Re: the fetts

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Thylacine wrote:

So...Jango got himself killed to teach Boba about loss? From what I saw he got trampled, disorientated, and got his head chopped off before he could react.

. my words.....jango got PWND by a series of seemingly unrelated events......

I dont think jango would have killed himself just to teach boba a lesson about death/loss.....Thats what pets are for. smile

Well, in a way, a pet DID teach that lesson. I mean, SOMEONE had to have owned that Reek...:)

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Re: the fetts

Wow, whoever that was must have been slightly desparate for a friend, if they chose a reek....

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Re: the fetts

I would call him Mr.Slaughter.

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