Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Deilor cursed under his breath; Kanith had left.  That was not good.  He had narrowly avoided two more patrols in his continuing search for the Jedi.  He was confused; clones were his friends, right?  Then why were they trying to kill him?  Was there something wrong with their instructions for the war, or was he just in a very vivid dream?  Through a narrow slit in the wall, he saw Sarra Keto fighting a squadron of clones.  Deilor quickly ducked around a corner as the sound of tramping feet echoed throughout the corridor.  The patrol walked slowly past, and would have spotted him, if he hadn't Force jumped before their eyes swung in his direction.  He came down silently, and continued on his way, doing his best to avoid the smll pockets of fighting scattered throughout the Temple.  As he passed the library doors, he noticed a group of Jedi huddling in the centre.  One of them was Master Drallig!  And there was Kanith.  With a big smile, he sprinted into the room, using the Force to tap the door controls to seal off the entrance he had just come through.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Dah’lei was preparing to climb with the others when she saw Deilor. "Hurry, we need to get out of here!" She shouted to him.

"Do you know what's going on?" Deilor asked as he prepared to climb also.

"Seems that Skywalker has gone rogue." Cin said.

"This is very bad." Dah'lei said, stating the obvious.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

"Well, let's quit wasting time and climb already."

The Jedi began to scale the wall. It was no challenge for them.

Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Appo and his troops quickly slaughtered a whole bunch of Jedi. Appo told his troops to go down one hallway. Appo left his troops and he walked onto a bridge where Anakin was slicing and dicing Jedi. A big old Noghri Jedi with orange robes and a green double-bladed lightsaber slammed Appo from behind with his hilt. Appo fell to the ground, and then he turned onto his back and fired 3 shots with his carbine right into the forehead of the Noghri. Anakin walked over to Appo.
"Nice shot, Commander." Anakin commented.
"Thank you, sir." Appo replied.  Suddenly, a blaaster turret popped out of a pole on the bridge and fired at Appo. Anakin deflected the shots back at the turret, destroying it.
"Your welcome, Commander. Go find Cin Drallig and terminate him." Anakin ordered.
"Yes, sir, right away!" Appo replied. Appo left Anakin and headed down a narrow corridor until he spotted a group of Jedi clibing on a wall. Appo withdrew a scope from his belt and attached it onto his carbine. He steadily aimed.........and fired a balster bolt straight at one of the Jedi.

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

The shot almost hit Kanith.The others were safely inside the building. He dropped, and caught the ledge. He pulled himself in, and ran for cover, the otheres already there.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Deilor breathed out heavily.  They had barely avoided being shot at, and whoever was doing the shooting was a very good shot.  He checked his belt, satisfied that his saber was still attached, and then turned around, checking over his shoulder in case of a clone patrol.  He was getting quite paranoid.

"Where to now, Master Drallig, Master Kanith?  We're kind of in a sticky-wicket here."  Deilor's hand strayed close to his saber, comforted by its proximaty.  He then, having posed his question, leaned against a wall, and awaited a reply.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

"Well, according to my knowledge, we're about 15 minutes from the hangar. There are a few corridors that are deserted which we could probably take, unless Skywalker has shown those paths to them."

Cin checked outside to see what was going on. There were about three dozen troopers standing around.

"Yeah, I was right. Skywalker's shown them some of the corridors" Cin said as he turned back to face his Jedi comrades.

"Hopefully not the ones upstairs. We may be able to use them to sneak above the hangar, and perhaps slice our way through the floor. We'll have to get through them first.. It's quite a risk. Are you two willing to take it?"

Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

"We need to get out of here. The longer we stay the sooner we die. I am willing to take the route." Kanith held the hilt of his lightsaber, ready.

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

"Darn it!" Appo shouted. He was angry that he had missed the Jedi. He decided to trail them. Appo fired a grappling hook at the ledge and pulled himself up. He peeked around a corner and saw them. One Jedi looked very familiar......
Cin Drallig! thought Appo. Remembering his orders, Appo fired a pot shot at Cin and ran as soon as he saw the other Jedi chasing him. Appo was wondering if he had hit Cin when he felt a lightsaber singe his armor. The Jedi had caught up to him!

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Deilor saw the clone enter the window, and acted purely out of instinct.  He Force sprintd after the clone, engaged the twin blades of his saber, and slashed downwards, singing the armour, and sending him flying forward with the force of the blow.  He turned, shouted for the others to run, Force pushed the clone into the wall, obviously dazing him, and finally retreated after his comrades, not even bothering to shut his blades down.  The Jedi began to make heir way down the upper corridors, quickly and quietly.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Dah’lei wasn't about to be left out. As they turned a corner four troopers stood waiting for them. Dah'lei neatly decapited one before moving on to the second.

