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"What the hell?" John said, he had been half asleep on the increadibly uncomfortable chair for the past half hour, when some yelling woke him. There were thumps and bangs from the room next door. He almost opened the door, but remembered Audrey. Unfortunately, he was trapped in this room until dark.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Crispin scaled the walls of the motel, trailing hsi daughter's scent, when his phone rang.


"We've got another one." It was Daphne, one of Crispin's pack. A lively young lass, but at times a bit too feisty for her own good. Evidently another of the pack had been killed.

"That's less than ideal. Keep me posted." Crispin replied before hanging up. He tracked the smell of his girl to one of the rooms, and busted down the door.

"If my daughter's been in that bed..." Crispin growled. "I'll kill someone."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Catching the sent of Humans and Werewolves, Zan proceded to land. Landing aloft on a large tree branch, Zan held as still as possible to listen for anything out of the ordinary. Soon after, Zan caught the fragments of a conversation. Zan then begain to investigate...

((this is you Sev Fett, and Lord Revan))

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

It sounded like some one had just kicked down a door This one was on the other side of the room he was in. John moved the chair, which wasn't, unlike everything else in the room, bolted down, to the far wall, facing the door, he checked his gun, and clicked the safety off. If some one wanted in, the would need to get around a bullet, or three.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

(Does holy water affect werewolves?)

(Also, Ph43r is your talking about me, im like that anymore, im fighting Loxley)

Fort leaped from the bed as the wolfman flew throught the room and towards him. What had he said? "Stay away from my female..." .

He was probably referring to the female lycanthrope he met earlier. The Luna Eclipse was coming soon so he was probably her mate and tracked Fort down after smelling his scent on her.

The werewolf landed on the bed and then jumped at Fort again....who was still half naked. Fort ducked and the werewolf slammed into the wall and the impact knocked the TV onto the floor. Fort took the opportunity to grab Nasher and unsheath him.

The lycan rose and looked at the giant sword, he kept his distance now. His back seemed to be wounded... Fort backed up and grabbed his .44magnum from the night table and quickly shot at the werwolf. The werewolf dodged by jumping to the other side of the room. He was pretty fast, even for a wounded lycan. But Fort was no amatuer.

From there the lycan leapt at Fort once again and Fort lifted Nasher in defence. He hand his magnum in the other hand so he couldn't parry if he blocked. The clawes of the werewolf struck the black and sent sparks flying off of it. Fort dropped his magnum and took Nasher with both hands. The wolf struck at him again and Forts supernatural reflexes and strength helped him deflect. Fort parried and slashed the lycan across the chest. It wasnt too deep, it would live.

It leaped backwards to reset his attack position. It looked down at its wound and snarled at Fort. Fort looked down at his underwear and shrugged.

The werewolf leapt at Fort again and Fort ducked underneath him. The lycan crashed through the window and outside the room. Fort backed up just as the lycan leapt through the window once more and Fort blocked its left claws, however it expected this and swung its right under the sword. Five red lines appeared on Fort's chest and blood slowly trickled down to his abs.

Fort swung Nasher at the werewolf once more and it leapt to the now vacant little table where the TV had once been. It crouched there and growled at Fort once more. The table buckled underneath its weight however and it splintered beneath it. It adjusted its footing after the surprise collapse of the table, yet it was too late. Nasher hung, stabbed onto the wall. The werwolf's head was impaled upon the sword. The sound of its skull crunching was somewhat satisfying to Fort...a sound of victory.

The sword no doubt had gone through the dry wall and into the next room. Fort sighed...he hoped no one was next door and got freaked out. Oh well. Fort pulled out Nasher and the lycan collapsed into the pile of shattered wood that was the table.

(Can I kill Loxley Mel?)

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

The room was empty. Crispin took another whiff in the air. The smell was next door.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

((I’d prefer not, I’ve got plans for him later. Besides you can play hunt to kill him in the meantime…))

Crispin didn’t waste his time he went to the next room. He found Loxley impailed by a near naked man. With a sigh, Crispin stepped in. Loxley might be an aggressive fool but he was still part of his pack, Crispin swiped at the Halfling and looked at Loxley’s wounded head. It was amazing that he wasn’t dead. Crispin racked it up to Loxley being in his humanoid wolf form as the skull was very thick.

