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"Sir! One of our assault teams is getting wiped out!!!! There encountering heavy resistance, from a bloody space ship!" Tigs shouted over to Griffin

"What!? we where told we had Air supperioty here what the feck is going on!?" Griffin shouted back

"The fleets pretty much destroyed sir, Command just issued a tactical retreat to all key personell, Thats Us!" Was his answer

"What!? Dam it! so they just sent that transmission to those who cant be expended! Disgraceful!" Griffin sighed "Okay well our LZ's down so where gonna have to make a new one, We got our Cruiser, the Alisano just out of harms reach, there gonna send down a couple of transports when there's a lull in the battle! So dig in and stay frosty!" Griffin told his squad

With that griffin sat down on the nearest log he could find, checked the motion scanner....nothing. Removed his helmet and lit up a cigar.

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Glad to see so much support...

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Tell that to SH 1 tongue

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poor defiled horse.

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shut up and post tongue

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Jedi Master Tanis Ardion, his apprentice the wookie Jedi Shvarrk (nicknamed Shiv), the three Mandalorian warriors Solus Auurin, Tealani Reneg, and Resh, and the new found young Jedi named Aliyah Onasi made their way out of the rubble of the collapsed bunker. They were an unusual party: 3 Jedi and 3 Mandalorian Warriors. As unusual as they may be, few who stood against a team as this lived to tell the tale of their exploits.

They climbed out of the wrechage just in time to see a squad of fighters carpet bomb the battle field. At the vanguard was the unmistakable Slave I, it seemed Boba Fett had taken the field. Tanis could feel Resh, Tealani and Solus beem with pride. If only they understood what the man had done to get to where he is now... Tanis thought. Do the ends always justify the means however? Tanis did not know.

The mandos touched their helmets, signaling incoming transmissions. Tealani spoke up first.

"Mandalore Boba Fett has ordered the initiation of Phase 2. Commander Ralin has undertaken the ground assault. That means if we head due North West we would likely rendezvous with the main force at coordinates 32, 275." She addressed the group

"Oh this will be fun." Solus said, cocking his rifle.

"What do you mean?" Tanis asked

"That means...we gotta head through the main Peacekeeper force which is located between them and us." Resh said, not bothering to look at the jedi. Tanis disregarded his lack of respect, he understood why he acted as such.

"Through?" Aliyah asked

"Yup. It'll be fun kid, come on. Can't handle it, Jedi?" Tealani said jokingly and the three mandos began to jog off. Tealani's felinx followed her. Tanis and Shiv took their lightsabers out, unignited, and followed them.

"Handle it?....I can handle it alright....pfff." Aliyah said, taking out her own lightsaber and following the jedi. She had neglected to tell them that her whole reason for being here was to look for them and bring them to Princess Leia. She wanted to inspect their requirements a bit first.


The party trudged through the jungle silently and efficiently. At one point, Solus held up his fist and all knew they had made contact. The mandos could see through the foliage and dim light with their visors and the Jedi could sense the large force of Peacekeepers left by Boba Fett's bombing ahead of them. Luckily they were facing the opposite direction, fighting the Mandalorian force on the other side.

Solus signaled the ready check and looked behind him at Tanis. Tanis ingited his lightsaber and Shiv and Aliyah followed suit. They broke into a Force run and burst into the clearing where the rear of the Peacekeeper force waited to re-enforce the vanguard when the singal was given. They were at ease, but ready for action. They were not ready, however, for three Jedi to spring upon them being covered by three Mandalorian warriors.


The dance of the lightsabers cut a swath through the unsuspecting PK's.




The Jedi trio hacked and slashed at PK's while the mando's picked off trooper after trooper like clockwork. When there was adequate cover the three Mandos sprung from the forest and into the clearing. They came in behind the Jedi and the group began to move forward slowly as more PK's became aware of the current situation. In a moment, hundreds of troops would be upon them. They needed to move fast.

"Start moving forward! We'll cover each other!" Tanis yelled over the blaster fire. The Mandos stayed behind the Jedi as they created a wall of lightsaber blocking and the Mandos provided cover fire of their own. Eventually the team reached the other end of the clearing and the Jedi broke into a run as the Mandos covered them for a second. Then the Mandos followed.

With the cover of the trees, the team could move faster but the rear guard was still close behind. Soon, they would run into the vanguard and the battle itself.

