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((ATTENTION: Very important plot information ahead, must read.))

The Mandos rushed the PK's and destroyed the small force like chronowork. Solus, on a perch next to Tanis, had sniped several with his slug firing rifle. It was a more gruesome sight then Tanis expected.

The Jedi watched from their spot on the edge of the clearing as the PK squad was eliminated. The Chrysalide was now charging at Tealani and Resh, too enraged to care about or feel the wound in its arm. Tanis could see Solus level his slug rifle at the Chrysalide to take it out, Tealani and Resh's blasters wouldnt be too effective against it's hide so they didnt bother.

"Wait!" Tanis yelled. Solus made no motion, either he didnt hear or ignored him.


Tanis landed from his Force jump over Solus's rifle. Solus couldn't see with Tanis's robes draped over his scope. He looked up at Tanis is disbelief.

"...wait the hell are you doing?" Solus asked. Tanis could only imagine the look of skepticism on his face behind the helmet.

"The creature is innocent, it doesn't need to be killed. We've killed enough as it is." Tanis asked. His belief in the Living Force gave him an obligation to care for all creatures: sickly, dangerous, pathetic or great. They would only be killed it extremely necessary.

"So what do you suggest? I let it kill my comrades?" Solus asked

"...Shiv." Tanis said, looking to Shiv. The wookie understood. Being a wookie, Shiv had a general affinity to animals and it was hightened by the fact that he was a Jedi.

Shiv sat cross legged once again as the Chrysalide neared Tealani and Resh, who were still waiting for Solus to kill it. Tanis noticed Solus mutter for them to hold via his comm. Shiv focused himself and connected with the Chrysalide as he had when they made it angry. This time however, he calmed it down. Projecting compassion and ease, the Chrysalide was quickly subdued and the group saw it stop growling and running to sit down and pant after the attack. It began to nurse the wound on its arm now.

"Well done Shiv, well done." Tanis said as the group began walking up to the two Mandos already in the clearing. His wookie apprentice roared softly in acceptance.

In a moment the group was reunited near the Chrysalide, who was licking its arm casually.

"And what are we supposed to do with it now???" Resh asked jerking his thumb as the creature behind him.

"Can I keep it?" Tealani asked joking, her felinx meowed in disapproval.

"Just let it be. It can live in the jungles of Mandalore peacefully without being owned." Tanis said.

"Unless it comes round my back door. Wouldn't be such a peaceful-" Solus was cut off

"Very well, were behind on time as it is. We should reach Commander Ralin as soon as possible. Shiv, Aliyah and I need to get to Coruscant as soon as possible." Tanis said

With that, the weary group set off to finish passing through PK lines and reach the Mando side.


After some time the group reached a nearly dried out river that had been affected by Boba Fett's carpet bombing. The ground was littered with black armored bodies everywhere. Amidst them were Mando bodies as well. The main Mandolorian group was tending to their dead and wounded when the team of three Jedi and three Mandos arrived.

As Resh went off to see some of his comrades, Tealani and Solus led the Jedi to Commander Ralin, who was barking at someone over a long range comm receiver. Tanis, Shiv, Aliyah and Tealani approched him.

"Commander Ralin. (Tealani salutes quickly) How go things?" she asked.

"Not as good as I'd hoped... But battles never go that way. After that Vader class ship was destroyed in orbit the Imperials are retreating." Ralin said, ignoring the three Jedi.

"I thought that was good." Tealani said, taking some ration food from a table and giving it to Mez on her shoulder.

"Not for me. I'd want to kill them all right here and now. But because they're retreating, intel. is saying that they might start an orbital bombardment. But I guess we hit them hard enough that they're high-tailing it out of here." Ralin said, looking at some charts on the table.

"Commander Ralin, I am Jedi Master Tanis Ardion. This is my apprentice Jedi Knight Shiv and Aliyah tells me you two have met already. I've ended up here on Mandalore through an interesting turn of events, and I was able to assist your forces on several conflicts. However we now need to get to Coruscant as soon as possible via Aliyah's ship. Also, I've just learned that the Imperials are retreating because they've learned that the recently redeemed Luke Skywalker is being held on the planet Korriban by newly appointed Overlord Tho'un. They are massing their forces there because although at first it was a secret, word has gotten out of the redeemed Luke Skywalker's prison and the Rebels are no doubt launching an attack to retrieve the Hero of the Battle of Yavin. The Battle of Korriban is no doubt going to be a massive conflict and me and Shiv need to get our ships to help Princess Leia in the fight and see if we can get Luke out of there." Tanis said. He realized he just dropped alot of information, especially for Shiv and Aliyah who were unaware of Luke's dilemma. Most of it was what Obi-Wan and Yoda had recently informed him of.

"...Why are there more Jedi here???" Ralin said to Tealani while pointing at the three Jedi.

"Ahhh...ummm....Well, Tanis and Shiv stowed away on that Vader-class and jettisoned in an escape pod and landed near us a while back. They've been with us ever since and have fought well with us. We probably wouldn't have been able to get passed PK lines without them." Tealani said

"Whoaa lets not go that far Tealani." Solus muttered

"...I don't trust you Jedi. But I'll listen to you for the moment because you basically just dropped a bomb of information on me. You say the PK forces are going to Korriban?" Ralin addressed Tanis.

"Yes, they're going to defend the new Overlord Tho'un and the imprisonated Luke Skywalker." Tanis told him once more.

"What exactly happened to Skywalker?"

"He has ended his disillusioned ways. He was not himself as Overlord and is just now returning to his normal state."

"See? Thats the problem with you Jedi. One of you misplaces your comm. and the whole galaxy has to suffer your hissy fit. Do you expect everyone to say 'Hey regular good old Luke is back lets give him a hug!'. No. His actions have kept the whole galaxy nearly enslaved. He was no better than Palpatine." Ralin told Tanis.

Tanis could not address the concern for forgiveness, he does not know exactly why Luke has been acting this way, only that he wasnt himself and now he has been able to clear the Dark Side from himself.

"He was not himself, and as such does not require forgiveness. You should see it as though it was not him being Overlord Skywalker, but a confused, dark man who was not Luke Skywalker." Tanis pleaded

"Heh! Don't waste your words here Jedi. I dont even know how there are any of you still around. I coulda sworn the clones wiped you all out...Look, just get in your ship and go before I finish what they started. Solus, go ahead and give them clearance. Relay the clearance codes to HQ, that Jedi's ship is in Keldabe. You two should go with them so they dont get shot along the way." With that Ralin turned and walked away to address other concerns.

<Whats got his armor chafing him?> Shiv asked mockingly

"Not everyone will be privy to a Jedi pressence, Shiv. You may be seeing this later on." Tanis said sighing. The Mandalorians would never truly trust Jedi again.

"So we're using my ship?" Aliyah asked as Solus grabbed the reciever Ralin was recently using and called in the celearance codes for Aliyah's ship.

"I apologize for not asking. I had assumed you would be going with us after you told me you would fight for what I fight." Tanis said with a smile.

"Oh...yes of course. I was just saying. Ok off we go." Aliyah said and the group headed toward Keldabe which was less than a quarter mile away, looming in the distance.

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Mandalore System, Bridge of the Cleansing Fire

So much waiting, and finally it happened. Less then an hour ago Captain Kovam had been relived of service, and his life by a very young looking man, wearing robes that made him look like one of those jedi people. But that couldnt be it. Jedi didnt strangle people for a very vague reason. Once again the blue light flicked on, and an image formed. This time it was not the human, it was the new overlord. Lieutenant Srath bowed quickly, not wishing to have the same fate as the former captain, but from what he had heard about this one it would probably be worse...Much much worse. "Overlord, I am at your command" The hologram regarded him, and Tho'un, despite being rendered less then a foot tall by a flickering blue light, somehow retained an air of intimidation. "All is ready?"

"Yes, my lord"

"Engage the operation, order three of your best pilots to divert their course to attack any remaining hostile forces in the area of the Keldabe battle field "

"Yes lo-" he began, but the hologram flicked out of existence before he finished


"Roger, Cleansing Fire this is Sierra-Foxtrot 1, all pilots prepared for bombing run, permission to commence requested"

"Permission granted, For the empire"


On approach to Mandalore ten bombers were either destroyed by collisions with debris or shot down by mandalorians still engaged in orbital combat against the remaining imperial forces

One bomber's heat shield failed and burned up on entry

Four bombers were shot down by anti air countermeasures

Seven of the remaining ten bombers began the firebombing of the jungle in the area around Keldabe and were successful in the starting of seven separate wild fires

The remaining three began bombing runs on the manalroian forces near Keldabe and the city itself.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Shiv and the other two Jedi walked off towards the city.  Without warning the hackles on the back of Shiv's neck stood up.  Apparently Tanis and Aliyah sensed it as well.  A moment later bombers were screaming overhead releasing their cargo upon the area.  Wildlife howled and mandos scurried for cover as the bombs found their marks.  The Jedi began sprinting in the direction of the city.  To their horror they found three bombers strafing the city overhead.

