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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Paul Anderson

I'm not sure why, maybe it was right after I saw AVP and realized he directed it. That movie did not need to be directed by the guy who did Mortal Kombat back in the 90s.

Somewhere out there someone is blowing his nose with a yen.

Yeah, he's on my hit list.  Ruining two great franchises by beating the hell out of them with his director stick.  God, I hate that man.  That's why he's on my hit list.


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True Warrior wrote:

Dude, let it go. I was right, and you were mostly wrong. All that your responses are rambling on about how "stupid" and "peacekeeper" we are. hmm (?????) it doesnt even make sense. Just accept the fact that its over so we can stop this "train wreck" from happening. Jeeze....

                                                                                                          {MW} TW

Teling him he is "mostly wrong" is definately not going to stop it.  The responses aren't rambling, the're true.  It's obvious Jango is more retarded than boba, because he died, and Boba didn't.  End of story.  Boba was technically around for thirty years before Jango, and then the biggest retard of them all, GL, decided, "Hey, lets make Boba a clone a really huge pansy!  Brilliant!"  Very ironic.


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Yeah, Jango pretty much sucked since the day he was born.  We're not just talking about Geonosis here.

I think it depends on who's hunting who.  If Boba was hunting them, he would take them out one by one, from the shadows, waiting till they relaxed.  If the commandos were hunting Boba, they would ambush him, or some such.  I still don't know who would win in a straight out fight, seeing as Boba did once take out an entire Imperial legion, or garrison, whatever it was.  And I'm sure they tried to use flanking on him. 
  You know what?  Screw this topic.  The commandos were long dead by the time Boba became the amazing fighting and killing machine he is now.  They would never have met, or even known about each other.  We do not know who would win, and we will never know.  These "versus" topics are pointless.  They're nothing but polls.

BFFC Chrys wrote:

I just don't think anyone should get their heads chopped off in a Star Wars movie.  It's supposed to be family entertainment, and both Jango and Dooku's deaths bother me.

Whatever.  I love it, And I will always love it.
*Sniff*  I hope you never leave me, violence!  *Sob*  So touching . . .


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

Draco, my respect for you keeps growing and growing.

Pacifists are indeed repulsive, in every meaning of the word (even though there's only one...). They make absolutely no sense, and condemn themselves to extermination should Darwinism be in effect (which, do to our unfortunate society, it isn't). I believe that pacifism is just an excuse for cowardice, and anyone who follows it should be killed. Gruesomely, slowly, painfully, and violently.

In the words of Yautja:

Peace out, Violence in.

Yup.  I hate pacifists, vegitarians and psycho animal rights activists.  I've always wanted to stick a pacifist into an enclosed room with a deranged criminal with a shiv, then give the pacifist a gun.  Then we'll really see how they feel.  I have no problem with the vegitarians who can't eat meat due to health issues, but I hate with a passion the ones who think that eating meat is "mean to the animals".  We were meant to eat meat.  Our bodies don't function right without it.  The biggest proof though, is the fact that humans have canine teeth, which are designed to cut through meat. 

Peace out, violence in. 

From now on though, I'm just going to say POVI.



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Good.  No-one should be ignorant about the ugly butts.


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DrappaSiren wrote:

. Also You and The Yautja remind me off a couple of friends back at the Hunted (Yautja Messageboard).

Really? I was on there for a little while.  Then they stopped updating it for a while, so I left.


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Welcome DrappaSiren.  You seem to be able to spell extremely well, (unlike most n00bs that first come here) And for that I am eternally gratefull.  I hope we will get along.


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Well, I never owned this game, but I did play it at Gunslinger's house alot.  I was particularly entranced by the Mandos.  My one big disapointment, though, was the fact that none of the diferrent types of armor ever had butt-plates.  Stupid, I know, but it bothered me none the less.  Anyone who has armor should have something protecting their ***.  And no-one in this game did.  Trust me, I looked.


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I just said that, Fear.  I said he was a vigilante.  The others said he was a anti-hero.  Which is very different.


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Miba wrote:

Aww, that's horrible, Yautja. Would you shoot me if I gave you a sympathy hug? tongue

I never let my cat outside cause I'm right by a busy road. And she'll never let me brush her cause when I try she thinks we're playing and attacks the brush. But she's fairly shorthaired so it's not a big problem.

Well . . . Maybe just a little shot.


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Yeah, grass is no problem, 'cause I don't let mine outside.  Last time I did, my kitten died.


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He's not a super-hero, he's a vigilante.  Look it up.