Deilor sliced one in half while Cin dispatched the other.

"Nicely done." Dah'lei commented before they started to run. They could see the exit doors but suddenly a youngling ran towards them.

"He comes! He comes!" Shouted the child, his robes flapping wildy. Dah'lei recognised him as Meunash. He was almost a hand's breadth away when the shot was fired. A group of troopers clumped in a bunch ready to kill them all.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

"Uuuhuhhhh....." Appo mumbled. He had just gotten pushed by something invisible.
"Oh yeah, the force..." Appo tld himself. Anakin had once said something about it. Appo sttod up, brushed himself off, and went hunting for those Jedi.

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Cin went for the nearest clone, and was on his way to protect the child.

"Meunash! Drop!"

It was too late for the Youngling.


Cin lost control and started slashing madly at the clone troopers. Instantly, 4-6 were dead. Regaining his sanity, Cin cleared his throat and motioned to the others to continue going on.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

(oooh, I wanna play too!)

-Designation: RC-1121
-Nickname: Warchylde
-Rank: Private
-Armor: matte black, Phase 3 Katarn armor, dented and singed, with green and gold markings on helmet and armor plates.
-Class: Republic Commando, Demolitions specialist
-Squad: Zeta Squad
-Weapons: Heavy Repeating Blaster, DC-17m, thermal dets, flash bangs, various Demo kit. 
-Description: Like all his Commando brothers, but he boasts a pair of cybernetic hands, replaced at the behest of his training seargent, Rav Bralor (female Mandalorian from SW Republic Commando: True Colors), after a demo accident that happened while training on Kamino.
-History: Zeta Squad has been tasked with hitting the vault in the deepest levels, to recover target classified H-Zero: A holocron, to be delivered directly to the hands of Commander Appo himself.

"Fierfek, Warchylde. What's taking you so long to blow that door? Incoming reports give sitrep that it's getting real noisy up there," says Zeta Squad's Seargent, RC-2150, known as DogBite to his squadmates.

"Listen, DogBite, you want this done now, or you want it done right?" Warchylde quips as he carefully applies the det strips with his unfleshed, prosthetic hands.

"Watch yourself, Private..." Sarge warns.

"Yessir," Warchylde mumbles.

"What's that, soldier?" Dogbite's posture says he's all business right now. Warchylde knows that means he's nervous about the current situation.

"I said you da man, vod'ika" Warchylde quips, as he applies the last of the explosive tape. Then he steps back to admire his work, "Udesii, DogBite. Run of the mill op. Smash the door, grab the goods, report to the Commander, then back at the bunker in time for caf and cakes, no?"

"I dunno, Warchylde," pipes in Zeta's third member, RC-8019 aka Boy, "Doesn't look like a routine if we're fighting Jedi on their home turf. I thought we were on the same side. Besides, Smash n grab ops make us look like a bunch of chakaare."

"Chakaare or not, Boy- we got orders. Ready when you are, Sarge." Warchylde steps back as DogBite and Boy follow suit.

"Nek, what's our sitrep up at the junction?" DogBite asks Zeta's fourth squadmate, RC- 1340, Nek.

"Getting a lot louder, DogBite. Looks like trouble's comin'...real soon." Nek sounds a bit more nervous then all of them put together.

"You sure you got enough det to blow that thing, Warchylde?" Boy asks.

"You know what we always say, Boy..." Warchylde says, holding up his detenator trigger, finger hovering in an obviously exagerrated twitch, "...P for Plenty."

"Less talk, more Ka-boom, you crazy sheb," says DogBite.

Warchylde shrugs, "Fire in the hole, vod'ike..."

Their HUDs all flare a bright white before the compensators kick in. Stars shoot off under their eyelids and Coruscant itself seems to heave in agony, as the vault door is ripped from it's seams.

"Osik, Warchylde, you sure that was enough?" Boy asks sarcastically.

Warchylde smiles, satisfied by the gaping, smoking hole where a vault door used to be, "Enough isn't in my vocabulary, Boy."

"You guys should hurry with that Holocron. I hear the hum of lightsabers. I think we're in for a fight..." Nek says.

(Feel free to kill off Warchylde's squadmates if you really must, but keep in mind that his Heavy Repeating  Blaster is on hand, and I'd like to keep it intact. BTW: Lemme know what you think, guys...Thanx...)