"My ship is somewhere in there!  Quick we must get to the hanger!"  Aliyah took off at a Force enhanced run and Shiv and Tanis followed.  She weaved her way through the city as sounds off explosions drew nearer.  Finally they reached her hanger.  And it was still intact.

Aliyah let out a sigh of relief, "Thank the force."  As soon as the words were out of her mouth a bomber flew over their head.  The bomb fell from the cargo bay right for their hanger.  Time seemed to slow as Aliyah reached out with the Force and stopped the bomb in midair.  Feeling her cries of help through the Force Shiv and Tanis assisted her and Tanis took control.  The bomber flew around to inspect why the bomb had not detonated and Tanis masterfully flung the cargo back at it's owner.  The bomber exploded in a brilliant display of debris.  Without a word the Jedi boarded onto Aliyah's ship.

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((I'm back.  Let me know if I mis-interpreted what is going on; I'm a little hazy still))

Despite his misgivings about the Jetiise, Ma'ryk had to be impressed by their latest performance.  Throwing a bomb back at it bomber, without even touching it; now that was something.  He didn't care much about their philosophies, but that power, that was tangible, something to either fear or respect.  And in these days of war, power like that was welcome, if it fought for his side.

He had spent much of the battle alongside Ralin, now commander of the Mandalorian forces.  Ma'ryk was never one for the spotlight, and he had managed to stay relatively unnoticed off the battlefield.  On it, he was not so lucky.  His sniper had been destroyed in an earlier skirmish, and he had lost his blaster rifle.  As a vibrosword isn't much of a long-range combat weapo, he had to scrounge around on the battlefield for a replacement.  Fortune smiled upon him, and he had been able to find a fully operational Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette launcher, which allowed him to actually fight back for a time, albeit not being suited for long range.  A further search after the fight had yielded a modernized and upgraded Mandalorian Ripper pistol.  Since its former wielder was not getting any use out of it, Ma'ryk took it.  His final issue; the long range weapon deficiency, was solved with teh discovery of a Verpine shatter-gun sniper, which he took up when he saw it.  With his vibrosword at his back, alongside the shatter-gun, and his new pistol in his hip holster, ((the Flechette became his primary)) he was ready to take up the fight again, and had been doing so for a while now.

The Jedi were taking off, it seemed, leaving Mandalore to fight its own battles, the way it had been doing for millenia.  A nearby explosion shook him out of his reverie, and he took cover quickly.  The battle for Mandalore wasn't over yet.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Aliyah was relieved they managed to reach the inside of her ship. She was exhausted, but refused to let it show. She was better than that, she was Jedi and should be better than all this, then tiring just when she needed to keep going.

Tanis reached the cockpit with her, and went for the controls.

"I'll take care of it thank you very much Master Jedi. This is MY ship after all. I can fly us out of here just fine." She commanded as she pushed Tanis out of the way to finish the take off sequence. She was entirely too proud to let him take the helm of her precious ship. She'd spent too much time finessing the mechanics and dynamics of the ship to let some inexperienced being run rampant with her.

" I'll fly us out of here, but you stay on alert with those forward guns. Try to take out what you can." She told Tanis,  with the wookiee, Shiv, looming over her in the cabin door way. Those guns were something a little extra she'd "upgraded" on her J42 nubian.  "Shame it was never named properly", Aliyah thought as she pulled on the throttle hard and accelerated up steeply and in a hurry. She was attached to that thing like none other.

There was debris everywhere. Hunks of cold, twisted chunks that once were fighting vessels stayed in orbit. She could see the retreating  fleet  not all that far off to her right. They were too late to help the bombers. None flew in space above Mandalore.

Aliyah swore under her breath. "It seems like all the bombers have made it inside of Mandalore's atmosphere. See if you can raise Commander Ralin, Tanis. He should be warned about them, if he doesn't know already"

He tried to, and adjusted to all sorts of comm frequencies. As Tanis was reaching, Aliyah worked on the Navacomputer.

" I can't reach him Tanis said. Nothing. Are we done and ready to get to Coruscant? We need to get out."

"Hold on we're going for it." and she pulled back and the starts elongated. They successfully made their jump into hyperspace.

Aliyah finally collapsed in her chair, and pulled one leg under herself.

"You should meditate, young one" Tanis said. "The battle has not been easy. And it will help you regain your strength."

"Mhmm." she agreed with him. "But first tell me one thing. Why are we going to Coruscant if Skywalker is being held on Korriban? Aren't we to be RESCUING him?"

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Debris rained from the sky as the Mandos took out the attacking ships. Tealani took cover and quickly grabbed Mez from her shoulder to protect her.

Somehow the Jedi managed to get to their ship. Tealani could only assume that the Force had somehow allowed them get to the ship, not that she really believed in that sort of thing. But there was an unmistakable aura about the Jedi and that was something Tealani could not deny.

Tealani took cover behind one of the larger chunks of metal debris and began firing as the flaming survivors tried to take out as many Mandalorians before they met their maker.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

(minor interactive post ahead)

"But first tell me one thing. Why are we going to Coruscant if Skywalker is being held on Korriban? Aren't we to be RESCUING him?" Aliyah asked Tanis, spinning around in her chair to face him.

Tanis had rasied an eyebrow when Aliyah had bossed him so sternly out of the pilots chair. Her ship or no, he was the senior Jedi of the three and should be respected as such. In fact...he may be the senior Jedi of the galaxy. This gave him a chill and he turned to answer Aliyah.

"We are going to be rescuing him. Me and Shiv need our ships to do so." Tanis said enveloping his arms in the sleeves of his robes and leaning against the bulkhead.

"But it seems...impractical." Aliyah said thinking "We should be telling Leia to start scrambling forces to go to Korriban. Every second counts Master."

"Thats correct. Thats why I had Shiv relay a message using the comm. center aboard your ship to Rebel HQ about Luke, Korriban and the massive battle that awaits." Tanis said smiling.

Aliyah stared in disbelief at the manhandling of her ship. She leaned in her chair to look down the hallway leading to the back of the ship and could vaguely see Shiv's hairy leg as he tinkered with the communication controls. She burst from her chair and stormed in. Tanis could hear her yelling at Shiv.

"What do you think your doing!"


"Is that so? Well I dont care because its not his ship!"

Harouuuugaaa! Grrrrg!

"Yeah well I've got a lightsaber too and I-"

Tanis tuned them out and went to the storage cell in the ship. He needed a restful meditation, he was exhausted and starving, but he didnt feel right resting in Aliyah's own quarters.


Tanis walked in and the door hissed shut behind him. The storage cell was packed with micellanious items of little interest, but there was a large bag of Hubba chips, normally served with nerfburgers. Tanis helped himself to them and dug in.


"Princess Leia, before your execution I would like you to be my guest at a ceremony that will make this battle station operational. No star system will dare oppose the Emperor now."

"The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

"Not after we demonstrate the power of this station. In a way, you have determined the choice of the planet that'll be destroyed first. Since you are reluctant to provide us with the location of the Rebel base, I have chosen to test this station's destructive power... on your home planet of Alderaan."

"No! Alderaan is peaceful. We have no weapons. You can't possibly..."

"You would prefer another target? A military target? Then name the system!"


"I grow tired of asking this. So it'll be the last time. Where is the Rebel base?"


".........Dantooine... They're on Dantooine."

"There. You see Lord Vader, she can be reasonable. Continue with the operation. You may fire when ready."


"You're far too trusting. Dantooine is too remote to make an effective demonstration. But don't worry. We will deal with your Rebel friends soon enough."


Krrrr-Haaaa..."Commence primary ignition."

A button is pressed which switches on a panel of lights. A helmeted Imperial soldier reaches overhead and pulls a lever. Another lever is pulled. Vader reaches for still another lever and a bank of lights on a panel and wall light up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_Fc9uba … re=related




Tanis sat, sweating profusely, in the storage cell of Aliyah's ship. The crates and boxes and piled items had been kicked about. Tanis reached into the Force and calmed himelf.

This had been a reocurring dream Tanis used to have soon after his home planet was oblitherated in 3 seconds. His family, his friends, his home...everything he knew before he became a Jedi was gone. Gone because of the wim of one...Imperial...Officer...

After lots of meditation and help from his former Master Olee Starstone, Tanis had been able to rid himself of the dreams back on Kashyyyk. The only other time he had them was when he visited the Graveyard of Alderaan, as it was now called. The fact he just had the dream again could either mean Aliyah had steered them wrong and had by chance come across the remnants of Alderaan, or something was...something was very very wrong in the Force. Specifically dealing with Alderaan, or survivors, orperhaps Tanis himself.


