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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

When Daphne returned to the conclave she wasn’t surprised to see Loxley waiting for her. However she was surprised to see the guilty look on his face.

“Where have you been?” he asked sounding worried.

“Out,” she said simply as she kept walking along.

“I need to talk to you,” Loxley said, Daphne didn’t miss the touch of pleading in his tone.

“Can it wait until later?” she already knew his answer.

“No, this is urgent.” Loxley replied looking at her firmly.

She stopped, “Okay what is it?”

Loxley looked at her sheepishly, “We need to talk in private.”

Daphne sigh, she certainly wasn’t inviting him to her sleeping quarters. “Fine let’s go to your place.”

He smiled slightly but still looked very uncomfortable. Daphne was surprised, Loxley was always so confident. This was unusual. Maybe he’d finally come to terms with her lack of interest.

She followed him to his private sleeping quarters, her senses on high alert. Loxley shut the door behind her politely then sat on the floor. Daphne followed his example.

“Okay what’s so urgent?” she asked.

“I messed up. Clara came onto me and we kissed.” Loxley said with a wince.

Daphne smiled, “So you want to be with Clara now?”

“God no, I imagined it was you that I was kissing.” Loxley told.

Daphne closed her eyes and shook her head. Just when she thought she’d finally gotten rid of him he simply confirmed he was more obsessed with her then she’d initially thought. “Loxley, if you-“

Loxley pressed a finger to her lips. “Please I want to apologise. I have a feeling I’ve really blown it with you. Please forgive me, I swear I’ll make it up to you.”

Daphne’s mind was going like crazy. If she didn’t forgive him would he leave her alone or would he be worse? If she did forgive him would he assume that she wanted to be with him? There was no telling how his mind would twist her response. Then an idea came to her, “Loxley you’ve just proved you can’t be faithful, why would I want to be with someone who can’t commit to one female when only courting?”

Loxley’s eyes widened, obviously he wasn’t expecting such a question. “I’m not courting her, she came onto me.”

“But you admitted you kissed her. Did you enjoy it, Loxley?” Daphne said watching him squirm.

“Yes, I mean no. I mean I was imagining it was you.” Loxley said trying to claw back.

“But it wasn’t me, Loxley. You haven’t even kissed me, Loxley. Why don’t you go kiss Clara since you enjoy it so much.” Daphne instructed.

Loxley raised his hands to cup her face, much to Daphne’s annoyance. “But Daphne, I love you.”

Daphne almost gave up but then she thought of another barb, “If you love me so much you wouldn’t have kissed another woman.”

Daphne should have seen it coming but she didn’t, Loxley leant forward to kiss her. She immediately tensed but didn’t move as an idea came to mind.

Loxley released her and looked into her eyes searchingly.

Daphne knew this was going to be harsh be it had to be done. She took Loxley’s hands from her face and stood up. “Consider that your kiss goodbye, Loxley.”

When she walked out the door she heard his scream of ‘no’ but she kept walking. She felt like such a cow but it was the only way she could rid herself of the man.

Now it was time for sleep…


Daphne awoke feeling rejuvenated that evening. She had a weight off her mind and a goal to achieve. As she stepped from her quarters she was happy to see that Loxley was actually absent, it was the first time in months.

She sat down with her pack mates for a meal for the first time in ages. A few of the males were wary in sitting near her from Loxley’s previous behaviour but when they saw he was not around they relaxed.

When that was over Daphne planned to visit Anita’s quarters to see if she had returned. But it seemed she had not.

Next Daphne went to see Crispin, he was around. He showed her to a chair and she settled in. “So what information do we want to tell the half breed?”

Crispin let out a sigh, “Not too much though I suspect he’s kin.”

Daphne nodded, he was kin to Crispin but not to her. “So do you know why Anita goes on spurts of leave?”

Crispin shrugged then thought better of it. “When Anita was younger she was curious about the human world. She wanted to know how it all worked and she wanted to know why we don’t live with the humans. Of course this was after she went through the blood phase.”

Daphne nodded, each werewolf went through a stage in life where they craved to hunt and taste blood. Those born as werewolves grew through it in their childhood while those who were turned did it in the first 50 years of their life.

“I was fine with Anita going to explore provided she had a guardian with her. She was okay with this initially but then she grew more adventurous and managed to find ways to lose her guardian.” Crispin told. “Eventually she came to me one night saying that she had fallen in love with a human. I was furious and forbade her to see him again.”