“I want to know where my daughter is?” Crispin demanded.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” said the Halfling.

Crispin sniffed the air which was fully tainted with sweat and blood. The scent, so like Anita’s, came from this Halfling. Crispin raised a brow. “Who is your mother?”

“What does it matter?” the Halfling replied.

“You reek of my daughter’s scent.” Crispin told.

Loxley scrabbled to his feet, his face showing a terrible raw wound. He glared at the Halfling. “He wants Daphne, he won’t have her.” He growled.

Crispin rolled his eyes, “Loxley now is really not the time.”

Loxley dropped back to the floor, his hand going to his head. He transformed back into his human form so his head healed fully along with his other wounds. Loxley stood with his long black hair draped down his muscular chest. He cracked his knuckles wanting to go another round with the Halfling.

Crispin didn’t look at him but said the name that would get Loxley’s attention, “Daphne’s found another body, one of our own. See if you can help her retrieve it.”

Loxley stalked out of the room but stopped at the doorway. He glared at the Halfling, “I’ll be back for you. No one touches my Daphne.”

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"I apologize for that." Crispin said after Loxley had left. "Loxley's not exactly one of my favorites but he is part of the pack... 'You can't choose family' as they say."

Crispin made sure he would be able to get to his guns if neccesarry, and stared the half-ling in the eyes.

"Speaking of family...who did you say your mother was?"

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne had gone back to the conclave to get help in returning Fang’s body. Deciding she’d had enough male company for the time being she’d gotten help from Clara, one the most attractive female werewolves in their conclave. Clara wasn’t the smartest cookie, but she had a good heart.

The pair of she-wolves travelled on a quad-runner, it didn’t take them long to find Fang’s corpse.

“Oh he looks so gross,” Clara said as she viewed the body.

“This is the fifth one we’ve found this week in this condition,” Daphne said as she brought out the stretcher.

“Will he disintegrate if we move him?” Clara asked.

Daphne shook her head, “I doubt it. The others were solid enough.”

The pair moved Fang onto the stretcher and lifted it onto the small trailer behind the quad. Once he was secure they headed back to the conclave.

“I wonder what method the vamps are using to kill this way.” Clara said as they travelled back.

“I don’t know as there’s no obvious wounds to suggest some sort of poison or anything.” Daphne replied.

“What about powers? Perhaps the vampires have figured out a new one?” Clara suggested.

The thought made Daphne cold, if the vampires could do this with their abilities it was very scary. Then she remembered that some vampires had show up dead in the same manner.

“I wonder if it’s the slayers, we’ve had dead vampires found in the same way.” She informed Clara.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Clara said in response.

Both women remained silent for the rest of the journey as they pondered their own thoughts. They were unloading Fang’s body from the trailer when Loxley appeared. Daphne noticed he’d ditched his black shirt. She also saw the way Clara lit up at the sight of him.

“Hello Loxley,” Clara gushed.

“Hi Clara,” he said without much feeling. “Hello Daphne,” he said with a more throaty tone. “I met your lover.”

Daphne’s brow furrowed, “Lover? What lover? I don’t even have a lover.”

Loxley took a step closer and Daphne could see that his skin was taunt and there was the faint mark of a new scar under his right eye. “I could smell him at your under hang where you left me. I tracked him back to town. The bastard used a sword on me.” Suddenly the truth dawned on Loxley, “He was the guy that attacked you, wasn’t he?”

Daphne nodded with a condescending smile, “That’d be the one.”

Loxley put his hand agitatedly to his head, “Damn it, I should have realised. I should have stayed and killed him.”

“You what?” Daphne said, “You attacked him?”

“Of course I did, he was tainting your honour.” Loxley said to justify himself.

Clara swooned, “How romantic.”

“He could have killed you, he’s a slayer.” Daphne told.

Loxley snorted, “He only managed a flesh wound.”

Daphne held the end of the stretcher with one hand and poked the fresh skin on Loxley’s face, “That looks like more than a mere flesh wound scar.”