"Stay close! The battle is just up ahead!" Solus yelled to the group. They continued their run through the forest, trying to stay away from the pursuing PK's while dodging their blaster fire and trying to not run headfirst into the battle ahead.

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Tealani felt that familiar sensation that always came when a fight was brewing. Battle always made her pulse grow faster, her senses sharpen and her muscles coil in anticipation. Mez, her felinx, was on her shoulder for now. But the felinx enjoyed battle as much as the Mando.

Tealani relished the moment she was able to open fire with her EE3 blaster. The fight was short and the Jedi managed to slay quicker than their blaster bolts but Tealani didn’t mind. There was going to be plenty of Peace Keepers to go around.

She sneered, Peace Keepers was such a ridiculous name, they always went into battle. Mez chirped on her shoulder then leapt to the ground. “There’s fresh meat ahead, Mez will lead the way.”

“You trust the rodent?” Tanis said looking utterly surprised.

Tealani knew he couldn’t see her face under her helmet, so she tilted her head slightly. “You believe in the Force, perhaps Mez and I share a special connection.” She jibbed.

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SHiv whooped and hollered as he cut down peacekeepers.  It was enough seeing three Jedi charging through your ranks but seeing a wookiee Jedi struck some of the rookie recruits dumb.  But the veterans kept up as soon as they saw the Jedi.  But it was futile.  Soon they were all dead.  Tanis and Tealani exhanged words and Tanis sighed. 

"We follow her pet.  It knows the way."  Shiv grunted his confirmation and followed the others off.

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I'm in a lot less pain. It still hurts enough that it takes a moment to realize I'm not actually on Korriban.
It takes even longer to realize I'm not alone in this cave. Inquisitor Zoncxs looks troubled to see me. I begin putting my armor back on.

"Your ship is not far from here High Inquisitor Star-" he begins. I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

"Belay that title, I no longer serve the Imperial Order. For that matter neither does Skywalker, it's under the traitor Tho'un's control now. He's brought war to Mandalore. His pet Xan has made himself an enemy of the Jensaraai. I will be the one to correct his mistake."

"So who do you serve now, Starjammer?" Zoncxs asks as I fasten my final plate and begin gathering my helmet, lightsaber and other items.

"I serve no one, Mister Zoncxs. I am the Saraai-Kar"

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The party slid through the dense jungle foliage, Tealani at the lead keeping an eye on Mez who showed the way. After a few moments the sound of intense battle could be heard. Resh called for a halt.

"Someone should scout ahead and check out the battle." He said

"I'm on it." Solus answered and exploded into the air using his jetpack. The party took a few steps back away from the backdraft. Tanis force jumped through the trees to join him as he landed on a high branch and surveryed the battle field.

"Is that the Mandalorian force over there?" Tanis asked pointing to a hill overlooking the battle field. He could see the large group of armored warriors.

"Yeah thats us. We've got the high ground...excellent. This will probably be a massacre if we can maintain their numbers." Solus answered leveling his rifle and looking through his scope. Tanis saw him aim at a Peacekeeper transport ship and-


The bolt hit the repulsor lift mechanism and the ship teetered a moment before falling to the battlefield and exploding, killing no less than 30 PK's. Tanis turned his head slowly to look at Solus.

"...couldn't help it." He said and jumped down, using his jetpack to land. Tanis followed.

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"...but it had to be done. Think anyone will notice?" Solus gave him a friendly prod in the side as the small group walked onwards. Shiv took the liberty to continually scout ahead, swinging ahead through the tree canopies.

Solus sighed, there had been a question eating at him. He was almost embarrassed to ask in front of his Mando'ad vode. The Jedi and Mandalorians weren't exactly on friendly terms, with a 4,000 year record of conflict. "Would you mind if I asked you something, Jet- ...Tanis?"

"Not at all." He replied humbly.

"What's it like to...err...'feel' us in The Force?" Solus looked at his clenched armored fist, then back to Tanis.

Tanis smiled. "Interesting question Solus...The Force is in all beings, not only Force sensitive ones. Its energy surrounds us..." Tanis opened his arms symbolizing the area around them. "...and binds us." He then brought in his arms and closed his fists. "Force sensitive beings feel the Force around them. Here, between tree...the rock...everywhere. Everything and everyone has a presence in the Force. This belief of all creatures and things being 'one' is known as the Living Force. This belief leads us to trust our instincts and live in the moment."

