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problem solved.

I say Windu also, and although that may be blasphemy
I mean come on, give the man his due

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Re: Mace Windu vs. Boba Fett

See Ya Mace because your going down!

Naastar Te Aru'e!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Mace Windu vs. Boba Fett

This argument amuses me, but mostly because of a fanfic I'm writing. There's always too many 'what if's in these scenarios. Well, here's one:

What if Mace Windu survived his fight with Palpatine? What if he came back to consciousness on the way down, used the Force to guide him onto a speeder, and escaped? Now, what if Boba Fett is hired to hunt Windu (not knowing it's him since he's in hiding)? This places Fett and Windu both as older men than they were the last time they had a fight. Fett has become the hunter we all know and love, and is no longer really out for revenge. He kills Jedi now because it's business.

In this instance, Boba Fett wins. Fett is not a man to just go in, guns blazing, and take down a Jedi. No, he would plot and calculate first. Make a game plan, and also plan for several different scenarios. Windu in hiding would be trying very hard to keep his profile low. Sure, he is warned by the Force of the danger, but carrying a lightsaber is too risky in these days. I'm sure he'd have one, but it wouldn't be as instantly-accessible. Windu might escape the first bout, but I doubt he could out-think Fett.

Windu seemed more the 'acting' sort than the 'thinking/planning' sort. This is, of course, just my opinion. Even in my fic, Fett gets a little help from some of Windu's new rivals taking him down. But Fett does end up capturing Windu (however, does not kill him as he's worth quite a bit more alive).

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