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The Garrison Carida of the 501st Legion will be attending the Wizard World Philidelphia Convention during the weekend of June 15-17 2007.
Also the NY JEDI will be hosting a "HOW TO BE A JEDI" panel on Saturday June 16th, during the Wizard World Conference!
Please check out the Philidelphia convention website for more details, and may the force be with you all!! … elphia.cfm

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WWMando, thanks for the note.

I see Garrison Carida has two bounty hunters: BH-2177 Darryl Moran and BH-3356 Michael Hagedorn.

One album in the Garrison's image gallery reminded me of a photo I just saw on Flickr, from "Boba Fett BH/TK-2177's." Maybe there's a connection.

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if i had a car, i'd go. curse you DMV!

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I wish they had conventions like that in Scotland. They look like they would be so much fun. Ah well I am going to have to save up and get across to America at some point.

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good picture of them... the armor is cool to but the... um.... Crotch looks a bit wierd with the hole and all.

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I agree with bobafett243 its a little wierd

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