Solus was listening intentively, nodding subtly for the Master Jedi to continue.

"This is, however, the opposite of the Unifying Force belief, in which you focus on fulfilling a destiny. This belief led the Jedi of the Old Republic to their fall, because many of them lost themselves looking into the future instead of living in the moment. With the Living Force, you are a part of me just like the tree, the rock, or my lightsaber. So, because we are all one in the Force, I know everything about the people around me because it is as if we are all one being. Just as you know if your hand is in pain, I would know that Shiv, my apprentice is in pain. Or just as you know your ankle is in danger of being sprained because you are running through the uneven jungle, I know that you are in danger because you are in battle."

"You mentioned a presence? Like a feeling..."

"Your presence in the Force, or anyone's for that matter, feels to me like a sound, or a smell or a look that is emanating from you. That sixth sense is the Force."

"I'm very intrigued, Master Jedi."

He chuckled. "Just Tanis will do."

Just then Shiv muttered something in the comlink. Solus didn't know Shryiiwook, so he let his buy'ce translate.  Apparently the concentration of ranking PK troops was only half a klick away, and were losing numbers fast.

Solus held out his hand casually, Tanis did the same. They grasped forearms, the Mando version of a handshake. "If you'll excuse me, I've got some sniping to do." Solus tapped his brow and stalked off into the dense foliage.

((BTW, Val gets credit for the dialogue for Tanis))

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Tealani followed Mez and only paused when she heard the others were sending forward a scout. Mez was scout enough for her but she didn’t say anything to the others. Tealani slowed as Mez’s small form hunkered under a bush and stalked forward.

Tealani dropped down and crawled after her felinx. She pulled herself along with her elbows and knees to ensure she still had her hands free for her blaster. She crawled up beside Mez and saw what the felinx was looking at.

Mez’s tail twitched with agitation, Tealani saw why. In the distance there were a number of soldiers, leashed to them was a beast that brought a smile to Tealani’s face.

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*mmmm..... it's good to be back*

The smoky scent of burnt jungle penetrated Ralin’s air filters as he pushed forward.  The stream was markedly lower now, so much had been flash evaporated by the proximity of the bombing run.  Things seemed so much quieter now, only the screaming PKs on the far side and a few blaster shots here and there – but it all began to liven up again very quickly. 

Ralin and his first wave of Mandos burst into the stunned ranks of the PK line with brutal effect.  Both heavy blasters leveled, the newest captain of the Mandalorian SuperCommandos made his presence known on the field. 

There were more PKs on the ground then Ralin expected, and he’d anticipated a lot.  However, the power and surprise of the airstrike combined with the quick attack by the ground forces was taking a bloody toll on the black armored invaders. 

It’s going to be a long, bloody day…

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Tanis watched as Solus stalked off into the forest to do his dirty work. While Shiv and Tealani were away scouting, Tanis thought it was a good time to meditate for a few minutes before they inevitably ran into trouble. He sat on the jungle floor cross legged and closed his eyes.

It was relaxing. Tanis began thinking of his old master, Olee Starstone who died recently, leaving him with his mission of redeeming Luke Skywalker. Tanis missed her...she was not only wise and a great teacher but at the same time a great friend...

"Olee will always be with you."

Tanis was startled by the voice that appeared from behind him, he didnt sense anyone approach. He opened his eyes and spun around quickly, standing up. He was greeted by an unbelievable sight.

"Obi-Wan!" Tanis was shocked. He hadn't seen Master Obi-Wan in many, many years. Since before Order 66. Tanis could see that Master Kenobi hadn't survived the attack...

"If you were wondering, I was one of the few not to be killed in the attack upon the Jedi. I escaped to Tatooine with the infant Luke Skywalker and left him in his uncle's care. I then remained hidden until the time had come to tell Luke of his destiny. I was later struck down by Darth Vader aboard the first Death Star when I sacrificed myself to allow Luke and his allies time to escape." Obi-Wan's Force ghost said as he crossed his arms.

"I would expect no less from you Master Kenobi." Tanis said nodding " seems your plan hasn't exactly followed through with the best results..." Tanis said, referrencing the fact that Luke now had control of the galaxy and had replaced the Emperor.

