Re: NYC: Warzone (RPG)

Name: ~~~callsign: odens eye
age 31
Allegince: USA
Occupation: Ranger /sniper
Rank: 1st lutenant
Weapons:silenced  M14 socom 7.62 armor piercing rounds
357. revolver and 92Fs
combat knife

he peared through his scope to find down the street a seen of carnage broken down tanks and lots of dead enemy soldiers he decided to join in the fun but first he reached for his radio " this is call sign odens eye  any pne ecieving watch fire on the western roof tops  ackknoledge "

he didnt wait he heaed close to get a better shot
as he jumped to the next roof and landed hard almost breaking his leg he got up and limped over to the edge of the roof and started to look an see who was an enemy
he found a large group bathed in phopruse
he took aim at one firing from a closed postion and watched the rounds rip through him

"I'm here if you want something done right."
―Canderous Ordo

Re: NYC: Warzone (RPG)

Jake woke up the burning tank that he had been standing on had blown up fortunatly the armour plateing was strong enough to keep all his limbs attached to his body but so heavy that right now he could barly move. He was not sure how long he had been out but the fight seemed to have moved away from his location.