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

(NICE post vod, finally somone whos a fan of the Republic Commandos!)

Guants landed on the hard duracrete floor with a loud crack, he pulled off a roll as soon as he landed to lessen some of the impact sumwhat...but it still hurt like hell.
Guants groaned as he limped to a corner and took off the plates of alloy around his thigh, and peeled away the black suit so he could apply some bacta. He takes a look around, breathing heavily. It seemed like he was in hall way junction. "Oh, bloody fierfeck..." he muttered there were several Jedi down the hallway, walking towards him, obviously investigating the sound they had just heard. But they couldnt see him...yet, he was hidden behind his wall. Gaunts was thankful for that. He picked up his rifle, and held it close. This was going to get nasty.  Gaunts flicked on his comlink with his tong, and set it to a commando frequency with a few rapid blinks. Even though his helmet was sound proof, it sure didnt seem that way. Gaunts wispered: "This RC-01/42, my sqaud has been incapacitated, I'm  wounded and, I have hostiles imbound, requesting assisstance! Location is  sub-section 1125 of the lower levels. Please respond!"

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Dah’lei was devastated that a Jedi youngling could be slaughted in such a way. She felt a deep burning anger arise in her and had to calm herself.

Cin took care of the clones and they continued on in silence for the moment. They rounded another bend and heard the hum of lightsabers.

((Sorry for the short post, still going wow at virulent_messiah's post))

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

(now that's what i call a clone)

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

(LOL, thanx guys...)

"RC- 01/42, this is RC-2150, of Zeta Squad. If you can make it, follow these coordinates I'm transmitting to your HUD," said DogBite in response to the call from Gaunts, "Let us know if you can make it. The vault's not too far from your position. Nek here, says it's about to get real hot, real soon. Seargent DogBite out."

"Got the target objective, Sarge," says Boy, tossing the precious holocron to DogBite."You think we should do a little 'asset denial', as those crazy Nulls call it?"

"No need, vod'ika," says Warchylde, "I don't think there'll be a Jedi left after Vader gets done with 'em."

"That's 'Lord' Vader, you nut job. Last I remembered, I was squad seargent. That makes 'asset denial' my call." DogBite's in rare form today. Extra nervous, Warchylde thinks.

"Well, make that call fast, Sarge. ETA for Jedi is less than five minutes by the sound of it. We gotta roll," Nek says.

"Well?" Boy and Warchylde ask in unison.

"Fierfek, leave it. Warchylde take point with that monster of yours and mow down anything moving, that's not us. Copy that?" DogBite slips the holocron into a belt pouch and secures it tightly.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me, Sarge," Warchylde unslings his Heavy Repeating Blaster and moves to point position, eager for some action.

"What about RC-01/42?" Boy asks.

"We meet him halfway," DogBite says, Deece priming for combat.

(Remember Zeta's clad in Black Katarn armor, Warchylde's the first person Gaunt should see, with a huge HRB held in front of him. Armor's black w/green and gold streaks on helmet and plates.)

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Gaunt shut down his comlink, and peered around the corner: the Jedi were geting closer. He counted three. Gaunt picked himself up as quietly as he could, and tested his leg. He had a limp but he could manage. Gaunt readyed a thermal det and tossed it down the corrider. Gaunt counted to three: BAMM!. Gaunt darted out of his corner charging at the dazed Jedi, and fireing. One of the Jedi was down and burning, but he hardly noticed. Gaunt aimed and fired: CRACK. One more down.
The final Jedi was able to recover and ignite his lightsaber. Gaunt lined him up...and hesitated for half a moment. It was just a kid. A scared kid with tears in his eyes... but it was just for half a moment, CRACK!

Gaunts limped down the hall way leaving the dead Jedi where they were.
He opened up a scematic of the Jedi temple on his HUD and started to follow the coordinates that Zeta sqaud had given him. He had to breach two doors, kill two Temple guards, and slice a security shield before he reached the designated area. He settled down in a shadow of a large crate of supplies to wait.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Deilor was moving calmly, quietly, and was nearing the approximate location of the hangar bays, albeit a level or so above.  He hadn't seen clones for a while now; the patrols seemed to be lesening.  Problem was, the number of Jedi also decreased with every passing minute, as attributed by the screams of the wounded and dying.  Those were the sloppy kills, Deilor thought, clones usually managed to kill quickly, unless they were in an extreme hurry.  What's the rush then?