"Master Ardion, come quickly. We've-...Tanis?" Aliyah entered the storage chamber and surveyed the wreckage Tanis had caused in his sleep. She then looked at the form of Tanis, soaked in sweat, sitting up on the floor just recovering from heavy breathing.

"What happened?" She asked. Tanis could feel her trying to probe his mind for answers. He easily dismissed her pressence from it.

"Nothing. Bad dream. What's happened?"

"We've just gotten to Coruscant. I was able to get clearance because they dont have this ship registered as a Jedi's ship." Aliyah said scoffing "But me and Shiv suspect that your ships are probably impounded in the lot after your stunt in the Jedi Temple. If you're going to get them, its got to be fast. Chances are thy'll blow you out of the sky with turbo lasers anyways."

"Yes...the turbolasers...they must be deactivated before we lift off. Have we landed?"

"We're in auto pilot being guided in now."

"Very well." Tanis stood and wiped Hubba chips crumbs off his cloak. Aliyah looked at him with an arched brow and Tanis shrugged. They moved on.

Shiv was at the cockpit looked out at Coruscant below as the auto pilot landed them in the same lot they had landed in some time before.

"Did you get some rest Shiv?"


"Well its something. You know we have to disable the turbo lasers when we land right?"

<Yes. And fast. Very fast. They cant know we were here until we've made the jump to hyperspace. If you look over there you can see the PK forces being marshalled for the battle. We should leave before those Star Destroyers take off or we'll never get out of here alive.>

"Where are this lots turbo laser controls?" Aliyah asked leaning on the intruments.

<I'm guessing in the control tower opposite my ship and a little ways away from Tanis's. They've got 3 PK's at each ship, a small guard. They've probably been called back.>

With a thump and hiss, Aliyah's Nubian landed and the three Jedi looked at each other assuringly.

"Me and Shiv will go to the tower and disable the batteries. Then we'll board our ships and get out of here, you with us Aliyah. While were in the tower, man your forward canons here and make sure no reinforcements get into the tower." Tanis said taking his lightsaber off his belt.

"Done." Aliyah said and sat in the captain's chair. She activated the forward canons and they rumbled with compliance. The 6 PK's, 3 at each Jedi's ship, in the lot looked at the Nubian whos canons were activating in wonder. The access hatch opened and Tanis and Shiv stormed out of the ship, their emerald lightsabers exploding from their hilts.

The Pk's near Tanis's ship were shot by Aliyah's canons and Tanis and Shiv deflecting blaster bolts from the other three back to them, killing them. Tanis waved his lightsaber wildly facing Aliyah in the cockpit in a 'Watch my fripping ship!!' as Shiv drove his lightsaber into the door of the tower. He cut a large whole into the locked door and burst in, yelling a wookie war cry that shattered ears as well as spirits.

Tanis ran up to the hole and tapped the panel next to the door......It hissed open. Shiv looked back and shrugged at Tanis and then grabbed a PK next to him and threw him into a group of attendants who had their blasters feebily drawn.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Shiv chuckled despite all that was occuring around him.  The smell of burning flesh reached his nose yet he found humour in what he had done.  He and Tanis fended off the small force of PK's.  The attendants and engineers meekly stood blasters out.  One of them fired and Tanis deflected it right back at him.  Shiv let out a fearsome roar and some of them scattered.  The ones remaining opened fire.  Sad.  They were just civilians, most likely pushed into service for this Imperial Order.  Most of them probably had family.  Like Shiv.  With renewed passion Shiv struck out keeping his family intact.  It was a kinrath eat kinrath world out there.  And Shiv was looking to survive.

They made their way to to the control room meeting small pockets of resistance that were easily dispatched.  They entered and Tanis mopped up the controllers while Shiv took a seat.  Looking out the window he saw a platoon of PK's making their way towards Aliyah's ship.  Shiv's mind raced. 

"Quick Shiv!  Deactivate the lasers!"  Aliyah was doing her best to hold them off but there was a fair amount.  Shiv thought faced and directed the turbolasers right at the heart of the troops.  He charged it up and unleashed a salvo.  When the dust settled he saw a mass of bodies and the remaining PK's were scrambling for cover.  Tanis quickly deactivated the rest of the turbolasers.  <It is done.  We must go Master.  I believe the Imperial Order will send more Peacekeepers.>

Tanis nodded and hurried off back the way they came.  When they were back on the deck Shiv hurried to his ship Ryyk's Revenge.  It was good to be back.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

*Sorry about the long delayed post - no internet at home and I just got back from spring break.  Going back in time a little to address everybody*

From Val's post

"Heh! Don't waste your words here Jedi. I dont even know how there are any of you still around. I coulda sworn the clones wiped you all out...Look, just get in your ship and go before I finish what they started. Solus, go ahead and give them clearance. Relay the clearance codes to HQ, That Jedi's ship is in Keldabe. You two should go with them so they don't get shot along the way."

Ralin turned and walked back to his field commanders.  "You're all briefed?"

"Yes sir."

"Good.  Just remember, the more PKs you hunt down and kill now, the fewer there'll be to come back and invade us again.  Oya Manda."

"Oya Manda!"  they repeated as they rushed back to their squads.  Many PK troop ships had already picked up their troopers and were returning to their star destroyers, but probably several thousand were still planet side.

Ralin unfastened his neck seal and slowly removed his helmet.  Sweat now unhindered by his helmets suspension bands now freely ran down his forehead into his eyes and down his cheeks. Pulling a ladle from a nearby water bucket, he poured the cool substance onto the back of his head.  Cupping his eyes in the crutch of his elbow, he used his flight suit to wipe the water and sweat from his face.

"A bit harsh on the jetii weren't you?"

Looking up, Ralin saw Ma'ryk standing over him as he cradled a newly acquired Verpine sniper rifle.

"Philosophical and boring as they might be, they were still helpful according to Solus and Tealani."

"Perhaps"  said Ralin as he used his dry sleeve to wipe the water from his hair strait back.  "But keep in mind, they said they were going to Coruscant, while admiting that Skywalker was behind held on Korriban!"  Ralin sighed slightly as he shook his head slightly and looked out over the desolation.  "If their force tells them to go to the galactic core while their objective is on the fringe of known space, let them.  IF we make it through this, we might be able to get to Korriban ourselves; if for no other reason then to bargain Skywalker into calling off his former pet kathhounds.  Besides, I'm in no mood for their double talk right now..."  he trailed off. 

"What's wrong?  We just won a hell of a fight here for you to be so depressed"  Ma'ryk said with a grin.

Ralin looked down, pulling a smoldered twig from the ground and slowly crushing it to a black powder in his gloved hand.  "We lost Fen Shysa"  he barely whispered.

"What?  Shysa's dead??"  asked Ma'ryk.

"With his entire squadron.  Combined with the losses at the command center, there's no senior captains left."

"So who's in command?"

"I guess I'm the only captain left"  Ralin replied.

"Not quite"  came a gravely voice from behind.  Turning, Ralin and Ma'ryk looked to see Boba Fett standing nearby.  "Get your osik together; we've got another job."

Ma'ryk cocked his head slightly.  "Wait, are you saying YOU'RE one of Fenn's captains?"

"Long story for another time.  If anybody has any doubt to the claim we can sort them later.  But things are about to get hot down here, so lets get everybody moving.  Agreed?"

Ralin mulled it over for a second.  With a nod, he fastened his helmet back on. "What's the mission captain?"

Remember all, Boba isn't Mandalore...yet.  Check V_M's post a few pages back; just found it myself.

After Val and Party Reached Si's Ship

Ralin, this is Solus.  The Jedi are away; but we're getting hit really hard over here.  The bastards have set fire bombers on us!  We're gonna need some serious help down here!  You copy? *STATIC*

Ralin keyed the transmitter on his control panel as the Blood Hawk accelerated into the air behind Slave I and several remaining Mandalorian fighters.  "Roger that, I'm on it.  My forces are already scattering away from the battle field.  Get yourself and anybody you can find out of Keldabe until the threat is neutralized.  Ralin out."

Looking back, he could already see where a fire bomber had dropped its load roughly where he'd been standing less then an hour ago.  Luckily, it was true that Boba's sensor and detection equipment was the best credits could buy.  Ralin was very proud of the Hawk's detection systems, but the feed he was getting from Slave I was breathtaking.  The bomber that had scorched his abandoned command post had gone completely under the detection of the now vastly superior numbered Mando' attack ships covering the field, but was now a burning hulk after Fett's lasers had torn it to shreds. 

Switching his sights to manual and guided by Boba's target transmissions, Ralin prepared to finish the day's work.

