Re: Jango as role model

I think Jango had his good points and his bad.  He was very human, which is the biggest complaint I've noticed when people say they dislike Jango.  I think he taught Boba the gist of being a bounty hunter, and the fact that he did make some mistakes could have given Boba a clue as to what to do and what not to do. 

Plus, it's always easier to see mistakes when watching someone as an outsider.  You don't know their weaknesses and faults when you're the one fighting them.  You don't have time to just observe, so when Boba watched Jango during his fights, I think that's where he learned the most.

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Re: Jango as role model

Jango was pretty much lil Boba's adult influence. Boba took a step back and studied Jango and Devil Girl made a good point. Jango did die when Boba was pretty young and  I think he learned what he could from the book, but most of it he learned from his own experiences.

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