As he rounded the bend (he was behind the others, due to his little sojourn against Gaunts), he noticed the dead corpses of a group of Jedi, a few of them Younglings.  Stirrings of deep anger swirled within him, and he wasn't sure he wanted to let them go.  They were fresh kills, but anyone could've guessed that; the blaster marks were still smoking.  He felt like he wanted to find the party responsible, and tear them limb from limb.  He had never felt such wrath before.  His fist tightened on his saber, and he waited for Master Drallig's or Master Kanith's instructions, internally burning to kill some clones in payment for the deaths of these children.  Make that "some" into a legion, he thought to himself grimly.

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

They had passed the corpses of the younglings five minuets ago. Kanith turned to Deilor and Dah'lei. "You are angy, release it." he said.

Dah'lei relaxed quickly, she would make a very good council member, Kanith thought, if she made it out. Deilor did not relax. "How can you be so cold?" He asked almost yelling. Kanith's voice, usualy soft, and freindly, hardend "Because I know what we are fighting. If Skywalker is Sith, then it is already bad enough. By holding on to your anger, you only walk the path he has. Turn back before you are lost."

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

It took great concentration, but he finally managed to suppress the anger within.  He still burned to get some measure of payback on the clones.  It was also a good thing Master Kanith did not know he had been looking into Dark side techniques for a while now.  If he could figure out some way to combine the advantages of light and dark, he thought he could perfect the wielding of the Force.  However, he doubted that he would succeed at that.  Nonetheless, if one didn't try, one wouldn't know.  So he kept the knowledge to himself, and folowed meekly after the others, still smouldering on the inside...

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

"You're focusing on the negative, Deilor. You must be able to let go. Do not think you're the only one who's feeling some hatred right now. Master Kanith, we're almost there, the hangar is a bit up ahead. We will then have to cut through the floor, and of course fight lots of clones off."

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Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Though muffeled by two distant sets of doors, and a security shield, Warchylde picked up the unmistakable explosion of a thermal detenator. His heart was pounding, and his itchy cybernetic fingers were hovering on his Heavy Repeating Blaster's trigger.

"Sounds like trouble's getting closer, Warchylde. Keep your eyes peeled," DogBite says.

"If they were any more peeled, I'd be...ummm...never mind." Warchylde answers back.

"You think it's one of ours, DogBite?" asks Boy.

"Let us worry about who's flingin' dets around, Boy. You get ready to slice that shield comin' up for us." DogBite tells Zeta's security expert.

"Just don't let me get shot, or lightsabered, or anythin' guys, cuz that would really suck." Boy says.

"Where's the fun in that, vod'ika?" Warchylde quips as they're running down the last couple of meters of hallway.

"Since you're point man through the door Warchylde, anyone left around to take potshots at us is definitely your fault, ner vod," Nek chimes in.

"Kiss my shebs, traitor," Warchylde says.

They stop at the security shield and Boy slices through the code, like a vibroblade through hot butter.

"Piece of cake," he smiles as the shield drops.

A purple lightsaber blade tears through the air and through Boy's armored chest, as he falls. Nek drops to his knees to administer emergency medical attention to the gurgling, smoking wound.

"Fierfek! Boy, stay with me, vod." Nek urges as he removes Boy's helmet.

"Piece of c-c-cake, r-r-r-ight, v-v-vo-o-o-ooooood?" Boy says with a sad smile, and a final sigh of breath.

The staccato thumping of Warchylde's HRB, pulls Nek out of his grief for the moment. He slings his DC-17 and cuts to the right flank, opposite DogBite who's just taken out the owner of the purple lightsaber with a direct head shot. His blood pumps to match his furious shooting as he replays Boy's last words in his head. Two more Jedi drop and the remaining four seek cover behind an alcove against Warchylde's blazing assault.

"Boy?" DogBite asks hesitantly.

"Sorry, vod..."

"Osik!" DogBite slings a thermal detenator at the alcove.

Flash of light and thunder and fire and smoke, then the HUDs visuals clear. Then silence.

"Warchylde?" DogBite asks.

"Running hot. HRB's gotta cool. How's Boy?" Warchylde asks.

The loud swallow from Nek tells Warchylde all he needs to know. He slings the HRB on his shoulder and flings his Deece into combat ready position, and DogBite hurries to grab Boy's armor tally. They both run back to Nek who's staring into the smoke.

"Think any Jedi survived that blast?"

"Dunno, let's keep moving." DogBite says, "Warchylde take point."

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

Re: RPG: Jedi Purge

Dah’lei didn't like seeing Master getting so angry, she would have assumed they were able to control their emtions more readily than a Padawan like herself.

"Which way now?" Dah'lei asked the others as they came to a split in the corridor. She wasn't game to poke her head out.

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