“I’m guessing she didn’t take that very well,” Daphne put in.

Crispin nodded, “Typical youngster, thinks they know everything. Anyway she did obey me for a while but then the time of the Luna Eclipse came. As you know each werewolf seeks to find a mate, but that’s not the only reason that the Luna Eclipse is special. It also makes us far more fertile. Those who could not conceive a child normally now could. As for humans and werewolves, we cannot breed together normally, however during a Luna Eclipse we can.”

Daphne nodded starting to understand where this was going.

“Much to my dismay Anita fled during that first Luna Eclipse of her maturity, she was determined to go back to her human. Now I am concerned that she did actually have a child. She was gone for so long that it was possible. When she came back she was never the same happy girl I used to know.” Crispin said.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Name: Ashryn Le Faye
Species: Vampire
Sex: Male
Age: Regular Vampire 225 years young.
Appearance: Looks to be in his mid twenties. Long black hair and grey eyes. Incredibly handsome and charming, a total rock star. He's always been a fan of the "edgier" fashions over the past couple of centuries. The current rock scene is by far, his favorite. Dresses in leather (complete with straps), and metal chains, attire of a metal rocker.
Weapons: Guitar case filled with werewolf fighting implements, silver throwing blades, etc. His prized possession is a custom shotgun, designed to look like a guitar (actually plays like a guitar), that shoots custom silver bullet shells.
Personality: Loves and craves the rocker lifestyle, even has a custom racing motorcycle in black with blood red tribal grafx accross it with matching helmet. Works at the local nightclub, frequented by vampires and humans alike, as the inhouse talent. He's got a smooth, melodic voice, reminiscent of Jim Morrison of The Doors. He craves the young groupies, interested in the darker joys of life. Loyal to D and his coven. Very protective of Murk Valley's citylife, his favorite hunting ground. He's careful enough only to feed from the dregs of human society, having come to terms with his vampiric nature. Being a regular at the club, he's come to be known as D's eyes and ears with events surrounding coven members, as well of course, as some werewolf matters.

(I'm tired now so Im not posting yet. Feel free to approach Ashryn for info, if you come to the nightclub.)

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

John checked his watch, eight o'clock, he risked a look out side, the sun was down. He walked over to Audrey "Its dark out." He placed his hand on the back of his neck "If you want, you could stay at my appartment, its alot cleaner, the rooms are sunproofed, I have food, normal food I mean, and you dont need to pay for it."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Nick stood up, and scented.  It wasn't a Vamp, but it wasn't one of the pack either.  HE shrugged his shoulders; he had no clue what it was.  He enjoyed his half-and-half form, it gave him both immense strength, senses and agility, while retaining his inteeligence.  And the fur really helped in the winter time.  With a mighty leap, Nick shot up into the branches of the tree, clawed hands tearing into the bark, gripping handolds and footholds as he climbed up.  When he got to the source of the scent, he was really thrown for a loop.  It looked like....well, a Dragon.  But they were supposed to be extinct.  He put his hands outwards, in a display of friendship, also showing that he held no weapons, and that he meant no harm.

((Okay, Mandal, there you go. Cover's blown))

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne listened intently to Crispin and realised that the rift between him and his daughter caused him a lot of pain. She decided not to probe any further. Instead she asked for a photo of Anita.

“A photo? Why do you want one? You know what she looks like.” Crispin said.

“It’s not for me, it’s for Nathaniel.” Daphne told. She knew she’d want to know what her parents looked like if she’d never met them.

Crispin’s brow furrowed, “There’s one problem with that. The Halfling is a slayer, if Anita is not his mother you’ve just given him the ID of another werewolf he can hunt.”

Daphne let out a sigh, “That’s certainly true.”

Crispin scratched his chin, “However I do suspect he’s kin. He smells like Anita way too much for it simply to be a coincidence.” He stood and rummaged through a desk drawer until he found what he was looking for. He handed the photo to Daphne. “Be certain he’s not going to use this to hunt her.”

Daphne took the photo from his hand. It was an older photo that showed a younger happy Anita. Daphne could see why Crispin was so impacted by her change. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he doesn’t hunt her.”