"Mine the plan was too! HMPH!"

Tanis spun around to be greeted by another Force ghost.

"Master Yoda! I should have realized you were instumental in taking down Darth Vader and the Emperor." Tanis was glad to see Yoda again. He hadn't been with him since he had trained with him as a child many years ago at the Jedi Temple.

"Not far Luke would have gone without MY training! And not far YOU would have gone without it!" Yoda said shaking his cane.

"Certainly not Master Yoda, certainly not." Tanis said

"Yes, Yoda trained Luke on Dagobah for some time before he passed of extreme old age." Obi-Wan said.

"When nine hundred years old YOU reach, look as good you will not. Hmm?" Yoda said to Tanis. Tanis smiled.

"However Tanis, mine and Yoda's plan DID end as it should have. The Emperor was defeated after Luke showed Darth Vader that Anakin Skywalker was still alive within him. The Chosen One put balance to the galaxy...of sorts. What we hoped wouldn't happen was this fall out. Luke has not turned to the Dark Side entirely, he is not a Sith Lord. He has not taken a title. He is instead living a lie. He is in denial of how close he is to the Dark Side, and how wrong he has been ruling the galaxy. That is why we are here now speaking to you Tanis." Obi-Wan said

"Went to Master Starstone we did, before she died. Told her of these things. Charged you with the mission of redeeming Skywalker she did. Restore peace to the galaxy, you must." Yoda said, being firm.

"Yes...(Tanis sighs softly)...I know. It is a dawnting task. I already managed to infiltrate Coruscant and yet I failed to reach Skywalker there." Tanis said to the Jedi Masters

"It is a most difficult task Master Tanis. However, have faith in your abilities. You also have your apprentice, the Jedi Knight, Shiv." Obi-Wan said, reassuring Tanis.

"Have a whole galaxy of beings who want the end of the Empire you do. Help you must find." Yoda said

"Indeed." Tanis nodded.

"We are also here to assist, naturally... For some time, Luke has denied my audience with him, believing himself to be in the right and that I am leading him to destruction like the Jedi of the Old Republic. Recently he has had a lapse in his judgement, however, and I was able to discern that he has been taken hostage by a group of Sith, and they are using the Force to block his mind and body, holding him at a secret location." Obi-Wan informed Tanis. Tanis was shocked at this monumental information.

"Where??" Tanis asked them.


Tanis walked slowly through the jungle on his way back to the group. He pondered on this new information. Things had continued to accelerate rapidly lately, and his moment alone with two of the greatest Jedi ever known was no exception. He hadn't heard from either of them in years, and he had long mourned the supposed loss of Obi-Wan Kenobi, being an admirer of his and even crafting his lightsaber similar to his back when he was an Initiate. He still used that lightsaber now.

Tanis suddenly sensed that Shiv was approaching...somewhat quickly. After a moment the Wookie crashed from the treetops and landed in front of Tanis gracefully.

<Master Tanis, you must come--...Why do I sense somethin--...What happened?> Shiv asked looking behind Tanis.

"...Nothing...Well...I may tell you someday Shiv. Don't worry about it for now." Tanis said thinking.

<...Oh, alright. Well you should come quickly. Tealani's pet led us to something very interesting.>

"Indeed? What is it?" Tanis said as they began walking

<Well should come see.>

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I finish with my armor and items, even taking some time to do some minor repairs on some of my helmet's critical systems. Zoncxs informs me that I was unconscious for a few days. He'd managed to use the force to limit the damage of the Wayward Soul's crash. He then somehow was able to avoid a squad of Mandalorian Supercommandos stationed at the MandalMotor's Tower to recover my unconscious form, before they took the Soul into custody. I don't know if their Mandalore knows it was my ship or if Ralin Drakus was able to identify it. I know I've been gone for too long. The Jensaraai must be out searching for me.

My circuitry is fried. I can get a very weak signal out on my comm, but I don't know who might be listening. I have no choice but to try to get to the heavily fortified tower in the hopes that I can make it to the Mandalorian's Command Center. Then I can get to my people and organize some kind of restrategy.

This battle depends on it.

