They'da’s projected course just above Korriban’s atmosphere.  Skimming the surface of a Star Destroyer, Ralin had to wonder if things would be even more daunting on the planet below…

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((OOC: Whoooo! Always wanted to start this up again. I'll have a post up in a jiffy.

Should I focus on the space battle or move on to the ground to follow Ralin?))

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You can post some space battle and make your way groundside, ner vod.

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((Good to see you again Mandal! 

Just to echo V_M, there's lots of room for more action in the space battle; I just sped through it because I didn't have any Imperials to post back and forth with.  You, anybody else who wants to pick up where we left off, and of course any newcomers could keep the space fight alive and/or leave it to catch up with me and V_M while we look for Skywalker.  All options are currently open.

So stoked to have this beast breathing a little again   big_smile   Here's another post to maintain that pulse))

An entire flight of TIEs rocketed past Ralin, tearing through his squadron.  Despite his maneuvering, several direct hits pummeled his forward shields, and two of his squadron mates went down; one able to punch out, the other incinerated instantly.  The Mando’s last scream over the com killed what satisfaction Ralin had felt for the three PK fighters he had been able to keep from passing. 

“Stay tight Talon!  We’re almost through!”  Pushing their craft to the edges of their capacity, Talon Squadron pushed further ahead, hoping speed would allow them to outrun the defenders and minimize their contact.  As each defending squadron attempted to engage them head on, they reduced their chances of hitting the invading Mandalorians in a the nose-on attack, and the Mando’s refusal to turn and fight meant that the defenders would not be able to turn and ever catch them again.

Despite all the defensive squadrons hugging the planet’s outer atmosphere, Drakus and his Talon Squadron pushed forward.

“Talon, you’re too far ahead” called Fett.

“We’re committed lead” Ralin replied.  “If we slow down now all the fighters we’ve cut through will catch up to us, and you’re too far behind to help.  Link up with Defender, we’ll lay the groundwork.”

Static was the only reply.  Checking his scanners Ralin noticed that their communications were getting disrupted in the planet’s atmosphere.  Only short range coms’ were still clear.  Someone has to gauge and distract whatever ground based anti-air defenses are down there anyway.  Pressing his assault forward, Ralin streaked ahead trying to track any possible threats and facilities. 

The bottom dropped from Ralin’s stomach as his defensive sensors all at once erupted in a series of alarms and flashing red lights.  An entire battery of missiles were incoming on his flight.  . 

“We got a problem here boss…” came Solus as he realized the same thing his flight leader did.   

“Evasive maneuvers!  Everyone..”

Ralin couldn’t quite finish his order before a Firespray patrol vessel streaked down, its hull still trailing a grey vapor from penetrating the superheated outer atmosphere.  It barrel rolled directly into the path of the incoming missiles.  Unable to believe his own eyes, as the Firespray neared the cloud of incoming projectiles, they inexplicably waivered and veered away.  Some lost their thrust and fell harmlessly to the surface, others turned and crashed into each other, while some appeared to be spontaneously exploded with no reason.

“I’m away you haven’t had one in a very long time, but you should really make an effort to obey your Mandalore” chided They'da. 

“True enough” Ralin said through a sigh of relief.  “Thank you; I owe you one.”

“At least one.  Now lets finish this.”

“Copy that.  You lead, we follow.”

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Still a bit exhausted from the exertion of telekinetic use against the volley of projectiles that threatened the reckless Drakus, I drew on the Force for strength and allowed some of my frustration at the cocky mandalorian who I'd once employed to subside. By now, the last of the kamikazee TIE fighters had been mopped up by Defender squadron, as they were preparing to open a corridor for our little surprise waiting on the edge of the battle.

"Thissss one feelsss the Saraai-kaar ssshould've told usss he had a thing for Mandossss," hisses 'Nasthah' as her V-19 flies into formation behind her wingmate.

That gets a laugh from a few of the other Jensaraai.