Loxley flinched, “He impaled me with that damn sword.”

Daphne shuddered, “It’s a miracle you’re alive.”

“Crispin stepped in,” Loxley admitted. “He thought Anita was there.”

Daphne tilted her head slightly, so Crispin had picked up on the half-wolf’s scent too. That was interesting. “Did Crispin know who he is?”

Loxley shrugged, “Don’t know.” Loxley reached for the stretcher and took it from Daphne, “I’ll carry this for you. Who is it by the way?” he asked as he looked at the tarp covering the body.

“It’s Fang,” she said feeling a touch of grief. Fang had always been a happy soul. He’s always had a joke to make everyone laugh.

Loxley noticed her reaction and snorted, “He’s better off dead. Couldn’t tell a decent joke anyway.”

Daphne glared at him but didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go, Loxley,” Clara chirped as she still held the other end of the stretcher.

Loxley gave a nod but kept looking at Daphne over his shoulder until he couldn’t see her anymore.

Daphne let out a sigh. She needed to find Crispin and find out what was going on.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Audrey’s eyes opened as the blade cut through the wall. Something dripped off it. Audrey opened her mouth at the smell of blood. A drop fell from the blade and Audrey caught it. She immediately closed her mouth as steam rose from it. “Ho-ho-holy water!” she screeched.

John was up immediately from his chair. He grabbed a glass full of normal water and offered it to her.

Audrey took it and washed it around her mouth, she spat it out in the bathroom sink along with a chunk of ashy tongue.

“That’s disgusting,” John said as he looked away.

Audrey sank down to the cool bathroom floor and closed her eyes. She placed the glass on the floor and raised her hands to her face to hold her throbbing mouth.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne rang Crispin’s chauffeur to find out where he’d dropped off the alpha. She wrote down the street name and jumped in her car. As she drove along the street she saw a crummy looking motel that had obvious signs of a brawl. Surprisingly the Police weren’t there. Daphne wondered if such behaviour was a common occurrence.

Daphne parked near a well-lit service station even though the sun was starting to fill the sky with soft light.

Walking quietly, Daphne made her way to the Murk Motel and stepped around the broken glass that littered the ground. A doorway stood open and Daphne saw that Crispin was inside talking to someone. She couldn’t see who but she heard some of the conversation and the other voice did sound like the half-wolf.

Daphne didn’t interrupt Crispin, she knew her place when around the alpha. Daphne was not a blood relative to Crispin as her father had been adopted by one of the dominant females when his true mother had died during a pack war. Her mother had come from a rival pack but had been accepted when her father took her as his mate.

Daphne cleared her thoughts of family, she’s lost too many of her own.

She decided to move to a better vantage point to see what was going on. As she squatted down beside a car she was rather surprised to see the half-wolf talking to Crispin in only his underwear. Red marks marred his chest, Daphne ground her teeth, it was obviously Loxley’s work as Crispin was talking not fighting.

Daphne knew she shouldn’t be concerned about Loxley’s attack on the slayer, as he’d probably come after her eventually. But because he was half-wolf she felt that she owed him an apology for Loxley’s irrational behaviour.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

(Sorry for not posting in a while...kinda busy. Thanks for covering up Loxley for me Mel)

"So let me get this striaght," Fort said as he slipped his pants on. This made Crispin cautious because the pants were on the same desk that the guns were. Then he points Nasher at Crispin with one hand, not menacingly however.

"you walk into my little apartment here, which I have to pay for all the damages your lackey caused, after a scuffel I had with the other lycan, half naked may I remind you, while im bleeding here and you waltz in here with your alpha (Fort smelled it on him) authority after I nearly killed one of your own and Im a slayer who can attack you at any moment and what you ask me is.....Who. is. my. mother?" Fort finished while jabbing Nasher in Crispin's direction on points of emphasis.

"Well....yes. Your scent...intrigues me. I followed it thinking it was my daughter Anita's. So I was meerly inquiring as to who your maother may be...because if you dont know it might be-" Crispin said before he was cut off

"Your daughter Anita....." Fort lowered Nasher....this turn of events threw him off. Crispin wouldn't stop looking at his peculiar eyes...the one blue and one green. Fort's nose perked up. It was inferior to pure werewolves, but it was still much better than that of human's.