The few bombers that are left wouldn't stand much of a chance.  There's too many Mando cover craft in the area, especially now that they're not being hampered by PK fighters *whom I'm assuming have returned to their Destroyers for extraction.*  Hope this works for everybody.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

(Thats great, im posting tonight [EDIT:maybe not tonight...]. Keep in mind that the battle over and on Korriban is going to be massive, so if youre character needs preparation or something else nows the time to do it. And those of you who havent been posting enough, for gods sakes do it now.)

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Tanis and Shiv split after they left the security tower, each going to his own ship. While running to his ship Tanis felt inside his ship using the Force, disengaged the autolock and lowered the ships ramp. He ran aboard and breathed in the familiar smell of the life support air system and the stale scent of must from the ships inactive stay on Coruscant.

There was no time for a reunion however, and Tanis sped past the defunct service droid he was trying to fix at the start of this quest and stepped into the side cockpit of his YT-2400 ship.

The Raider took off just as Aliyah's ship and Shiv's were blasting through the atmosphere. A squad of black armor clad PK's sprang into the space port and Tanis wheeled the Raider around as they opened fire, but they were too late.

The Raider sped straight up into the space over Coruscant, avoiding any other turbo laser batteries that Tanis and Shiv were unable to reach.
They only had a few moments before TIE Interceptors were dispatched to...intercept them.

Fweep fweep!

Tanis opens the comm. channel. Shiv and Aliyah's faces appear next to the dash.

"The Rebel Base responded to Shiv's message. Princess Leia says that nearly all the forces they've scrambled are there and the briefing is about to begin." Aliyah said as she fiddled with the her controls, preparing for lightspeed.

"Alright then, let's be on our way. Everyone has the coordinates to the Rebel base?" Tanis asked prepping for lightspeed as well. Shiv and Aliyah nod.

"Ok, see you after the jump." Tanis said and waved.

Bleep. Comm. closed

Tanis disengaged his sublight engines and a monitor flashed the alert that the reactor was ready for the jump to light speed. Tanis pulled back on the hypersace lever and...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xkYtWXq … re=related

(PS, thats not a yt-2400 but uhhh...who cares)

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

All right!  Boba Fett himself was in charge, and Ma'ryk adn Ralin were going to kill them some PK's.  In his bounty hunting days, Ma'ryk had heard many tales of the famous bounty hunter, and he could honestly not tell which ones were exaggerated or not, having looked at the legend.

Now, sitting secure in the cockpit of the Stingray, Ma'ryk gazed out at rhe expanse of space looming before him.  He had practically lied in the YT-1930 craft, and it was as familiar to him as his own armour.  This wouldn't be the first time he took it up to aid his fight.  Luckily, the ship held together perfectly. He smoothly joined the formations of Mandalorian fighters as they systematically began wiping out the PK bombers.  He noticed one break away from the pack, whether to escape or take out another target, he didn't know.  He banked off in pursuit.

The bomber's pilot was not bad, and managed to stay just barely out of the Stingray's targets.  Ma'ryk fired off a cluster missile, with negligible results; only one missile actually hit the diving bomber, and even that blow was absorbed by the shields.  Then the bomber pulled into a U-turn, and came straight for Ma'ryk, its blasters blazing.  Ma'ryk dove under the bomber, bringing his quad lasers to bear, and letting loose.  He was successful this time, overwhelming the shields, and forcing the bomber to retreat.  This time it was child's play to immobilize the bomber with his ion cannons, and finish it off with his standard cannons.  He was rewarded with the explosion of fire in his viewscreen.

He checked his readouts; minimal damage to the ship; all systems still well into the green.  If things went this well contiually over Mandalore, maybe he'd be able to make that appointment to Korriban after all.  He smiled beneath his helmet, and flew back to join his vode.

Due to maintenance problems, the light at the end of the tunnel will not be in operation today.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

"-with 7 orbiting moons with unknown armament or capabilities. Our early reconaissance was also able to assess the forces the Imperial Order were able to marshall. No less than 75 Imperial I-class star destroyers are in orbit and the Star Dreadnaught class ship, Nebula has been defending the planet since newly appointed Overlord Tho'un has taken residence there." Princess Leia said to the massive audience sitting before her in the rebel base's briefing chamber.

All manner of rebel forces and mostly the squadron and team leaders sat listening to her and watching the hologram of Korriban slowly spin next to her. The crowd was vividly displeased at the size of the Imperial force. The crowd murmured their opinions and several spoke up.

"Thats over 4,000 TIE fighters!"

"Thats more than at Endor!"

"Yes, both of you are correct." Leia answered confidently to the crowd. All the pilots in their flight suits and ship captains went silent when Leia responded. Her firm resolve instilled hope in the troops. Tanis, at the back of the chamber with Aliyah and Shiv, could sense much potential in the Skywalker sister. She continued.

"We also don't know how many TIEs could be stationed on the planet itself. Or for that matter the moons. Recon was unable to get to the planet itself, so the ground troops there could be anything from a scouting party to 4 legions of shock troopers. However, we also have the Imperial Remnant under the command of Admiral Thrawn coming to assist us, for the moment at least, and as we speak General Clarissian is attempting to reach the Mandalorians to hire reinforcements. Admiral Ackbar will now brief you in the naval strategy." Leia finished and took a seat at the front of the audience hall next to Han Solo and Chewbacca.

The legendary Mon Calamari leader, Admiral Ackbar, took the stage in his white uniform and held his hands behind his back. His large, fish-like eyes surveyed the uphill audience chamber for a moment before he spoke. Then his gutteral voice resounded through the large room.

"Although this mission is primarily for the recovery of Luke Skywalker, we wouldnt lose this opporunity to do serious damage to the Imperial Navy. Firstly: Red, Blue, and Gold squadron will fighter contingents. Star fighting sectors will be relayed to each squadron via their squadron leaders. Wraith and Rogue squadron are on Star Destroyer detail. Along with our capitol ships, you will be assaulting the destroyers and their defense teams. Green Squadron will be defending our capital ships and frigates. Renegade Squadron will remain supporting the star fighter sectors until the ground war begins, where they will then escort the drop ships and cover the ground troops from TIE bombers and TIE fighters.

The fighting will be intense and Red, Blue and Gold squadron will need to work their hardest and fastest. The TIE numbers need to be lowered a great deal before the transports can send the drop ships with our marines and soldiers to the planets surface. General Rieekan will now take the floor and explain the assault on the Imperial base itself." Ackbar sat down and Rieekan took the floor.

He clicked a small device in his hand and the hologram of Korriban grew larger and centered on a 10 acre plot of grey canyon and desert where the Imperial fortress was visible on a large hill over looking the land. The lights dimmed.

"This is the only usable image of the base we could muster from the recon force. As you can see its massive, with a giant base and 3 towers rising from it, the middle tower being the tallest. As Admiral Ackbar told you, we know virtually nothing of the forces within the base. The hangars could hold any number of ships and the barracks any number of troops.

What we do know is that these turbo laser batteries, all along here, will decimate the drop ships before they even clear the atmosphere. The drop ships will therefore deploy the troops here, next to this canyon, and fight their way to the fortress itself. The turbo lasers must be taken out by Wraith squadron by then or the troops wont stand a chance.

Once, and if, the fortress is reached its main bay door must be breached with our explosives team doing its work. If that fails then the hacker squad will need to get the doors open. And if that fails then well...I understand we have three Jedi who will take the field once Wraith squadron gives the word and they may be able to find a way in. The Mandolorian Supercommandos General Calrissian is trying to get will almost surely be an asset as well."

General Reiikan clicked his device and the lights turned on again while the hologram zoomed out.

"One last thing. The fortress is located on the opposite side of the planet from the Sith tombs and ruins. I dont want to hear any more mention of Sith curses from Wraith Squadron or the troops. Inform your men of this and get their butts in gear." the General finished and walked off. This brought some chuckles from the rebel pilots and soldiers.

Leia stood once more and addressed the Rebel force the final time.

"All of you now know your positions and orders. This is our chance to not only save the Hero of Yavin, who many of you owe your lives and the lives of your families too, but to also deal a lethal blow to the Imperial Forces. Once Thrawn's forces and if the Mandalorians arrive, your ships will be equipped with HUD trackers to identify them as such so theres no friendly fire. Trust in your training and your instincts. Follow the squadron leaders and listen for field updates from the capital ships as they attack the star destroyers. Have faith in yourselves and in your comrades and we can win this battle. Take to your positions now and prepare for the jump to Korriban. May the Force be with us."

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

*Awesome posts Val*

Several hours later

The message from the newest and hopefully final command center of the day was short and to the point: Return ASAP; you're all going to want to hear this.

They'd tracked down the mother ship of the fire bombers, and had delivered several good hits, but the message took precedence since the camouflaged transport seemed out of bombers anyway.  It wasted no time bouncing out into hyperspace once the Mandalorian pursuers broke off. 

Striding into the remains of the Warrior's Hall, which was now serving as the central base of operations, Ralin caught sight of Solus and Tealani.  The pair were standing in front of possibly the most overdressed dandy Drakus had ever seen, who seemed to have the pair caught up in some story or another. 