As Daphne left Crispin’s quarters she wonder where to search next for Anita. She had always been elusive and Daphne had never paid much attention to her comings and goings. She decided to ask around. After an hour of little information Daphne considered giving up. Then she found Fran, one of the Elder she-wolves.

Daphne approached the older wolf with caution as Fran was wily and had a quick temper. “Excuse me Fran, may I have a moment of your time?”

“What do you want, youngling?” Fran snapped.

Daphne considered pointing out that she was of age then thought better of it. “I’m trying to find Anita.”

Fran stiffened visibly and adjusted her cardigan. “Anita does as she pleases.”

“I know that,” Daphne said in a gentle tone, “It’s just that someone is looking for her and I suspect he’s kin.”

Fran looked at her sharply, “All of Anita’s kin are here.”

“Are you sure?” Daphne asked, erring on the side of gentle questioning.

“What are you suggesting?” Fran said looking flustered.

Daphne wondered how she could put this delicately. “We think Anita may have a son.”

Fran gasped, “I’ve heard nothing of the sort! She has no mate!”

“Anita may have found a mate that she wishes to keep a secret, for her own reasons. I came across a half-wolf that smells remarkably like her scent.” Daphne explained.

Fran snorted, “She may have been with him, if you know what I mean. It would explain her scent on him.”

“It is a possibility,” Daphne concurred, “However I’ve come across him a couple of times and it’s definitely his own scent.”

Fran raised a brow, “Interested in him are you?”

Daphne shook her head, “No of course not.”

Fran gave a knowing smile, “The Luna Eclipse does strange things to all of us my dear. I’m sure you’ll change your mind when your hormones are more potent then your rationality.”

Daphne realised that Fran was trying to direct the conversation away from Anita. “I’ll worry about my hormones when the time comes. In the meantime do you have any idea where I could find Anita?”

Fran frowned, “You’re not easily mislead are you? Very well, Anita likes to visit the water hole in the south valley.”

Daphne raised a brow, “The birthing place?”

Fran gave a nod but stayed tight lipped.

“Thank you, Fran.” Daphne said and gave her a respectful nod.

“I told you nothing, now go away.” Fran said as she shooed with her a gesture of her hand.

Daphne took the hint and left. As she stepped away she wondered if she should seek out Anita alone or go and find Nathaniel to go with her.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Audrey looked a John quizzically, “Why would I want food?”

She touched her face, so her tongue had healed. John opened the door and Audrey’s nose caught the scent of humans and more importantly human blood. “No,” she gasped as she felt the hunger strike.

John seemed to realise what was happening, “Fight it.”

“I can’t,” she choked as her breathing became rapid almost to the point of hyperventilating. Then she ran, with no particular direction. She needed to feed. She paused outside a nightclub and dashed inside. The music was loud and the room smelt of sweat and alcohol. But it was the smell of blood that drew Audrey in.

“Hey babe, how you doing?” A man said as he draped his arm around her shoulders. He looked like a Billy Idol wannabe but Audrey didn’t care, he was food.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Zan was rather surprised that he had been spoted. Hed had always assumed that he was rather good at the whole stealth thing. "Apparently not...." he thought. Zan lept to another branch, higher this time. And let out a small growl at the man, once he was accross, puffing out smoke as he did so.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne decided to go alone. As she walked through the forest her mind wandered. What if Fran was right? Could the Luna Eclipse make you so unreasonable that you’d take anyone as your mate? The thought scared her. She knew males were affected first by the Luna Eclipse and it could explain Loxley’s growing obsession.

She shook her head. No Loxley had been infatuated with her for a long time, his possessive nature had just increased in intensity. Perhaps it was an effect of the Luna Eclipse. That stopped her in her tracks. Would she become so consumed with the need to mate that she’s actually consider Loxley? The thought chilled her. No, there was no way she’d ever consider the unbalanced Loxley.

Daphne shook her head to clear her thoughts. She started moving again. It took her twenty minutes but she made it to the southern valley. The moon had not risen yet but Daphne already felt its pull. It would no longer be a full moon, but it was close enough.

Walking as quietly as possible, Daphne made her way to the pool of water that lay at the bottom of the valley. She stopped regularly to sniff the air and listen. She heard nothing and smelt nothing unusual but that didn’t mean that she was alone.

She made her way to a small rock shelf that over looked the water body below. She got down on all fours as she moved onto the rock shelf. The boulders were large and threw many shadows which she tried to hide within. Daphne lay down on her stomach to wait for Anita.