"Come on out...Daphne was it? I can smell you from here." Fort called out as blood still trickled down his muscular chest and abdomenom.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

There were wolfs out there, John could smell them. It was faint, they were probably in their human forms. He tried to decide if he should try to kill them, he looked over at Audrey, pointing his gun at the wall, near where the sword had been sticking out.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne stepped out and looked at Crispin, he didn’t look impressed. Daphne looked back at the half-wolf. “I came to apologise on Loxley’s behalf.”

The half-wolf sneered, “I’d rather skin him than accept his apology from you.”

“He didn’t send the apology. Let’s just say Loxley is somewhat possessive of someone who isn’t even his.” Daphne said then looked back to Crispin. If the alpha was in danger she was willing to risk her life for him, she was a minor pack member in comparison to him.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

There were several seconds of awkward slience.

"Alright, state your business before I get annoyed and someone here dies." Fort said to Crispin and Daphne. It was partly a bluff. Fort wasn't foolish enought to take on an alpha werewolf and another werewolf while only wearing pants and not having all his weapons at hand.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

“I’ve said my bit,” Daphne stated as she looked at Crispin.

Crispin side-stepped away from the slayer. “We’ll talk later,”’ he instructed knowing that the half-wolf was bluffing.

Daphne waited for Crispin to walk out the door, she immediate placed herself between the two males. She would protect the alpha.

The half-wolf leant against the doorframe, sword still in hand. “So what’s the deal with Loxley?”

Crispin answered for Daphne, “He’s in love with someone who doesn’t love him.”

Daphne cringed, “Obsessed is more like it.”


Loxley helped Clara load Fang into the cool room. It was specially designed for the purpose of harbouring their dead. The pack tried to keep their dead away from the Police and any sort of human authority.

Once it was done Loxley turned to leave. “Wait a sec,” Clara said.

Loxley turned, “What? Did I forget something?”

Clara stepped closer to him, looking up at him with big green eyes. “I wanted to check if you’re okay now.”

Loxley gave a nod but did not move away from her. He wished Daphne would stand this close to him. He could feel Clara’s breath on his skin.

Clara toyed with a lock of her long blonde hair, “You know, I haven’t found anyone to share the Luna Eclipse with.”

Loxley sucked in a breath, “That’s a shame. I’m planning on spending it with Daphne.”

Clara’s disappointment was evident in her expressive eyes, “Really? That is a shame.” She reached out to touch his exposed chest with her hand, “Is there anyway I could persuade you to change your mind?” she said as she ran her fingers seductively down to his navel.

Loxley closed his eyes and imagined it was Daphne touching him in such a way. He felt her move closer, her hair touched his bare chest and he felt her nose rub briefly against his before her lips touched his. He puller her against him roughly and kissed her for all he was worth. He had to let Daphne know just how much passion he felt for her. He took in a deep breath and realised it wasn’t Daphne’s scent he smelt. He opened his eyes and the illusion was shattered.

Clara clung to him breathing heavily. She looked at him with hooded eyes, “Wow lover boy, I hope you’ll be that enthusiastic during the Luna Eclipse.”

Loxley pushed her away, “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.”

Clara raised a brow, “Oh I think you did. I’ll see you at the Luna Eclipse, lover.”

Loxley stormed out angrier with himself than ever. How had he allowed this to happen? He should have remembered he wasn’t with Daphne. He was just so damn desperate for her to accept him. He’d have to go and talk to her. He had to let her know that the kiss with Clara had been a mistake. He hoped that he hadn’t ruined their chances together.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

After her last statement Daphne turned to leave after Crispin. Fort placed Nasher against the door frame and snatched Daphne's wrist. He spun with increadible speed, her fist headed straight for Fort's face. But it hadn't connected, Fort caught her fist.

"Watch it missy." He said.

"What?" She asked, frustrated as she yanked her arms out of Fort's grip. Crispin turned to watch them. He would strike if necessary.