Boba, who'd been walking just in front of Ralin and the other dozen or more Mandos who'd just landed, stopped for a moment at the sight.  Ralin picked up a barely audible growling noise from Fett's throat as he very deliberately strode toward the stranger. 

"It's been a long time Calrissian."

Ralin recognized the name, though he'd never had any dealings with the man.  The look on Lando's face made it crystal clear that Boba had however;  The gambler's hands went up in a flash as he took a step back.

"Whoa there!  I'm not here for any trouble Fett."

"Look around"  Ralin chimed in.  "You've just walked into trouble's belly.  If you don't want any I'd suggest you tell us what you are here for, and fast."

Lando fluidly lowered his hands, adjusting the wide color of his custom pilot's jacket as they dropped.  "I'm here as an official representative of the New Republic, sent by direct command of Princess Leia Organa.  It is of the upmost urgency that I speak to your leader."

"You're looking at him"  said Ralin passively with a nod toward Boba.

Lando maintained his composure, but Ralin was sure he detected a slight paling of his skin.

"Is that so?"

Boba's head made a slight, wordless bow.

Calrissian's momentary return to his gentleman's demeanor evaporated.  He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms, visibly squaring up to Boba.

"Alright then Fett.  I won't waste our time with pleasantries then.  Princess Leia is throwing everything we've got at the PK stronghold on Korriban.  We've got Admiral Thrawn's combined Remnant forces joining us."   Ralin notice Solus perking up at the mention of his old boss.  "I'm here to seek assistance."

There was a stark silence.  Dozens of Mando's who'd been working other duties nearby and paused to listen in.  Boba just stood there, cradling his EE-3 in his arms, not moving a muscle.

Count the Mandos in.  Ran out of time to finish this post, and I wasn't really sure how it should go anyway *would he ask for territory around Mandalore for a resurgent Mandalorian Empire/Kingdom, would he ask for a strong Mando representation in the Senate, money/help to rebuild Mandalore and Keldabe, or something else.  Mel/MA/Rev, if you'd like to fill the gap, be my guest.

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker


I walk into the meeting hall unnoticed, and hear the unexpected phrase of a known rebel collaborator.

“I’m here to seek assistance.”

"The Jensaraai will be honored to assist in the attack on Korriban. "

I couldn't resist this opportunity to present myself. I am absolutely shocked to see the rebel Calrissian here seeking help from the Mandalorians. Well, to be honest, considering the situation...not really.

The Mandalorians all shift uneasily, many of them reaching for weapons as I stroll in wearing my heavily battle-scarred, vornskr inspired  armor, accompanied by two Jensaraai in full armor, one modeled after a nexu and the other forged in the image of a kath hound. I can sense their tension in the force, and I telepathically assure them that the Mandalorians will not fire upon us.

I recognize a couple of Mandalorians, including Solus, Drakus, and even the legendary Fett.

"My name is They'da Starjammer. I am the Saraai-Kar of the Jensaraai."

********Feel free to continue using the Jensaraai. I'll do my best to participate, albeit somewhat sporadically.

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker


Auxilim hummed with life, its engines keeping the Atari-Class star ship in orbit above Korribian. The Ship was in stark contrast to the planet’s surface: Bleak and lifeless. This distinction was lost on Commander Deathum whose gaze was directed solely at the empty void of space, arms at his sides, from the Bridge of Auxilium. Even he was dwarfed by its massive viewports.

You are dead.

The voices from his mind came unbidden. They were always so much more prevalent when he looked out into space, yet here he was for hours without end he would stare, stare in till what was left of his eyes were strained, it till they hurt.

You are dead.

They were reminiscent of something that he had lost, though he couldn’t quite say what exactly that was. The sensation of trying to recall what it was that he had lost is why he tolerated the voices.

You are dead

It seemed as he was on the verge of recalling it, when he was shaken from his contemplation by the voice of his new aide Lieutenant Will Janson.


Daethum sighed mentally and half turned to face his aide.

“What is it Lieutenant?” His voice mechanically distorted, resounded in the large room.

“Sir, We have reports from are advanced scouts that Rebel fleets are mobilizing. Possibly for an attack on our position, I thought it best to ask for pre-combat orders and organization, considering the high value of the system”

Daethum considered the possibilities with his Implanted AI, viewing a perfectly defined mental image of the surrounding defenses and what resources were available to him.

“No, that will not be necessary; the possibility of such a fool hardy attack is minimal.”

The aid opened his mouth to speak, but Daethum interrupted before he could speak:

“You may however form a detachment of Tartan -Class vessel’s as to patrol the edge of the system if you must.”

“Thank you, Sir.” The aid turned to leave.

“Oh, and Lieutenant,”

The aid turned to face him again, “Yes, Sir?”

“Since you are so concerned with this matter, you may see to it personally.”

The man’s face twitched ever so slightly.

“Of course Sir.”

The Lieutenant’s footsteps echoed as he retreated to the exit, and as Deathum looked out into the void again he wondered why he hadn’t heard them when the aid had come in.

You are dead


Class: Phase Zero Dark Trooper (Clone Wars Veteran, Infused with General Rom Mohc’s legendary Dark
Trooper Technology the DT is provided with life support and abnormal strength for the trooper’s broken body)

Operations Code Name: DAETHUM

Chronological Age: CLASSIFIED

Species: Genetically Engineered and Additional Enhanced Human Clone (GEAEHC)

Rank: Commander of the DT Detachment ‘ALPHA’ and Captain of the Atari-Class Star-Cruiser  The  ‘Auxilium’

Ship dimensions: CLASSIFED (Slightly larger than an Imperial Class-II SD)

( http://daethus.deviantart.com/art/Atari-Class-120389566 )

Affiliation: Emperor Skywalker and his Empire

Weapons: 1: Imperial Assault Cannon ( http://daethus.deviantart.com/art/IMP-R … -120387751 )
2: Shoulder mounted mini-Seeker missiles
3: Direct fire ‘dumb fired’ missiles attached to Imperial Assault Cannon (fired from second barrel)
4: Wrist Blasters

Armor and Equipment:
Dark Trooper Phase III Armor constructed completely from Phrik a highly light-saber and all around blaster and projectile resistant material. The Armor is designed as to compete with light-assault vehicles, and additionally provides features such as concussive dampeners to reduce any life-threatening or otherwise superficial bone and muscle damage from explosions and EMP and Ion hardened Technology. Nothing short of heavily concentrated fire will put a dent in the Mark III DT Armor System. In Terms of soft ware, the DT-Mark III Armor is installed with the latest developments in the Artificial Intelligence department program. The AI is capable of operating the Exoskeleton unaided, and is useful for Tactical and Strategic analysis. In full combat gear a DT Phase III stands at about 8ft tall and weighs in at about 800 pounds.


Brief History: ARC-000 or’ Talo’ as he was called was like all other ARC’s:  trained to be the best and he was that for the entirety of the Clone War in till he was wounded in a Separatist sympathetic terrorist rocket attack during the battle of Coruscant. The Medical facility on Coruscant, after stabilizing him, declared him Brain Dead and scheduled him for termination.  Before that could happen however Talo was secretly transferred to Palatines’ secret personal medical facility and mentally repaired, and then sent to General Rom Mohc’s program for the Phase Zero Dark Trooper to be used as a prototype, once infused with the technology that kept his rapidly aging body alive he was then set lose in multiple Rebel Alliance engagements, succeeding in decimating the Rebels each time. Deathum was born. Before the death of the Emperor the newly born Deathum was upgraded with the newly developed DT-MARK III armor system enhancing his abilities greatly, but unbeknownst to him he was implanted with a loyalty program that forced his loyalty to the Empire and its Ruler. Now with the Emperor dead, his loyalty program now demands allegiance to the new Emperor: Skywalker.

Weakness: While being quite the dreadnaught, nothing can reverse the grievous wounds he encountered in the terrorist rocket attack or the accelerated aging process ravaging his body. Deathum is quite vulnerable once his life support systems are even lightly breached: 30% chance of death in 10 minutes. However if the life-support system is shut down: 99.9% probability of death in 30 seconds.

((OOC: I Hope this weakness will compensate for the DT strengths, he is acting as Korribian’s Fortress guard so he needs a reasonable amount of ability))

[i]"Sir, Finishing this Cake."[/i]

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

(Interactive post ahead)

Tanis sat in the cockpit of the Raider as the entire Rebel fleet traveled through hyperspace with him. Shiv and Aliyah were in their own ships, so he had no gunners and would set them on auto fire. Being in Renegade Squadron, Tanis was on star fighter detail. He would be going toe to toe with the TIEs along with Red, Blue and Gold Squadron until the ground war started and he'd go planet side. Green Squadron would be protecting the captial ships while Rogue and Wraith Squadron will be attacking the Star Destroyers.