Forty minutes passed and Daphne watched as the moon started to rise. She held back the need to change as she wanted to speak to Anita if she appeared. Another fifteen minutes passed and Daphne saw a pale coloured wolf appear at the water’s edge.

Daphne sniffed the air but the wolf’s scent escaped her, the wolf was too far away. Daphne watched as the wolf sat and looked at its reflection in the water.

Daphne gritted her teeth as she felt the need to transform intensify. She shuffled back into the rocks and stripped off before changing into her full wolf form.

As she moved out of the rocks she saw that the wolf below had gone. Daphne stepped out and a blade swung at her head. She ducked and then pushed off the rocks to drop to the ground below. She turned to see Nathaniel and so she shifted back to her human form, not particularly worried about being nude. “It’s me you fool.”

“Oh,” Nathaniel said. “I didn’t catch your scent.”

Daphne noticed that he looked at her from head to toe before averting his eyes. Daphne shifted back into her wolf form and made her way back up the rocks. She looked below but the other wolf was definitely gone. Daphne pulled her clothes out of the alcove in the rocks and shifted back to human form and got dressed. Once that was done she climbed up to Nathaniel’s vantage point. “Did you see the other wolf?” she asked.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"[self censored]!" John ran after Audrey, and found her in a night club with some idiot's arm around her. They guy probably thought he was pretty lucky, until John walked up to him. "Let her go." John said. They guy, who for some reason reminded John of someone, looked at him "(censored again) you."  Audrey was staring at the guys neck, her mouth moving closer to the man's jugular.He did the only thing he could think of. He punched the man in the jaw, and the guy fell. He grabbed audrey and pushed past the small group of people who were watching, going outside once agian.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Yeah I did. The pale colored one. It was down by the water. Your nose is better than mine, can you sniff her out?" Fort asked her

He thought about what happened several moments before. She had changed into her human form and stood naked in front of him, without shame. "I wouldnt have any shame either if I had that body..." He thought. He shook his head of the thoughts "Damn you Luna Eclipse!" He thought.

After his rest he suited up again and went back into the forest before heading to the nightclub. He was checking to see if he could find one of the odd dead bodies for himself so he could test it and send results and scans to the Knights.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Crispin sat in his old rocking chair, staring at the picture of his daughter, a lone tear running down his cheek. Where had he gone wrong? First he loses his daughter, now he was at a loss as to how to find her. Was he truly such a horrible father? How could control a pack if he couldn't control his own child?

Crispin pushed these thoughts from his head and got up from his chair. He picked up a bottle of his favorite Merlot and began to pour himself a glass when he decided to drink straight from the bottle. By the time he was done, Crispin would have a severely depleted wine collection.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

“I’ll head down to the water, I might be able to track her.” Daphne told. She knew that her cover was blown. Whoever it was would have heard the exchange of words between her and Nathaniel. She walked quietly down to the water and sniffed. It was certainly Anita that had been here.

Daphne noticed that Nathaniel’s head also tilted as he scented the air.

“It’s Anita,” Daphne said to confirm. She raised a hand to Nathaniel’s chest to halt him. “Now do you plan to hunt her or talk to her?”

“At this stage talk. But that could change in a heartbeat.” Nathaniel told.

Daphne gave a nod, she expected as much. “Keep it talk for now.” She turned her back on him again as she picked up the scent trail. She walked up the ridge of the valley and looked beyond. A screamed echoed through the forest.

Daphne ditched her clothes once more and returned to wolf form. She ran in the direction of the scream. It sounded again, this time more garbled. As Daphne drew near she slowed and used all of her senses to work out what was going on.

There was some sort of light for a moment and then if faded. Daphne padded cautiously into the thicket and saw another dried corpse this time it was a vampire or at least had been. Daphne turned as she saw Nathaniel emerge from the brush and she noticed that he was carrying her clothes. He looked around cautiously, “What did this?” he asked.

Daphne transformed back into human form and felt a bit giddy in doing it so frequently. “I don’t know. We’ve been trying to figure that out.”

Nathaniel handed her clothing to her, this time he tried to look away. Daphne didn’t care, since she was a full-blooded werewolf she’d been shifting from human to wolf since she was a child. Nudity wasn’t an issue for her. It just tended to cause problems in certain situations. She dressed and moved to look at the corpse. “It’s the same as the others, looks mummified, red eyes…”

“They all look like this?” Nathaniel questioned.