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((Going to post a few more times i think, Val knows my plan, if he has a problem he can tell me))

Mandalore System

One small ship, Painted black, with small specks of white, and dispite the precaution, concealed by a cloaking device to mask its existence. It was one of a kind, not small by normal standards but considering the best classification for it would be as a carrier it was small, room for just twenty five modified TIE Bombers. They were modified to be faster, more resistant, and almost impossible to detect by sensor. They were modified to carry special muitions as well, and painted a mottled grey/blue to match the sky of Mandalore, and they were packed into the ship in a cargo bay. They would be moved by a robotic arm into a loading bay, where the pilot would enter his bomber, exit the carrier and wait for the rest of the bombers to be ready, the process when done correctly would take only fifteen minutes. Upon completion the ships would enter atmosphere in a predetermined flight path and unload. Upon completion of their path they would circle back and attempt to regroup and reload onto the carrier, if none returned in one hour, or contact was lost with all ships, the ship would return to coruscant. The carrier was of special design, the only like it in the empire, it had a bridge, a brefing room, barracks and facilities for the crew and the pilots it carried, and engineering to care for its engines and cloak generator. Its orders were set, and soon it would carry them out.

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Aliyah barely remembered the battle. She had never killed like that before. Never in such a blind swirl of the force before, she could feel the other two Jedi  reaching deep in the well water that is the force.  And before she knew it, the Peacekeepers were vanquished around them.  Her mind cleared of the battle fog, noticing all the bodies around her, slain by her and the others. She started to feel light headed, and wanted to sit down. But as she started to she hit one of the severed body parts of the peace keepers. She stood up in a jerk, and reached out to the force to calm her.

But she couldn’t help but feel remorse for her part in the slaying.  Didn’t they have just as strong sense of duty as she did? What gave her the moral high ground as compared them? We’re they not just simply trying to make their way just like anyone else?

Aliyah stopped in her tracts. She had been going back to find Tanis, so that she could stand by her word and fulfill her promise to Princess Leia.  But there was such a wave in the force, unlike one she had felt before. Something was happening but in her inexperience did not know what it could be. She reached out to the feeling in the force. She felt no malice, no anger, no hate and so she calmed some and reached further.  There was so much power in whatever it was that she was experiencing in the force. And then it was gone. And Aliyah was left confused.

She took off at a run then in the last direction she had seen Tanis. She needed to talk to him now more than ever before.

She found him conversing with the Wookiee Jedi. He never ceased to amaze her. It was fully apparent that she had so much to learn and see in the galaxy. But before she reached them they turned and started to walk away.

“Tanis Wait!” she shouted after them. She had traveled this far, she wouldn’t loose them.

“Yes?” He said as he turned to her.

She felt nervous now. She seemed to lack for words now that she seemed to have opportunity.

“ What was that I just felt in the force?? There’s so much going on. I feel I need to know what’s happening. It’s now my fight as well.”

“Do you now young one? Do you know what it is we fight?”

“I know enough. Leia sent me to find you. I will fight for what you fight. I know I am not nearly what you expected. But I am here. We need to find Skywalker. The future of the galaxy depends on it. I can see that clearly enough through the force. I feel like my destiny lies down that path.”

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Tanis pondered for a moment about Aliyah's exclamation. Her view of the Force was more of the Unifying Force belief, as opposed to his Living Force belief. That was fine however, her heart was where is needed to be.

"Yes, the galaxy does depend on us finding and saving Luke Skywalker. Thereby saving the galaxy. Skywalker is not only the hope for the galaxy, but the hope for the Jedi as well. You say the Princess sent you to find me?" Tanis asked Aliyah.

"Yes, I was with her and when she discovered I was a Jedi she sent me to find you two. She had heard of you and needed your help."

"Mhm. Well fortunately I already spoke with her before me and Shiv infiltrated Coruscant. However, we will need her help if we are to save Skywalker." Tanis said. He could sense Shiv becoming ansy, he wanted Tanis to see what they discovered.

"What do you mean?" The young Jedi asked

"You'll know when we leave Mandalore, which we must do soon. For now however, it appears our Mandalorian friends have discovered something interesting that must be attended to. Come." Tanis said as he raised his cowl over his head and he and Shiv went walking through the forest. Aliyah stood in wonder for a moment, and then followed.


After walking for a bit the three Jedi reached the beginning of the clearing where the three Mando's were watching a platoon of Peacekeepers were holding a massive creature by many leashes.

"What have we here?" Tanis said, folding his arms into the sleeves of his cloak.