"Funny, when you dregs are done hazing your fearless leader, would you do me the honor of...I dunno...your jobs, maybe?" That gets a few more laughs, as the Soul's IFF confirm the squadron breaking away from our position to clear a path for our little surprise.


I can't help smile at what is about to happen. "Tell 'Hawkbat' that we're green to go. Drop cloak and fire at will."

"YESSIR!" Glitch salutes, as he sends the code to the waiting vessel.

"Captain Fuller, we have an unknown anomaly in our sensor range," said the ship's worried sensor officer. "No Wait! It's a ship! Looks like an old Recusant-class support destroyer. It's cloaked!"

"What?! A ship of that size? That's impossible!" Captain Fuller yelled angrily, suddenly ashamed by his lack of control before the ship's crew.

"Sir! Our starfighters are reporting the sudden release of an additional 200 Scarab-Class Droid Starfighters from the cloaked vessel! Your orders, Sir?"

Captain Orius Fuller was, for the first time in his long career, unsure. Why would the rebels be using oudated Clone War tech? Where did they get a cursed cloak? Are there more cloaked ships out there?
What the frack's going on?

"Sir! The Recusant has a firing solution on us! It looks like they're clearing an opening through our blockade! Fleet is requesting orders!"

Captain Fuller took a long, deep breath. "Hold the line, Lieutenant."

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**OMG I can't even remember my character's name - has it been so long? tongue **

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** Tealani; had to go back a year and two pages to find it   tongue  **

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((OOC: Its great to see you guys again  big_smile

Now...into the fire.))

     Casualty and damage reports were getting out of hand. So far 82% of the Storm Commando/Dark Trooper detachments had been neutralized, 12% had gone MIA, and 5% were pinned down somewhere another in the enemy ships. Only 1% of the detachment had actually completed their objective.

     Against all odds, that last fragmented sqaud, Delta sqaud, had managed to seize the Rebel flag-ship. A monolithic Mon-Calamari star-ship. 

     Delta sqaud blasted the bridge doors open, and gunned down any resistance a bridge crew could throw at a Dark Trooper and Storm Commandos. They quickly plugged into the enemy computer-mainframe rigging a signal to Auxilium's Virtual Intelligence. Not a micro-second was wasted hacking every communications frequencies giving false information of all kinds; relaying inaccurate fleet positions, bogus ship estimated numbers and strength as well as poor attack vectors. The signals were bounced off random ships, giving no indication of where the breach in security had originated.  Ship captains soon began ignoring orders and broke of from fleet formations, fighter squadrons went rogue and complete chaos ensued. The entire Rebel battle-network was in pitiful shambles.

The Imperial fleet could catch a moments breath. But the Mandalorians would squeeze it out again with a fist of beskar.

((OOC: let me know if any revisions need to be made. Its been awhile, might have stepped on someones toes.))

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*No, I havn't forgotten about this RP.  Sorry that everything slowed down again as soon as you got back Mandal, but I was hoping for another post from V_M as I'm unfamiliar with what it is we're heading into, and to give any newcomers a chance to add to the madness. 

V_M, if you're too busy to slip a post it, PM me if you can giving me an idea of what kind of opposition we're looking at, what we're heading for, and what you want me to find, and I'll add another post ASAP*

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OOC: Can we send PMs?
Either way...for everyone's benefit...

Korriban is THE Stronghold. Expect massive amounts of trouble, and post accordingly. I've been pretty busy with my current projects, so I'm sorry I can't be all in on this. I have been and will continue to be checking in periodically. Enjoy!

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Name-Vidaren Suul
Age-34 (Frozen in a cryostasis since 3,971 BBY. Acouple years After Kotor 2.)
Species-Human Gender-Male
Height-6'4 Weight-216 lbs.
Appearance-Durasteel armor (similar to that of a medievil suit of armor), heavy plate mail suit, and chainmail faulds. Phrik left shoulder pauldron. Along with a mandalorian helmet. Facial feautures unkown.
Bio-Was once a highly renowned mercenary for hire. Until he was trapped and captured in cryostasis. Before he was put into cryostasis he released a lethal toxin into the ship's atomosphere and activated a beacon. While the beacon failed to work and helped therefore did not come, the toxin killed the entire crew. There floating in space in cryosleep hee waited. He has just been reawakened b y a small band of pirates investigating the area. Upon his revival he slaughtered them all and commandeered the ship they used to board his "tomb".