“All the ones we’ve found. Hasn’t mattered if they were wolf or vamp. They all seem as though they’ve reverted back to almost being human.” Daphne said as she circled the body looking for any clues. She saw a bracelet around the left wrist of the corpse, she lifted it, “Ah it’s Tiffany,” Daphne smirked, “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer vampire.”

“You know her?” Nathaniel asked coolly.

Daphne removed her jacket and pulled her shirt sleeve up and showed him the two long scars that ran the length of her arm, “That’s her work. She did it when I was the human equivalent of five. She wanted to taste werewolf, she gouged me with both fangs. My father almost ripped her head off in return.”

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Your father huh?" Fort said back. He hadn't seen her father as of yet. He thought about Crispin for a moment, yet she didnt smell like him at all, so he discarded the thought.

Fort crouched down next to the body and examined the eyes mostly. He had been a slayer the majority of his life. He had seen alot, and had alot of experience. This looked liked the work of...

"A demon." Fort said

"What?" Daphne inquired

"This is pretty similar to a situation I dealt with in India. There's a demon running loose, doing what he's not supposed to be doing. He pretty much saps the energy and power of Lycanthropes and Vampires. The longer we wait to get rid of him, the harder it will be to do so."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

“Let me guess, the more he eats the more powerful he becomes,” Daphne said as she took a further look at Tiffany.

“Bingo,” Nathaniel said in response.

Daphne thought about the whole demon aspect. It certainly made sense, “We’ve never found injuries on the dead so I’m assuming his techniques are rather… unique.”

Nathaniel grunted then lifted his sword. Daphne immediately backed off and wondered what had brought on this sudden change in attitude. “Move,” Nathaniel instructed.

Daphne dodged to the right then turned to look. Clara stood in wolf form behind her. Nathaniel charged the other she-wolf. “No!” Daphne shouted and tackled him. “Run Clara!” she yelled.

Nathaniel squirmed beneath her, “Get off me!”

“No, she’s part of my pack.” Daphne growled.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"...and I will bleed these veins for you..."

The words had barely left his sultry voice and the nightclub's crowd had already drunk them in, screaming for more. Ashryn fed on their acclaim, basking in it like the exctasy of a fresh kill. Of course, that kind of hunger was never satiated. Fame was more an intoxication than any other, save the lifeblood of his prey, of course. The young, dark-lipsticked, goth-wannabe girls were his favorite. They were so soft and fragile and wonderful to him. It was only his love of humans that kept him from enjoying them too much.

Tonight, though he was somewhat distracted from the obvious flirtations of two, pale and soft and eager such precious little things. They were a stunning raven-haired beauty and her flame-haired companion, fawning over him the moment he stepped from the stage, with ambitious lack of inhibition he found to be quite charming to his ego. They seemed shameless in pushing past throngs of other mortal females to reach the range of his attention. Of course the scent of a female vampire and what seemed to be a halfling male, caught his attention, instead.

He sought them out amongst the crowd, but could only catch bits of them, dealing with a mortal male in the haze of nightclub smoke. He wanted to remain hidden from them. The halfling had the smell of a hunter. In his 200 years as a vampire, he'd seen plenty of them, especially the young ones who thought themselves good enough to put themselves between the vampire covens and the lycan clans. This one definitely smelled as such. They had all met brutal ends, some stupid enough to target him had even perished by his own hands, halfling or not.

In neutral territory, though? D would have to hear of this. Ashryn Le Faye felt perhaps he should inform the two troublemakers, himself, a far more merciful solution.
However, once he got within a descent range, he saw the human male holding his face, bloodied and in shock and a glimpse of the brazen young vampire and her halfling associate in full retreat.

Curious, he thought...

(Adeptus and Nett, that was you guys...)

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort's slayer instincts kicked in when he saw the other wolf, and naturally he tried to slay her. He was still getting used to the shaky truce between him and the lycans.

However, Daphne's attack angered him, and brought out something he had withheld for years.

Fort released a defeaning, deep growl and his canines grew large. He reached back, grabbed Daphne's arm and through her off of him. She skidded to a halt several feet away.

He had been in the heat of the moment when he saw the wolf so close to him with his guard down. Daphne's restraint had set him off momentarily.