"Looks like a Rancor." Resh said

"Yeah but... theres something different..." Tealani said looking closer at the odd looking Rancor.

"Hold on." Solus said as he dropped his rangefinder. After a few seconds it identified the creature and Solus informed the group.

"According to this, its a 'Chrysalide'." Solus said flipping up his rangefinder.

"A special type of Rancor?" Aliyah asked Solus

"I dont know, all it gives is the name." Solus answered.

<Wait, a Chrysalide... Those were Rancors that Emperor Palpatine had genetically engineered on Byss using Sith alchemy. These rancors are much more deadly than normal ones, they can chew through metal easily and are more aggressive.> Shiv said. Everyone looked at the wookie and then at Tanis.

"What'd he say?" Resh asked. None understood Shyriiwook except Tanis due to his prolongued stay on Kashyyyk avoiding Order 66.

"My apprentice explained that these are genetically engineered Rancor created by Emperor Palpatine on Byss. They can chew through metal and are very aggressive." Tanis told the group.

"A little treat Luke kept when he took over..." Solus said

"Chew through metal? Theyre planning on releasing this thing into the forest to run-a-mok arent they? They'd probably eat through our Mandalorian armor." Tealani said in realization.

"Presumably, yes." Tanis said

"Well.......lets kill it." Solus said, raising his rifle and looking through his scope.

"Waiiiiiit a second, wait a second." Tealani said putting her hand over the rifle. "Theres a platoon of PK's with that thing. They'd annihilate us from this range, we're too outnumbered."

"What do we have three Jedi for then?" Resh said

"We need a plan." Tanis said, lowering his cowl.

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Shiv growled his disapproval.  <We should storm it.  The combined abilities of all three of the Jedi should be plenty.>

Tanis chuckled.  Resh grunted irritably.  "What did he say?"

"He'd rather not sit here talking idly while the thing lives.  Then again Shiv was always most impatient.  Do not overestimate the Jedi Shiv.  We are just as human-" Shiv growled.  "-or wookiee as the average sentient.  Our only advantage is the Force and that itself does not make us invincible.  You must learn that."

Shiv nodded apprehensively.  Shiv was not one for the planning stages of plans.  He was always the one carrying them out for the others.  <When you come up with your plan let me know of my role.  I will more than happily carry it out.>  Tanis nodded and Shiv turned his attention to the Peacekeepers and the Chrysalide watching them.  He waited as the others talked behind him.  The peacekeepers grew anxious.  They did not enjoy the company of this beast.  Perhaps it could be turned against them.  Shiv cautiously opened himself up to the Force.  He reached out to the beast and felt a raging turmoil of pain and anger.  This thing had lived a pained life.  An idea struck him.  He turned his attention back to the group.  Solus was arguing for a blind rush while Tealani was thinking more silently.  It was actually turning into a more heated discussion and Master Tanis was attempting to moderate.  Shiv barked and everyone grew quiet as all eyes looked to him. 

<Perhaps we could somehow get the beast to turn against it's own captors.  I don't believe it would be too hard considering that thing's mental state.  The Mandalorians could pick off the Peacekeepers who aren't stomped on or eaten.>

Tanis ran Shiv's idea over with all the others.  Perhaps Shiv was more capable at this planning thing than he gave himself credit for.

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Mandalore System. Briefing Room of the Cleansing Fire

The pilots had been assembled, and all were seated on the benched provided, a holodisplay was up, and the captain of the ship stood beside it, and was addressing the pilots. "You all know what your mission requires, the order will be given soon, your ships are armed and ready for you to begin boarding as soon as the order is received. You have all recived your assignments, and a flight path will be relayed to you once you are ready for takeoff. For the Empire, dismissed."

The pilots rose, and returned to their previous activites. The clock continued to count, the time was near.

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<"All ships have reported in as ready, Grand Admiral. The Rebel Alliance fleet is prepared for the first set of jump coordinates as well, Sir..> The Captain of the Chimaera stood on the bridge, just beside the Admiral, seated firmly in his command chair.