The Navi computer beeped and informed Tanis that in a few seconds they would burst into real space in Korriban's orbit.

Taking a deep breath, and focusing on the battle about to begin, Tanis gripped the controls and activated the under and dorsal canons. The Rebel fleet appeared out of hyperspace with Korriban looming near,
and all the Star Destroyers, over 75, turning to face them. In 3 minutes, 4,000 TIE fighters, interceptors, bombers, and other kinds would be streaming out of them.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qspRp0ddqCs ambience music)

Admiral Ackbar's guttural voice cuts into every ships comm.

Fighters to your positions! Capital ships stay your course, make the Star Destroyers come to us and give Wraith and Rogue squadron time. Squadrons sign in.

Red leader, standing by. (Vince Glortho, following his defection from the Empire after Palpatines death)

Blue leader, standing by. (Captain Merrick Simms)

Gold leader, standing by. (Lando Calrissian, assuming he finished talking to the mandos)

Green leader, standing by. (Captain Yakown Reth)

Rogue leader, standing by. (Tycho Celchu)

Wraith leader, standing by. (Wedge Antilles)

Renegade leader, standing by. (Han Solo)

Ackbar cuts in again, Fighters, call into your leaders and then begin the assault!. The Fighters switched to squadron comms and called into their own squadrons. Tanis switched to Renegade Squadron's comm channel.

Renegade Two, standing by.

Renegade Three, standing by.

Renegade Four standing by.

Renegade Five standing by.

"Renegade Six, standing by." Tanis called in. The rest of the Renegades called in and Renegade Leader Solo took over.


Alright Renegades, form up. X-Wings lock S-foils in attack positions and flank the Falcon and the Raider. Here come the TIEs! We'll take the port-side, Tanis break off with your flank when they rush us. One freighter per fighter team.

Tanis moved in next to the Millenium Falcon and from his cockpit he could see Han in his own cockpit. Chewie was probably manning the quad lasers. Han turned to Tanis and waved his hand, Tanis nodded. Things were going to get very rough.

The TIE squadrons caught up with the Rebel squadrons and laser fire erupted. Green and red laser bolts rained down on both sides as a large squadron of TIE fighters met with Renegade squadron. As planed, they split into two groups and took on the TIE fighters. The screech of their engines buzzed by and the X-wings broke off to dog fight.

A trio of TIE interceptors came up on the Raiders scanners behind the ship, trying to spring up on Tanis. He wouldnt be able to out-run or maneuver them, but he could certainly out-gun them. Tanis pulled on the controls and the Raider launched upwards.

CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO!!! The Interceptors opened up but the shields held, they followed close. There were many, many TIEs and Tanis had to quickly deal with this team so he could help the Renegades.

Theres so many! I can't get these damn Interceptors off me! Renegade Five called out.

Easy! Theres alot... pull them into clumps and we'll shoot them up! If they're close together use your torpedoes to knock them all out.[i] Renegade Two, Col Serra, answered back.

Tanis spun in, passing by a TIE fighter very close. He quickly reached for a button and flicked it. From the rear hatch of his ship out popped a proximity proton bomb that launched itself at the 3 Interceptors in attack formation behind him. They tried to wheel out of the way but the bomb when off and vaporized the three fighters.

[i]Nice! Now get over here and shake a few of these fighters off me, theres like 8 of them. Renegade Nine called out.

Can't handle it, Tel? You sure talk alot of smack boy. Captain Serra told him

Serra heads up! Squadron in bound. Solo informed them

What the- More fighters? Theres 2 squadrons here already!


Not fighters, TIE Hunters. Watch their torpedoes or you'll be finding out what Korriban's atmosphere smells like a little early. Jared pull up! You're heading for the Hunters!

Tanis could see Renegade Eleven, Jared Falsin being tailed by 5 TIE fighters, there was no where to go.


The Hunters and fighters massacured his shields and Jared's X-wing exploded into space dust. Tanis winced, the numbers were taking a heavy toll on the Rebels' ability to dog fight.

Around 50 Star Destroyers were now in range of the Mon Calamari ships and Rebel assault frigates and they did not hesitate. Massive laser batteries opened fire and the huge laser bolts started to fly. The fighters had to move up to avoid the crossfire. Wraith and Rogue Squadron engaged the Star Destroyers and began to attack sensor relays, engines and life support systems, yet there was heavy resistance from defending TIEs.

Tanis picked off two TIE fighters and came up behind Renegade Three, who had a squad of TIE Hunters on his his tail. Tanis's canons opened up and began to chop away at two of them until one exploded and as the Raider burst through the cloud of debri the other two Hunter pulled away to escape death and wheel around.

Renegade Three was already around and his X-Wing quickly picked off a second Hunter before it could launch a proton torpedo at Tanis. The third Hunter did a barrel roll and lept out of the Xwings range and into Tanis's flank. His canons were waiting, and the Hunter met a barrage of red lasers that decimated its weak shields and it exploded along with the rest of his squad.

Tanis whiped around and caught a Fighter squad flying towards him as they opened fire. He pulls up and to the right and the 3 Fighters followed suit. The auto canons turned backwards and opened fire and two Fighters were imediatly destroyed. The last sped up and followed through with a barrage run and the Raider shook violently as the shields took the brunt of the damage.

The Fighter sped over Tanis and the auto canons couldn't keep up with its maneuvers. Tanis pulled up and the targeting systems locked on, the red laser fire lined up and oblitherated the TIE fighter.

Tanis turned to face the Star Destroyers and saw two Xwings dragging several TIE interceptors. Moving the Raider in, he locked on to the center-most Interceptor and opened the cover of a button, pressing it in the same motion. A concussion missle screeched out of its tube and sped toward the Interceptors.

"Renegades, fly clear!" Tanis called into his comm at Renegades Four and Ten.

                             Roger!                                                Copy that!

The X Wings used their turbo boosts and flew upwards and away from the blast radius. The missle detonated before Interceptors knew what was happening and seven TIEs were destroyed in the domino effect of each one exploding.

Good! Keep clumping them up until they catch on. Watch the Hunters! Captain Serra told the squadron

Don't get cocky kid, those YT-2400s dont hold up like these YT-1300s. Han said

"That so? Well Dash Rendar would have something to say about that. I think my TIE count is higher than yours right now anyways..." Tanis replied as he fired at some TIE fighters.

You hear that Chewie!? If its a challenge you want, its a challenge you'll get, Jedi.

Cut the chatter! Theres enough to go around. These damn TIEs are clogging my view port,

He was right. The scale of this space battle was unlike Tanis had ever seen personally. There were TIEs and Xwings engaged in every inch of space between the cruisers and Star Destroyers as they launched full attacks on each other.

Two assault frigate was already smoking and a Star Destroyer was lurching towards Korriban's gravity pull because its life support and engines were disabled.
Both Green squadron and Rogue and Wraith squadrons needed to speed up their attack plan.

Red, Blue, Gold and Renegade squadrons were having trouble with the massive amounts of fighters, but they also needed speed up their game if the marine transports were going to have a chance at landing.

Tanis gave a deep sigh and locked on to a TIE hunter, hitting the sublight engines to catch up with it. The war in the stars raged on.

CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO!!            KAKOOOM!!!                                I cant shake him!
               Move up, MOVE UP!                                    KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH!!!

boom-boom-BOOOM!!!                   SCREEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeech!CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO!!

Cover me Red leader!       Copy! Move in, Hunters incoming!            KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH!!! BLOOOOSH!!!

( Info on the TIE hunters---> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE_Hunter   

Rebel characters, pick a squadron and fight!)

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

( I have returned to continue this epic story. it will take me a couple of days, mainly this week, to catch up and think of what to write. in mean time i think i know what i can make zoncxs do for now...)

It's been awhile since starjammer has left to continue in this fight. I have yet to leave this place, this cave has drawn me to it. for some reason the force flows more, smoothly in me when i am in the cave. this allowed me to shroud the cave and all inside from the outside. yet i still feel that there is something more to discover here. i have yet to check the deepest part of these caves. for all i know this could even be a tome of some sort. or i could be thinking to much. i got to stop thinking so much. but i should check the rest out before leaving.

as i make my way deeper into the cave it continues to get darker, in sight and pressure. it wasn't long until i was using my force to sense where i was since all my normal senses became useless. i press on not knowing what is at the end. this cave was bigger than i thought, i push my feild out to see if there is an end, to see if i am going anywhere. that was a mistake. as my field grew i noticed something, then my field disappeared. i could still feel the force but was unable to use it. i begin to talk but i hear nothing, i can not smell myself, i can not even feel the ground under my feet. i did not panic, there was no fear not in this place, no fear, no emotions. then i heard it, it started as a soft hum. i did not no what it was but as it grew louder so did the emotions. my mind began to turn in ways i have never known. i screamed only to hear nothing but the hum grow louder. every breath was pain and pleasure, every heart beat hurt more and more. i was losing my mind when i started to hear it, a taping sound. every thought i had was over powered by the taping sound. everything began to spin, darkness spinning. i blackout.