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Well, good for you.  While I may not be able to give as good advice as SciFi, (I don't know how the hell he thinks of all that stuff) or I just don't feel like taking the time to think of what to say,  I will just say this.  you seem to be a pretty cool guy, so if you still want to meet someone, just be patient, be yourself (I know that sounds corny, but what the hell) and you will eventually meet someone who's right.  I hope.  if that doesn't work, I did not just give you this information.


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I think he's talking about venom.
I just told you.
1. Cool costume
2. Cool powers
3. Not afraid to kill the bad guys
4. Funny dialogue
5. In-depth back story.
although those same things go for Deadpool, too.
Why do you care so much about why we think Venom's cool?


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Mean, yes.  Funny?  Definately.  Nothing like dead baby jokes.


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Is it just new members that bug you? You haven't gotten on anyone else's case from the old board like you have MandolorianSpy and True Warrior.
Sorry to get off topic, I'll just stay in the back ground about it from now on. Reminds me of Belton for the moment.

No, it's just the annoying ones.  Which happen to be all the new ones.  The older ones usually are respectable.


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Well, then I guess you have no sense of humor.  You better watch your step, HB. There was no reason for you to insult my joke.  I didn't insult yours.  You really don't want to insult me.  Just ask True warrior, or Mandalorianspy9.


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draco fett wrote:

Deadpool is awesome.

Yes, he is.  At first I didn't like him to much, but when he 'broke the fourth barrier' it became hilarious.  Especially the one with the clones.


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Haha, yeah.  PB is awsome.  You forgot the one where that guy says "To the death, I suppose?"  And the man in black replys "No, your highness, to the pain."  I forget the rest of it, but it was good.


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Humorbot5 wrote:

Yeah but he's always singing...

That's why he's funny.  I enjoy characters who are slightly insane.  Like Venom, or Deadpool.

humorbot5 wrote:

But his Justice system is a bit flawed...

Yeah, so?  No justice system is perfect.  Though I do like his alot.  And the Punishers.

Why do I like Venom?  Why not?  Do you dislike him for some reason?  I like him for alot of reasons.  He looks completely badass, kills bad guys without a second thought, protects innocents, and is funnily insane. 
Though now some a**hole at Marvel decided to push his insanity over the edge, and now he's just insane, the last time he was seen in a comic book, he had slit his wrists in an alley because his wife shot herself after she found out what he was.  Just as he decided to become better.  I seriously doubt he's dead, though.  He will come back.

The Punisher isn't super, or a hero really, he just has nothing to live for anymore, so he decided to eradicate as many criminals as he can before he goes.


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BobaJoe wrote:

the black marine spartans peoples in Halo 2. Oh and i'd get a swoop bike with a cargo hold for all my sodas.NO i'd be a scout trooper. the one with the speeder bikes.=)  and when i got old i'd get a bamboo cane and i'd put a loop of scotch tape around it as kill stripes

Those were not Spartans, they were marine ODSTs, which stands for Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.  (I love acronyms)  They are also known as Helljumpers.  This comes from the way they drop onto a planet from the atmosphere in one-man pods.  A lot of them die from it.   Their motto is "Feet first into hell."


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What's pink, red, and spinning really fast? 
A baby in a blender!  Ahahahaha!

Ahem.    Here's a better one.
Three men are taking their final test to become Third Echelon agents.  They are brought outside an enclosed room with on door.  "Alright," The teacher says, "For your final test, you must show your willingness to obey every and any order given to you."  He hands the first guy a gun.  "Your wife is tied to a chair in that room.  You have to go in there and shoot her."  The first guy shakes his head and says, "No, you're insane, I'd never do that."  And walks away.  The teacher give the second guy the gun and the same instructions.  He gulps, and goes in.  After a few minutes of silence, he comes back out.  "I can't do it.  I just can't.  He says, and leaves.  "Well, it's just you, I guess,"  Says the teacher, and hands the last guy the gun.  He nods solemly and goes in.  The teacher hears some arguing, than lots of yelling, smashing, crashing, banging and thumping.  Finally the last man comes out, his nose bleeding, and his clothes torn.  "What the hell?"  He asks.  "The gun had blanks in it, so I had to smash her head open with the chair."



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Humorbot5 wrote:

Of all the issues of X-Men or Spider-Man with Juggernaut in them that I've read. I have never heard him say anything like "Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut *****."

Or were you saying "That too" about the Kitty being hot comment?

No, I was talking about Juggernaut.  I've read alot about him, probably alot more than you, seeing as I have been around longer.
That is not his catchphrase, i.e, something he says all the time, but a quote from one of the X-Men series.  (I forget which)  He didn't actually say bitch, but they did the classic cartoon @#!!%, which the director obviously interpreted as bitch.