<"Very good, Captain. Please inform the others that it is absolutely crucial that each battle group jump in and out of their assigned staging points exactly on schedule. There will be absolutely no room for error. I will not repeat myself in the future. All Captain's who deviate from the assigned plan will do so at their own risk."> The blue-skinned Chiss looked at the Chimaera's Captain, a satisfied yet grim appearance offset by deeply glowing crimson eyes. Grand Admiral Thrawn made a quick note of the current time on his holodisplay, then nodded to the Captain."Engage the Chimaera's hyperdrive. Let's give those traitors a reason to fight."

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"'re going to Jedi this thing into a rage, and when it goes crazy and attacks the PK's we shoot them up in the confusion?" Solus said confirming the plan.

"Yes." Tanis said. The group looked around and all accepted. Tanis nodded and he, Shiv and Aliyah proceeded to the edge of the clearing and faced the Chrysalis and the lounging PK's. They hadn't been given the orders to release it yet.

"How do we pull this off?" Aliyah asked Tanis. Tanis pondered for a moment about how he could relay the way to project anger without slipping into a Dark Side trance.

"...First, set a connection between you and the creature. Feel the creatures Force pressence and lock onto it. Concentrate on only its pressence. In time, you will be able to sense the creatures conflicting emotions. You will find its fear, its anger, its joy and other emotions. You must exploit the anger as if it was your own." Tanis told them.

<Thats going against all our teachings and methods...>

"Thats correct. However we were not always Jedi. Remember a time when you were young and you released anger over something small. Create that feeling of releasing anger in the Chrysalide's mind. Reproduce that sensation in the Chrysalide. It is difficult at first, however the creature is already unstable and we should be able to manage....ready?" Tanis asked

"Yes." Aliyah said

<Yes.> Shiv said

Tanis reached out, and his hand extended from his robes. Shiv sat on the ground cross legged and closed his eyes. Aliyah reached out with both hands and also closed her eyes as well.

Tanis could feel the Chrysalide, he could feel its emotions and thoughts. It was, unsurprisingly, very hungry. The Imperials probably starved it for added carnage. He amplified the hunger first, and the creature stirred. It roared momentarily and the PK's became wary.

Sifting through for a moment longer, Tanis began to notice Shiv and Aliyah's pressence within the Chrysalide's mind. The three were toying with its fear, which would lead to its anger. The creature began to salivate excessively and began to pant heavily. Tanis found and opening and he took hold on the creatures rage and throttled it like a star ship control. The creature took a large intake of breath and-


The three Jedi relinquished their hold on the Chrysalide before its rage consumed them. Aliyah had a smile on her face from her success. Shiv imediately stood and grabbed his lightsaber, ready for battle. The PK's began scrurrying around grabbing the cables attached to the Chrysalide's neck but the Chrysalide began to whirl about and the cables spun out of the PKs' hands. Tanis saw several PKs setting their weapons to stun. He turned to the Mandos.

"Do your stuff."

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Solus stood in disbelief as he observed the Chrsyslide turn on it's PK Masters. Fortunately the Jedi were on his side, for now. Solus mock saluted before climbing up a mossy rock outcropping to lay prone. He attached the suppressor, flipped out the bipod and adjusted the scope's built-in rangefinder on his rifle, linking it to his HUD. Solus copied the ammunition's type and ballistic data from his helmet memory bank to the scope's built-in trajectory-calculating software. The HUD, with assistance from the 3x-14x magnification scope, recognized and marked 29 potential targets. All of which were PK soldiers, one officer and 9 handlers.

"Time's up, chakaare."

He clasped the grip of his custom sniper rifle, exhaling slowly. Solus first targeted a PK Officer barking orders into a comlink.


Solus followed the large .58 caliber projectile as it sliced through the humid air. The slug struck the officer in his lower back, showering the surrounding black clad troops with red decorative gore.

"Gooood night. Officer down."


Next he lined up on a PK trooper who had just set up an E-WEB Turret. Unfortunately for him, he was next.


The bullet passed through the Chryslide's left arm and the E-WEB's 'protective' armor plate through the target's skull. Not only was it a clean headshot, but the projectile continued through, hitting another soldier behind in the lower abdomen.

"H-V-Ts eliminated. Oya! Go go go!" Solus spoke into the helmet comm. He watched as the small team of Mandos rushed from their treeline cover at the disoriented PK troops.

Solus cycled the bolt, re-focused, then lined up his last round on the Chryslide's bulky face. He was sure the HEAP Round would kill it instantly, without pain...

...Not that he cared.

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