I awaken to the light coming from the entrance of the cave.

"How did i get here?"

I don't feel the cave any more, that feeling moved, it's now inside me, slowly becoming part of my being. I see things differently now, and it sucks. i wish my writer never gave me this stupid power. damn you.

" its time i should back someone up. i have been out of this fight for too long."

i make my way out of the cave still shrouding my presence. the power that was inside the cave flowed through me, increasing my strength in the force. as i walked through the landscape nothing notice my existence, form the smallest creature to the men walking by scouting. my ability to hide my presence as become far greater than i ever would have known. i make it to my ship, has i enter i think of where i should go when i thought of my
home world.

"Time to go and get that thing."

I set the coordinates and leave the planet unnoticed.

"i'm hungry..."

"My servants are so loyal they would give up there friends live just to serve me."

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

*Stepping back in time a hair just a little...again; sorry*

"The Jensaraai will be honored to assist in the attack on Korriban. "

The familiar sight of Ralin's former employer came as a surprise, though the Force user seemed a bit worn compared to their last meeting.   

"My name is They'da Starjammer. I am the Saraai-Kar of the Jensaraai."

Lando stirred uneasily, apparently feeling even more out of place among all the armored warriors in his velvet regalia. 

Boba turned very deliberately in a manner that made Ralin wonder if he'd known Starjammer had been standing there the entire time.  "So, the former hand of Skywalker rejoins our fold.  Impressive that you're not dead."

"If you only knew..."   Starjammer trailed off.  Drakus checked the entrance to the Hall; Where's his father?

"I can't ask you to join me on this quest.  Your efforts this day will be annulled as one of the greatest and most amazing victories in the galaxy's history.  That being said, your fight is over - for today at least.  It is my sworn duty to do all I can to save Luke Skywalker and return him to the light of possible.  I welcome any who wish to follow, and thank those who wish to stay for their services rendered."

Lowering his head, Starjammer and his escorts moved to Lando's side.

Boba stood motionless, his black gaze frozen for what seemed like forever.   When he finally returned to life, his EE-3 carbine sliding from the crutch of his arm down to his waist as it was suspended in his powerful hands, all waited for the hunter's price.

"Count me in."

Looks were exchanged around the Hall; few more confused then Calrissian's. "You mean you don't want to bargain?"

"To what point?  It's still our fight; Tho'un won't take a bloody nose like this and walk away.  If you lose this fight, he'll be back for us."   Looking at the various T-visors staring at him, Fett raised his harsh voice so all were sure to hear.  "And not just for the planet, but for anybody and everybody who even considers themselves Mando.  I may not be the best leader of men that's ever called himself a Mandalorian, but that's about as good a reason as I can think of for going to war.  I'll be preparing my ship; any who wish to follow me can meet me at the space-port."

Alone, yet an army unto himself, Boba Fett slung his rife across his shoulder and marched out, slowing only to send a dark glare towards Lando as they passed.  He wasn't alone for long.  Dozens of Mandos all over the hall began to follow, picking up their weapons and preparing do what it was they did best.

"I don't know about you"  said Ralin to a dozen or so Mandos who were standing over their gear, "but I'm going with my captain

Several in the group bristled up; their sergeant especially.  "The only reason, Captain, that we're standin' here is because we've got no ship."

"I see; I appologize for questioning your willingness then.  I'm sure something can be arranged; right Mr. Calrissian?"

The mention of his name pulled Lando from a converstion he was having with someone in his earpiece. "I beg your pardon??"

Ralin walked up with the group behind him.  "Allow me to introduce you to your newest allies - and companions on the trip to Korriban."

"Wait just a minute, I'm not running any..."

"Any WHAT?" asked the sergeant in his drillmaster's tone.

"No need Captain; you should see this" [i] rang Boba's voice in Ralin's helmet.  "Yes sir!  Mandos, on me!"

As the Mandalorians rushed off, a couple collided off of Lando rather then wait for him to step out of the way.  Before he could recompose his attire, he felt himself back into the armored chest of an unseen warrior.   "Oh, excuse m..."

"Just a quick thought before you leave Mr. Calrissian" came Solus's voice, who was suddenly pressed up in the envoy's face.  "Feel more then welcome to inform the New Republic to give us anything and everything that you'd been authorized to give us as soon as we've completed our end of the fight."

"And best do so right away"  remarked Ma'ryk with a sneer in his voice as he tightly clenched his glove around Calrissian's shoulder; "just in case you don't make it through the fight."  Without another word the pair sprinted after Ralin and the others.

Wiping the dirt from his cape and the sweat from his brow, Lando could only shake his head.  "Mandalorians'¦ there were too many when we thought Fett was the only one..."

As Ralin exited the Warrior's Hall, he was greeted with crack of starfighters breaking the sound-barrier overhead.  Looking up in disbelief, he saw three Keldabe class battleships, at least a dozen supporting Vengence class frigates and Crusader class corvettes.  StarViper assult fighters and other assorted gunships filled the sky.

"This is Jir Yomaget of MandalMotors.  Forgive my late arrival.  I'm sending medical personnel and supplies now.  I pray there is some more worthy service my fleet may offer."

"This is Alor Fett speaking; I believe you've arrived just in time."

"Scratch that last"  Ralin shouted from behind.  Boba's red lined visor shot back over his shoulder.  "That was Mandalore Fett you were speaking to."

"You presume to offer me a such a title whelp!?"  Fett snapped.

"The Mando'ade are led by the wise and the strong, and you are the greatest of us.  Renounce the title if you like after the battle, but until then, give us the leader we deserve."

Mando fleet consists of five Keldabe class battleships, 12 Vengence class frigates, and 20 Crusader corvettes.  All are brand new and some aren’t 100% complete, but all are fully armed and some even have test weapons that could come in handy.  Lets roll!

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

I make it to my home world. Amelico. watching it from the window of my ship as I move in closer I hear a voice in my head.

"Zoncxs why have you returned for it?"

The voice was familiar, it was Fe'jad, the mayor of my home city.

"I decided that I would use it in my upcoming battles. it has been a long time since i trained with it but i still remember. please allow me to land, think of it as a last request."

"hm... you play dangerous games with your life zoncxs, you might hurt yourself if you continue. what is it you seek in life?"

"all I seek is adventure elder. adventure and fun. you know me quite well and when I do something I do it. come on now! I'm hungry! let me land already T.T"

"hehe you know how to make me laugh ever since you were young. very well enter and obtain it. but, this will be the last time you will be allowed to see this planet. understand?"

"...yes i understand."

I land my ship in my home city. I am greeted by Fe'jad along with some of the other members of the council in the city. they escort me to the cave where it is located. I enter, knowing full well that this was the last time I would see any of them. when they said this was the last time I would be able to be on this planet, they meant it.

"now where is it? ....oh there it is!"

I reach it, the tomb where a fighter ship was buried, an Amelico ship. along with the last Amelico battle suit. luckily it was my size. I still remember when I first found this cave and the mayor yelled at me for finding there secret. then he told me that I must train using it. man that was a dull 10 years. I put on the suit and enter the ship. I turn it on and set the coordinates.

"now it wont be long till I reach them..."

( I will try to put a pic in when i draw the suit.)

"My servants are so loyal they would give up there friends live just to serve me."

Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker


Tho'un turned quickly from the window overlooking the Korriban landscape, dispite himself his hand had dropped to his saber.

"Admiral. Report."

The blue shimmering holographic form of one of a low ranking admiral knelt before him, most likely volunteered by his supperior to make the report. He rose and began to speak.

"Rebel forces are numerous and fight with much tenacity, lord. However we have the situation under control. The might of our Star Destroyers will crush them."

"Are all available fighters deployed"

"No, lord, we have ten squadrons deployed in reconisance and early-warning missions to prevent flanking, as well as the planetary defense forces."

"Divert the ten squadrons and have the planetary defense forces on high alert."

"Your will be done, my lord" the admiral said as he began to kneel again

"Oh, and admiral?"

"Yes, lord?"

"Deploy the death squadrons and Mu Squadron"

"Yes lord."


The seven black TIE-Hunters sat waiting in the fighter bay. It was a small bay, and empty of other ships, one entrance, and a door to the black void of space, green and red lights flashing in the distance. An alarm began to blare and a door oppened. Seven pilots, black clad in scout armor with a spaceflight helmet over their heads ran out, on their chests was the sigul of the empire, a skull in the center and lightning bolts to the side. They were the pilots of Mu squadron, possibly some of the deadliest non-force sensitive pilots in the galaxy and the best of the empire. Their ships were special, faster, stronger shields, deadlier. Their mission was simple, defend Koriban at all costs, the survival rate for their squadron was nonexistant, they all would die in service for the empire if it were asked. On the wings of each kill tallies were proudly kept, the lives of thousands were taken by these angels of death, and more would be taken soon.