((sorry I kind of really liked the idea of cryostasis and decided I'd grab that up. Thanks and sorry again.))

Weapons-Lightsaber Pike. westar-34 blaster pistol.
Mode of Transport-YT-1300 Freighter ((Subject to change...very soon))

Vidaren jumped into action, manning the pilot console and immediately punching in the coordinates to take him to Coruscant. The ship started with a slow jump as it entered hyperspace.

With that done Vidaren decided that he would search the ship for a clue as to what time it was. He quickly found a wall faceted chtrono. Something was wrong. It couldn't have been right. Was he really in cryostasis for almost 4,000 years. He cleared his head no matter. He'd get back to Coruscant, and straighten this out.

Once more he set about the ship, only this time looking for anything of value. He had a pile going when the ship lurched out of hyperspace. Vidaren ran to the consoles. Looking out from the cockpit the scene was almost too harsh to believe."What in all deepspace happened?"

Vidaren's train of thought was cut off as he was being hailed. "This is Grand Admiral Thrawn, of the Peacekeeper fleet. Surrender immediately. You are under arrest for the murder of the crew of the "Delena" and several Peacekeeper officers." Vidaren attempted an evasive maneuver to turn him around, but nothing happened. "Whats going on damn it?" Vidaren shouted. Several moments later fusion cutters were tearing apart the access ramp. "Cathunk!" As a large portion of what was the access ramp fell to the ground.

Reacting immediately Vidaren picked up his saber and ignited it. As Peackeeper soldiers filed into the ship they were cut down almost immediately. Vidaren waited in utter silence. A lone figure setpped inside. His face hidden by his black robe. From under the veil a voice spoke "I regret to inform you that I must destroy you." The figure's arm rose so quickly Vidaren barely saw it. Without explanation nor warning, vidaren was lifted up, and soon found himself propelled into the ground. As quickly as he had hit the ground, he flew into the wall and slumped to the floor. Blood dripped down his face from a concussion, and light faded in and out as his consciousness slipped. Finally darkness welcomed him completely, warm and comforting.

   When he came to he felt cold and his head throbbed. He was kneeling before a blue man, no a chiss. The man spoke, but the words were garbled and undeterminable. Vidaren felt as though he would puke. The man bent over to look at Vidaren and said something, once again however the words held no grip of meaning. The man kicked Vidaren in the gut, causing him to spit up blood. A sharp ringing filled his air, and the presence of his heartbeat became clear. "I'll asl you again. Where did you get this?" The chiss was holding Vidaren's lightsaber. "You are clearly not a jedi or any force user for that matter. How did you attain this?" The words fell out of his mouth in stutters. " Old.... friend."
   The interrogation continued for hours it seemed. With the chiss wanting more and more information about Vidaren and his background. The man revealed himself to be Grand Admiral Thrawn, and that he wanted Vidaren to help him in an upcoming battle. He freed Vidaren under the circumstances that Vidaren would be his champion, his tool to remove Skywalker from his throne and restroe the Empire to its former glory. Thrawn outfitted Vidaren with top of the line equipment and a brand new starship. A B-Wing class starfighter. Wich Vidaren named "Squier".
   For  months Vidaren hunted down force users for Thrawn. Finally the day came when his skills would come into use. A battle above Korriban.
((Take place as of current time

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Sorry dude. Thrawn was never a part of The Peacekeeper forces. He's an independent faction-sort of the remnant of the Imperial forces (pre- Overlord Skywalker.) He's actually allied with the Rebel Alliance Remnant.
Edit as needed. Im not sure anyone's even on this anymore...

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