"Where...where can I meet this Anita?" Fort whipsered to Daphne. He had to know. He had to know for sure...

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne shook her head, “I don’t know. She runs out every so often, that’s why Crispin was looking for her. She seeks someone out, but none of us know who exactly. There are lots of rumours but little confirmation of truth. I can seek her out for you when she next returns.”

“Why should I trust you?” the half-wolf asked.

“Why would I lie?” Daphne said in response, she knew she was in a vulnerable situation even if Crispin was watching over her.

The half-wolf looked up at Crispin briefly, checking his status. “Tell me how I can contact you.”

“I’ll give you my number, call me in a few days and I’ll tell you if she’s returned.” Daphne offered, “But I’ll need to know your name, otherwise I might not answer.”

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort hesitated... this was COMPLETELY against protocol at the Silver Knights of St. Michael. Yet, it was a family matter. He must know. He extended his hand.

"Sir Nathaniel Fortesque, pleased to make your aquantance. What might your full name be?"

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne took his hand, surprised by the gesture, she thought he would have growled his first name only. "I'm Daphne Adams, I would be pleased to meet you if you didn't keep insisting on violence."

Crispin raised a brow at this, "You've met him before?"

Daphne shrugged, "I would have said fought, but you know I never was good at meeting new people." Her thoughts turned sour as she realised that Loxley tended to be the reason for that.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Oh...riviting tale im sure. But now I gotta pay the repair bill your little wannabe mate made. Happy Luna Eclipse!" Fort said mockingly and he backed into the room and shut the door.

He was normally not so agressive, he usually kept his cool. But the recent information about his possible mother and the upcoming Luna Eclipse sending his hormones crazy was really playing with his emotions. He lifted Nasher unto his shoulder and ran his other hand through his hair and sighed. How was he going to explain the destruction of the room? He'd do that later.

He resheathed Nasher and placed it next to the bed again. He placed his revolver under his pillow. He wasnt going to take anymore chances. He crawled back into bed to finish his rest. He was on a night schedule now, he slept during the day and it was now morning. he would pursue the nightclub with the man with dreadlocks later.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Griggs looked down at the new arrival. "Pooch looks a bit too friendly...from the way ya smell, I'm willin' to bet you're more than just a pooch."

"This IS my signature."

Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne knocked on the door. Nathaniel opened it, "What?"

"You didn't get my number? Obviously you're not too worried about Anita." Daphne pointed out.

"Oh yeah, what is it?" Nathaniel said looking slightly embarrassed.

Daphne handed him a piece of paper, she'd had the chance to write her number down when he'd shut the door in her face.  "By the way, it's obvious you never had a mother. She would have taught you better manners." With that Daphne turned her back on him once more and walked to Crispin, he took her arm and glared back at the slayer in warning. The alpha would protect his own.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"You would be correct.  It's okay Nick, you can at least change into a half wolf.  Just please keep it decent."  Nick nodded.  He morphed his upper torso as human as he could get it. 

"So this Simmons friend of yours.  From what you tell me it doesn't sound like a were.  It has vamp on a spree written all over it.  If you take me to the body I'll see what I can do.  YOu're a halfa aren't you?  Can you not smell vampire at all?  It's only one of the worst smells ever if you ask me.  So I suggest you use the talents the you have been given.  Put them to good use instead hiding them.  Go find this vamp yourself.  It's morning, I'm tired.  See if Nicky here wants to join you.  I'm going back to the pack."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort ignored Daphne's last comment and closed the door while looking at the paper. What a fool he was. He just walked out before getting the number. He really needed the rest.

he placed the piece of paper on the desk and bagan to check to supplies crate for something he really needed now that he had a contact...

He found it at the bottom in a saftey box. The cell phone was nothing fancy, it was made to be durable. It would serve Fort well. He programmed the knights HQ number and Dek's number before adding Daphne's. It felt odd putting a lycan's number into his phone. He was supposed to be rendering her head from her shoulders, not getting her number.

Fort sighed deeply now. He could not tell the commander what was going on with the lycans right now. He would investigate the mysterious vamp and wolf murders after he got his much needed rest.

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