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Yeah, you know how I wrote a fanfic about Naruto and Boba Fett having a doozy of an encounter? If not, here's where you can find it:

Anyway, I'm writing a sequel. Here's the a tiny little preview of the second chapter of this massive crossover event of the century!

When we last left our heroes, they had all been placed in individual situations of peril. Boba Fett the mercenary from the Star Wars Universe was plummeting into the massive ocean of Kamino. Naruto ,Neji, & Gaara had met a mysterious man named Luke Skywalker. Sasuke Uchiha had met the man named Han Solo, who’s friend Chewbacca was kidnapped by the snake-like Orochimaru, along with the reptilian bounty hunter Bossk. They were accompanied by Rukh, the Noghri assistant to Grand Admiral Thrawn, who intends to take over the universe. One of Thrawn’s crowning achievements was the cloning of Darth Vader. Thrawn also met Sasuke & Naruto’s mentor, Kakashi Hatake, and placed Kakashi in a chamber for further use. And the Akatsuki, the people who hired Boba to capture Naruto and Gaara, aren’t happy with Boba’s lackluster job. They decided to use a contingency plan. That plan: to resurrect the dead mercenary Zabuza and his assistant, Haku! Let’s read on, shall we?

Naruto vs. Boba Fett

Part II: Naruto’s Worst Ever Vacation

Outside Akatsuki Base, Undisclosed Location

Zabuza and Haku had been scouring the land in search of the ones called Naruto, Gaara, and Boba Fett, with no success. They were to update their masters of the Akatsuki every few hours. Now was their latest update time. Their masters would not be pleased. The man named Itachi Uchiha met them outside their base’s entrance. His eyes were red with 3 small circles in them.
“Any success?” He asked.
“None, I’m afraid.” The rejuvenated Haku lamented.
“This is unfortunate. From now on, do not return until there is…any…change…”Itachi trailed off as a large spaceship descended from the sky, and out from the ship emerged a tall slender mechanical being with a cylindrical head, carrying a rather large projectile weapon. This being was IG-88, an assassin droid from Boba Fett’s galaxy. When Boba took his ship to the planet where Naruto and co. all were from, his ship used up an awful lot of energy to make such a large hyperspace jump, and IG’s ship was able to detect it. IG-88 and Boba Fett are both bounty hunters,and neither of them get along,  and the assassin droid was interested to see if Boba was on an assignment that IG could best him in. The trail led here.
    “WHERE IS THE ONE CALLED FETT??” IG demanded in his metallic voice.
    “Boba Fett?” Itachi inquired.
    “We hired Fett for a job earlier, but he has proven…insufficient. Perhaps if you could complete the job, we could…make it worth your while. 100,000,000 credits sound reasonable?”
    Itachi held up two photos. One of Naruto, one of Gaara. “You must find these two children, and bring them here alive. And for his failure. Boba Fett must die. You will take my associates Zabuza and Haku with you.”
    “I ACCEPT.” IG returned to the cockpit. Itachi then motioned for Zabuza and Haku to draw closer. “When the job is finished, dispose of him as you see fit.” He whispered. They nodded in understanding and boarded the ship. IG’s space vessel floated in the air before shooting forward like a cork form a bottle into the midday sky, headed for the far-off universe that Boba and IG call home.

More coming soon!

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Re: Naruto vs. Boba Fett Part II Preview

pretty good it seems that you are a Star Wars fan and a Naruto fan

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