She looked at Fort and her eyes grew wide in surprise. Fort covered his mouth as he forced the lycancy back to the deepest depths of his soul. Clara turned back after she saw Fort fling Daphne off of her and went to attack Fort.

"Stop stop stop! Just wait a moment Clara!" Daphne called out to Clara as she ran and stood in the way of the two.

Fort's canine's returned to normal and his heavy breathing slowly stopped.

"Don't...do that...again." Fort said between pants.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Don't go attacking one of my pack and it won't be a problem," Daphne replied. She stood up and made the pretense of being fine, in actual fact her back hurt from smashing into the side of a tree.

Clara growled and looked at Daphne "Go," Daphne said, "I'll be back later. If I don't return by sunset then come looking for me."

Clara gave a nod and ran back to from the direction she'd come. Daphne walked over and offered Nathaniel a hand up, he ignored her gesture and got up on his own. Daphne shrugged it was no skin off her nose. She went and picked up her jacket.

"Anyway, back to the body. You say you think a demon did this, so how do we stop it?" she asked.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Audrey couldn't help herself, she had bitten into the punk's neck before John could drag her away. She looked up to see a guy who looked like a rock star heading their way. "Vampire," Audrey mouthed as John dragged her outside.

"We've got to get out of here, now!" John shouted as she pulled her along by her arm.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

John had finaly got her to the car, and he began to drive, not realy sure of where he was going. Audrey's face had a bit of blood on it, aparently she had bit the guy before he had managed to pull her away. But, it still wasn't enough. He needed to do something, so she didnt run off and get herself killed. He was human, partialy anyways. He didnt know if this would work, and he sure as hell didnt think it was a good idea, but he needed to do someting. He grabbed his knife, and cut his arm, holding it out.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

(Nett, is Audrey a part of D's coven, yet?)

Ashryn stopped short of the doorway and thought to himself, <Run all you want little ones...I have your scent now.> He walked over to the human and ushered him to a lounge in a darker part of the club.

"Are you okay?" he asked the human.

"I dunno..." the young man seemed dazed as he reached for his neck."Dude, I think the (expletive deleted) bit me."

Ashryn looked at the wound. It was minor, but he couldn't be sure if it would be enough to turn him. "I have an associate in a nearby hospital who could tend to that," Ashryn assures him. His contact was actually one of an exclusive group of familiars Ashryn used to monitor "unexplained deaths" in Murk Valley, in the event cases such as this one turned up. "He'll take care of you, he owes me a favor. I'll call you a cab." Ashryn walks to the exit and lets security know to tell management, another familiar in his network, that he's leaving. Then he pulls out his cell phone and dials D's secure line.

"D, we got a situation..."

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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((Audrey doesn't know there's a covern nearby. She's been on her own since she was turned.))

Audrey looked at John's arm as he offered it to her. She was surprised but her hunger won out. "I'm sorry," she whispered before taking his arm. She made herself only take a little. As she tasted his arm she realised that perhaps John was not a full vampire. His blood had the distinct taste of human mixed into it. Yet Audrey had never bitten another vampire so she really didn't know.

As she sat back she wiped her mouth clean. "Thank you," she said to John.

He took his arm back but did not look at her. "It's okay."

Audrey could tell by the look on his face that is wasn't. She decided to change the subject, "There was another vampire in there, wasn't there?"

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Nick sighed; the Dragon had flown to a higher branch.  If he thought that would keep Nick away, so be it.  The werewolf leaped higher, coming to rest on the same branch as the creature, stared at him, and then dropped to the grounds below.  Turning to the soldier, he said, "It's a dragon.  That's all I can say; it's a dragon."  His voice was low, raspy, and throaty, being in his half-wolf form. 

He then turned, and bolted into the woods, deciding that the soldier could not help him any further.  When he returned to his small den that he kept, he changed back to human form, and clothed hismelf in a black T-shirt and black jeans.  Putting his hands in his pockets, he strolled out into the woods, making his way slowly to town.  It was about time for lunch, and raw meat really didn't stay satisfying for over a month straight.

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Crispin sat at his throne, surrounded by werewomen fawning ober him, watching the news for any more reports of shrivelled corpses. If his daughter ended up as one of the deceased, there would be hell to pay.

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"I think so. I saw someone, but I couldent tell for sure. To many people, he was to far away. " John pulled over to the side of the road. "So, what now?"

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