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I'm 40 years old and i got my first Tatoo. The mandalorian symbol. I've met Jeremy Bullock a few years ago at the fair ,and yes hese a hell of a nice guy. If Curious what my tat looks like.goto to check them out.

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welcome to bffc, Jodo kast 2K!    smile

You've been holding out on us again haven't you? Since you haven't given us enough money, I'll guess I'll have to take it out of you piece by piece! - Unknown Mandalorian.

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Its good to see that people are still getting inked and especially with something as cool as the mando symbol. I got my last on down in Australia about a month ago and now I am looking for a Japaness artist to do a boba fett on my right calf. It is of him climbing out of the sarlacc with his blaster at the ready!! oh yeah welcome to the coolest site in the world!!

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Welcome, I looked at pics of the Tatoo and it looks great!

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