The Death Squadrons of the Imperial Navy were newly formed. The pilots were mostly identical to normal TIE-pilots, and so were their ships, however these men carried one special difference. They were trained to crash their ships into the bridges of the enemies capitol ships when their crafts received a high amount of damage. They were kamikazes, and they were en route to the battle.

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Shiv had been placed in Green squadron with Captain Yakown Reth.  Shiv listened in as they squad went through roll call.  He waited for his turn and called in.

Green four, standing.  Shiv's computer took what he said and translated into basic.  Although slightly disappointed he was in Green but as a Jedi he needed to set a good example.  As they came out of hyperspace Tanis was could feel the foreboding sense flowing through the force from this evil planet.  Suddenly thousands of enemy dots appeared on his nav computer.  Tie fighters and Star Destroyers were streaming from the planet's surface.  Shiv hardened his resolve and let himself be taken by the force.  He felt energized as the Tie fighters clashed with Renegade, red, blue and gold squadrons.  Red and green turbolasers flashed across his view screen.  Green mopped up any TIEs that got too close.

Slowly the TIEs were getting closer to their capital ships.  They needed to do something and fast.  Out of nowhere a hole appeared in the TIE defenses and a wave of TIEs streaked through.  They were heading in fast.  Almost as if they weren't engaging but going straight for the capital ships.  Shiv quickly grabbed his com.

All available squads target TIEs moving towards the capital ships!  They are looking to ram the ships!  Take them down!

Acknowledged Green four.  A handful of X-wings wheeled around and followed Shiv and the Green's as they madly picked off the TIEs.  But there were just too many of them.  They screamed straight for the bridge and collided in a blinding explosion.  The capital ship groaned as the bridge burst into flames.  In a massive explosion it exploded showering debris everywhere.  Shiv groaned as the loss of life hit him throgh the force..  This was going to be a long day.

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All available squads target TIEs moving towards the capital ships!  They are looking to ram the ships!  Take them down!

Dubbed Defender Squadron, we've placed ourselves just outside of the system to await the main push of the Rebel forces. Elements of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet are also awaiting their point of arrival in the battle. Mand'alor Fett and his fleet have also positioned themselves into place and are awaiting the right time of our arrival.

Glitch informs me that the Chiss flagship, Chimaera, has sent a transmission via double encryption. I have Glitch input the encryption key on our end to receive the signal. Having my helmet on allows me to hide a bit of the surprise I feel, having the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn's visage onscreen.

"Greetings, Saraai-Kar," he says in his smooth, classical speech, strangely at odds with the midnight blue complexion and fiercely burning red eyes. "It appears as though your former employee wishes to end this fight in the most brutally efficient manner possible. Permit me to suggest that Defender Squadron assist against their assault on the Alliance Capital vessels. Feel free to make your run as planned. We'll be right behind you." He smiles that eerily confident smile and nods his head. The transmission cuts off on his end.

"Well, Defenders, you heard the Grand Admiral. Let's mop up the kriffing kamikazees and make for our run planetside." I say over the comm channel of my squad of Jensaraai fighters.

We make a quick insystem jump to close the gap and pop out just on the edge of the battle, just as one of the capital ships explodes violently.

I open myself to the force, "Defender Squadron mop 'em up." I say as the Wayward Soul starts vomiting a maelstrom of red lasered death.

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

The TIEs are crashing into our capital ships! We can't handle them all THERES TOO DAMN MANY! Some are getting through, two freighters and a Mon Cal have already been hit! Called out Green Leader Captain Reth on the general battle channel. The obscene number of TIEs has allowed the Imperial force to use a squadron for the sole purpose of suicide bombing the cruisers.

We can't pin point when they're coming and which TIEs are in the suicide squadron! The other TIEs are shielding them until they get close enough to boost into our hulls! Admiral Ackbar called to every Rebel unit in the battle. Blue Squadron converge on our cruisers and reinforce Green Squadron. We need more defense if we're going to continue attacking the Star Destroyers.

We're having enough trouble as it is with these Hunters Admiral. Gold Leader, General Calrissian said.

We NEED that defense General! Ackbar finished

The fighter squadrons were taking a heavy toll. The Star Destroyers had completely released their hangars and now TIEs from the ground base were also joining the battle. Taking Blue Squadron out of the dog fighting was going to send things to hell. Tanis had an idea.

There was one specific squadron doing the suicide runs. So far they had been reported all as TIE interceptors. If they were one squadron then that meant they were all transmitting on one squadron comm. channel. The best way to pinpoint their frequency was to look for the least transmitted one. This suicidal squadron would probably be the smallest one, and if Tanis could find the TIEs transmitting the least used frequency then that might be them.

Tanis flew the Raider out of the massive fray for a moment and diverted power from his weapons to his sensor array.

"Arr-Nine, set the sensors to search for all transmitting frequencies within Korriban's sector 7 orbit." Tanis said to his droid, R9-D6.

Blooeep doo-weep!

The results came in on Tanis's screen. There were over 100 channels currently in use and Tanis narrowed the search down to the least active in number.

Tanis scanned through the list: 5 sources...too few. 8 sources... still too few. 14...seemed perfect. It was just enough to compensate for the TIEs that were already destroyed in that squadron. Tanis locked on to the frequency and the scanners began to pinpoint their location. Tanis wouldnt be able to decrypt the transmissions and listen, but he could still see what fighters were transmittion on that frequency.

They began to pop up on the HUD and Tanis could see them scattered about, but not necessarily fighting. Nothing seemed unusual...perhaps they were just waiting for a bombing run on a freighter. But wait, other TIEs were converging on one of their postitions, surrounding one of the selected TIEs. They began moving like a cloud of flies towards a frighter and a combined force of Green Squadron Xwings began firing at them.

The TIEs protecting the one in the middle were taking the damage and when they got close enough it sprang from the cloud and straight at a Corellian frieghter. Luckily the freighters turbo guns took it out just in time and the explosion shot debri harmlessly across the hull. Tanis had found them. He opened the general battle channel.

"This is Renegade Six! I've pin pointed the suicide squadrons frequency and found them. Transmitting it now to the capital ships to be relayed to the fighters." Tanis said and inputed the code.

Excellent! Green Squadron, use the codes to find the suicide fighters and take them out before they cause any more damage! Ackbar said

Copy that. We're getting the codes now. Green squadron, you know what to do! Captain Reth said

Tanis was satisfied. Turning the Raider around-



Something had hit the Raider, hard. Tanis blasted off and above his veiwport flew by a black TIE hunter that he could barely see against the black, starlit back drop. Tanis locked on to keep it in view and followed the odd TIE, but it was quick. From the back port of the Hunter popped out a proton bomb and Tanis pulled up and around as it vaporized the space he nearly flew into.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker


"Attention! Green and Renegade Squadrons! This is 'Vornskr'. Defender Squadron has entered the field. We'll assist in targeting the suicide bombers, if you'll agree to give us a hand getting to the temple." I say via double encrypted transmission to both starfighter squads. I veer to my right to avoid a stray laser bolt from my wingmate, a Jensaraai in a heavily modified ARC-170 starfighter. His callsign is 'Nexu,' same as his armor design.

"Sorry, 'Vornskr' didn't mean to cut it that close," 'Nexu' chuckles. 'Nexu's' a rodian and he's very capable as a pilot, albeit a little on the reckless side. I watch as he executes a flawless barrel roll, and launches a pair of proton torpedoes into a pair of pursuing TIE Predators.

"Watch it 'Nexu', you vape 'Vornskr' and I may be next in line as Saraai-Kar" the deep voice of the Gammorrean, using the call sign, 'Reek,' grunts and snorts, translated by his helmet's built in droid vocoder translator. He's flying a Z-95 Headhunter that looks nothing like the original stock model, after all of his modifications. He pulls up hard, as a third Predator tries to imitate the maneuver. 'Reek' cuts his sublight engines and engages his repulsorlift coils to drop down on the unsuspecting pilot. I can't help wince as the TIE's shields flicker out and the canopy is torn apart by the collision with the underside of Reek's heavily shielded starfighter.

"SSsssssssssss," sisses the Barabel using the call sign 'Durgolosk' after the fearsome predator of her homeworld, Barab 1, "Thiz one thinkz 'Reek' would have a real fight on hiz handz... "  'Durgolosk''s G-59 Cannibalizer, similar to the Z-95, spat out a few shots from her Triple fire-linked blasters to cut down a couple of TIE's in our path as we made for the nearest Capital ship to provide cover from the suicide runners.

I allow myself a chuckle at that,

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."